Follow up on move from Seattle area WA to NJ

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Follow up on move from Seattle area WA to NJ

Postby amoorthy » Mon Mar 07, 2005 8:06 pm

This is an "nearly there" report , since this web site has been so helpful with my questions a few weeks ago.

I chose a local agent of Atlas Van Lines (Boush Moving and Storage, Puyallup WA) because the owner (Bob Boush) personally came to do the estimate. Though merely equipped with yellow pad and pencil, his estimate was right in line with the ones that used all the latest gadgets. Also, the fact that his family business had operated in town since the 1920, and had several family members working for it, gave me a certainty sense of peace of mind.

I received a generous amount of free mirror boxes, and Mr. Boush Jr. came to take apart & wrapp glass doors & shelves on a Danish vitrine, free of charge.

The original moving date of 21 Feb had to be postponed to Feb 25. Calling in the request approx. 5 days earlier, the dispatcher (another Boush) arranged it without hassle.

There was personal re-confirmation of dates and @ 8 am sharp on the 25th, Glenn Knox and his team arrived to pack the truck. Glenn and his wife own operate the truck and were doing my move as well as several others from WA and OR to NJ and neighbouring states. Boush provided the two hard working young men (Todd and Brian) who did the lugging. Glenn stacked everything like a puzzle - some feat as I had many smaller boxes and some off shaped furniture. His wife Marie took detailed pages (12!) of inventory).

The packing took 5 1 /2 hours of rather steady work, plus a short lunch break. The old place had no mark or scrape anywhere.

The weight came in approx 200 lb OVER. Due to binding estimate, I was fine.

I was provided with a cell phone number for the driver. Friday (one week after pick up), I contacted Glen. He was in Indiana then, expecting to be arriving here by Tuesday or Wednesday.

This new place had rental furniture removed today.

I received a call again today (Monday March 7) to be informed that truck and workmen will be arriving bright and early tomorrow.

So far, I'd say, "GREAT". Now all I can hope for is that all the breakables were well enough wrapped by me and made it cross country safe and sound.

Considering how much effort a move is, I can only say that so far, everyone has been so helpful and professional that I can only shower praise. Everything has gone smoothly and let's hope I can post another positive report in a week or so, once things are unwrapped....

One thing I learned: Use PROFESSIONAL boxes. Mirror boxes are great for paintings etc. Also, as far as payment options go: I was offered cashiers check or credit card upon delivery. I chose credit card because of the miles (hope the airline stays in biz!!) . Atlas' policy is to get a credit card charge approved, and a reference number for the driver. There is no unpacking unless the reference number is available. I did not want to find myself stuck with a West coast office potentially still closed due to time difference, and gave all the info to the Boush Co. rather than depend on the driver taking care of it upon arrival. I guess this aspect is something that one only wants to handle this way with people that are well established and have a good reputation, and make a good impression....(You may want to comment as I am not sure what the "common" approach is).


As per my previous post a few weeks back, I chose DAS (Dependable Auto Shippers). Online quote, followed up with phone call. Drop in Tacoma WA by me at the DAS agent (Lakewood Towing Company) on Feb 26. A most thorough look-over by Lakewood's employee Matt, who found more little spots on my car than I ever saw myself. And noted them down!
It is time for glasses for me, obviously. Car was then driven into a barbed-wire area which gets locked. I have been given an estimate by DAS of March 16, for arrival and self-pickup in Linden NJ. I've been tracking on line, and the car was in Iowa last I checked two days back.

One note on this: I hope and pray the car will make it all right. Never having shipped a well-tended vehicle in an open truck, there are concerns...especially after I found out from Glen, the Atlas Van Lines driver above (upon questioning him on car shipments), that he could indeed have taken the car in his truck along with my household goods for what he thinks around $ 700 - $ 800. I told him I had asked at Boush's about that (after Michael here on moving scam suggested I ask) and was told that it would likely be around $ 2000 - needless to say I chose the much cheaper DAS option. Glenn mentioned that Atlas has a new way of rating the car shipments and that no way would it have been $2000. Since I had already agreed to deal with DAS, this was neither here nor there so I did not pursue that line. Should the "new Atlas car rating" be accurate, though, this may be a small draw back for dealing with a small local company that may not do a lot of car shipments. I would have gladly given them my car business, too, at the right price. Meaning the car would have been transported INSIDE, -less wear and tear- without being taken from trucks several times, as surely is the case with DAS over such a distance.

Again, so far so good and I hope that in another ten days or so, I will have wheels again.

End of today's story :D

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Re: Follow up on move from Seattle area WA to NJ

Postby Diane » Mon Mar 07, 2005 9:30 pm


Thank you so much for posting so much detail. This really helps us. I'm just going to post your earlier thread so people can see how you got to this point -

Interesting about the reported new lower-cost Atlas pricing for cars. Maybe one of the moving professionals can confirm this. If true, it would be great news for consumers.

Also, regarding Tn'T's offer to you (reported by you on the other thread) of a lower-cost brokered-out auto transport service, you are the third person who has mentioned this. Others have said that Tn'T is marketing it as a service for people who are "flexible." Consumers should be aware that Tn'T itself is a broker so calling this a different type of service isn't exactly accurate. Also, the word "flexible" can sometimes be a code word meaning that the car delivery will be very, very slow. Of course, you went with DAS so this is irrelevant in your case.

Was Glenn a driver associated with the Boush agency or was he a continental driver associated with the van line itself? Sounds like the latter but it also sounds as if he had hauled for Boush before. And he sounds like a great guy.

Regarding charging the credit card, I think that may be fairly standard. Here is a post touching on that issue by "Nancy"--an employee of a major van line:
Nancy wrote:Most van lines (the majors) charge the amount of the estimate on the credit card on the day before the load.. . . Every one does a hold on the funds or a charge for the amount of the estimate before the load. I know this for North American, Allied, United, Mayflower, Bekins. It can also be a huge inconvience for customers to deal with a declined card at delivery. It's really best for everyone involved for the credit card to be processed before the load. When people aren't comfortable with that, we gladly take the cashiers check at delivery. -

Many people write in asking about moving companies in Seattle so I'll be hoping that your next report is equally good.


Re: Follow up on move from Seattle area WA to NJ

Postby amoorthy » Tue Mar 08, 2005 7:24 am


The truck owner/operator of the truck is Glenn Knox , who haules for Atlas. He has done moves for Boush before.
He is listed on the bill of lading as "hauler # 801/642, trailer # 7814 AE.
And yes, I think he and his wife are really decent, hard working people who have been doing this for a while.

I agree with your remarks on TnT auto shippers.

The truck will be here soon, so I better post this. By the way, it is a small effort to post experiences after all the help one gets on your site. You do a terrific public service. Thanks a bunch.


Re: Follow up on move from Seattle area WA to NJ

Postby amoorthy » Wed Mar 09, 2005 8:53 am

It is now "the day after" the move-in was done during a blizzard.

In spite of HORRENDOUS weather conditions, the truck arrived albeit an hour late, with two helpers who braced the windchill and snowdfrifts that literally piled up between truck and stairs to door.

I wanted to clearify the relationship between the truck driver and Atlas Van Lines:

The trucker who hauled the household across country, Glenn Knox, drives for DMS MOVING SYSTEMS (dmsmoving who hauls for ATLAS. He is driver #642 for DMS, out of Alabama. The trailer had all the blue/white ATLAS logos, so to an outsider it's not clear that another company gets involved somehow. A sort of subcontracting system?

I have his phone number securely in my address book because if I need to do any long distance move again, I will try to get him assigned.

The two helpers (Scott & Brian) he brought with him yesterday came from ACE Worldwide out of New Brunswick NJ. Hardworking and careful with the furniture.

Glenn and his wife re-assembled glass doors/shelves on a Danish vitrine free of charge - which took nearly an hour and came after an already exhausting day. And the glass arrived without a scratch!

I've only unpacked a few boxes of dishes so far and nothing is broken. Maybe among the many "bad" moves one hears about, this is an example that not all hope is lost for the moving industry!! :wink: To sum it up: I consider myself lucky everything went so smoothly.

Will report on DAS once the car has arrived.

Again, thanks for all the great info on this web site. It is truly a great resource.

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Re: Follow up on move from Seattle area WA to NJ

Postby Diane » Wed Mar 09, 2005 9:54 pm

Thanks again, and also for the good report on the Ace Worldwide agent.

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Re: Follow up on move from Seattle area WA to NJ

Postby jelly24 » Mon Apr 13, 2009 2:45 am

Thank you so much for your helpful information :D
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