selecting a mover in cincinnati area

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selecting a mover in cincinnati area

Postby rosie » Thu Mar 10, 2005 12:23 am

Folks -- I just stumbled onto your wonderful website. I am arranging a move from Cincinnati, Ohio, with one shipment going to Chicago and another going to San Antonio, Texas. I have estimates from 3 Cincinnati area companies: Lewis & Michael/Atlas, Berger Transfer/Allied, and All My Sons/American Red Ball. Can you advise whether I have chosen reputable companies with good track records in terms of resolving "issues" after the fact? All My Sons refers customers to an independent insurance broker. Is this a good thing? The company is Baker International Insurance Agency. The Lewis & Michael and Berger estimates were relatively close; All My Sons was significantly cheaper (but not very detailed -- just a dollar amount). Should I worry about this? Thanks! -- Rosie

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Re: selecting a mover in cincinnati area

Postby Diane » Thu Mar 10, 2005 10:19 am


From what I've read on this board over the past two years, both Lewis & Michael (Atlas) and Berger Allied are very reputable companies. I can't say the same for All My Sons, which I frankly didn't know was an American Red Ball agent. Maybe only your particular AMS agent is in this category.

There are many different branches of AMS. There was a complaint here about one in WA state and a customer was underwhelmed by another one in the Bay area of Northern CA that had bad BBB reports. See this thread -

In that case, also, the company referred the customer to Baker International to buy valuation coverage (or "insurance"). In every single case I've seen on this board, when a customer was referred to Baker because the company didn't provide its own valuation coverage beyond 60 cents a pound, the company was of dubious quality. I would avoid AMS.

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