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Re: Need help - Auto moving

Postby Cooldude » Sat Mar 19, 2005 12:56 pm

Alright. Had a long talk with Michael and I think I should clarify a few points.

1) "kept abreast of everything as we knew it": Yes, you guys told me whats happening... BUT I HAD TO CALL EVERYTIME!
2) About calling you: I had to inform you about how things went in my place not just becos you told me but I think that is how it should be done: You tell me whats happening on your side and I tell you whats happening on my side. Perhaps, I should have told you about not getting the calls from either the dispatcher or the driver at that time itself.
3) In general: All I feel is... you are the people who know whats happening or whats not happening. All I want to know what you know and what you dont know. If you have no idea when the driver would show up, just call me and tell me that. And if you tell me that somebody would call, just keep up the promise. Somebody should have called once, at least once... in the time between ~10:45 am when Michael left my place and ~3:15pm when the driver showed up!
4) Being afraid: Ok, this I think is very important which I should clarify. The people were nice. Yes, I was afraid when they lifted the stuff... just the way one would feel when somebody else handles your car or your baby. They are professionals and I am not. I definitely would handle things much gently. Since they were so casual, probably becos of their experience, I was afraid. I will be afraid unless I see my stuff again, in their original shape. Anyone will be. They wrapped things properly and loaded stuff quickly. Didnt drop anything or didnt hit anything. So, I certainly dont have anything against them.

So, Michael, I hope you are comfortable with this. No more reading into my feelings. Just stating facts. Thanks for calling me and thanks for your reassurance. Yes, I will definitely keep you posted.

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Re: Need help - Auto moving

Postby Michael » Sat Mar 19, 2005 3:46 pm

I think Sri and I know and have everything straightened out now. We did drop the ball when it came to keeping him up to date. Not in the sense we had info, but that we had no info and should have at least told him that so he would not have to call.

Thanks Sri.

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Re: Need help - Auto moving

Postby Cooldude » Mon Mar 28, 2005 4:25 pm

Got my car today, as guaranteed by Tn'T. It left Durham, NC to IL sometime around the 20th. It reached IL on 22nd and left for Bay area the same day ( I think it is the 22nd). I called up the local towing company this morning and was told that car was being washed. Anyway, they delivered outside my apt. complex. Car, as far as I can notice, is in the same condition as it was when I shipped it in NC. Absolutely no issues at all.

* The quote they made was clear, incl. insurance etc. etc.
* The towing company in NC gave advance notice of when they are likely to come to pick up the car. Came right on time. Good job of surveying the vehicle and took it away
* During shipment, whenever I asked them the status they would tell me immediately and they told me last week that they are on track to deliver my vehicle on the 28th
* I was impatient and so I called the local towing company to check the arrival. First call, they said they are just looking at the vehicles and asked me to call back later. When I did, they told me that the car is being washed and should be delivered in a couple of hours. May be an hour later, got a call saying that the driver was delivering my vehicle outside :o
* Almost no mileage added to my vehicle
* They guaranteed the 28th, and they delivered on the 28th.

Negatives (may be these things are way too picky)

* Never got a quote for the request I submitted online... but after I shipped a car a representative called me to check on a quote which I never got... Hmm... may be they did have a quote for my internet request but I never got it
* The car stayed in Durham, NC for almost a week after they picked it up. When I asked them about that, they said they typically dont know when the carriers would be there to pick up the car. Since I dont know much about these things, I'll just leave it at that.
* Before delivery, the local towing company should have alerted me that they driver is on his way or something like that (why does it always happen in my case :( ). I could have given a more convenient place to drop-off the vehicle. By the time I got to the driver, he was already half-way thru in off-loading my car.

So, that is it with my auto transport. Very favorable opinion of Tn'T and certainly would recommend them to anyone. And, of course, first of my many thanks to for directing me to a good place.

Household stuff: As of last weekend (26th), the stuff is still in NC :shock: , just like my auto staying in NC. The driver said he would be in CA by this weekend, delivering on Apr 1st or the 2nd (within the spread given by Atlas). Looking forward to that.

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Re: Need help - Auto moving

Postby Cooldude » Fri Apr 08, 2005 11:39 pm

Finally... Here is the update (a very long and a long-delayed one). My household goods were delivered on Apr. 3rd. A quick summary: The goods were loaded on the 18th and were scheduled to be delivered between the 25th of Mar. and the 5th of April. The initial estimate was ~$2000. Final bill was < $1500 :D The 1000lb minimum wt with Atlas/Security Storage did help! I am waiting for the final bill to know the exact wt etc. I have pretty much unpacked everything and as of now nothing is broken. There was a small incidence with my dining table but that will come later. Overall, I would give 8 (on a scale of 10).

1) In-home estimate: Very clear. Michael adviced me to go for the worst-case scenario so that I wont pay any more that. Clear inventory which did help me figure out how many cartons I would need! Prompt follow-up further clarifications reg. packing, insurance (AAA) etc etc. Since I had already signed the contract, I couldnt avail the AAA coverage. Moreoever, I believe, from what Michael told me... it would require a minimum wt. of 2100lb and hence, wouldnt have worked anyway.

2) Pick-up: I wont go into the details here as it has been covered extensively before.

3) Transit time: Ok, here things were a bit rough initially. Meaning, I had to call the driver to find out whats happening, as the two initial persons who were supposed to update me, we silent all the time. Anyway things changed drastically after Delores (Security Storage) took over. Very prompt. When she said she would let me know, she did. And she updated the status almost every day. I think she also tried to ensure that the delivery would take place on a Sunday so that I dont have to take the day off my "planned" first day at work. Hats off to her. Great job.

PS: The tracking thing on Atlas webpage is pretty much useless. During the entire process it said three things (picked-up, in-transit and delivered) - I dont think I really need that tracking info when I know it.

3) Delivery: Delores told me that the driver would be at my place Sunday morning. After a bit of waiting on Sunday morning, I called the driver to learn that he would come only in the evening. He said around 2 to 3pm then but showed up around 5pm, I think. Took probably about an hour or may be less than that (driver + 2 others). Except for a couple of planks in a bookshelf... everything were accounted. When I pointed out the missing stuff, the driver and the others, searched for it and got them - they were hiding in those big blankets . Quick and as usual "professional"... meaning, I was prepared for the bit of rough handling this time :)

The only negative aspect was that when one of the guys tried to put together my dining table, one of the cord that attaches the top of the table to the stand, snapped. When I pointed that out, I dont think the driver liked it. He kinda became agitated and said I cant report or claim something that has been put together by me - he said he has never seen a dining table like that and something like that. I got what he wanted to convey - "just ignore". I didnt know what to do and even now I dont know what to do. I am not going to make it an issue. I think the damage may be minimal and definitely, I am not worried about it.

But on the whole, I am glad that everything went alright. (I have to pat myself for the packing I did). Not a single broken thing. Not a single missing thing. Delivered within the spread given. Michael and Delores did a great job. Whenever I asked something, they always gave an answer promptly. 1000 lb minimum was a great thing, of course, for a small movers like me. Paperworks were clear and they were explained properly as well. Definitely 8 out of 10.

Sorry, Michael... for taking the 2 points off. My international move with United was just too perfect (perhaps they were becos my company paid for that).

So, there ends my move from NC to CA. Great experience. Thanks to all the people in for guiding me. I'll always remember this and will definitely recommend this place whenever I get a chance. Of course, I'll be frequenting this site... may be I can help someone, someday. In the mean time, keep up the great work! And THANKS, again!

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