Another helpful review of ABF on Epinions

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Another helpful review of ABF on Epinions

Postby Diane » Mon May 02, 2005 10:03 am

Occasionally I re-post reviews of ABF U-Pack that were posted on Epinions if they contain useful packing and loading tips. Here is one such review -



Author: rirockstar
Post date: Apr 30 '05

Delivered everything the said they would do and more.

Absolutely nothing - great people.

The Bottom Line
Recommend - strongly!!!!!!!!!!

Full Review

It is only fair since I used this site to make my decision on what moving company to use - that I add a review. I used ABF-UPACK back in March 8, 2005. to move from MA. to GA. I could not decide if I wanted to do terminal to terminal or door to terminal. I later decided on the latter.

We called them to confirm a time. We needed it first thing in the morning. They called us to confirm the time and stated they would be there shortly. My boyfriend went outside to shovel the area to park the truck. They dropped it off - showed us how to load the truck and place the bulkhead. We loaded in about 6hrs. We were getting complaints from the school-loading zone where we partially covered but we ignored them because we had no choice. The kids were okay we made sure. We also had the okay with the Police Dept. prior so they never even came to our area that day.

Lastly, we called to have them come back and pick it up around 7pm. Normally they require 24hrs to leave it overnight but we were afraid of graffiti and did not want to pay for any damage to the truck. We explained to them our concerns and the dispatcher sent someone back out to pick it up. He told us he was retiring soon. Great guy.

Anyhow - I had more stuff then I thought that I had but we used exactly 6ft. We packed all the way to the top with heavy boxes on the bottom. We laid down blankets and purchased extra rope from Wal-Mart. We had a dolly on hand because the distant from the door to the truck was far. Due to our own parking issues. We used the latches on the side of the truck that we doubled check to make sure they were delivered with them - newer trucks had them. We made sure everything was tied tight so that it did not push on the bulkhead.

I flew back to GA. - In 4 days - right on time my things were at the terminal. We went to go pay with a money order. We did not need the ramp at our destination but needed one earlier - we were glad that we paid the extra $50. The truck came around and we loaded a one bdrm apt with a lot of stuff onto a smaller 10ft truck that a friend owned. Drove off and I was on my way to unpacking. Only one painting cracked and that was due to my own packing - and was my boyfriend placed the picture - we just have to change the frame.

Make sure you get a lot of bubble wrap and make sure everything is secure and it will not shift. It cost $850 total from door to terminal with one ramp. For approx. 1100 miles. Great company. I now need to move my mom from Cali. and will check with them to see if the offer packing services as well - I am all packed out for the year.

30 yr. female.

Oh yeah get movers even if you think you can do it - my boyfriend went and picked up 3 guys that morning at the local grocery store and promised $30 each for 3 hours - it was well worth the trouble - with all the stairs and snow.

I never complete surveys - but I felt this helped me and I needed to help someone who might use this site himself or herself.

Thanks - UPACK - you saved me a lot of money and time. I actually considered driving until I called your company. I called the other company in NY but the were unprofessional on the phone from the start and I said no way right there.

Pros- delivered everything the said they would do and more. Did not charge me - ever time I called back and kept changing my mind about the terminal - terminal or terminal to do.

Cons - Absolutely nothing - great people - on the phones in the office in Conley, GA, at the terminal in GA. at the terminal in MA. The 800 # all - around just great people.

Amount Paid (US$): 850

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