Simonik or All Jersey Movers-East Brunswick, NJ to Troy, NY

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kj in nj

Simonik or All Jersey Movers-East Brunswick, NJ to Troy, NY

Postby kj in nj » Wed Jul 06, 2005 11:53 am

Hello all,

We're moving a small, two-bedroom apartment, currently stored in my father-in-law's basement and garage, from East Brunswick, NJ to Troy, NY in the first week of August.

Does anyone have anything to say about recent moves with Simonik or All Jersey Movers? I did search the Moving Scam site for information about both companies. I found nothing about All Jersey movers and nothing negative about Simonik. I think I've searched all the relevant black lists for these companies. I've also done checks at the DOT and FMCSA. They seem to be who they say they are. There don't seem to be any complaints about either.

All Jersey seems to be quite small. A friend had a good move with them so we are considering using them.

Simonik seems to have a pretty good reputation. We'd like to hear more about them if possible.

If neither of these movers work out we plan to use to Broadway Express and some local labor. If anyone has experience hiring moving labor in the East Brunswick or Troy area, I'd really love to hear it.


KJ in NJ

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Re: Simonik or All Jersey Movers-East Brunswick, NJ to Troy,

Postby Diane » Wed Jul 06, 2005 12:17 pm

All Jersey Movers (MC #443945) in Piscataway isn't listed with the BBB and I'm not sure that the company listed with the BBB (in Fords) is the same company. The one with the above MC number did have a brief license revocation last year, probably connected with a lapse in insurance coverage, but it seems to be OK now. All Jersey advertises on, which is a website that funnels victims to scammers. However, some reputable independent companies do advertise there, so I wouldn't regard this as a deal-breaker necessarily.

I think, in view of the lack of a BBB listing, it might be well for you to call the State Board of Public Movers at 973-504-6442 or -6475 to ask what they know about All Jersey.

I know that Simonik has a good reputation among moverpros but no one has used them and come back to report. A person posting here as "Don't Shoot" works for Allied and he may know more about them.
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Re: Simonik or All Jersey Movers-East Brunswick, NJ to Troy,

Postby SkyyBlue » Wed Jul 06, 2005 8:21 pm

Hi KJ in NJ:

We just used Allied/Simonik out of Bridgewater last week (we moved from Somerset to Hunterdon). I've just been so exhausted, I haven't had time to come on here and post my review/experience. I hope to get to that in a few days.

Overall, they were EXCELLENT. The crew we had was phenomenal and really went the extra mile for us. I would definitely recommend them.

If you have any specific questions I can answer, feel free to e-mail me.


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Re: Simonik or All Jersey Movers-East Brunswick, NJ to Troy,

Postby Diane » Wed Jul 06, 2005 9:29 pm


Please do post a few more details because I'm in the process of updating my Epinions article on NYC-area companies linked to below and I want to add positive remarks about Simonik. Yours will be their first review. Also, if you have any impressions of the other estimators who came I would be interested in them. I remember you saying in one of your prior posts that the Simonik guy was the only one who came in a business suit.
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KJ in NJ

Re: Simonik or All Jersey Movers-East Brunswick, NJ to Troy,

Postby KJ in NJ » Fri Jul 08, 2005 4:30 am


Thanks to Diane for the advice.

Christine, I would love to hear all about your move with Simonik. We received an excellent recommendation for them from a colleague of my husband who has used them twice.

Simonik is going to give us an estimate on Tuesday. We sent them a list of questions via email and have yet to receive an answer. I know this is a busy time, however.

We received a more-than-reasonable estimate from All Jersey. They are offering a not-to-exceed, binding contract. They gave us a copy of the worksheet used to construct the estimate. We've asked to receive a copy of their tariff.

A friend of my father-in-law used All Jersey Movers and was very pleased. We asked for two additional references but they only gave us one. That person gave them a glowing reference as well and stated that he had been charged less than the initial estimate because they overestimated the weight.

One concern about All Jersey is that they asked for a cashiers check on delivery. As recommended on this site and others, we'd prefer to use a credit card.

I'll post more on Simonik once we've received the estimate.

One complication for us is that we are arranging our move from Europe, where we have been living for a year. Our goods are stored at my father-in-law's who is kind enough to be doing much of the legwork in East Brunswick for us.


KJ in NJ

Re: Simonik or All Jersey Movers-East Brunswick, NJ to Troy,

Postby KJ in NJ » Fri Jul 08, 2005 2:14 pm


I'd like to update (and change) my post on All Jersey movers. Somehow my father-in-law understood he was getting a binding, not-to-exceed contract when in fact he was given a non-binding contract. I'm not sure how the misunderstanding occurred. He might have taken assurances that the fee would not go beyond a certain number at several, specified weights as a binding contract.

We now have the estimate in hand. Mark Quinn, of All Jersey Movers, went to my father-in-law's house and took an inventory of all goods to be moved. Before each type of item to be moved there is the number of such items inventoried. Then, in brackets, after each type of item there is another number which my father-in-law understood to be some combined weight/cubic feet measure which was used to estimate the weight and cubic feet of such types of items. At the bottom of this inventory there is a total piece count, a total estimated weight, and a total cubic footage.

On page two the charges are broken into 4 categories with no explanation. To move approximately 97 pieces with a total estimated weight of 2854.6 pounds and 407.8 cubic feet it will cost:
$2934.68 in Transportation Charges
$ 117.39 in IRR Surcharges
$ 292.60 in ORIG/DEST Fee
$ 352.16 in fuel charges
which means a total charge of $3696.82. However, an unexplained 55 percent discount is offered which means the total charge is $1663.57.

We were expecting to see an explanation of how many men would be used for how many hours for loading and unloading as part of the estimate but my father-in-law stated all that is included in ORIG/DEST Fee. We were also expecting to see a much more detailed explanation of how weight was used to calculate the estimate. Mark Quinn's name was nowhere to be found on the estimate, nor was it signed.

We emailed Mark Quinn a list of questions, from the number of years the firm has been in business to whether subcontracted or temporary labor would be used in the move, but have yet to receive a reply. I'd be happy to post these questions to the board if anyone is interested.

My father-in-law was assured we could watch the weighing. He was also assured there would be no subcontracted labor or temporary labor. He was told there would be no fee for stairs, a concern as we have goods upstairs and in the basement of his house. He was also given a verbal explanation of our insurance options.

I used google to see if I could learn anything about Mark Quinn and found he is a board member of the New Jersey Warehousemen and Movers Association ( of which the principle of Simonik seems to be treasurer.

My father-in-law thought Mr. Quinn seemed to a reasonable person.

I'd appreciate any insight anyone has to offer.

We hear from Simonik next week. When we've seen the estimate they offer I'll post on that.

KJ in NJ

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Re: Simonik or All Jersey Movers-East Brunswick, NJ to Troy,

Postby blangga » Wed Jul 27, 2005 12:26 pm


I am interested if there are any follow-ups with these movers. I am moving from Middlesex to Hudson county and have requested quotes from both All Jersey and Simonik. I have not heard back from either as of yet.


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Re: Simonik or All Jersey Movers-East Brunswick, NJ to Troy,

Postby Diane » Thu Sep 08, 2005 2:39 pm

Note that the above review by Christine ("SkyyBlue") was for a local move within NJ. I am re-posting a 9/8/05 post by "Karissa" about a long-distance move with Simonik from NJ to CA:
Hi All,
Before I moved I searched this site for any information on Simonik/Allied movers and noticed that there was little information about the company. Just thought I'd share with you my experience.

Short summary: The move itself was fine -- the frustration is in dealing with Simonik's office people.

I moved from NJ to CA. The "relocation consultant" (aka salesperson) who came to do the in-house estimate was very professional. He came in a suit, w/ a folder of information ready, and explained what would happen in the move process. Everything he said sounded great, the estimate was comparable, so I decided to go with them.

There was definitely a disconnect between what actually happened and what the salesperson said would happen.

- I was told they would not charge my credit card until after the move -- it was charged a few days before the move.
- I was told the movers would put down plastic on the carpeting so as to not mess up the floor -- they didn't.
- I was told soft furniture would be wrapped in plastic -- they were not.
- I had paid for two mattress boxes for the mattress and box spring -- they were never used.
- I was told Simonik used their own drivers -- my driver, although a part of Allied, was not part of Simonik.

Aside from that, the rest of the loading process was fine -- the driver and mover were friendly and overall careful with my belongings. The driver also gave me his cell phone number so that I could be in contact with him while things were in transit.

Delivery of items went smoothly. Driver called beforehand to confirm delivery date, nothing was broken, all items were delivered.

After I realized that mattress boxes were not used, I called Simonik to request a refund on the credit card as well as a receipt of total charges once the move was completed. The person I spoke to, Sara, yessed me, but after the move was complete, I received nothing. I had to call 3 times to request a receipt. She said she would email it, it didn't come; then she claimed it was sent, but it was obvious she lied when she verified the mailing address b/c I had specifically given her a different address to mail the receipt to. She cut me off in conversation at times and seemed to have little patience in dealing with me.

By the third time I called, she printed out the receipt while I was on the phone. When I asked about when to expect the refund to show up on my credit card, she abruptly answered that corporate took care of that. Upon receipt of the receipt, I noticed that there was a typo between the GNTE price and "payment received" -- a difference of $.03. (My total weight ended up being higher than that of the estimated weight, so the discrepancy was not due to weight of shipping.) That leads me to believe that this receipt was hand-typed.

Although the receipt Sara finally mailed me included the refund for the mattress boxes, no paperwork had been filed to make it happen. I had to call Simonik a fourth time, and this time was directed by the receptionist to someone in their accounting department. This person couldn't figure out what what the situation was -- unable to verify from their documents that I was telling the truth, claimed that it wasn't their driver so they didn't have all the necessary files, and ended up redirecting me to Allied's customer service.

Sheila in customer service has claimed to put in a request to the appropriate department. I have what is supposed to be a confirmation number of the request. We shall see if this goes through or not.

My overall assessment -- Having had a really bad experience once before, I'm just thankful I received everything intact and within the estimated time frame. However, no one in Simonik's office seemed to care much about what happened after they had an order booked
. -

Interesting that two different reviewers mention how impressed they were that Simonik's estimator showed up in a business suit. It appears that he needs to review his company's policy for charging the credit card, however. All the van lines that I know of charge the card in advance of or on the day of the move.

Judging from what I've read on this message board, the problems experienced by Karissa are not that unusual when the van line gets involved in a move, especially during the summer rush. The van line driver often doesn't do what the estimator thought (or hoped) he would do. As I often comment, once the move goes into the van line system the local agent, like Simonik, loses almost all control over the move.

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