Allied-Mee's Moving & Storage

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Allied-Mee's Moving & Storage

Postby aburas » Sat Jun 25, 2005 1:59 pm

Has anyone used Allied, in particular Mee's Moving & Storage out of the Sacramento area?

I am moving from CA to VA and I have gotten quotes basically all say 15,000 lbs give or take and are giving the following prices:

Brinks-Pacific Storage $10,800 (not firm they are coming out Monday again for a firm price cause I have to seperate stuff out from the garage that I am not taking)

Mayflower Olsen & Feilding $12.500 firm

Allied-Mee's Moving & Storage $10,000 firm

I have United-Chipman coming out on Monday.


Re: Allied-Mee's Moving & Storage

Postby Guest » Thu Jul 14, 2005 12:17 am

If you have any questions call me, and I would be glad to tell you what they did with me!!

Aytac Ercen

Don't Shoot

Re: Allied-Mee's Moving & Storage

Postby Don't Shoot » Thu Jul 14, 2005 12:31 am

Here is the Allied Quality Assurance reporting on Mee's. Allied contracts with very credible 3rd party accountancy companies to contact a majority percentage of shippers post move. The survey is 20 questions designed to separate the move into several segments of the move.

As an Origin Agent: 4.2 out of a possible 5.0
As a Booker: 4.14 out of a possible 5.0
As a Hauler: 4.39 out of a possible 5.0

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Re: Allied-Mee's Moving & Storage

Postby MusicMom » Thu Jul 14, 2005 8:04 pm

Guest, can you just post your story here?


Re: Allied-Mee's Moving & Storage

Postby Bran » Tue Mar 21, 2006 1:47 pm

Are they no good then? I was going to use them too...they were recommended by another moving company and they have a state contract. But no good? I've had some issues getting in touch with the estimate guy, but that is the extent of my bad feelings. Anyone?

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Re: Allied-Mee's Moving & Storage

Postby Diane » Tue Mar 21, 2006 3:30 pm


Sometimes there are divided opinions about companies. Where the person gives no details, to me the complaint is much less convincing.

As a matter of principle, does not endorse any full-service moving company. You should also read this article before doing anything else.

But below is what has been posted here about Sacramento-area moving companies for your possible guidance in getting quotes. You'll notice that some of the comments posted in this thread are included there. I believe that MotherLode is probably the one that has had the most enthusiastic comments and you do have to keep in mind that Mee's quality scores are nothing to write home about.

I recommend against using All My Sons in West Sacramento. "Wanda" reported that the sales rep gave strange answers when she asked why the Hayward branch had an "unsatisfactory" rating with the BBB and also said that AMS-West Sacramento did not offer any valuation coverage beyond 60 cents a pound and would not weigh the truck - ... 2694#42694 (within-state move)
"snoobear" said that they gave him a very low (possibly lowball) quote for a move to VA - ... 4163#34163 (interstate)
And "marilyn" who was moving things from a storage unit to FL said that the AMS sales rep told her that a Nonbinding estimate was a Not to Exceed (among other problems): ... 7369#47369 (interstate)

Allied agents

--Colonial Van and Storage (Allied) in Sacramento.
Several people have mentioned getting quotes from this company but no one has moved with them.

--Mee's Moving and Storage (Allied) in Sacramento.
This company has fairly good comments by "BigLeeCalif" (working for Chipman Concord, a competitor). However, its quality scores are low: ... 8331#38331
Someone posted a complaint about the company but gave no details: ... 8329#38329
It gave "SGM" a very low estimate for an interstate move: ... =5028#5028

Atlas Van Lines agents

--California Moving Systems (Atlas) in Sacramento.
Almost no information but good comments by industry people. The company won a quality award from the van line in 2004 and 2005 (Milton Hill Award).
We have a good second-hand report from "Lynn" on a friend's interstate move with them: ... =5937#5937 (interstate)

--Mother Lode Van & Storage (Atlas) in Rancho Cordova.
Not much information but good comments by industry people. We are waiting for a final report by someone who booked with them: ... 8952#48952

Bekins Van Lines agents

--Pacific Storage (Bekins) in Stockton.
Good comments by industry professionals. However, "Cyrus" posted that according to the California, PUC, the company had 2 complaints in 2004, 1 in 2003, and 6 in 2002 (i.e. 9 over the past three years): ... 7997#27997
We also have two bad reports on moves booked by Pacific Storage. One bad report by "Steve" on a CA to FL move mentioned an inaccurate estimate and a bad claims experience with Bekins Van Lines: ... 1556#41556 (interstate)
The other bad report is rather vague but it mentions damage and a bad claims experience for an apparently interstate move: ... =2448#2448
One person ("Wanda") said that she was put on hold forever by their phone system when she tried to get an estimate, so she gave up:

Mayflower Van Lines agents

--Olsen & Fielding (Mayflower) in Sacramento.
Almost no information but good comments by industry people. Several people have gotten quotes from them but no one has moved with them.

United Van Lines agents

--Casey Moving Systems (United) in Ceres.
This company also does business as Dawson Van and Storage (Mayflower) for interstate moves. Note that for within-CA moves, the tariff used (the Max 4) is different from the tariff used for interstate moves.
We have a good report by "Wanda" on a within-CA move from Stockton to Hollywood.

--Chipman Relocations (United) in Sacramento.
Almost no information but good comments by industry people. See the entry for Chipman in the Bay Area for additional details.
"Lynn" was set to go with them for a move from Sacramento to Tampa but never came back to give a final report. She said that she had moved twice with them in the Sacramento area and was pleased: ... =5937#5937
"BigLeeCalif" (working for Chipman in Concord) volunteered to call the dispatch office and get the load registered as a self-haul, which I didn't know was possible. (Good to know.)

--City Moving Systems (United) in Sacramento.
I myself had this company come to do an estimate for an apartment move in June 2003. It was an interstate move. The company had been recommended to me by another United agent as good for small moves. Unfortunately, I think I probably chose the wrong United agent in Sacramento. It was very difficult to get the sales rep to come out and when he did, he would give us only a Nonbinding estimate even though we obviously had only about 2200 pounds. He also complained about having received a parking ticket while he was doing the estimate. I later sent him a check for the amount of the ticket but it was never cashed so I assume that he had left the company by then. Anyway, the obvious lack of interest by the sales rep and the uncertainty about how much we would end up paying led me to go with ABF U-Pack instead (I had done a self-move previously), and the rest is history.

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Re: Allied-Mee's Moving & Storage

Postby Another Guest » Mon Sep 11, 2006 9:38 pm

We had a horrible experience with Mee's! They took our stuff a week early and put them in storage while we sat at home with nothing to live and a 8 month old baby to take care of. We found out after they picked up our stuff. They did it because they wanted the business and couldn't deliver on our expected delivery date!! Moreover, the owner, Bill Mee, was evasive once our stuff was in his people's hands. We couldn't get a hold of him, not even on his cell, ever!!! In addition to the one week in an empty apartment, we stayed 2 weeks in a hotel. We were moving from Texas to Sacramento. It shouldn't take over 3 weeks!!!! We didn't ask for reimbursement on the hotel because the company my husband worked for paid for it.

Although all of our stuff was insured, at the best insurance level (since the company was paying for it as well), we are still negotiating with damage claims (and there were LOTS of things damaged and few were completely broken). They only wanted to pay for the broken items and not the "damaged" ones.

So, we will not recommend Mee's to anyone!!

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