? on how to post about good movers (Pittsburgh stuff too)

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? on how to post about good movers (Pittsburgh stuff too)

Postby chessimprov » Sat Aug 20, 2005 6:13 pm

Is there a place on here where we can see who seems to be a reputable mover, or any suggestion of websites I can look at which list reputable movers? I'm not sure if there's a particular place for a good move that I can talk about on here, and if there are any websites where I can give a moving company a lot of credit for doing an excellent job. Thank you again everyone.
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Re: question on how to post about good movers

Postby MusicMom » Sat Aug 20, 2005 9:48 pm

You can post your own personal experience with a mover, both good and bad. As for a one-stop shop of good movers, there is no such place. You can do a search here (see top of page) on various things, such as the name of the city you are moving from, or services needed, or a specific name of a mover, with the query phrase in quotes. Scan through the list to see what's been said. Hint: if you have a two-button mouse, then right click on each thread you want to read from the list of search results, and choose "Open in New Window". Hitting the back button to go back to the list will result in having to do the search all over again.

We do look for personal experiences of movers. If you want to praise someone who'se moved you in the past, simply tell your story and what you found good about them. But it has to be YOU, it can't have been the guys who moved your neighbor 5 years ago that he told you were good.

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Re: question on how to post about good movers

Postby chessimprov » Mon Aug 22, 2005 11:40 pm

Thank you. I wish I'd noticed the search feature, cause no one answered my question about Don Farr when it was already answered!

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Re: Pittsburgh moving experience

Postby chessimprov » Tue Aug 23, 2005 3:35 am

I did a combination move with my brother in which he moved to Rockville and I moved to DC all in one trip. While getting estimates, I was able to give details as to how we needed the move to be done. I had to make
a Mon. Aug. 15 5 PM appointment and my brother was totally flexible with when to move in.My brother said he'd heard good things about Stumpf from friends, but when we asked them to do an estimate,
he never returned with one even after we called them twice and left a message. Maybe the Stumpf owner was angry that we were tired and didn't get to the doorbell until the 3rd ring. He only took 14 minutes to
scope the entire house and finish talking with us, much shorter than everyone else who was in the house.

My brother had also said one of his friends had a relatively bad experience with Don Farr, but he thought it might've been just a fluke or that he may've heard wrong. When I told the sales rep. John about our
situation, he acted all surprised as if movers don't stop at two different places from one location normally. He said the entire move may have to be extended about 5 days for my stuff going to DC. The amount of stuff I have was less than half of my brother's stuff. He gave me an estimate, but then told me there'd be even more added on since I had to move over the weekend. I asked him for an estimate of the additional cost. He said he'd give me the estimate later, but never got back to me. He even dropped a plug for his laptop, and I called him to let him know he had dropped it on my driveway. He had never called back to try and get it, and my brother told me that those things are annoying not to have. Supposedly the plug portion that he left was not too cheap, but I guess he thought it was worth the expense to buy a new one rather than be embarrassed to pick it up and not give me an estimate. I noticed Don Farr was the only company with a laptop and laptop printer to print out all the specs right there at the house. Great equipment for a moving company, but I don't know how their moving trucks are.

Mayflower never gave me a written notice of the estimate, but the lady, Sharon, was nice enough to give out lots of stickers for both my brother and I before moving. Her estimate was significantly so much lower than
the others, but then if we wanted to move over a weekend, there company would charge extra. I didn't like how she smoked, but I wasn't going to use that as a determining factor of who I should use to move either.

All Ways Moving, located in Oakmont, PA, only moves small stuff, up to "three rooms worth" of materials. My family wanted me to consider them because we could just have them move bigger items and make several trips to take the smaller items if we had to. My brother had used them previously when he had to move from Pittsburgh to Philly for a year to take on a 1 year internship. They did a pretty decent job. My brother
ended up tipping them, but had to send in a check since we weren't sure what to do about tipping at the time. Except for their son accidentally hitting the wall once or twice according to my brother, they did a great job. They are a family operated business. I was impressed with their unpacking. I was actually there for that half of that move. When I tried to contact them, at first I was concentrating only on one date because basically that's what my family and I agreed on. It wasn't so easy for me to be flexible because I had to make an appointment with my school to move in to my apartment. So when I asked the father in that moving company about a date, he said he couldn't do it. So, I thanked him and said bye. A day later on, my family wanted me to call them back and try to work out a different date, and get an estimate.

So I called them back explaining that I could make an appointment within an almost 2 week interval, and that we'd be willing to change the date to fit their schedule. I tried leaving 2 messages within a week's time and didn't get a response. I think they figured we may have not gone with them and that it was too much trouble for them even though at the time we had really wanted to go with them because we knew they were good to work with. So your interaction with a moving company could be very important in obtaining one's service too. Try to leave as many options open as possible from the beginning and understand your own move as much as possible beforehand. I was in a situation where I just had to start asking around, and couldn't consult with my family good enough.

All Ways Moving and Storage did a professional estimate. It was embarrassing for me cause I couldn't rememebr the name of their company because there were so many other things going on at the time, but they didn't let that bother them. I got a proper estimate on the spot pretty much.

The company my family went with is called Calfo Red Line Transfer, located in Oakmont, PA. (www.calfo.com)

I don't think I'd want to move with this company for an extremely long distance because they work through a third company. Even though things may be okay, that just complicates things. For shorter distances, they
will do the moving themselves and with their equipment. My estimator was Bill, and he was able to give me an estimate on site. He had a standard palm pilot like most of the estimators who came in did. He was very comfortable, or acted comfortable with the dates I gave him conditions inclusive. He also told me that if we went with their company that we'd get free wardrobe boxes, as many as we needed, and that he doesn't charge extra for us moving over a weekend as opposed to during a week. He said he was flexible enough with us for trying other dates during my choice of two week intervals if by the time I decide, others have taken up the time slot that I wanted. Not only did Calfo end up being the cheapest, he seemed interested in working with my family, the conditions we were under, and I just sense he really knew what he was talking about more than some of the other representatives who came in to do an estimate.

When I agreed to go with Calfo, I asked if I could get the wardrobe boxes beforehand so that I could save the movers and myself some time packing the day of moving. I got them a week later than I had agreed upon of when to get them, but at least Bill was nice enough to call me back and asked me if they could come that day.

Moving day came and a guy, Nick, came in to do an inventory check. Then the rest of the movers came in- Don, John (or Jon?), Bryan (or Brian?), and Steve. The packing went fine except for one of the guys
accidentally tried to use a metal shelf for a ladder. My mom saw that he dented the shelf. I told her try not to get too mad because it wasn't on purpose. Plus, I was implying that they are moving our stuff, so don't get too rough if you don't have to. These guys were more than nice, always trying to go by "the customer is right" the way they talked sometimes. The movers ended up using our leftover packing paper to pack some frames really good. We asked them to pack frames and a glass table because we weren't very good at dealing with fragile items. I helped with taking out a few really small items because it was shorten the time it would take them to bring the stuff out. In between, we gave the movers drink and let them know they could use the fridge if we had an opportunity to tell them without disturbing them while they were moving or unassembling items. We tipped each of them at the end of the move.

The guys ended up not being able to show up at Mon. early afternoon as expected, which meant that they wouldn't be able to unload my stuff at Mon. at 5 PM because my brother's stuff was in the way. In fact, unloading took a lot longer than expected for them. Originally, they were going to unload my brother's stuff in about 4 hours, then spend another 1.5 hours or so to unload my stuff that same night. When I heard this, I asked b4hand if this would be too much, because some of the other moving companies said they'd need an extra day to unload. Luckily for me, the school was pretty flexible in moving stuff in at any time. I couldn't understand the point of an appointment, cause I didn't have to make one for changing the move process. If I had been properly explained about the flexibility by my school, then that would've been
better. I think they probably would've let me move in the middle of the night probably, but I'm not positive on that one. At least between 7 AM - 10 PM without inquiry for sure. Next time I have to make an appointment like that, I know that I should ask for a guarantee specifically so that I am covered on my end.

I didn't know you could ask for one until my brother mentioned it.

The guys, as I found out later on Tues. late afternoon, turned out to be just Don and Bryan doing all the unpacking. For my brother's place, they had to go until about 9:30 PM. We started helping them with little stuff, and Bryan was surprised. He's like why are you guys helping us out, are you saying we are too slow? I told him that was not the case and that we just wanted to save both his time and ours by helping out. There's no need to be so penny pinchy like that. If a mover doesn't want you to move any boxes though, just understand that they might be liable otherwise and respect that. During breaks, we fed them a little dinner and gave them some drinks if they wanted any. Sometimes they threw a few jokes here and there, and we played along sometimes. Bryan learned what a trundle bed was, and accidentally kept calling it a truffle bed. We asked him if he was hungry or not. He was assembling it together at the house. We found out then that it was only his third day with the company. After that experience, he's sure not to forget about moving us. "The Trundle bed customers."

We waited to tip until my part of the unpacking was done, which did
not occur until Wed. morning. We also found out that their truck had no lights for night time, and no radio and no AC. Part of the reason for that is because the company is so small that it doesn't make as much overall for the owner to decide to invest in something like that, even though he probably should.

Wed. morning, the unpacking was good. They had a hard time moving the sofa in, but did a great job. They had to avoid a chandelier on top and turn a sharp corner at the entrance. They were telling me about a girl that I could pick up, but I didn't want her cause she was carrying nothing and took the freight elevator when she should've taken the regular elevators by the lobby. During their breaks, we'd joke around.
Right before the end, the main driver was talking with us. We were asking if they could move us if we needed it again and if they were in the area. We also found out that the guys worked hourly with no health benefits, which I thought was bad considering the kind of hard work they've put in. The guy was nice enough to suggst other moving companies in the area. We also mentioned Don Farr, and the guy mentioned that they purposely try to damage or keep a few small items and they hope that the consumer won't claim for, and then try to make a profit that way. Apparently, one of Don Farr's truck drivers had to do a move to TX, and decided to quit by leaving the truck in TX and making them pick it up because he hated the way Don Farr was run. The guy also mentioned that Don Farr has one of the worst ratings with the PUC. I don't know what the PUC is, but I've been trying to look it up on my spare moments to see if I can see information online. Hopefully I don't have to call or pay for a report to view that kind of info., but now that I know that it is reptuable probably, I am more likely to pay for that kind of information for a future move. If any1 finds out anything about this PUC, please let us know. It might be a thing by state rather than something national like the BBB.

At the end, we tipped both of them a little more than when we were at Pittsburgh, but gave the entire tip to the main driver cause the other guy was already back at the truck. We trusted him to give half of it to the other guy.
One of the guys was nice enough to tell us that. The move turned out to be one hell of a good one that I won't forget.

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