opinions on horizon, mccolister, or olympian out of phx, az?

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opinions on horizon, mccolister, or olympian out of phx, az?

Postby phxdouglas » Fri Aug 12, 2005 3:48 am

I'm embarking on my first professional move. All my stuff is packed. I've had the in-home estimates. I'm moving from phx, az to austin, tx, by the way, if that matters!

OK, these guys are agents of: United (horizon), Bekins (Olympian) and Mayflower (McCollister)

From what I've read, it's the agent that really matters, but I can't find reviews of these guys. Y'all heard anything?

thank you!

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Re: opinions on horizon, mccolister, or olympian out of phx,

Postby Diane » Fri Aug 12, 2005 9:33 am

I know that Horizon has several locations in AZ and that it has won United's President's Quality Award several times, so I would assume that the Phoenix location is good. I've never read anything bad about any McCollister's agent. And I know that Bekins is generally considered one of the lower-quality van lines overall, although there are good individual agents. That's all I know.


Re: opinions on horizon, mccolister, or olympian out of phx,

Postby Guest » Sun Aug 14, 2005 2:18 pm

well, thanks for the info. they all check out ok, and the prices were similar, so I'm down to trying to find personal opinions on them to make my choice. No one seems to have traveled with these people, though!


Re: opinions on horizon, mccolister, or olympian out of phx,

Postby Rez » Thu Sep 29, 2005 1:35 pm

Well ... I am Moving From VA to Phpenix and will be using them once there ... I can get you some info after the 15th ... I dont know if it will be to late by then ... the carrier that Im using here is Hilldrup and they are very well spoken ... they have chosen Horizon to help out on the other side ... we will see what happens later ... Good luck

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Re: opinions on horizon, mccolister, or olympian out of phx,

Postby Diane » Sun Oct 02, 2005 8:45 pm

Please do come back to give us a review, Rez.

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Re: opinions on horizon, mccolister, or olympian out of phx,

Postby 1st Choice Moving » Wed Sep 27, 2006 5:36 pm


Dear Lior,

I am writing this e-mail out of sheer frustration. I can no longer speak with you on the phone without losing my temper. Having been referred to your company by a respected friend of mine, I put my trust in you and your staff to help me with my move to Miami. As you may or may not know, moving is very stressful, even when things go smoothly. So to have to endure the added complications of dealing with a company that is unwilling to serve its customers is aggravating to say the least. As the owner of the company, I would think you would want to resolve this matter and at least try to salvage a customer relationship. It's clear that your customers mean little to you. Money is all that matters. I believed you and thought you were a man of your word. Evidently I was mistaken. Here is why I believe we have been deceived and misled by 1st Choice Movers:

1. We provided your salesman (Mario) with all of the information he requested from us. We answered all of his questions to the best of our knowledge. You are supposedly the experts and know about moving. We don't. All we could do is provide accurate information. The rest was up to you. Curiously, the weight estimate you provided was within 500 lbs. of the firm quote we received from United Van Lines. That proves that you received accurate information from us.

2. Only after our belongings were removed and taken away from our home were we asked to sign papers for $15,900. My fiance was asked to sign blank documents prior to the start of the move process. When she questioned them, the answers she received were vague. At one point, she was told that the document she was being asked to sign wasn't accurate and that she should take the supervisor's word for it. That borders on fraud.

3. I was told by Mario that 1st Choice would match the firm quote we received from United Van Lines for $8,800. However, when I mentioned that the earliest we could have our belongings delivered to Miami was 9/20, Mario changed the quote to $10,000 stating that the additional amount was for storage of our belongings in your Skokie facility. However, all of the written estimates we received from 1st Choice included 30 days of FREE storage.

4. At that point, we decided to leave our belongings in Skokie (we figured we had 30 days of "free" storage anyway), and discuss the matter with my fiance's new boss when we arrived in Miami since he was paying for our move. My fiance's boss basically left it up to us to make our best deal with your company. At that point, we also assumed that direct billing to my fiance's company had been set up since we discussed this early on with Mario. After fighting with you for over a week about the price, I thought we had reached a verbal agreement which was a total price of $9,000 and that you would have our belongings in Miami by Wednesday, 9/20 (today!). At that time, I requested that you fax me the documents needed to submit for payment. I signed those documents immediately upon receipt and faxed them back to you. Two days later, I tried to contact you to inform you that I needed additional documents since my fiance's company decided to reimburse us for our moving expenses instead of being directly billed by you (they didn't want to get involved in this mess).

5. Five days later, Mario called me and requested a 60% deposit which you and I had never agreed to. At the same time, I also was informed that by belongings were still in storage in Skokie. After two more days of unreturned phone calls, hours of being on hold, and being hung up on more than once by your staff, you and I came to another verbal agreement that I would send you $5,400 (60%) via overnight mail (which I did today) and that you would sign an agreement to have our belongings delivered to our house in Miami no later than 9/25/06. It took you a day and a half to get me these delivery dates. Once I had them, I faxed you the agreement and asked you to sign it and return it back to me. It took you 11 hours to rewrite my agreement to suit your needs.

6. Now you are holding my belongings as collateral so we have had to give up. I have done everything I said I would do and you have done nothing you said you would do.

7. You will have our check on Friday morning (9/22). You would have received it tomorrow (Thursday), however, by the time I received your "revised" agreement, it was too late to send which I am convinced was intentional on your part. When you receive our check, you may contact our bank to verify that the funds are available.

8. Your "revised" agreement states that 1st Choice Movers has up to 21 days to deliver our belongings. At the very least, you should honor your agreement to have our belongings delivered by 9/25. I don't expect that to happen since you haven't been a man of your word yet, but it would be a pleasant surprise to be proved wrong.

In closing, I am a firm believer in "what goes around comes around." This has by far been the worst experience of my and my fiance's life. Even though I have no use for you or your company, I would never wish a similar situation on you or any of my worst enemies.


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Re: opinions on horizon, mccolister, or olympian out of phx,

Postby BigLeeCalif » Wed Sep 27, 2006 7:37 pm

McCollisters has branches in TX and AZ...
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