Chicago to WV move...

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Chicago to WV move...

Postby lh1370 » Mon Apr 21, 2003 2:17 pm

What a great website!!

I'm looking for the most cost- AND "piece of mind-" efficient way to move a 1000sq ft. 2 bedroom from Chicago to West Virginia mid-June. No one on the WV end to help me so bottom line need to go w/ professional move. I'm a single parent & beginning my psychology residency - will have only 2 weeks between my kids finishing exams here & starting my position there (irrelevant to this except to reiterate I need all the efficiency I can get and that yrs of grad school and single parenthood hasn't made me an heiress!)

I am getting mixed advice on area companies from friends (and many of them have only experienced local moves). I'm a researcher at heart but pressed for time; checking BBB & opinion websites such as this but would appreciatte all thoughts.

I do have a few specific questions:
1) can anyone share any good/bad experiences regarding long-distance moves starting out from Chicago?
2) a couple places have touted the use the cubic ft method for giving estimates... I'll admit to still being a bit confused by this (it's something to avoid, is that correct?)

Thanks in advance! Exciting but daunting time (like most moves, I assume!)



Re: Chicago to WV move...

Postby AIC » Mon Apr 21, 2003 2:57 pm

Be very careful. You seem like the prime target for an unethical mover. You're a single female, small shipment (less profit for the driver and agent), and you are moving during the peak summer season.

I know of two movers to avoid. E-Z Movers out of Skokie, IL -- they've already been fined about $12,000 by the FMCSA for hostage freight, but customers are still complaining about them so I guess they haven't changed their ways. For sure avoid Century Moving & Storage of Lombard, IL, agent for Mayflower Transit -- it's already been sued twice by Chicago customers for exceeding a "not to exceed" estimate by four figures after the goods were already loaded. Century's actions also prompted a federal RICO lawsuit (mine) against Mayflower Transit. It is still a Mayflower agent. Don't ask me why; I can only guess.

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Re: Chicago to WV move...

Postby twalker » Mon Apr 21, 2003 2:58 pm


A quick article to get you started on finding a reputable moving company can be found here:

As far as moving by weight vs cubic feet, remember that we're talking about an interstate move here. Individual states may have laws specific to intrastate moves that protect consumers differently than the current interstate laws.

I've actually seen "consumer advocate" web sites that tell you that moving by cubic feet is a good thing for one reason or another, but let me explain the real truth about moving by cubic feet... for one thing, the few laws the regulate the moving industry do not effect moves based on cubic feet. Title 49, the civil code where laws governing the moving industry are written, specifically covers consumer rights when it comes to the weight of your belongings. i.e. - you are legally entitled to get a re-weigh of your belongings at no cost to you, but nobody's going to give you a re-measure.

The other thing to remember is that, as you pointed out, you won't be doing the packing or the loading. While there are technically ways to alter the weight of a load, it is much less effort to take advantage of a consumer by charging by cubic feet, and being lazy or intentionally utilizing more boxes and truck space during your move. I will tell you as someone who was personally taken advantage of by this scam that I would never, ever hire a move based on cubic feet.

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Re: Chicago to WV move...

Postby Michael » Mon Apr 21, 2003 4:37 pm

Call Corrigan Moving Systems out of Chicago. Great company, great people. They were United Van Lines very first winner of the prestigious President Quality Award, they have been in business since 1927 are family owned, with 13 locations in Michigan, Ohio, and Chicago.

If you email me I would be more than happy to get you their numbers.

Good Luck

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Re: Chicago to WV move...

Postby lh1370 » Mon Apr 21, 2003 8:27 pm

Thanks so much for the prompt responses. AIC, thanks for the "beware" list and your concern. I do know I look like an easy mark (but I tend to be deceptively well prepared so think I'd dissapoint - should have seen me negotiate my last car purchase :lol:) However, this site is filled with examples of possible difficulties no matter how well-armed one makes themselves.

Tim, I had printed that article, it is an excellent resource. To clarify, I will be packing myself, just not loading/unloading or driving. I agree with your concerns regarding cubic ft...seems a bit easier to mess with those numbers.

Michael, I will check out Corrigan. I had United do my move from MO 7 yrs ago & it went well (great driver!) but I know the quality can differ by locale so, again, appreciate the input.

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