Review: NYC to Florida with Arthur Werner

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Review: NYC to Florida with Arthur Werner

Postby NYC Mover » Tue Nov 08, 2005 7:54 pm

I posted back in August for the first time seeking advice and got great adviced from this site. Now I want to share my experiences.

I moved in October from Manhattan to Boca Raton, Florida. Based on recommendations from this site, I was planning on using University, since it got such great reviews. We got a few quotes, including from University and from a mover called Arthur Werner. Despite a lot of research, I was unable to find much on Werner on this site or through a Google search. Werner was recommended by my wife's aunt who works for a real estate company in the city. Werner's quote was about $1,000 less than University. Although we had heard that University frequently comes in under its estimate, we decided to go with Werner. It was a bit of a leap of faith, particularly since Werner gave a cubic feet estimate, and I know from this site that this is something to avoid. In any event, Werner was very professional throughout, delivered when it said it would, and seemed to do an all-around great job with the move (I say "seemed" because my wife pretty much handled everything and I saw the movers for about a total of 15 minutes). The cost came out to exactly the $3 a square foot that Werner quoted, with only an extra $100 or so for some boxes that may or may not have been necessary. We were very careful to document exactly what we were moving so that there would not be any surprises in the final cost, and we were pleasantly surprised that the cost was just what was in the binding estimate (with only those $100 boxes as extra).

I had inquired of this board about taking a second stop to pick up some more things. My question was whether it made sense to just hire a "man with a van" to transport all of the stuff to one place. The advice that was given was that it would not cost much more to make the extra stop, and that I should not do a separate move. I'm happy to report that I think the advice I got was dead on. I do not believe the cost was more for the second stop at all -- if it was then it was not noticeable to me.

All in all, I was very happy with the move. The downside was that Hurrican Wilma hit a week later, so we had really bad timing. After going 12 days without power, I can say that the thought crossed my mind more than once to call Werner back and get them to just take the stuff back to NYC. We had hardly unpacked by that time, anyway. But, alas, we weathered this storm ...

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Re: Review: NYC to Florida with Arthur Werner

Postby Diane » Tue Nov 08, 2005 9:46 pm

I'm glad that you had a good experience with this company, Arthur Werner Moving & Storage, Inc. (MC #70691), which is apparently HQd in the Bronx. I will say that this is the first I have ever heard of an interstate move going well that was quoted by cubic feet.

However, a Google search turns up the fact that the company was fined $4000 by the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs in 2004 for various violations: operating a warehouse in NJ without a license; performing a move without doing a survey and providing an estimated cost of service; and deviating from its filed tariff - It also had its interstate moving license revoked for a couple of months in 2003. Although its BBB report looks flawless, these things raise questions in my mind about the company. Maybe some of the NYC people who browse this board will have further information.

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Re: Review: NYC to Florida with Arthur Werner

Postby NYC Mover » Thu Nov 10, 2005 10:45 am

Thanks for that additional information, Diane. Maybe we just got lucky, I don't know. I certainly feel lucky (I kept waiting for the extra bill at the end of the move -- I told my wife the other day I am STILL waiting for something to arrive in the mail telling us that we owe more $$, even though I know that is not going to happen). It probably didn't hurt either that my wife's aunt recommended the company to us and works with the company on a regular basis (Werner is the recommended mover for her company, which is a large, luxury highrise owner in NYC). I, too, am interested in hearing any experiences anyone else had with the company. I find it strange that Werner is apparently one of the larger interstate movers (I believe I read that on this site) but yet, as far as I am aware, I am the only one who has ever reviewed the company on this site (or any other site, for that matter).

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Re: Review: NYC to Florida with Arthur Werner

Postby Jerseygirl86 » Fri Aug 17, 2007 4:18 pm

:evil: Dont use this company, i used them for a 1br local move in NJ ( 10 miles apart) and they charged me double than the estimated price and showed up an hr late!!

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