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cmzimme (#192)

Re: 192 reviews of Broadway Express (183 good / 7 neutral)

Postby cmzimme (#192) » Sat Mar 25, 2006 9:06 am

Recommended: yes :D - very good experience
Date: 1/06
Move: KS to MI
Cost: $2400 for 16 feet
Driver: John H.
Moved a car: no
Booked directly with BE

Bottom line is my experience with Broadway Express was the best. I talked with several moving companies including local firms but after I talked with Margaret in the Broadway office, I hoped I had a winner. Margaret was honest and prompt. She kept her word everytime and kept me informed every step of the way until John Hudson, the driver, took over. John arrived early on moving day and helped instruct and oversaw the loading of our possessions. BTW, Professional Movers in Lawrence, KS did a great job and on short notice because another mover was a no-show. After John left with our things, he called me everyday to tell me where he was located. What a relief when someone has your possessions!

John made a direct trip to MI as our things were the only items on the truck. He arrived promptly.

Our things arrived in our new home without any damage or scratches. I will say, however, that John said we were the most prepared homeowners he had ever worked with so we did take care in packing correctly and securing our items to avoid damage.

I highly recommend Broadway Express and thank them for making our move so easy. I especially want to thank John Hudson, Margaret Lustig, and Erin for their kindness and attention.

[Editor's note by Diane: The correct name for the loading company used by the poster in KS is Professional Moving & Storage with phone number 785-842-1115.]

movewestyoungman (#193)

Re: 193 reviews of Broadway Express (184 good / 7 neutral)

Postby movewestyoungman (#193) » Thu Mar 30, 2006 12:07 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 3/06
Move: Brooklyn to Los Angeles
Cost: $1914 for 10 feet
Driver: Dennis H.
Moved a car: no
Booked directly with BE

I used Broadway Express for a move west from Brooklyn to Los Angeles and everything went smoothly. Dennis Hall was the driver - He was easygoing and helpful and stayed in contact with me before Brooklyn and on his way to LA.

Load-in date was March 15. My 10' arrived on March 27. For those of you moving in or out of a city - The truck is huge! I had to have a couple of extra cars on both ends just to block off an area for it to fit in. I used a couple of local movers found through for load-in/out help.

ndesai01 (#194)

Re: 194 reviews of Broadway Express (185 good / 7 neutral)

Postby ndesai01 (#194) » Thu Mar 30, 2006 5:29 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 3/06
Move: Queens, NY to Bartlett, IL
Cost: $2500 for 14 feet
Driver: Dennis H.
Shipped a car: no
Booked directly through BE

Hi! I wanted to thank everyone who's posted on this board. This website has been a tremendous resource for any one who's looking to move and specially for first time movers like me. Thanks everyone.

Ok about the move...I used Broadway Express for our move from New York to Illinois. The driver (Dennis Hall) arrived sharp at 7:30 AM as promised. Our driver helped us pack and gave suggestions on how the truck should be loaded. I paid him extra, however he wasn't fussy about how much he should be paid...(just said that we should pay him what we think he's worth..saying ppl usually pay betn $30-$35/hr). It took us 4 hours to load the truck.

We drove from NYC to IL on Sunday and our stuff arrived at our new home on Tuesday morning. I had hired temp labor ( to help us move. They charge by hr and depending on your state, they might require 4 hr minimum per person. Anyways, back to the topic...our unloading went as smooth as loading. It took us about 3 hrs or so to unload the truck.

After unpacking most of our stuff...I found not a single item damaged or broken. I know that I had packed really well, however, I also feel that without our driver 's help I wouldn't have been able to do this. I would definetely recommend BE to anyone who's looking to move!!

Frans (#195)

Re: 195 reviews of Broadway Express (186 good / 7 neutral)

Postby Frans (#195) » Thu Mar 30, 2006 9:42 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 2/06
Move: San Diego, CA, to Boston
Cost: $2297 for 10 feet
Driver: Joe L.
Shipped a car: no
Booked directly through BE

Just recently moved to Boston from San Diego. I had looked around for the mover from online until finally found the (thanks a lot for the infos). After heard a lot of recommendation for BE, I just go to their website and fill out the online form.

Margaret Lustig replied to me the next day for the quote. I wasn't sure how many linear feet I need but I just went with 10 linear feet (which is a lot of space, actually I only used less than 6 feet). We paid $2297 for the service.

The loading date was Tuesday Feb 21st. I called Margaret on Friday Feb 17th to confirm the loading date. She called me back on Monday and gave me the driver name and number.

Our driver was Joe Lonsbery, he is a really nice guy and help me load the truck. On the loading date, he called me that he will be late because of the problem with the truck (flat tire). Fortunately he made it and got to San Diego at 230pm, also we were the first one to load the truck which is good to me. The loading was quick, about one and half hour. Joe is very profesional, he asked which boxes contain fragile stuff or electronics and he just arranged all those puzzles/boxes.

Unfortunately Joe still need to come back to San Diego that weekend to load other customer, so he won't start driving to the east coast yet. He told us that he probably will get to Boston on March 4 - March 6.

We got to Boston by flight on Feb 27th, rent a car and go to our new apartment (we started the lease of the apartment on Feb 2nd). It was freezing here, it's totally different from San Diego. People here always say we are crazy to leave San Diego for Boston.

Btw, Joe got to Boston on March 6th in the afternoon. After all the trouble, finally he made it to our apartment complex. The truck is like 80 feet long and there wasn't a lot of space for that truck in the complex. Luckily the apartment manager was very helpful and she made some calls to the tenants to ask them to move the car from the parking lot (to make some space so the truck can have more space to maneuver the wide turn). The unloading was very fast and again Joe help with that.

It's been a very smooth move for us with BE. Hopefully someday we will move back to Southern California, and definitely will use BE again.

MK (#196)

Re: 196 reviews of Broadway Express (187 good / 7 neutral)

Postby MK (#196) » Mon Apr 03, 2006 10:11 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 3/06
Move: CA to Austin, TX
Cost: $3182 for 24 feet
Driver: Phil G.
Shipped a car: no
Booked directly through BE

Very good service! Saved a lot of money. The driver (Phil Grogg) was very helpful. Just hire some illegals to load and unload your stuff cheap. I know that sounds bad, but it's reality.

divadee62 (#197)

Re: 197 reviews of Broadway Express (188 good / 7 neutral)

Postby divadee62 (#197) » Tue Apr 04, 2006 11:23 am

Recommended: yes :D - great experience
Date: 3/06
Move: Jackson, MS to Scottsdale, AZ
Cost: $1862 for 10 feet
Driver: Grizz W.
Shipped a car: no
Booked directly through BE

My experience with Broadway Express was PERFECT! I was originally scheduled to move on March 18 but had to reschedule for March 25 and there were no problems. Diana with BE was a pleasure to deal with and she made sure that all of my concerns were addressed and she kept in touch with me during the move.

My driver Henry "Grizz" Wallace was the best. He called me days before the move to discuss and plan out everything and was on time for pick up. I hired Grizz and that was the best value and money that I've ever spent. All we had to do was bring everything to the door of the truck and he made sure it was packed correctly. I had alot of stuff, but Henry packed everything into 10 feet and it was perfect.

[Editor's note by Diane: below are photos of Grizz and a trailer he sometimes uses with a painting supposed to resemble BE's owner Tony Griffith on it, driving a stagecoach. BE used to be a Bekins agent.]
Image . . . Image

The delivery on March 30 went well also. Henry arrived on time as previously discussed and we were able to unload in less than an hour.
Here in Scottsdale, AZ I used Camelback Moving for labor and they were great. Only took 2 guys to unload and get everything into my apartment.
I highly recommend Broadway Express and Camelback Moving for labor.

Thank you for all the information. I would have been overcharged and possibly taken for a ride had I not found your site! THANK YOU MOVINGSCAM.COM!

[Editor's note by Diane: I've done preliminary research on Camelback Moving, Inc. in Phoenix. Its phone number is 602-295-3385 and its website is www.camelbackmovingcom. The company has been registered in AZ since 2005 with Chad Olsen as president. The website states that the company is licensed and insured but I have been unable to confirm this.]

Dave V. (#198)

Re: 198 reviews of Broadway Express (189 good / 7 neutral)

Postby Dave V. (#198) » Tue Apr 11, 2006 8:33 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 2/06
Move: San Diego, CA, to Brunswick, ME
Cost: $2509 for 11 feet
Driver: Joe L.
Shipped a car: no
Booked directly through BE

Everything went very well with my move from San Diego, CA to Brunswick, ME. One hell-of-a-distance. Moving is never EVER a pleasant experience. Fortunately, I had the luxury of working with Mr. Joe Lonsbery, a very "people oriented" driver. He could not possibly have made things run more smoothly. He is a true professional who displayed a positive and accommodating attitude throughout the entire move. I am sure BE feels fortunate to have such a driver on their team.

It was also a pleasure to work with the Broadway Express staff who coordinated this effort from the very start. Margaret Lustig, you are the best! You made mw feel at home with my decision to choose BE as my moving professional and you followed through with every promise. If I had to do it all over again, I would not do it any other way!

kattgurrl22 (#199)

Re: 199 reviews of Broadway Express (190 good / 7 neutral)

Postby kattgurrl22 (#199) » Mon Apr 24, 2006 2:26 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 3/06
Move: CA to FL
Cost: $2100 for 10 feet
Driver: Gayland G.
Shipped a car: no
Booked directly through BE

I am writing to add my two cents about Broadway Express. I researched for a long time online to find a sensible and economical way to move from Calif. to Florida. I had many quotes and they were all high so I tried to go the do it yourself U-Haul type of service. In looking at the pricing, gas and everything else, this did not seem economical to me. So back to the drawing board I went.

I don't really remember how I found this message board but no doubt it was through a search of some sort on Yahoo. I read a few of the posts and it gained my interest. I called Broadway Express and was able to get a quote immediately. I also looked at their website and the same quote was given according to my belongings that I wanted to move. With all the feed back this company is getting I decided to trust what others were saying and booked my moving date. I booked 10 linear feet at $2100. That was the lowest I had found out of any company.

Our driver was Gayland Grogg and he showed up on time and was able to get into my apartment complex with ease. We loaded everything up in about 3.5 hours on a Tues. and that was it!! We were told that our truck would arrive by the next Friday due to other drops but we were planning on that. We took off the next day and arrived in FL on Friday. We knew we would not have our stuff probably til the end of the next week but Gayland called and said he would be there Tuesday evening!! That was great. He came on time and we off loaded and were happy as clams.

We would recommend Broadway Express to anyone and everyone. They even do a very nice follow up which again, I was not expecting. ... 7305#57305

Marianne (#200)

Re: 200 reviews of Broadway Express (191 good / 7 neutral)

Postby Marianne (#200) » Mon Apr 24, 2006 2:58 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 3/06
Move: South Carolina to Arizona
Cost: $1775 for 10 feet
Driver: Don R.
Shipped a car: no

We were totally pleased with Broadway Express. Margaret was absolutely wonderful and our driver, Don Rodgers, was great. Even though he experienced some mechanical problems that he could do nothing about and our delivery was a little later than expected, he kept in communication with us. He did everything he could do make his schedule as best as he could. We will definitely recommend Broadway Express to anyone looking to move in the future.

Jack (#201)

Re: 201 reviews of Broadway Express (192 good / 7 neutral)

Postby Jack (#201) » Tue Apr 25, 2006 9:09 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 3/06
Move: MA to Oregon
Cost: $3356 for 16 feet
Driver: Tim R.
Shipped a car: no

We were very happy with our move. Our driver Tim Rhoades was excellent. We hired him to pack the truck, which was a very smart thing to do. Because he did such a great job we were able to bring many things we didn't think we had room for. He also took special care to wrap and strap many of our possessions. We had several pieces of antique furniture, all of which arrived safe and sound.

Beyond all that, Tim was a pleasant guy to work with. He showed up on time and delivered within the 14 day window - 12 days after pickup. The only suggestion I would make, is for Broadway to equip its drivers with GPS technology. Being new to area, I found it difficult directing Tim to our new house.

I also would like to mention my initial contact with Diana had a lot to do with our decision to go with Broadway, she was very friendly and helpful and a pleasure to due business with.


srini (#202)

Re: 202 reviews of Broadway Express (193 good / 7 neutral)

Postby srini (#202) » Tue May 02, 2006 2:06 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 4/06
Move: Atlanta to Dallas
Cost: $2300 for 12 feet
Driver: Marvin C.
Shipped a car: no

We were very happy with our move. Our driver Marvin Childers was excellent. He did not do any unloading or loading because of his back problem. I got local guys for loading and unloading. Marvin declined a tip at the end saying that he did nothing. A true gentleman.

Marvin showed up on time and was early 3 hours at the destination. He was very patient till I was able to arrange the local guys for unloading.

The stuff arrived intact though we did not take much care while packing. Diana at Broadway Express was also very pleasant to work with.


NG (#203)

Re: 203 reviews of Broadway Express (194 good / 7 neutral)

Postby NG (#203) » Mon May 08, 2006 2:20 am

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 4/06
Move: Des Moines, IA to Fresno, CA
Cost: $2950 for 17 feet
Driver: James J.
Shipped a car: no

I hired professional loaders and unloaders AND the truck driver at 35/hr (way too much in my opinion-he did no heavy work but did direct the packing in an excellent fashion to use EVERY inch of space) Total for movers on both ends, driver, tips etc about 1000 dollars extra

B express-very proffessional, very accomodating-the first driver i was assigned came to my house a day early to look at all my stuff ( 4 bedroom house, LR/DR/FR -1900 square feet plus stored stuff in basement, washer dryer and fridge-but no LR furniture and one empty bedroom, second bedroom used as office with two full desks and one chair). He decided that 17 feet that was estimated by Broadway express was NOT enough-and his truck was packed full already-he had no spare feet.

I called BE back (one day before the move)-they recalcuated after taking another detailed inventory-they still felt that 17 ft was enough-BUT, to ease my worries, they found me another driver (james johnson-highly recommend him-even with his high hourly rate-very good at packing the truck) who could come at the same time as the scheduled move- he had extra space in case we went over. We didnt but it was a very tight fit and I ended up carrying a lot of stuff in my pickup truck.

Overall, great experience, BE was very flexible, the truck got to CA in excellent time-could not have done it any more smoothly, the amount of money i spent was less than any other quote AND no fear of scams!!

HIGHLY recommend BE. If you want to save even more money, get some sturdy friends to load the truck and use the truck drivers packing expertise-would have saved 1000 dollars but I dont regret using the loaders-made my life easier. :D

[Editor's note by Diane:
Re-posting a comment on the driver's hourly charge by "I-95," a long-haul van line driver based in the Northeast.
I-95 wrote:Loading the truck, stacking and packing, damage free, with an eye toward density . . . takes time and experience, just anyole anybody cant do that. Thats why the first driver wasn't able to fit it all. With the first driver it would have taken more room thereby costing you more money. While i am FAR from being a BE fan this should be kept in mind when deciding to hire the driver or not.]

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Re: 203 reviews of Broadway Express (194 good / 7 neutral)

Postby Bella_artiste » Thu May 11, 2006 2:13 pm

I have attempted to do business with BE and talked with their receptionist, who is VERY personable. All CSR's were busy and I am still waiting to hear back 8 hours later. I also sent an e-mail yesterday and received no response from that e-mail. I am happy that others have had excellent success. I am just one that slipped through the cracks. I then contacted a Wheaton rep in the Indy area in first thing in the morning. He called me on his way home from work to tell me he had no men to help me move my things into storage for the day I needed. I told him I was not moving anything into storage but across the country. He said he would have to get back to me. I received a quote from Phil that nite without having discussed what I was moving. Unprofessional.

But three is a charm!!! I called Moovers INC and talked to Jayson. He is very informative, answered my questions and will be sending out the info today. What the other two companies did not seem to grasp is that I am entrusting them with my valuables and if they don't even have the courtesy to call back or listen to what I need I certainly won't send my things with them.

And I know this may be an isolated incident with BE and maybe the agent had to leave early, but it was my experience none-the-less.

Thank you for this site. A weight has been lifted off my mind and I have the utmost confidence in Moovers. I will let you know how the "moove" goes when it happens.

[Editor's note by Diane: Thank you for posting this. Broadway needs to hire another sales rep, I think. If you can send me a PM with the name of the specific Wheaton agent company you dealt with, I would appreciate it.]

anoneemouse (#204)

Re: 204 reviews of Broadway Express (195 good / 7 neutral)

Postby anoneemouse (#204) » Thu May 11, 2006 3:44 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 4/06
Move: Tampa to MD
Cost: $1601 for 10 feet
Driver: Mark L.
Shipped a car: no

I found this website very helpful. So I wanted to share my move experience with you guys.

I went with Broadway Express and liked the service. I only needed 10 linear feet. The price was great. The phone call/email interaction went really well with them. So I decided on the spot (and with the positive feedback from this site) to go with Broadway. Two days before the move, the driver (Mark Lanham) called me to confirm the address and time of pickup in Tampa. He had a bit of truck trouble 24 hours before our scheduled time and called me promptly to explain the problem and reschedule. I appreciated that.

The pickup in Tampa went great.

In Maryland, the dropoff didn't go so well. The dropoff happened at a storage facility -- where my items were going temporarily. The manager of the facility assured me repeateadly that the facility could handle an 18-wheeler. My Broadway Express driver had warned over the phone that some of these managers will say anything to get your storage business. He turned out to be right. Upon arriving at the facility, he looked at the layout of the entrance and parking lot and said his truck ain't getting in there.

After a bit of a standoff. We worked it out with the manager to allow us to unload in the main parking area. It took a few hours. And we had to wheel my items quite a distance to my storage unit. But we got it done.

Summary: Broadway Express staff were thorough and courteous. My items were well packed in the truck. The driver arrived on time and kept me informed of his progress. The price was great. Storage facility managers will say anything to get your business. Instead of dropping off my items in front of the unit, I had to wheel them nearly a 100 yards from the truck. But we got the move done without too much unnecessary drama.

Mike (#205)

Re: 205 reviews of Broadway Express (196 good / 7 neutral)

Postby Mike (#205) » Fri Jun 09, 2006 2:56 pm

Recommended: yes :D (but had issues with the driver)
Date: 4/06-5/06
Move: Phoenix to Charlotte, NC
Cost: $2782 for 16 feet
Driver: Luke R.
Shipped a car: no

This was the first time I used BE (or any service like it) and would definitely do it again. I did a lot of research prior to our move and was the most helpful site.

The specifics:
I reserved 16 feet of truck space.
My pickup date was 4/25/06.
My delivery date was 5/7/06.
I moved from Phoenix, AZ to Charlotte, NC.
My reservation rep. was Margaret.
My driver was Luke Rodgers.

Even with all the detailed information provided by m-scam, I found the whole do you hire the driver or not process confusing and not spelled out that well. I know the BE site and the BE reservation rep. says the drivers are for hire, but it is unclear what they are hired for and what they exactly do.

I decided at the start not to hire the driver- I was concerned about the driver not having insurance for moving stuff in my home. I am a pretty big guy and could handle most of the stuff we had but there were a couple of very heavy and bulking items so I decided to hire labor as well. (I hired 2 guys from the national company and I am including a review of that company below.)

Luke, the driver, called me a few days before our pick up date to discuss a few items. (Access, time etc...) At that point I told him I hired labor and would not need his services. One thing I did not like - the night before our pick up Luke called back and spoke to my wife. (I was not home- I was getting one last round of AZ golf in before the move.) Luke wanted to talk about hiring him again and my wife not knowing all the specifics agreed to hire him at the tune of $300! I thought this was kind of way to forward and I thought the price was very high considering I had already hired labor as well.)

I thought hiring the driver meant hiring him to help carry things from the residence. (This is what I gleaned from the posts on movingscam.) When Luke arrived on the morning of the pick up I discussed this whole deal in more detail with him. He advised me I was hiring him not to carry things but for his loading specialty services- his expertise in getting the truck loaded- how to place everything etc.

No doubt about it the art of packing a truck is just that an art- you need experience in order to maximize the space – but this was still very confusing to me. I thought the packing part (the staying on the truck - packing the stuff) was part of the BE price. I thought the $300 he was asking for his services was to actually load from the house. But once we discussed what his price covered- I agreed to hire him for his packing expertise to the tune of $200 for both places- loading (AZ), unloading (NC). This was fine- it was just confusing.

Luke was great at packing the truck up. It was fun to watch everything fit in there. Again it is an art. However, Luke did not get along with the loading and unloading labor that well which was a little uncomfortable for me a few times but lucky for me I am not real sensitive so I really did not care I just wanted to get the truck loaded and unloaded.

Luke did say hiring him guaranteed everything would get to our destination in one piece etc. (For the most part all went well but a few things got scratched and broken and Luke never really inspected anything to find out if anything went wrong.) I was also not happy when he kept telling me stories - a story of getting stiffed by one of his drop offs and also getting a low tip from another- basically trying to set it up so I would not be someone who did this to him. I am an excellent tipper when the service is good and notoriously bad when the service is not. I am sure he went away unhappy in North Carolina as I gave him no additional monies- just the amount we agreed on back in Phoenix- which I think was still too much for what he did.

Despite these problems with the driver, I would use BE again for sure, especially now with some experience.

Now in regard to - it was not so easy. The national office was very helpful and organized and informative. I hired two movers. I originally told the national office to plan on an AM pack in Phoenix. I could not give them an exact time as BE never gave me one at that point. I did not double check (my fault) on what considered AM. I later learned they planned on someone being there at 9AM. But on the night before the pack I got a call from the BE driver and he told me he would be at my house by 7:30am.

I called easymoving and the national office again was great in trying to help. This is when I learned they had planned for 9am. So the national contact tried to call the local company they were using to move up the time. I got a call from the local mover in the morning saying he just got word about the time change and he would try to get out there but he had other errands to run and most likely would not be there until 9. An innocent enough mix up but this irritated the BE driver as he felt like it was putting him a touch behind... (Even though 7:30 - 9 I ended up taking a bunch of stuff out myself and getting things moving.

Well I got a call again from the local mover saying he had car trouble and would be late. I then got a call from him later saying he was lost. In summary he arrived about 10:20 for a 9:00 start. I hired two movers and he arrived by himself saying the other mover was sick or something. He advised me it would be no big deal as he brought his girlfriend!!!! He also said not to judge her by her size that she was tougher than him and would be able to help. (She was not a professional mover and was not able to help with the big stuff- the entire reason I hired movers in the first place.) And he and the BE driver had a few minor run ins through the packing process as well.

I also had a little issue with the local mover when it came time for payment at the end. I advised him I was not paying him the full fee as 2 pro movers did not show up. He thought he should get the full fee because his girlfriend helped clear the house and tape up a few things and there was really not much more another mover could do because in his opinion I had too many people involved.(Him, the BE driver and myself. But this was because I ended up moving stuff all day, not sitting back like I planned watching my hired help get it all straight.)

I was able to convince the local mover that he did not deserve the entire, full amount (especially after being late) and we settled on a lesser amount. But, I did not care for the ordeal. (I will say when he was there he did a solid job and seemed to know what he was doing.)

On the other hand, on the other end in North Carolina the local team used was very good. I kept changing the dates on them (due to BE changes) and they accommodate me every step of the way. We ended up doing it on a Sunday (May 7) and the local place sent 3 laborers out-even though I only hired two. (I do not think these guys do this type of work all the time- I think they were who the local company could get to work on a Sunday.) They did a nice job.

Actually one of them said he had been a driver for years and knew what he was doing- and it seemed to be the case. However, he and the BE driver got in a little spat because the local guy was advising on how to empty the truck at one point and the BE driver got very angry and in no uncertain terms told the mover it was his truck etc...) All in all I was happy with the unpacking team for as the owner of the local company really worked with me on all the changes.

So there you have it- two reviews in one.

[Editor's note by Diane: To clarify, the BE driver staying on the truck to load it is NOT normally part of the base price of the move. It is kind of a gray area, though, because the driver is supposed to make sure the load is secure (for example by putting up a bulkhead if asked to do so). However, the driver is not required to help place or stack the items and he normally gets paid by the customer for that. The rate is supposed to be mutually agreed on by the driver and customer but most drivers charge around $30/hour. I have no idea how long this driver actually worked but for 16 feet I would imagine that he worked around 4-5 hours total for the loading and unloading so I would say that he charged the customer a little too much. The company has asked to be contacted if the customer does not agree with the amount that the driver is asking for.]

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