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internic / euro-transport

Postby melinda_d » Fri Mar 31, 2006 4:11 pm

hi --

I might be jumping the gun here, but I was wondering if the complaints about internic / eurotransport have died down because the service has gotten better or because people are not using them anymore?

my husband found them online during one of his searches.. I had found another moving company I was comfortable with, but last minute we could not coordinate a moving date (my husband was already at our new home in Norway, I was with two small children in Seattle).. so, enter Euro-Transport.

we sent payment to them, they said they did not receive it. my bank assured me it was paid, so I wrote to them.. sure enough, the day later they had the payment -- this made our stuff two weeks behind already.

Jan.29 our stuff was picked up. we still do not have it yet.

as far as additional payments are concerned:
Jack assured my husband (via email & on the phone) that there would be no additional charges EXCEPT if the estimated load was larger than expected. so if we are charged more, are we legally binded to pay (our contract has listed what we should be paying for)?

I am a bit nervous (due to the accounts here!) since we simply cannot afford to pay anymore than we have. we are living with next to nothing.. I brought enough stuff to live for a month (and that cost me 300 USD extra on the plane!)...

thanks n advance for any comments!

-melinda dahl

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Re: internic / euro-transport

Postby hardatwork » Fri Mar 31, 2006 9:35 pm

Do you have information from Euro Transport as to where your goods are at this point?

Have they advised when they will arrive to you?


Re: internic / euro-transport

Postby melinda_d » Sat Apr 01, 2006 9:36 pm

no, sir, they have not provided this information to me. we have requested it, with no response to date.

we will try again on Monday!

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Re: internic / euro-transport

Postby hardatwork » Sat Apr 01, 2006 11:02 pm

I would sugguest that unless you get positive information from them on Monday regarding the shipment is tht you contact the FMC. Check their site for phone number.

You should have from them the shipping company's name that they forwarded your shipment with, the vessel name, container number, and the vessel arrival date at destination. They should also provide name and phone number of the agent at destination who is to arrange customs clearance and delivery to you.

It should not take two months to get your goods to you under any circumstances so it is time to push them for information. Keep in mind that the FMC can and will assist you in getting the information for you.

Please keep us inform of the outcome so others might know what to expect from them in the future.

Good luck and all the best to you.


Re: internic / euro-transport

Postby melinda_d » Sun Apr 02, 2006 3:50 am

Jack sent us this email this morning:
4-1 Hi Melinda,

Shipment is align to depart on 4-12 and will get at port on 4-28.
However, we need to received the final balance of $3308.26 before next
friday in order for us to ship it.


Jack Monier

I do hope this an April Fool's gag.

-melinda dahl.

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Re: internic / euro-transport

Postby PatR » Sun Apr 02, 2006 5:25 am

Truth be known likely isn't...sorry to say. I hope for your sake that all goes well but I can tell this isn't the price you were quoted by your statement and by the posts that I've read. Hopefully HardAtWork can shed some further light on this for you and who to contact regarding your shipment.


Re: internic / euro-transport

Postby melinda_d » Mon Apr 03, 2006 9:55 am

Jack is now saying our stuff has not been shipped. nor will it be until we pay him this additional money. I asked him where our stuff was, he has not answered me (I did contact the people who moved our stuff. they claim they do not have it).

I have contacted an attorney (hey, I might be poor, but it pays to have lawyers in your family!) but I cannot get anything moving until the 20th of the month. I was told, though, that if my contract said nothing about paying an additional fee BEFORE shipping, then Jack & Co. are obligated to ship our stuff.

The contract states:

"any modifications must be made in writing."

& the only cost to change is the BAF.

I was really hoping this would not come to blows...


Re: internic / euro-transport

Postby Guest » Mon Apr 03, 2006 10:01 am

& he (Jack) says:

M. Dahl, (notice how I went from Melinda to just M!)

You seem to forget th origin services, the mover went to pick up yours
goods, pack, wrapp and made the crate to ship it, beside they needed to
keep that for a very long period in their warehouse because you could
not pay on time (it was arranged ahead of time that we would pay on Feb 16th, which we did). The volume is 386 cf instead of 280 cf. So yes there
is more volume. The only reason why its leaving late is because of the
time you took to pay your 2nd deposit. Then we have processed and this
was the next available vessel. Payment is due and according to the
terms of your contract, if the last payment is not made by this week, we
roll at yours expenses the shipment meaning it will not load on the 4-12.

Best regards,

Jack Monier

the contract says nothing about this.

we have receipt of our "final" payment. we were aware of the fact that our BAF might change some. but 3000 USD extra?

(if anyone has anything to say and does not want to be flamed you can contact me directly [email protected] - without the SPAMLESS, of course!)

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Re: internic / euro-transport

Postby hardatwork » Mon Apr 03, 2006 8:10 pm


If you can please sign up for membership here on the webiste then you can send and receive Private Messages. Membership is free.

Send me a PM for some suggestions regarding what steps you can take.

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Re: internic / euro-transport

Postby dumbaussie » Tue Apr 04, 2006 3:31 pm

In my case, I haven't posted on Internic / Euro transport. This is not because their standard of service has improved from what's been described earlier, but because I've been slack.

Our moving experience with Internic was bad. We moved from Tromsoe (way northern Norway) to the US. Long story, but things went pretty badly from the start, when Internic's people didn't turn up (in late July 2005).

It's hard to know how much detail to give, but the basics are:

As Internic's people didn't show, and we had only a few days before leaving Tromsoe, we had to organize a local company to pick up our household goods on very short notice. Luckily, we'd already packed most of our things. The company in Tromsoe (Hasselberg AS) that we had pick up our stuff then kept it in storage in a container for a couple of months while Internic organized to get it to Olso and onwards.

Hasselberg moved the stuff to Oslo, delivered it to Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) who were transporting it by sea. MSC found a local company who packed everything for sea transport.

In correspondence with Internic staff regarding our goods' arrival in the US, we (my wife and I) were told that we could do our own customs clearance. And then, the details we were given (from Internic) regarding the shipping information didn't fit with MSC's schedules. And the price went up, too. We were getting concerned.

So I contacted the FMC, which helped a great deal. FMC staff were very helpful and gave good advice. There were also folks at this site who gave good advice too. Thanks.

We took over making the payment to MSC, and organized a local (Boston) mover (Humboldt, who were just wonderful) to do the customs clearances, and pick up & deliver our goods on arrival in the USA.

Folks at MSC, both in the US and Norway, were very helpful.

Internic had all the bills of lading, so we had to settle with them before we could pass the bills on to MSC (my wife was listed as both shipper and consignee on the bills). We reached an agreement with Internic on an amount that was acceptable - basically, we subtracted the money for MSC (including the cost of packing for sea transport), and Internic's estimate for transportation from the dock to our house. We wired the money, got the bills FedExed to us, passed them on to Humboldt. Got our stuff.

So we ended up doing most of the organizing for the move, and the parts arranged by Internic weren't handled very well.

Enough time has passed that I can write this politely. Probably a good thing.

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Re: internic / euro-transport

Postby MusicMom » Tue Apr 04, 2006 5:19 pm

So what exactly did Internic DO to earn their paycheck?

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Re: internic / euro-transport

Postby melinda_d » Wed Apr 05, 2006 2:16 am

... so they did what, exactly?

oh, right.. they took your money! silly me!

see, one of the biggest problems I have with this situation (besides the fact that my stuff is being held hostage & I have been contacted with a hefty randsom!) is I like Jack. he does not try to pretend he is a nice guy. he is at least honest to himself.

it is like, a person who has lots of random sexual rampages, does drugs & drinks a lot and then attends church on Sunday, shaking hands and praying & pretending they are holy.

at least Jack comes off as what he is. a businessman.

and not everyone's defination of business is the same.

it might serve me right for what is happening right now. maybe it is a bought of bad karma.

{and if it sounds like I am trying to make peace with this before it is over understand that I am sleeping on the floor with two little children & my husband with no comforts of our home. we have two pans to cook in.. and what we do have has been loaned to us from my in-laws .. if I allow the stress to consume me for too much longer, I might end up in a worse situation than just being scammed out of our stuff. it is good that a nice Norwegian doctor requested me to take Zoloft! otherwise this might not be so pretty!}

Euro Transport

Re: internic / euro-transport

Postby Euro Transport » Wed Apr 05, 2006 7:13 am

Dear Melinda,

If I was you I would be ashame for things that you are making up, just like you do on that web site. I am reading yours comments and I feel that you are trying to get sympaty from others on that web site. Didnt you mentionned that we have adjusted your invoice and even gave you the cost of the origin services which we give you that service for free and wont make any penny on the origin services and on the destination services. Meanning we give you without any profit that service because you also attracted our sympaty by having no money to pay for your move. Have you also forgot to mentionned that just to pay a deposit of $1600 you took more than one month to pay that deposit by finding many excuses... Have you forgot to say that the rate you got was the best on the market that you found and that our company had been very upfront and cooperative with you all the way. Or you might have forgot that you miscalulate the numbers of items that you wanted to ship in order maybe to make it seem lower and then fight not to pay more. But you should explain that you got a contract and that everything that has been charges you and revised is according to your contract. You should also explain that you have ship goods overseas while you did not have money to ship them.. Bad decision. As I said you could even pay $1600 for a deposit because you were having problems to get the money so how can you sign a contract to move yours goods if you are that short. In many occassion, I feel that you ignore totaly this contract and you just play the game of a victim. Which is quiet easy when people dont want to pay their bill. Yours free personnal comments; it is like, a person who has lots of random sexual rampages, does drugs & drinks a lot and then attends church on Sunday, shaking hands and praying & pretending they are holy.
These comments are disgacefull!! , I hope you did not say that as a chirstian person, because I would also be ashame for you to make such judgements and accusations not only in my back but also in front of God.

Just tell the truth in this forum, tell that you signed a contract and that you are being charge according to your contract, tell that we have cut any profit merging on the origin and destination charges and we give them at cost (which I dont know many companies that would even do that) tell that you dont have money and you made a bad decision from day one, that you thought shipping yours goods and then you went out of money for some others reasons.

You are making us a very bad advertising by complainning and attracting the sympaty on this forum. Again, I hope you are not doing all this as a christian because I would ask myself many questions if I was you. But guess what Melinda and mover scam, very few people have complained on this forum about our services. Its like if you go to a super market, you would always see few clients complaining and calling the manager and refusing to pay.... Its look like this forum attract exactly that type of clients. Our business is growing very fast and I am very proud of the services that we offer, WE OFFER THE BEST COMPETITVE RATE ON THE MARKET and even by saving sometimes thousands of dollars those few people that have complained will complaints for few hundreds dollars more they paid and that was part of their contracts. Having success is what our competitors dont like... and guess what, you will get the sympaty of this forum because most of the viewer are already engage in the moving business and they have their own interest in making a bad mouth of our company. But we have a very good standing in fron of ours clients and we meet any responsabilities that we have. That is why I gave you those credits. But we move people everyday and thanks to our satisfied clients I can sleep in peace.

This is a one time post of myself in this, any replies from viewer will not be responded and will be strickly at the discretion of the viewer to juge those comments.


jack Monier

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Re: internic / euro-transport

Postby melinda_d » Wed Apr 05, 2006 7:43 am

so you know the status of my purse?

deposit of 1600 dollars? pardon? our deposit was 460 dollars! and that was paid on the 23rd of January! if you allowed people to pay with Visa for the whole transaction it would be easier to trace instead of part of it being a credit card transaction and some of it being a wire transfer. or.. is it because Visa can pull the payment back faster than a bank can?

is that why? why have I asked this several times with no answer?

and we made excuses on paying the rest of our bill? we did? are sure you do not have us jumbled up with another customer? we emailed you with the transaction number THE DAY IT WAS SENT.

I have posted to you the information from my bank. you were paid in a timely manner. I am just confused on how you say you have been helpful when all you have done is dodged my questions. I still do not know where my stuff is.. no-one wants to send me a break down of the ACTUAL charges. my contract says (and I quote):

"Changes: Any modification must be made in writing. Euro-Transport reserves the right to accept or refuse any changes made after reservation. Above rate based on carrier's charges at time of reservation; changes in costs will be applied on Bunker Adjustment Factor. "

and you said the BAF charges were small... so how did small turn into 3000 extra dollars?

and the movers? how did that turn into over a thousand dollars for some guys to come in and move out stuff that was already packed? I have all the original paperwork and estimated charges... how did you triple their costs?

just because I am fighting for what is right does not mean I am broke. if you had told us our stuff would cost this much to ship UP FRONT we would not have shipped it. nothing in that stuff is worth several thousand dollars.

do not take it personally. I am trying not to.

oh & so you know, I was not calling myself a victim, but now that you bring it up:

victim: one that is subjected to oppression, hardship, or mistreatment or, one that is tricked or duped.

yup, I would say that should fit under this situation!

& with all of the research I have done, I have not found one person who has been happy with your service.. I am not saying they do not exist.. they are just not here defending you. :/
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Re: internic / euro-transport

Postby melinda_d » Wed Apr 05, 2006 8:03 am

& it appears that I have hurt Jack's feelings.

I apologize. I did not mean to make this an "out to get you" post. I am frustrated. I have been lied to. you would be hurt as well.

but.. I was not out for blood. I did not mean to insult you because that is how I feel.

I am sorry.


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