ATLAS (Ace Moving) Review from OK to DC Area (Silver Spring)

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LR Padilla

ATLAS (Ace Moving) Review from OK to DC Area (Silver Spring)

Postby LR Padilla » Sun Apr 09, 2006 11:11 am

A while back I posted for advice on movers from Edmond, Oklahoma to the Washington, DC area. Here is my feedback and sumamry of the experience. A previous posting detailed how I came about to choose Ace moving and storage (Atlas rep) over the other companies.

The Atlas Consultant's name was JD Smith. He was extremely nice, well prepared and gave us an honest estimate. Since they moved my car inside the van, I bought insurance. They made arrangements for a 2 day process - one to pack and one to move. We had lived in Oklahoma for a short period of time and still had a lot of books in boxes from our basement, but we had them pack a lot of glass valuables. We had bought Sterilite plastic tubs at Wal-Mart, and still had a lot of these, so we packed about 90% of our stuff. The crew packed the kitchen glass, glass knicknacks and wall art and frames. One person showed up in the morning to pack. She was very fast, efficient and did an excellent job packing all our delicate stuff. Two hours later, a second guy showed up to help pack. His name was Jose, and he was like a packing tornado. He was very fast and efficient, and packed things really well, but he packed so fast that we had to follow him and tell him to take stuff out. He ripped a tie bracket off the wall and packed it ties and all (the bracket was part of the rental unit!!), and he also packed our keys, wallets and credit cards that we had set aside on a specifically labeled box! All in all, they did a superb job, with meticulous care and attention to detail. A third party, a two person crew arranged by Ace, came in and built custom crates for our two very large (55 gallon and 100 gallon) glass aquariums and they were more careful and meticulous than I would've been myself!. No complaints.

On the second day, the driver called and said he was on the way and arrived on time, at 9AM. This was a 3 man crew: one driver and two guys. All the other companies had said they'd need a shuttle, but these guys didn't and the driver was incredible. Although the contract was with Ace / Atlas, this moving crew was driving a rig that said "Roadrunner Moving", from Houston, TX. I think they were based out of Texas, since they were not very familiar with Oklahoma. They did a great job and put my car in the back of the truck in a strictly efficient and well packed deal. Our furniture was wrapped in plastic shrink wrap, before they put moving pads on them. After two hours of loading, a third dude showed up that worked for Ace. He helped the other guys finish loading, but he didn't seem to work as hard as the other two men. The crew respected our labels of "FRAGILE" on the outside of boxes and set them aside and loaded them last.

The delivery date was estimated between March 25 and April 1st. They called on the 27th and said they'd deliver between the 29th and 30th. Later that day the Atlas office in Indiana called and said they would charge my credit card the total agreed in the "not to exceed estimate" because the weight had actually significantly exceeded the limit. (My guess is that the boxes of pre-packaged books threw off the estimate). They called on the 28th and confirmed the 30th as the delivery date. They arrived at 10:30AM, as promised. Once again, I was sure they'd need a shuttle, since I've seen other moving companies deliver to this row of townhomes and they always use shuttles. These guys maneuvered the truck and parked it where it wasn't in the way and they hand trucked everything from about 200 feet away. They were incredible - it was the same 3 guys from Roadrunner , and a local man from Paxton. The guy from Paxton was rude, lazy and careless with our stuff. While the Roadrunner guys took great care in piling boxes and moving furniture to avoid scratching floors, the Paxton guy just threw everything around. The other two guys delivered boxes to any room in the three story townhouse while the Paxton guy just threw them in the first floor.

All of our boxes made it in, and NOTHING was broken - all 212 items plus the car. One desk has a minor (2 inch scratch), but I am pretty sure this happened when the Paxton guy pushed a large wooden crate over the top after the other guys had removed the shrink wrap. One of the cushions for our light tan colored couch showed up dirty, but don't know how this happened since it was shrink wrapped (maybe at loading with dirty hands?).

The move was extremely good and we are as happy as possible during the stressful time of a move to the big city by us "Oklahoma bumkins". The whole crew was nice and pleasant and, with the exception of the local guys, as careful with the stuff as we would've been. I would highly reccomend using Ace Moving if anybody else is trying to escape Oklahoma. From my experience, if these guys worked for Roadrunner, I would have to say that I'd reccommend Roadrunner as well, although I didn't deal with their "hiring", estimates, etc.

From our side, we provided them with drinks and offered snacks on both ends. We also tipped generously, since we were very pleased.

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Re: ATLAS (Ace Moving) Review from OK to DC Area (Silver Spr

Postby MusicMom » Sun Apr 09, 2006 3:36 pm

Thanks for the update!

Did you call Paxton about this rude guy?

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Re: ATLAS (Ace Moving) Review from OK to DC Area (Silver Spr

Postby Diane » Sun Apr 09, 2006 8:25 pm

Thanks very much for this update and I'll add it to my (very scant) material on OK moving companies.

Roadrunner Moving & Storage in Houston won a quality award from the van line in 2005 (Milton Hill award). It's always good to read about quality drivers and helpers. Sorry about the poor-quality worker from Paxton. Shows how one person can jeopardize the good work of so many people who came before. I noted that one driver (Wayne) posted that the workers he gets from LaborReady are often better than the casual workers he gets from van line agents -

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