Help Planning a Move..

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Mike C

Help Planning a Move..

Postby Mike C » Thu Apr 20, 2006 7:49 am

Well here is the story. I am planning a move from Clifton NJ to Holmdel NJ and I need to find a fair mover. The move out of Clifotn will be taking place in the middle of May. The house that I am moving into cannot be moved into until the middle of June, so, I have am month in which I need to store my belongings. I have Meyer Mayflower coming to give me my first estimate tonight. Please Help. I feel lost.

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Re: Help Planning a Move..

Postby Diane » Sat Apr 22, 2006 6:11 pm

Hi - My advice is not to use Meyer's Mayflower, which has bad comments here.

Please be sure to read this article for a general orientation to the issues. Then, here is my summary post on what has been said about NJ moving companies on this website. As a matter of principle, does not endorse any full-service moving companies. However, this may give you some ideas about companies to get quotes from. You can use small companies that have done a good job on local moves for people, but you can also use agents of national van lines.
Diane wrote:In New Jersey -
People can contact the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs at 973-504-6442 to check on companies' licensing and complaint history for intrastate moves (within NJ). Here is a FAQ sheet that it has put out:
New Jersey Public Movers & Warehousemen FAQ's
The NJ Warehousemen and Movers Association at 732-341-3934 may also be able to offer some insight about quality.

If anyone has a complaint about an intra-state (within NJ) move and has gotten no resolution from the mover, contact the investigator for the , Regulated Business Section (Vincent Buonanno) at 973-504-6442. If he does not answer, leave him a message and he will call you back. If you want to file an online complaint, you can do so by clicking on the following link and downloading the complaint form.
Public Movers and Warehousemen Complaint Form

The State of New Jersey has no jurisdiction over interstate moves. Therefore, for information or to file a complaint, contact the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration of the Federal Highway Administration (FMCSA). The New Jersey regional office is located at 840 Bear Tavern Road, Suite 310, West Trenton, NJ, 08628-1019 and its phone number is 637-4200 /4222/4229.


Allied Van Lines agents

--Reliable Van & Storage (Allied) in Elizabeth.
This company seems to be respected by industry professionals, and it has very good quality scores from the van line. Caution: there is a scam company called Reliable Moving based in NYC that has copied Allied's orange trucks and tries to confuse people: ... 2255#52255
One person ("pacerfan577") gave Reliable Van a bad review for what was probably a local move, but the move was in 2003: ... 3592#23592 (local)

Atlas Van Lines agents

--University Van Lines (Atlas) in Rahway.
This company with phone 732-882-1060 has many good reviews here, mainly for interstate moves. Here is its main review thread (end) -
One person had reservations about one of the estimators: ... 3940#43940 (interstate)
One of University's estimators in NJ, Bill Quigley, is the brother of one of the owners and people have made very positive remarks about him, such as "He was very personable and provided lots of tips regarding packing . . . I liked him and would feel comfortable doing business with him" ("CLB" - ... 4298#34298).

Mayflower Van Lines agents

--Central Moving Systems (Mayflower) in Bridgewater.
This company's internal customer satisfaction scores from the van lines were excellent for the last half of 2005, better even than Dahill (another Mayflower agent in Brooklyn) for the same period. It was a past Mayflower "Circle of Excellence" winner. Its phone number is 800-222-0327.
There is a rave review of the company by "blempert" for a move from Manhattan to San Francisco at the end of December 2005, and the poster also says that they handled a damage claim perfectly:
"Robin37" was set to move with them from NYC to San Francisco at the end of November 2005 but never came back to report (unless she is the wife of "blempert" above). She mentioned that her sales rep was Keith Haszto and the person who runs the company is Brian Coriell.

North American Van Lines agents

--Able Metro Moving & Storage (North American) in South Plainfield.
"Nancy" (works for another NAVL agent) said that they are a small agent.
"JenM" moved with them to Dutchess County, NY but never came back to report:

Paul Arpin Van Lines agents

--Allstate Moving & Transfer Co. (Paul Arpin) in Linden.
This company with website and phone 908-474-0007 does a lot of military moves. Its NJ license number is 00041PC. It won a quality award from the van line in 2004 and was "Agent of the Month" in November 2005.
It has a very good review for a local move within NJ: (local)

United Van Lines agents

--Holman Moving Systems (United) in Hackensack.

--Wade Odell Wade (United) in Midland Park.
Their phone number is 201-493-9300.
A review is at

Wheaton Van Lines agents

--All Brunswick (Wheaton) in Dayton.
This company won a quality award from the van line in 2004.
We have a good review by "Kr_s9" for a move of a small shipment to OR--the price was quite good and there was only a tiny bit of damage: ... =9079#9079
"brianmcgann" also gave them a rave review for a local move: (local)
"bhotchki" was going to use them for a move from NJ to St. Louis but never came back to report how it went. He said that their estimate was the lowest of three that he got: (interstate)

--Paul's Transfer Company (Wheaton) in Phillipsburg.
This company has the phone numbers 908-859-4443, 908-996-4444, and (toll-free) 866-859-4443. Its website is

Independent moving companies

--Peers Moving in Dover.
This company (phone 973-366-2898) has two very good reviews for local moves within NJ. See and

Here is a recent thread where someone was considering both Allstate and University for a local move and it gives their hourly rates -
This is the specific post outlining estimates - ... 6149#46149

On the basis of reports and an "unsatisfactory" rating with the BBB, I recommend avoiding College Grads Moving & Storage in New Brunswick. See this horrible review of an apparently local move: ... 3973#33973


Costs are somewhat lower in central and southern NJ. However, these agents do not service New York City.

Mayflower Van Lines agents

--Sinclair (Mayflower) in West Berlin.
We have a good report by "Jeff Gelman" on an interstate move of his grandmother's things from FL to PA, the only glitch being that he had to help the movers move the upright piano inside at destination: (interstate)

North American Van Lines agents

--American Movers (Global and North American) in Long Branch.
Their phone number is 800-982-0130. According to someone familiar with the NJ moving scene, American Movers is a 60-year-old company whose hands-on owner is the chairman of the board of the NJ Movers' Association and a very good guy. We have no reviews as yet, but I have visited the facility and I was very impressed with the personnel. The company has won many awards from both van lines and its internal quality scores are excellent.

United Van Lines agents

--Applegate Moving (United) in Manasquan.
There is a very good review by "sammyk" for a move from NJ to Texas. He also praises Paulk's Moving (United) in Jefferson, LA, which was the hauling agent:

--Bohren's Moving & Storage, Inc. (United) in Burlington.
This company is HQd in Burlington but has a branch in Parsippany and also in West Palm Beach, FL.
"" gave a rave review to Judy, a sales rep at Bohren's in its Parsippany branch, who took time to advise her how to ship 6 items from FL to NJ when there was nothing in it for her: ... 6978#56978

--McCollister's Transportation Group (United/Mayflower) in Burlington.
This company is HQd in NJ and is a very large agent, with 15 offices nationwide and hundreds of trucks and drivers. "Michael" (who worked for McCollister's in another state) posted that it is the largest hauler for Mayflower: ... =6536#6536
"Rick" (industry expert) was lukewarm about them in Boston but I'm not sure whether he meant that particular branch or McCollister's as a whole. "Fred0844" (works for United in Canada) stepped in to point out some of McCollister's strong points:
"23," "weem," "BigLeeCalif," and many other moving professionals have praised the NJ location (which is its HQ) in particular. I was told that the NJ location emphasizes military and national account moves and it sometimes is too busy to handle moves by individuals.

Wheaton Van Lines agents

--Sopko Moving & Storage, Inc. (Wheaton) in Manville.
This company won a quality award from the van line in 2005.
However, "aly" (moving to Seattle) was underwhelmed by the estimator, who had not yet mailed him an estimate a week after coming to the home. He also reported that a friend of his had an unsatisfactory move to CA that was booked by Sopko: ... 4792#54792

Mike C

Re: Help Planning a Move..

Postby Mike C » Mon Apr 24, 2006 9:03 am

Thanks for the advice. I met with the Meyers Mayflower estimater and did not get a good felling from him, so, I will not be useing them. I have University coming today and Allstate coming on Thrusday and then I will be making my decision. Thanks for youe help and if you have any other advice I would love to hear it. Thanks Again.

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Re: Help Planning a Move..

Postby Diane » Mon Apr 24, 2006 10:05 am

I think you have two good possibilities there. I personally have walked through University's warehouse and have met its warehouse manager, who is related to the owner by marriage, so I know that its warehouse would be a safe place for your things to be stored. If you want a third estimate, Peer's Moving in Dover has excellent reviews here as shown above.

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