ALERT - avoid Trinity Movers (Atlanta/Covington, GA)

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ALERT - avoid Trinity Movers (Atlanta/Covington, GA)

Postby jknox2128 » Sat Apr 22, 2006 2:32 pm

The following is the letter I wrote to my local news station about me being scamed. Please note this took place yesterday, I am still pretty much in shock but I am not going to laid down and take this type of treatment.
If anyone could provide me with any information to help me out, I would be grateful

The letter of what happened:


My name is J Knox and I am a loyal viewer of your News team. I remember watching the I-team investigations and thinking you all doing a good thing helping the little guy. Well it turns out that I am the little guy in need. I believe I am the victim of a moving scam.

This is where it all begins:

March 30, 2006

I am moving out of my complex on Roswell Road to a complex in Norcross. I decided to use a moving company because I am a single female. I am also on a fixed budget so I needed to find the more affordable company. The year before I remember using a website that obtains quotes of several different moving companies, this is where I ended up again. Upon signing up I received several calls and email in response to my request. I reviewed all the quotes and found Trinity Movers to be the most affordable at $69/hr with a 3 hour minimum, 2 men and 1 truck. Shortly after that, a young lady by the name of Michelle from the movers’ office gave me call to explain the quote to me. She also explained to me that because the rate was so low that cash would only be accepted. Michelle then asked me to verify where I was moving from, where I was moving to, how many stairs at both apartments, and how many boxes….etc. Michelle then stated that a move like mind would only take 3 hours, 4 hours at the most. After we finalized that I booked a reservation and confirmed with a fax to the office.

Here is the only contact information I have on them:

Trinity Movers
License Number: MCA 500055
Phone: 678-413-2400
Fax: 770-918-0888

April 21, 2006


Friday April 21, 2006 this is my moving day and the day everything went wrong. The movers were scheduled to arrive between 9am and 10am. The movers did not arrive until after 10:30am. Now there were 3 men and 1 truck. The first gentleman to greet me was name Gerald, he was the time keeper. The other two gentlemen in the truck were the movers, one was a gentleman around the age of 23 and the other was older man in about his late 50s. Gerald (the timekeeper) came in to my apartment and explained the contract to me, to sum it up:

1-Cash only
2- Payment on Delivery, when they get there they will estimate the time to unload
3- The clock stated at 10:45am


All was going well with the packing of the truck. The gentlemen were very respectful of my items and when speaking to me. It just seemed like they did not agree on everything as a team, although, they got the truck loaded and ready to go in 2 hours.

As I stood outside watching them finish securing everything in the truck I ask the older gentleman how long it will take them to unload. I again informed the movers I was moving into a 3 floor apartment. The older gentleman stated that “unloading is the easy part, no more than 1 ½ hours.”

Then, the movers stood outside and argued if they were going to take a 30 min lunch or not. I stated to them that I am on the clock therefore they need not charge me for the 30 mins they take. They argue some more. So after they decided to pick up something on the way, I still protested, they settled and ended just following me start to my apartment to unload.

12:54p- 1:20p

The mover had some difficulty getting the truck out of the complex. Also, as I found out later because of that they damaged a building in my old apartment complex. (I found this out after we arrived at my new apartment). Now that we are finally out we are on the road to my new complex.

1:45p- 3 hour minimum mark

We arrive at my new complex in Norcross. They back the truck up to prepare to unload. The “timekeeper” stated he will assess the amount of time it will take to move my items in. After going back and forth with the other crew member the “timekeeper” contacted his supervisor Sam Ford at 678-413-2400. The “timekeeper” then informed Sam that was 3 flights of stairs. After a short conversation the “timekeeper” stated that now the unloading process will take 2 to 2 ½ hours. I again protested and stated it does not take 2 to 2 ½ hours to unload. (I have moved several time in the Atlanta Metro area and to date it only takes at most 4 hours.) He then stated that the total cost would be $500. If my math serves me correctly $69 times 5.5 hours does not equal $500. (It actually equals $379.50) So I told him at did not have the cash on me at hand and I would have to pull the extra out of other accounts. Well that was not good enough; the gentleman got back on the phone with the supervisor and told him “The customer does not have the money.”
So that make it sound that I did not have anything I had the amount due for 4 hours. Again I begged and pleaded and said I would just have to run and pick it up. I got badgered non stop from the older gentleman and the “timekeeper” questioning when I are they going to get the money. I told them I was calling and moving money around to get it to them. Needless to say they were strong-arming me and pressuring me to get them the cash. Well I ran out of time (according to their supervisor). They were instructed to take ALL OF MY ITEMS on the truck and transport them to a storage facility. There was nothing I could do to stop them. Before they left I was only able to get that supervisors name.

2:10p- 3:30p

I left two messages on the phone listed above for the supervisor Sam Ford. He finally called me back and stated that to retrieve my items from storage I have to pay:

1- $483- for the 3 hours owed and the time it took them to get it back to the facility
2- $375- for the storage, which is only good for one week

Total: $858.00

I told the supervisor the same thing I told the movers. He was just very short with me and stated what I owed again. I stated that the movers were late in the first place and this move should not take 5 ½ hours total. He again stated what I owed. I stated that his was unjust and unfair. He reply “Well get your self a pre-paid lawyer and get your day in court. Pre-paid legal is only $29.99 a month.” Yes that was an insult. I then told him that I would get the money and asked him for the location of the office. He just stated it was in Covington, GA, no address. This was very odd and I asked for the address again, he did not give it to me. I then told him that this now theft because I do not know where my property is and I was going to contact the police. He said feel free and hung up the phone.

End Result

So now both my apartments are empty. The only items I have are what were loaded into my car. I am trying to gather the remaining money to hopefully retrieve my things. I have spoken to close friends and they believe this was a scam and they took advantage of me because I was a single woman.

Also because they damaged a building at my old complex, that manager called the police. The manager of my old complex tried several times to get in contact with Trinity Moving company with no positive results. So now the police are filing a report for a “hit and run” incident involving the Trinity moving company.

The more I think about this it looks like I was robbed. I wanted to confirm this so I spoke to the police officer (in my old complex for the hit and run) and asked his advice he stated that they had no right to take my items, which is by law “Theft by taking” and they have no right to hold my items for collateral. The officer instructed me to call the police in the city of Covington and file a report. Well I called them and they stated I needed to call the police in the county were the incident took place. I called Fulton and they stated that because they were at my apartment in Norcross I have to call them.

So I sit here waiting on tomorrow to call and start my saga to have my items returned to me. So I decided to write this letter and send it to anyone who would read it and could help.

I truly believe now that I am a victim of a scam. And I want to expose this company before they do this to anyone else. Please let me know if you can help in anyway


Re: Trinity Movers- Atlanta (Covington, Georgia)

Postby Guest » Mon Apr 24, 2006 5:59 am

Contact the Georgia Public Commision immediately. Explain their delay tactic by taking a lunch break on your clock, conversations about charges, etc, which according to them, resulted in you running out of time. Stress that they also refused to allow you time to aquire the funds to pay the added charges and again the delay tactic resulted in them stating you ran out of time. Finally they now refuse to deliver your items by hostage tactics.

Georgia Public Service Commission
Transportation Unit
244 Washington Street S.W.
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-5701
(404) 656-4501 or 1 (800) 282-5813




No listing that they are even registered as an LLC in georgia.


Re: Trinity Movers- Atlanta (Covington, Georgia)

Postby homelessadvocate » Fri May 12, 2006 12:40 pm

I work for the GA Law Center for the Homeless and we are trying to track down Trinity Movers because they are hiring homeless men at shelters and not paying them for the work that they do.

Please call me if you find out any more information about them.

Christina 404-681-0680 or email



Re: Trinity Movers- Atlanta (Covington, Georgia)

Postby Guest » Fri May 12, 2006 2:31 pm

You should be able to find out where MICHELLE THORNTON is using your contacts in the system. She is the registered agent for the busisness and I am sure more information can be obtained from the Georgia Secretary of the State office.

Name Name Type


Limited Liability Company - Domestic - Information

Control No.: 0571619
Status: Active/Owes Current Year AR

Entity Creation Date: 10/21/2005

Jurisdiction: GA
Principal Office Address: 115 W. PEACHTREE PLACE #309

Principal Mailing Address: No Address


Registered Agent

Office Address: 115 W. PEACHTREE PLACE #309

Agent County: FULTON

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Re: Trinity Movers- Atlanta (Covington, Georgia)

Postby MusicMom » Sat May 13, 2006 9:31 am

they are hiring homeless men at shelters and not paying them for the work that they do.
Now that's low.

Guest 2

Re: Trinity Movers- Atlanta (Covington, Georgia)

Postby Guest 2 » Thu May 25, 2006 1:27 am

I own a moving company in Georgia, and call the Public Service Commision. The FMCSA might screw around, but the Georgia PSC does not. They will fine those guys thousands of dollars.

Guest 2

Re: Trinity Movers- Atlanta (Covington, Georgia)

Postby Guest 2 » Thu May 25, 2006 1:29 am

Oh yea, Robert West is the man to talk with. He oversees the whole operation.

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Re: Trinity Movers- Atlanta (Covington, Georgia)

Postby Doug » Thu May 25, 2006 5:51 am

Mr West was interviewed for the I-Team investigation on IPG. As guest2 and I (guest) stated above contact them.

He wishes more people would contact the agency directly with these types of issues. As is with almost all of the governmental agencies they are short staffed and anybody who can supply them with documents and information involving these scams they will file a complaint and bring them in for a hearing. Generally once you are givin a hearing date you are not going to talk your way out of it.

Guest 2

Re: Trinity Movers- Atlanta (Covington, Georgia)

Postby Guest 2 » Thu May 25, 2006 11:07 am

I have actually talked with Robert West on the phone about scam movers. He is fully aware of their practices, and is more than willing to pursue legal action against them.


Re: Trinity Movers- Atlanta (Covington, Georgia)

Postby sjones » Wed Jun 07, 2006 12:14 pm

Does anyone know if this issue was ever resolved?

My parents have fallen victims to these predators.

They have contacted all the appropriate authorities and are awaiting a resolution.

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Re: Trinity Movers- Atlanta (Covington, Georgia)

Postby MusicMom » Wed Jun 07, 2006 9:18 pm

i don't think we know any more than what was posted here, sorry.


Re: Trinity Movers- Atlanta (Covington, Georgia)

Postby sjones » Wed Jun 21, 2006 11:28 am

Just a follow-up,

My parents eventually were able to retrieve their belongings from a storage facility after not knowing where they were for a week. The move that these people were hired for was not completed. My parents had to hire new movers to complete the move. Several pieces of furniture were damaged by Trinity and they even ended up with some items that were not theirs.



Re: ALERT - avoid Trinity Movers (Atlanta/Covington, GA)

Postby Guest » Fri Sep 22, 2006 10:42 am

I was a victim of their deceitful, unprofessional practices!! If anyone can help me retrieve Trinity's address I'd sure appreciate it. They broke my lamp in June and refuse to pay for it -- or even communicate with me. Address? Phone number? Please help.

I'm filing a complaint and also a lawsuit against this treacherous company (and I use this term "company" loosely.)


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Re: ALERT - avoid Trinity Movers (Atlanta/Covington, GA)

Postby farrah7031 » Fri Sep 22, 2006 12:06 pm

Here are some other addresses I found for them:

With the DOT:
Physical Address: 3150 HWY 278 SUITE 125

Mailing Address: PO BOX 5019


FMCSA Says they haven't been licensed to do interstate moving since 6/27/06 ... me=TRINITY^MOVERS^LLC&pv_pref_docket=MC564317&pv_usdot_no=1467899&pv_vpath=LIVIEW

They have no insurance information indicated. I'm sorry.

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Re: ALERT - avoid Trinity Movers (Atlanta/Covington, GA)

Postby farrah7031 » Fri Sep 22, 2006 12:09 pm

Also, please contact Mr. Robert West at the GA PSC ... ontact.asp

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