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Re: Broadway Express move

Postby Guest » Fri Sep 23, 2005 6:50 am

My experience with Broadway Express was very similar to those I have read about on these pages. I wanted to use one of those places that just drops the container off at your home and picks it up later for transport. (I am a big supporter of the rail system) However, I had a very difficult time actually contacting one of these companies. Some wanted to do all the business online without even a phone number listed and some were completely impossible to get a hold of. One company even transferred me to another company from thier automated phone system. The third party mover wanted to charge me a $1000 sub-contractor fee for an emergency move. That was when I found The stories I read on this site coupled with the poor communication I had already encountered made me very nervous. I did the same as most everyone else who has posted here and called ABF and BE. My results were a little different though. ABF's quote was considerably more than BE. Being on a tight budget, I went with BE and boy am I glad that I did. I'm sure that ABF would have done just as well, but I am glad for the price difference. BE charged me $1900 for 10 linear feet from Northwest Indiana to the Puget Sound area of Washington state. That's more than 2000 miles. I checked, and with gas and hotels, I would not have been able to rent a U-haul for the same price. Jim and America (yes, that is her name) were our drivers and they were fabulous. I was told by BE that if I wanted the driver to help me move, it was a private contract between us. My drivers charged $49 an hour with a two hour minimum. It actually took a little longer but that is because we stopped to chat and play with the dogs more than once. It was a very pleasant experience. They were better than professional, they were friendly! My items arrived in Washington in good shape and at the front end of the delivery window. My place wasn't quite ready yet and so Jim and America brought the truck right to the storage locker for me even though it was two towns over from the original destination. Overall, BE made what could have been a horror story a really pleasant experience. Thank you for putting me in contact with them.

Donna Shepardson
new to Washington

CA to NH

Re: Broadway Express move

Postby CA to NH » Mon Nov 07, 2005 11:27 pm was a pivotal site for my move and for my search for a reputable moving company... I started out my search not knowing much about major/long distance moving and, after posting to movingscam and reading reviews there, I came out well educated on how to approach my major move, my very first one crosscountry...

So, I look at it that I should return the favor and post a review at movingscam of my move with BE... I believe in the philosophy that those of us with knowledge and experience should help others who are seeking the knowledge to avoid scams and unwise decisions.

For me it boiled down to BE and to another small and more local moving company... I chose BE because of the lots of available positive reviews and not too many customer/client reviews about that other company. I've been happy with my decision, considering the horrible moving experiences that I've read about and how smoothly my move went.

I moved from Richmond, CA to Nashua, NH. I moved my car and my belongings in one shipment, booking 21 linear feet. Due to my inexperience, I believe that I overbooked a bit. Then, I had a technical difficulty with my cell phone and I missed the driver's voice mails that he arrived in Nashua. As a result, my stuff ended up staying on the truck on extra night and I had to pay a $300 penalty. I don't blame any of this on BE... it's just things like this can happen when dealing with a first and major move... now, I have some moving experience and I can do it better the next time.

The truck driver, Ray Grindle, a good guy, arrived on time, even early, on the day of loading the truck. I had a friend and two hired laborers help in loading the stuff onto the trailer. Ray kind of directed the packing of the stuff onto the trailer and he got a tip for his valuable direction of the packing.

I was impressed that it took only 8 days for the stuff to arrive in Nashua. At this end, I was going to hire laborers to help unload the stuff. But, I ended up unloading the stuff with just Ray's help and I paid him for his time at a rate of $30/hr. So far, so good... I haven't noticed any damage or loss to my car or to the shipped boxes and the very few pieces of furniture. As a result, I'm happy with my choice of BE.

Also, I'm impressed by the honesty and quality of people at BE's office. For booking, I dealt with a Trent Dufour over there and this guy was so honest that he tried to talk me out of shipping my car with my stuff. This is due to the fact that it would make the move more expensive as compared to shipping the car separately with an auto hauling company like DAS.

But, by the time Trent and I did the math for the longer time it takes my car to arrive in Nashua (if shipped with DAS) and for the rental car costs, I decided with Trent that it would make sense to ship the car with the stuff, in one trailer, despite the higher overall cost of the move.

The people at BE's office are congenial and pleasant to deal with...Trent and Erin... but, they aren't pleasant just for the sake of booking business and trapping unsuspecting customers... if you know what I mean.

Looking back... I rate a number of items as important to having a move with minimal stress:

1) Have an overall plan or vision of how your move is going to take place and what's needed (of manpower, equipment, and may be storage) to complete the move with minimal stress... give your move some thought. Consider all the factors that may affect your move for the better or for the worse. Keep these factors in mind when deciding on items related to your move.

2) When searching for a moving company, don't rush our decision on which company to go with. Take your time to arrive to a wise decision. Certainly, don't be taken by the convenience and speed by which things can be done online nowadays. Do thorough research on- and off-line... get the opinions of friends and family... having two or more brains thinking about something is better than having one brain doing the thinking.

3) Don't go with the moving company with the cheapest quote. Rather, Go with a moving company that guarantees that the shipped items stay on the same trailer throughout the journey to the destination. This helps minimize damage to shipped items.

4) When booking space on the truck, keep in mind that the items will be loaded compactly and would take slightly less space on the truck as compared to when they are just gathered in a spot.

5) Get an air-ride equipped truck in order to help minimize damage to belongings.

6) Try to get a flat bed trailer, esp if shipping a car along with other belongings. This helps minimize scrape damage to the front and rear underbody of the car as it gets loaded onto and unloaded from the moving truck.

7) It really helps to have someone with moving experience involved in the move. Ideally, this would be the truck driver... which seems to be the case for BE truck drivers. Ray's moving experience really shined when loading and unloading my car and belonging onto and out of the moving truck.

8) Stay in contact with the truck driver throughout the journey of your belongings from the origin to the destination. It's especially important to stay in close contact during the second half of the expected duration of the journey in order to avoid having your stuff stay longer than they really need to abroad the moving truck. This helps avoid penalties.

9) Have a plan, in advance, as to where your belongings will go once the moving truck arrives at the destination... do you already have a place at your moving destination? do you need to have your belongings stored at a storage unit while you hunt for a new place to stay?

I would certainly use the company for my next move, and I'd recommend that others use BE's service.



Re: Broadway Express move

Postby Darci » Tue Feb 07, 2006 9:56 am


I am so glad I found your website and was able to get some good informantion on the moving industry. I moved from Michigan to Arizona in January. This was the first time I have moved a full house of stuff and I felt very nervouse about it. I decided to go with Broadway Express after reading so many positive comments. I was not dissapointed, in fact my experice was totally poitive.

My driver (James Craig) really worked with me to try and make things as convenient as they could be. I did pay him extra when he picked up so he could help wrap my things with blankets and position them in the truck. Not a single thing was broken. I would definitly use Broadway Express again and I would reccommend them to anyone who does not mind doing some of the work themselves or wants to save some money.

NJ to San Francisco

Re: Broadway Express move

Postby NJ to San Francisco » Sun Feb 19, 2006 4:20 pm

I could not have asked for a better moving experience with Broadway Express! After having bad local moving experiences in the past, I was VERY nervous about moving my stuff across the country. After extensive research, I found that was very helpful. Margaret, who handled my file in the Broadway office, was so nice, helpful, and honest.

The price was absolutely reasonable. I paid $2300 for 10 feet of space. Yes, you have to pack and load/unload yourself. But I would not trust anyone else to do it anyway. So it was a perfect situation for me.

John Hudson was my driver...and he was awesome! he showed up exactly when he said he was coming to pick up my stuff in NJ. I paid him to pack the truck. He is definitely a pro at it. He fit everything like a puzzle. All my fragile stuff was cushioned carefully. He fit everything into 9 feet (I bought 10 feet of space, which I don't regret). He kept in good communication with me while in transit, about every other day.

I was very flexible with the time-frame Broadway gave me. I accounted for any bad January weather he may have been encountering in the mid-states. However, John came through and arrived on the earliest day promised. He showed up at the exact minute he told me. None of my stuff shifted or was touched after John blocked off my stuff with a wall in NJ.

I hired day laborers in San Francisco to help unload the truck. I didn't expect him to, but John would help out when he could.

Do yourself a favor, save yourself the hassle and money, and use Broadway Express. My friend also moved from NJ to San Francisco, but used a company that charged her a third more money, and she had half the amount of stuff I had....And they lost one of her boxes. My cousin may move next year from Boston to San Francisco, and I have already told her to use Broadway Express.

L Greene

Re: Broadway Express move

Postby L Greene » Tue Feb 21, 2006 9:08 pm

I recently moved across country- from Oregon to Georgia. I found out about the move about a month before and decided between two movers- ABF and Broadway Express. I have never moved with a mover before and was forced to use Broadway Express based on the fact that ABF would leave their trailer for two days unattended and my storage facility would not allow that.

I am so thankful God put it in place that Broadway Express would be my mover. They helped me on short notice get 21 linear feet of space on their truck. The lady on the phone was extremely professional and friendly- we talked on so many subjects while she processed my request. I found my driver was Woody Kuhne- who was also professional and great. He showed up on time and was a master packer of the truck. I ran close on the space and was concerned, but we got it all on. He kept in touch with me over the move and showed up exactly when he was supposed to in GA- not a minute late! He helped wit the unload and was on his way again with no issues!

I can' say enough about Broadway Express. I have heard through other people of problems with their movers, but I had nothing but a pleasant move. It couldn't have been any easier! I hope never to move again, but if I do or find someone that needs to move, I will reccommend Boradway Express without hesitation each and every time! Thank you B.E. for being such a great company with great employees! It will serve you well in the future!

Move to Atlanta

Re: Broadway Express move

Postby Move to Atlanta » Thu Mar 09, 2006 2:22 pm

I just moved from San Jose, CA to Atlanta, GA and have to say that the move was great. The drivers, Ed and Mary Mauney, were both very helpful, polite, friendly and always kept me updated thorugh out the move. I used up less than 5 linear feet, but there were always plenty of furniture pads and dollies. I would use this service again if I had to move anywhere else in the US. As long as you have friends to help move your stuff on and off the truck, BE is a fantastic freight service to use.


Re: Broadway Express move

Postby kattgurrl22 » Mon Apr 24, 2006 2:12 pm

I am writing to add my two cents about Broadway Express. I researched for a long time online to find a sensible and economical way to move from Calif. to Florida. I had many quotes and they were all high so I tried to go the do it yourself U-Haul type of service. In looking at the pricing, gas and everything else, this did not seem economical to me. So back to the drawing board I went.

I don't really remember how I found this message board but no doubt it was through a search of some sort on Yahoo. I read a few of the posts and it gained my interest. I called Broadway Express and was able to get a quote immediately. I also looked at their website and the same quote was given according to my belongings that I wanted to move. With all the feed back this company is getting I decided to trust what others were saying and booked my moving date. I booked 10 linear feet at $2100. That was the lowest I had found out of any company.

Our driver was Gayland Grogg and he showed up on time and was able to get into my apartment complex with ease. We loaded everything up in about 3.5 hours on a Tues. and that was it!! We were told that our truck would arrive by the next Friday due to other drops but we were planning on that. We took off the next day and arrived in FL on Friday. We knew we would not have our stuff probably til the end of the next week but Gayland called and said he would be there Tuesday evening!! That was great. He came on time and we off loaded and were happy as clams.

We would recommend Broadway Express to anyone and everyone. They even do a very nice follow up which again, I was not expecting.

Kent G.

Re: Broadway Express move

Postby Kent G. » Tue Jun 13, 2006 4:02 pm

We are another Broadway Express success story. We also found them through and after reading the reviews decided to give it a shot. We were not however doing a really "low cost" move and in some ways our case may be interesting to others as we still saved a lot of money.

We moved from just outside Ft Lauderdale, FL to the San Francisco area on memorial day weekend 2006. We had looked at a number of full service movers and had decided to do a combination of self-packing while hiring others to load and unload as both my wife and I are unable to do that kind of heavy lifting. Our lowest full service quote was from Bekins which was in the neighborhood of $14,000 for our 4 bedroom 2500+ sq ft house. (No one else was even close to this low)

However, our CA house is at the top of a hill completely inaccessible to a semi and so would require a "shuttle" truck. The Bekins estimator assured us that his price was all inclusive, and that the driver would simply have to deal with that issue when he arrived. However, having had several bad moving experiences ourselves and reading some horror stories about similar situations online, we were worried about what would happen on the CA end of the trip.

We also needed to ship two cars as we did not feel our 6 year old son was up for a cross country trip that had to be made in 5 days. Our cheapest estimate for this was just upwards of $2000. This made our best case scenario $16,000 using Bekins and the car shipper.

Instead, we contracted for the entire BE truck (53 feet?) put both cars (a minivan and SUV) and all our stuff inside. Then we hired local movers on both ends to load in and out. BE charged us just shy of $9000 and it was far easier to find good reputable local movers on each end since they tend to be far more concerned about their reputations. This cost us less than $2000 total, even with the shuttle on the CA end. Our total cost? Around $11,000 plus pizza, sodas and tips. A $5000 savings and avoidance of what I thought was going to be an inevitable nightmare when the Bekins driver saw our hill.

What's more, shipping the cars inside the truck assured no one was driving them on and off as they went cross country and that they were protected from the elements. Taking the whole truck also meant that, once the driver left, there were no stops, no loading and unloading - a straight 5 day drive from FL to CA. BE was also absolutely firm on the price despite a very significant increase in gas costs since we contracted in March. Our driver Ed Alvarez was also very honest and helpful. He spent the whole day on the CA side waiting to collect his moving blankets while they shuttled the furtniture up and then didn't even want to be paid for his time! (We insisted.)

The only drawback was that Ed did not leave for several days after he picked up the load as he was taking a vacation with his family. (During this time our things just sat locked in the truck.) However he told us this as soon as he came in the door to pick things up. Our cars also got very hot in the truck and some CD cases melted a bit creating a bad smell in one car that has taken some time to dissapate. (Think about this when you put things in the cars.)

Other than that, the move was great and despite the complexity of organizing it was by far the least stressful, cheapest and quickest of the three cross country moves we have done. I would STRONGLY reccomend BE to anyone.


Re: Broadway Express move

Postby Sarah » Thu Jul 06, 2006 8:41 pm

I just used BE to move from Ohio to California in May. BE did a fantastic job! All of our items arrived untouched and in perfect condition. You could tell once the driver sealed them off they had not been disturbed. The driver was a little eccentric, but all in all professional. The office staff were always helpful (we changed our date and space needed a few times) and professional as well.

I highly recommend Broadway Express and will use them again if I move back cross country in the future.



Re: Broadway Express move

Postby virginia » Sun Jul 16, 2006 2:22 pm

Hi - We just recently moved from Boston to San Francisco w/ Broadway Express. Everything went great! We got our things within 1 week, sooner than promised, and the driver (Mike Smith) did everything to accomodate us. We asked him to try to get our things to us on a weekend day, becasue my husband could not take off from work, and we got our things on a Sunday. We had constant contact with the driver, and always felt that our things were safe and secure. I would highly recommend this company. We had to pack our things ourselves, which was rough, but that actually worked for us. We were able to rearrange our things a few times, till we got them to all fit in our 10 linear feet of space. We will use B.E again, they were great!

Re: Broadway Express move

Postby » Mon Jul 17, 2006 11:32 am

I recently moved from Atlanta to San Francisco with Broadway Express and my move was flawless. Driver Randy Vinson arrived on time loaded in 1 hour and showed up on time in 1 week and unloaded in 1 hour and left. Randy was a real nice guy, very punctual and helpful. Even though I packed it, nothing shifted or was broken, nothing stolen and on-time delivery.

Even though BE was more expensive then other quotes I received, I chose broadway from the reviews. But I had less headaches. Even though my preparation time was much longer (1 week) it was time well spent, so I could throw away stuff I did not need.


Re: Broadway Express move

Postby Michele » Sat Jul 29, 2006 7:18 pm

As requested by Diane, I am writing to share my experience with BE. I first learned about this sort of self-service move through this forum. Originally it was my intention to use a competitor, but they were unable to deliver to our new rural address. As the reviews promised, I found the BE staff courteous and professional. Our driver arrived promptly on the appointed morning for loading. He was very knowledgeable, and found the most efficient way to move and load several large pieces of furniture. Our items where then delivered 6 days later. Not one item was missing or broken.

Here are the positives to consider:
1. Driver was knowledgeable, courteous and helpful.
2. Driver arrived on time for pick up.
3. We actually had more space on the truck than requested.
4. Not one item was scratched, broken or missing.
5. The final price for the actual move was exactly as quoted online.

Here are the not-so-positives:
1. Towards the end of the load, (we took 4 hours to load a 5 bedroom house), we were rushed to finish. Driver kept mentioning deadlines he had to meet.
2. The driver arrived at the destination ahead of schedule, and ahead of us, so we once again felt quite pressured. En route, we had to arrange for a local friend to oversee the drop-off, and pay the driver on our behalf.
3. The driver did not have a set price for his personal services. "Just pay me what you think is fair," left us feeling a bit pressured to overpay. We paid $300 for 5 hours total help.

All in all, positives far outweighed any negatives, and we would definitely use BE again.


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Re: Broadway Express move

Postby MusicMom » Sun Jul 30, 2006 10:02 am

Thank you for the review!


Re: Broadway Express move

Postby mercury76 » Tue Aug 22, 2006 4:06 pm

I moved from the Baton Rouge area to the Seattle area in June. My driver was Dennis N. I had originally intended to use a different service, but found that they did not cover the small town that I was located in. I found Broadway Express through the posts on this board and I was, for the most part, happy with my experience.

I hired Labor Ready to do the loading and unloading for me. I had a two man team at each location and paid $36 per hour for both with a 4 hour minimum + a tip, which was very reasonable. The driver did not assist in the loading and unloading.

The price to use Broadway Express ended up being not that much more than a U-Haul would have been, including gas, insurance & the equipment to tow my car. I used 10 feet of space and had it packed to the gills. Nothing arrived scratched or damaged.

I would suggest being very careful to make sure the large semi truck has room to park at both locations. I had checked with one of my neighbors and he told me he thought it would be fine, because regular moving trucks are in and out of the neighborhood all the time. The driver said there was no way it would work so he had to park quite a ways down the street and around the corner. He seemed very angry about that, and I felt bad and of course had to tip the guys doing the moving work very well for hauling all that stuff.

The driver was a little short with me a couple of times, which I found frustrating, but that probably went both ways. I had been given an original destination estimate of Wednesday and he tried calling a few times late Sunday to say he would be arriving on Monday. When I called him back, he was irritated that he had gotten my voice mail, but I explained that I was out of cell range since I was driving my own car across country. I had to scramble to get movers arranged for Monday morning, but Labor Ready was wonderful about that.

If I had it to do over again I would definitely use Broadway Express again, but be more careful to make sure there was clearance for such a large truck. I would also probably call the driver along the route more often to check his status, instead of waiting to hear from him.


1. Great price
2. Office staff were very nice and helpful. They were very accomodating, letting me pick my loading date.
3. Smooth ride, everything arrived in good shape.


Re: Broadway Express move

Postby lindihight » Fri Sep 29, 2006 6:00 pm

After careful, stressful research, I selected Broadway Express for our move from Upstate New York to Colorado. I hadn't heard of Broadway Express at all until I stumbled accross this website. Thanks!

First, I want to state that no matter how hard you plan and prepare, big moves will have surprises... just something that you have to deal with.

I chose Broadway Express because it was personal. I was calling the direct company. It's always nice to deal with the same person/people when coordinating a big move.

I chose Broadway Express because they would come and go quickly, rather than leave their trailer around for a day or two like other moving companies. I had neighbors close-by and didn't want to inconvenience them any longer than necessary with a big trailer in the parking lot. With Broadway Express, they give you a certain amount of time to load the trailer based on the number of linear feet you reserve. We reserved 13 ft and had about 6 hours to load, plenty of time. We had an army of our friends (10 men) and they had the trailer loaded in less than three hours. Just for comparison sake, we were moving a two bedroom apartment. Looking back on it, we could have reserved just 10 ft and would have probably been just fine since we had extra space once we were loaded.

The price is comparable to other moving companies out there. We payed $2437.00 for our move with Broadway Express.

The day before we moved, my driver, Caroline called me and let me know what her cell was. She told me where she was and when she anticipated arrival at our place. We planned to have her at our place by 9AM the next morning. Caroline arrived early, around 8:15. She left the trailer in our lot and went out to do some shopping while we started loading. We had alerted those planning to help to be flexible on the time... so my husband called a few people who could come over a little earlier to get stared.

It was a sweltering hot, humid day, so I went and got bottled water and doughnuts for those who helped. This was a very good thing. They went fast.

By 12 noon everything was loaded and ready to go. Caroline discussed with us our anticipated move-in date in CO. Soon after, Caroline hitched up the trailer and left. We drove out of our parking lot for the last time about an hour later after making some final checks on our apartment.

During our drive to Colorado, we contacted Caroline only a couple of times before we arrived in CO. We left on a Wednesday and arrived in CO on a Monday (about 5-6 days, depending on how you look at it). On Monday, we contacted Caroline to let her know where we were and that we planned on unloading the following day. We set the time for 9AM. Caroline was making good time and would make it before we would. We had two small children moving with us...

Just 20 miles outside our new hometown, our car overheated and had to be towed, and so we arrived much later than we had hoped... without a car. We were grateful for a nice lady who gave us a ride to the Holiday Inn.

The next Morning, Tuesday, my husband went (walked) to our new house and tried to give Caroline directions to get to it. It was hard since he didn't have a car to drive the roads so that he could know if it would be easy for a big tractor-trailer to get through. Caroline was a bit of a nervous personality, which was hard at this point since we didn't know the area well enough to help her when she said she didn't think that she could make a turn to get to our street. So, my husband directed her to come via another street (which, remember, he hadn't driven). It ended up being a very rough dirt road (oops!). When Caroline made the turn into our cul-de-sac, the trailer broke a branch on a neighbor's shade tree that was hanging out over the road. He was pretty upset about that (we were making friends already!). Caroline gave him $40 bucks and apologized profusely.

Our moving help showed up (Mormons from the church we would be attending there) and they had the trailer unloaded in 2 and half hours... or less. That was it.

About a month after we were settled, Broadway Express sent a nice Thank you package that had a bunch of handy little things in it with Broadway Express logos and phone number on them. :) That was a bonus!

If I could do it again:
*I would not have allowed our car to break down... but I don't know how it could have been avoided!

*I would have had someone who knew the area direct Caroline to our place.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Broadway Express. I don't know of a move that goes 100% smooth, even with all the planning in the world. It was just such a comfort to know were while we moved and to have the phone number of the person transporting them in my possession.

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