All My Sons Moving in Cincinnati---Update

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All My Sons Moving in Cincinnati---Update

Postby amy2006 » Wed Jun 21, 2006 7:57 pm


I've been meaning to write to update my previous inquiry about All My Sons Movers in Cincinnati. We used them in July to move from Cincy to Chicago, and they did a great job. I followed the advice about how to check out a moving company and decided to use them after everything checked out. An employee came to our home to give us a binding estimate, and their own movers loaded us up into one of their own trucks, drove to Chicago, and unloaded us the next day. The men who loaded the truck did a great job and all of our things arrived in great shape. We had no trouble at all, no hassles about the price, and weren't even asked to pay until the truck was all unloaded at our new home. Now, if the move is of a longer distance (perhaps 800 miles or so) they contract out to another company (maybe Bekins) so I can't recommend them one way or the other for those moves, but I highly recommend the company for a move that it handles on its own, with its own employees and its own truck.


I'm wondering if anybody has had any experiences with All My Sons Movers in Cincinnati. We are moving to Chicago, and they will do a direct move with only our things on the truck. I'd love to hear any feedback anybody has about this company.


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Re: All My Sons Moving in Cincinnati

Postby Michael » Wed Jun 21, 2006 9:43 pm

My opinion, move on and keep looking. Their reputation isnt that great throughout the US.

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Re: All My Sons Moving in Cincinnati

Postby BigLeeCalif » Wed Jun 21, 2006 10:57 pm

I agree with Michael on All My Sons.

I had a friend who worked as a contractor for their office in Northern California, and he was in an accident going to Oregon with a shipment, and he was ruled not at fault. His tractor was totalled. There was little damage to the trailor, but the contents were pretty banged up.

All my sons tried to sue the driver to pay for the damage claims... After he let them know he was no idiot, they backed off..

But if they treat their own people like that, imagine what they will do if you have a claim.

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