Load/Unload help on NYC to Pittsburgh Move?

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Load/Unload help on NYC to Pittsburgh Move?

Postby dutchstar » Sat Apr 22, 2006 3:57 pm

just wondering if anyone knows of any reputable folks to help us load up in Westchester County, NY (just outside NYC) and unload in Pittsburgh, PA.

we're renting and driving a truck ourselves but wanted to save ourselves the broken backs and exhaustion of carrying our stuff into and out of the truck. we looked at emove, which looks a little sketchy...

any ideas?

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Re: Load/Unload help on NYC to Pittsburgh Move?

Postby Diane » Sat Apr 22, 2006 4:35 pm

Delancey Street-NY in Brewster would be good on the loading end. Here is a thread with reviews and contact information - http://www.movingscam.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2377

Here are some ideas for unloading help in Pittsburgh, from my summary post on PA movers:
Diane wrote: Independent moving companies

--All Small Moves (independent) in Oakmont.
"chessimprov" posted that his brother had used them (probably for a local move) and was very pleased:
http://www.movingscam.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=5142 (local)

--Calfo Red Line Transfer, Inc. (independent) in Oakmont.
"chessimprov" and his brother moved with them from Pittsburgh to the DC area (two separate dropoffs) and were very pleased. The estimator (Bill) was nice and so were the driver and helper (Don and Bryan). The quote was also the least expensive of the ones he got. He did mention that the company was small and the truck didn't have interior lights, AC, or a radio:
http://www.movingscam.com/forum/viewtop ... 1768#41768

dutch star

Re: Load/Unload help on NYC to Pittsburgh Move?

Postby dutch star » Sun Jun 25, 2006 12:08 am

so here is my review/info on how our move went down. we rented a truck and drove it ourselves, and had load and unload help on each end. we were moving from Hastings on Hudson, NY (Westchester County) to Pittsburgh, PA.

first i made the truck reservation through the Penske site after reading positive reviews of penske online. i reserved a 22 foot truck (we had a 1 1/2 BR apt), a hand truck, and 4 dozen furniture pads. we were kind of pressed for time and i did not want to undershoot our needs so i erred on the side of having too big a truck and too many pads, etc. the total cost for the truck was about 1500 with the hand truck and pads included. (this was already taking into account the AAA and internet discounts on the Penske site).

we then called a local moving company, Lynx Transport in Hastings (914-478-PETE). one of my wife's colleagues had a good experience on a local move with them. the owner (Dennis) came by our apartment and said that it would probably require 2 guys 3 hours to move us out. he also said that a 22 foot truck would be appropriate. he quoted us a price of 90 per hour for two movers. we called around to a few other local businesses and found no better deals and a lot of people who weren't into the whole "loading the truck" thing, so we decided to go with Lynx. when i called, we scheduled to have them come by early monday morning (7:30AM). he also said that he would drop by a bunch of boxes ( i had told him we still needed a lot of them). he had assured my wife that their boxes were significantly cheapear than UHaul (we had already bought quite a few boxes from the local Uhaul center.) he did drop off a set of boxes, packing tape, and packing paper the next day which was nice.

as far as the pittsburgh end, we knew nobody there, and i had read good reviews of the North Hills Moving service on these boards. I was wary of using eMove.com, but I did, and the process was very smooth. we arranged to have 3 guys unload our truck in the morning the day following our drive out west. we paid online, and they give you a coupon to hand to the movers on moving day.

and this is how it went down:

the day before our move, we picked up the Penske truck at Money's Worth rentals on Sandford road in Mt. Vernon. they did not have our hand truck, and instead of the 4 dozen pads i had reserved, they only had 34. the truck was not a 22 footer, but rather a 26 footer as that was all they had available (but they did give it to me at no extra cost, thanks a lot). the truck was pretty new (only 4K mi) and so it was reasonably clean. we took the truck home, then had to go out to the local Uhaul to rent some extra pads and the hand truck.

the day of the move, 7:30 came and went with no call from the movers. I called the company at 7:45 and left a message as nobody answered the phone. fortunately the movers showed up at around 7:50. Rich and Angel were very friendly and polite. They worked very hard in hot humid weather to load up the truck. we had gotten them some food and water ahead of time - they had plenty of water but declined our offers of food. they did a good job of loading and securing the stuff in the truck. they did seem to take a lot of breaks, often outside or in the truck on the phone, and although sometimes it seemed like it may have been work-related, i wasn't convinced that was always the case. toward the end they needed more rope, and i had to run to the store to grab 50 feet of line (that's how much they told me they needed) - unfortunately that wasn't enough and i had to later go out again for more rope. they wound up taking 4.5 hours ( they didn't charge us for the 730-800AM slot, only from 8 AM to 12:30, at 90 per hour. (total $405 for labor). they then also added on the cost of the boxes/tape/paper, which was $104. i overlooked this at the time as we were already running late and had to drive out to pittsburgh that day. I tipped them $80 for the two of them, just out of appreciation for their help, not because i thought they did a great job. they were very friendly, and when they were working, they worked hard, my only problem was the cell phone issue.

the next day I called the company to ask about what i thought was a very high cost for boxes, especially since he said that they were much cheaper than Uhaul. he said that for the boxes he gave us (20 small boxes, 10 medium, a package of packing paper, and two rolls of tape), the standard charge is 104. when I asked him to break it down for me, he said that the small boxes were $2 each, the mediums $3, the paper $25, and the tape was free. when i told him i was surprised, since at Uhaul you can get 25 small boxes for less than $40, he was very curt and dismissive and said to me that he "knows for a fact that their boxes are the cheapest around". i told him that although i heard what he was saying, and that at this point i didn't expect him to change the price, but that i just wanted to "let him know" how cheap the boxes were elsewhere, he said, "ok", and that was it. the customer service left a lot to be desired.

the truck drive out was ok - the truck worked fine, no major problems. by the way, the truck was just under half filled. what a waste of extra space, money and hassle driving.

that day, the North Hills Movers called to ask if it would be OK to reschedule to the afternoon (noon) because of a job in the morning. i said that was fine.

the next day, they called again in the morning to re-reschedule to 2pm, which I also said was fine though it meant i'd have to return the truck after hours and leave that loose end to tie up before heading back out east again the next day. they also mentioned that their third person was unable to make it so it would just be two movers. i figured, what was i going to do at this point, and they did mention refunding me some of the cost, so i said OK. they later called to say they were stuck in traffic but they'd be here by 2:30.

they showed up right at 2:30 and got right to work. Jason and Bart were extremely friendly, courteous, polite, and very hardworking. the experience with them put our previous day's interactions into perspective and they were light-years better than the NY movers. they worked super hard, hardly drank any water and also declined our offers of food, and even when they were done or resting were telling us very worthwhile info about our new home. they finished in about 3 hours, we gave them the eMove coupon (we had prepaid for $330 for 3 guys for 3 hours) and $80 tip for the two of them, and that was it. i just heard back from jason a few days later that they were sending me a check for $80 to account for the missing guy.

here's the overall view:
1. the NY movers were OK but I would definitely look around more if i had it to do over again. i'm really glad our stuff got from point A to B intact so i can't complain about that, but the customer service, the overpricing for the boxes, and the "downtime" for the movers (again, very very nice guys though) all would make me very hesitant to recommend Lynx Transport to anyone else.

2. the truck was WAY too big for what our needs were. it's always better to be over- than under- prepared, but we wound up wasting money on a bigger truck (even bigger than we'd ordered in fact), and for someone who usually drives a civic, the smaller the truck the easier to drive. i wish the guy from Lynx would have told us that the truck was going to be too big but given the rest of our interaction i'm not surprised.

3. the eMove.com experience went really well. i'd actually be very likely to use them again, and given the Lynx experience i would probably have used them for the NY end of the move also. having a coupon and some cash for tips, compared with about $600 in cash with the NY movers - it was much easier, and i felt more secure having it paid for with my Amex.

4. the North Hills Movers were great! not just by comparison with Lynx, but they were so courteous - they had rescheduled, and were even a little late, but each time they called ahead to let us know and apologized for the changes. they were short a guy and frankly it's probably better since the two guys worked so hard they got the job done in the same amount of time. we will probably be staying in this city for a while, and i am certain that any future moves within (or outiside of) pittsburgh will definitely be with this company. Bart and Jason were excellent! (they do also do long distance moves if you are interested, and come to think of it i'd probably have used them for the whole thing in retrospect.

5. the penske thing of not having the hand truck/pads was annoying but not the end of the world. they did charge me less for the missing equipment.

6. moving sucks, and it is good to be done now.

hope this helps anybody else out.

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Re: Load/Unload help on NYC to Pittsburgh Move?

Postby Diane » Sun Jun 25, 2006 12:31 am

This is incredibly helpful. I'm just glad that the info about North Hills got posted in time for you to make use of it and hire them. I will definitely add your remarks to my summary post on Pittsburgh area companies. Thanks so much!
Check out domestic companies on this thread. Click here for a detailed, authoritative article on international moving.

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Re: Load/Unload help on NYC to Pittsburgh Move?

Postby NHMS-1 » Wed Nov 28, 2007 6:20 pm

dutch star:

Thanks for the positive feed back on your expirience with us. We were happy to help. If anyone has questions about truck rental truck sizing please feel free to contact me. I'm happy to advise even if your not moving in Pittsburgh. Also thank you for being flexible on the time. During the busy summer months we're jumping all over town fighting traffic.

Advice on moving help:

We recently signed up on the new service called Hire a Helper. Similar to emove. They have helpers in every city with reviews. It looks like most of them are the same as us, packers and loaders. The profile on the state summery is correct. We only provide moving help. We don't do trucking. If you have any questions on packing or methods for moving please post and I'll try to help.



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Re: Load/Unload help on NYC to Pittsburgh Move?

Postby farrah7031 » Wed Nov 28, 2007 7:18 pm

Thanks Paul, but we don't allow for self-advertisement on the site, so I'll ask you to remove your signature line, or to change it.

We do welcome Pros to the site.

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Re: Load/Unload help on NYC to Pittsburgh Move?

Postby NHMS-1 » Wed Nov 28, 2007 9:01 pm

No problem. The recomendations by others is enough.


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