FL to Boston, comparing prices, U-Pack & Movers

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FL to Boston, comparing prices, U-Pack & Movers

Postby amazonia » Tue Feb 17, 2004 8:24 pm

I am moving from Fort Lauderdale to Somerville, MA (Boston) in less than 10 days. I planned to use a UPack service. I used Help-U-Move last year to move down here, and they were legit, fine and all, bu they used ABF anyway. (Subcontracted) and ABF appears to be better. They charge a minimal amount more, but they provide a better service. For example, ABF puts up a wall after you load your stuff. Help-u-move makes you construct your own wall out of wood.

I contacted ABF U Pack and the quote they gave me was $1038 for 6 feet of linear space. I have a one- bedroom condo to move. I am a single woman and I don't have anyone to help me with the move. I began to look into hiring movers to do it for me, just to see. The first quotes I got were very low: $1100, even 1 for $598! Those companies I researched and found them on black lists. But they gave me hope that maybe I could afford movers. Now I am not so sure.

I spoke with Olympic, and I researched them online because they were recommended by Gentle Giant in Somerville, MA. (I wanted to use GG because they used to help battered women through an agency where I used to work, but GG doesn't do out-of-state.) I got a quote from Olympic and they were a little more expensive than some of the other places I have been looking at. They said because they did not have anyone else in my area next week, they would have to charge full price. (Although I must admit, all of the less expensive places so far have been on someone's black list.) I haven't decided which company to use, but I have been in touch with several local places including Coral Springs Moving and Storage, Florida Van Lines & AAA Gold Coast (Allied.) (Those are the ones I did not find on anyone's blacklist.) If anyone has any comments about any of the above mentioned companies, I would love to hear from them.

The weight of my items has been estimated between 2600 to 3200 lbs. by different companies given the same information, with an average of 2800. I originally estimated my move (excluding my own transport in car) to around $1,000. Then I was hopeful I could get it moved by movers for around $1200. Is this totally unreasonable? If it will cost much more than that for a reputable mover, I am back to ABF and trying to beg helpers from I don't know where...

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Re: FL to Boston, comparing prices, U-Pack & Movers

Postby Michael » Tue Feb 17, 2004 11:00 pm


I am afriad your right. Majors will cost more then the $1200 your looking to spend. And it makes sense your finding internet companies at half that cost.

There are other do it yourself movers out there and I am sure Diane can recommend the one I am thinking of other then ABF. United Van Lines has a DITY program also that you can find on their web site, or Josh can supply more info for you on it sense he deals with them more then I do.

I know you want to save money, but dont get caught up in these low bids over the internet, they provide false hopes and savings, just to turn around and charge you hundreds if not thousands more.

Best of luck,

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Re: FL to Boston, comparing prices, U-Pack & Movers

Postby twalker » Tue Feb 17, 2004 11:53 pm


If there's one rule that is the golden rule when it comes to finding a reliable moving company, it's the one about not looking for a moving company over the Internet. The rest of them are important but I'm here to tell you that almost all of the complaints I receive are from consumers who used the Internet to find a mover. That's just a fact.

I'd suggest reading the article on this web site titled "How to Find a Reputable Mover". That should give you a good start and we can help you from there.

Tim Walker


Re: FL to Boston, comparing prices, U-Pack & Movers

Postby Guest » Wed Feb 18, 2004 12:36 am


I hear what you're saying about the internet, but the truth is if I hadn't been looking for a mover online I would not have found this site or read that article! (I read it earlier today before posting here.) There is a lot of good information online that I would not have found looking in the yellow pages. And believe me, a lot of those blacklisted companies are in the yellow pages too! I appreciate the input, and at the same time even asking all the right questions there is no guarantee. It's a scary thing, and honestly, even though you guys warn against it for good reasons, the only thing that makes me feel more secure is hearing about someone else's good experience! I found this website when I was actually searching for a bulletin board where people could rate movers and post about there experiences. (Like on Ebay for example where people get to rate theri experiences with different sellers, or like those product sites where you can compare prices and see how consumers rate them. This wasn't quite what I had in mind, but still very helpful! Thanks for the info, I had spoken with a lot of blacklisters before finding this site.

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Re: FL to Boston, comparing prices, U-Pack & Movers

Postby amazonia » Wed Feb 18, 2004 12:48 am

Also, I see info on this site saying Florida Van Lines does not appear to be the "same" Fl Van Lines as one that has been in touble, etc. I found an article on a site called The Ripoff Report, the Bad Business Bureau rebutting that. Has anyone heard the latest on whether or not the Fl Van Lines in Clearwater is a scam? There was a posting from someone names Denise saying she used them, but this info is confusing. Does anyone know the real deal with this company?

See part of this posting below from the above site:

Moving Companies Submitted: 1/30/2004 9:03:11 PM
Modified: 1/31/2004 3:31:11 PM

MId-State Moving And Storage - Dba Florida Van Lines possible interstate hostage goods scam possible unauthorized interstate move possible ripoff of an innocent couple who don't know how to complain Clearwater Florida *Consumer Suggestion ..restraining order, DO NOT sign the bill of lading (which says everything arrived in good condition and the move is over).

MId-State Moving And Storage Dba Florida Van Lines
13755 US HWY 19 North
Clearwater Florida
Phone Number:

On 12-24-2003 Bob, from "Midstate Moviing and Storage dba Florida Van Lines" posted an 'employee rebuttal' on the Rip Off Report that stated that his FL Van Lines is not the company being reported in previous complaints, he suggests that an imposter has pirated his name and DOT & ICC numbers.

Well, how about this????
At this very moment, 2200Hrs-01-30-2004, FL Van Lines(FVL), as identified above, is creating havoc in the lives of two people that I know quite well,, Mr. & Mrs. R. As told to me by the R's, FVL brought goods to NM from Clearwater, demanded more money stating that the weight of the load was more than was first estimated, therefore the price had increased...substantially!! Mr. & Mrs. R could not pay the extra. Delivery of the R's goods was denied. Also, there is some question as to whether FVL was supposed to bring the load to NM when it did. FVL placed the goods in a storage facility in the Santa Fe area where it remains hostage. FVL has told the R's that they are shipping the goods back to FL for auction, possibly this weekend. Mrs. R has spoken to FVL at its 727-535-1423 number in Clearwater and has been insulted and treated very shabbily. This is the same company that denies, in the Rip-off Report that it is the subject of previous complaints.

The R's do not have the means, either finacially, geographically, bureaucratically or electronically to pursue their plight with NVL, particularly since NVL is threatening immient disposal of Mr.& Mrs. R's belongings at auction.

This is why I am trying to assist Mr. & Mrs. R in this matter. I am available to answer what questions that I can. I can also put you in direct contact with the R's in NM. These are honest folks. Please help them. Maybe it will help pin down FVL's problems in the Rip-off Report (rebuttal), too.
Thank you!!

Clearwater, Florida

If you would like to see more Rip-off ReportsTM on MId-State Moving And Storage Dba Florida Van Lines, please use the search box below

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Re: FL to Boston, comparing prices, U-Pack & Movers

Postby Josh » Wed Feb 18, 2004 7:25 am


You are right when you say you just don't know if something bad happens no matter who you choose. The good thing you have going for you is that you have many educated people here helping with your decision. For the most part we even stay unbiased. I can honestly say that for the hundreds of hours I have put into this site, my hourly rate is still $0.00/hr, now I can tell you that even when you multiply that by hundreds, it still equals ZERO.

So here goes, there are many reputable movers down in FL. I suggested you call Neal at Mid State just to get a quote. I have seen good things from him in the past and think it will continue. I would also ask him who else down there would be good to get an estimate from.

You also mentioned how good the internet is to find information, you are correct. It is overloaded with information. It is fairly simple to use, that is why scammers have been so profitable from it, customers think they can open a bank account, get a mortgage, buy a house, and find a mover. I can tell you that most people who select their mover from the internet are in for a ride. Remember this, Every single item you have worked for in your life will be in their possession. I don't think it is worth the risk of selecting someone who has a fabulous website who is operating out of their basement with no assets and a history of ripping people off.

Follow Tim's advice and act soon. Your move is coming fairly quickly.


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Re: FL to Boston, comparing prices, U-Pack & Movers

Postby amazonia » Wed Feb 18, 2004 11:45 am

I have spoken with both Kelly and Martin at FL Van Lines, and based on my conversations with them I feel like they would be a good choice. (I was satisfied with their response about the above notation.) I have also spoken at length with Danny at Coral Springs and I also feel comfortable with him. They both seem to offer competitive pricing and both were very helpful and willing to give me information whether or not I chose them to move me. That means a lot! You guys and this site have been very helpful, I really appreciate the info.

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Re: FL to Boston, comparing prices, U-Pack & Movers

Postby Tyrone » Wed Feb 18, 2004 12:36 pm

Also, please be aware that I have seen several classic scam compaints about Olympic out of Watertown, MA. You would do well to avoid using them.

Unfortunately, the Allston/Brighton/Watertown community is overrun with scammers. After over a year of looking I have yet to identify a single legitimate interstate moving company that has its HQ in that community.

As you are probably aware, Allston/Brighton/Watertown is geographically adjacent to Somerville, where you are moving. In the past we also received scam notifications about companies located in Somerville as well. Do a search on this site for "Allston", "Brighton". "Watertown" or "Somerville" and you will see what I am talking about.

Congratulations, your move from FL to Somerville wins you the "out of the frying pan into the fire" award for going from one hotbed of scam movers directly into another one. :lol: I would say that the Allston/Brighton/Watertown movers are worse than the FL movers because Massachusetts lacks the new moving scam victim protections that Florida offers.

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