Chicago local move

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Chicago local move

Postby jb08 » Wed Aug 02, 2006 5:02 pm


I'm moving a studio apartment's worth of belongings from one Chicago apartment to another. It's a pretty light move, as I don't have a lot of furniture and I'm not taking my bed. First-- would this be a two man or a three man job? I'm getting quotes for both.

Second, if anyone can recommend a moving company and give an idea as to what their rates are, I would really appreciate it. The choices (and costs!) are starting to overwhelm me.


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Re: Chicago local move

Postby Diane » Wed Aug 02, 2006 5:07 pm

Hi - click on the link below my signature, read the first post, and scroll down to "Illinois" to see what has been said here about companies in your area. Local movers are listed at the end. Del's Movers has performed well for people posting here.
Check out domestic companies on this thread. Click here for a detailed, authoritative article on international moving.


Re: Chicago local move

Postby chitoboston » Thu Aug 03, 2006 12:53 pm

i used "in and out" movers and they were fine... their rates change depending on the season so id just call them. North Shore movers has moved me twice also, and they are fine...but i think they only do the burbs... they might have expanded...not sure. I never had any significant problem with either movers though i think in & out cost the same price to move me 3 blocks as North shore did to move me 1 hr away...not sure how that happened. with either of these, just keep your eye on the random charges for tape rolls, wrapping of beds, furniture pads, etc... know ahead of time what they are gonna charge for.

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