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Re: 217 reviews of Broadway Express (208 good / 7 neutral)

Postby Diane » Thu Jul 20, 2006 7:46 pm

I took these photos in June 2006 to show people how cars are loaded onto the Broadway Express trailers. I don't know how these will display on people's monitors but I've tried to post them in a fairly logical sequence. This was a move from the Los Angeles area to Indiana - 27 linear feet including a car. The driver was Gayland Grogg, who has been with Broadway Express for many years as an owner-operator. When the truck arrived, it already had a plywood bulkhead installed about 25 feet back from the nose end of the trailer. In front of it were someone's belongings destined for Texas. Those were to be the only two loads on the 53-foot trailer.

Photo #1 shows Gayland with a stack of moving blankets and two bins full of ratchet straps. It shows how the load bars are installed with plywood resting on them to make full use of the space above the car. The split walkboard in the foreground has its two halves together to make it easy to walk on. Photo #2 shows two workers hired by the customers positioning lightweight things on the platform. These workers were from ABC Movers in Huntington Beach, phone 714-333-7646, and I thought they were excellent. The one up on the decking is the owner, Jon Gilbaugh. They charged $50/hour for two workers with a two-hour minimum. They have many reviews listed on
Image<-1 . . . 2->Image

Photo #3 shows the two halves of the walkboard separated in preparation for the car being driven up them. Because of liability issues, the customers and not the BE drivers are supposed to drive the car up. Photo #4 shows Gayland advising the customer how to proceed. He told the customer not to stop once he started because if he stopped, the vibration could dislodge the walkboard.
Image<-3 . . . 4->Image

Photo #5 shows the car now inside the trailer with the plywood decking a good 8 inches above it. Notice that the walkboards are positioned closer to the right side of the trailer than to the left. This allows room for the driver to get out of the car. Photo #6 shows a load bar at the left installed behind the front tires to prevent the car from shifting backward. Different drivers do it different ways, but installing the load bar behind rather than in front of the tires makes sense because the load always tends to shift toward the back of the trailer during transport.
Image<-5 . . . 6->Image

Photo #7 shows the next step in securing the car. Gayland has wrapped a blue ratchet strap around the left rear wheel and has clipped the e-clip on the end of the strap into a hole in the e-track on the trailer wall (kind of hard to see because the strap color blends into the metal on the wall). Photo #8 shows the right rear wheel already strapped down. Gayland has also put a "sleeping bag" (rolled-up moving blankets) between the body of the car and the curbside trailer wall because the car tends to move toward the curbside/shoulder during transit. The padding protects the car's finish from rubs and scratches.
Image<-7 . . . 8->Image

Photo #9 shows the side of the truck and one of the side doors. Some of the customers' items were loaded through the side door. (The panels in the cabinet were plastic, not glass, in case anyone is wondering!) Photo #10 shows the plaque fastened to the back of Gayland's truck. I noticed that the whole truck was immaculate, inside and out . . . and he didn't know that I was coming.
Image<-9 . . . 10->Image

Photo #11 shows how Gayland has put additional cargo bars (faintly visible at left) behind the car in order to support the mattress. He has put a moving blanket under the mattress (and on the walkboard) to keep it from getting dirty, since it wasn't wrapped. Photo #12 shows how Gayland has strapped in the mattress and has positioned some heavy and/or bulky items such as a lawnmower and a large riding toy in the back of the trailer.
Image<-11 . . . 12->Image

Ready to leave! Photo #13 shows how the 6-foot ladder is the last thing to go in. Photo #14 shows Gayland with his wife Leslie, who travels with him and helps him out a lot. She doesn't charge for her services but she told me that she likes it best when the customers hand any money due to her rather than to Gayland! :wink:
Image<-13 . . . 14->Image

The above photos give a good idea of what the Broadway Express drivers do and don't do. I didn't see Gayland lift a thing. He simply advised the customers and their helpers how to load and he secured the shipment. But without his advice, it would have been very difficult for the customers to load safely and well. In my opinion, he was well worth the $30/hour (for approximately four hours) that it cost them to hire him. (I'm grateful to the Broadway Express customers who graciously allowed me to photograph their move and to use up about a half hour of Gayland's time asking him questions.)
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mjdphd (#218)

Another good review of Broadway Express

Postby mjdphd (#218) » Thu Jul 20, 2006 11:28 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 6/06
Move: New Hampshire to CA
Cost: About $2300 for 10 feet (used 4 feet)
Driver: Jay W.
Shipped a car: no

A friend recommended that I check out before my move from NH to CA. Based on this site, I requested quotes from ABF and Broadway Express. The BE quote was better ~$2300 for 10 linear ft of space in the truck. BE has a minimum of 10 linear ft, but I only used 4 ft. (ABF might have been cheaper had I known how little space I would use.)

Several things impressed me about my experience with BE. First, I had good communication with every person with whom I spoke. Margaret Lustig processed my original quote, which I sat on for a month. When I contacted her again (at the last minute, of course), she found space for me in a truck within my required dates (before the end of my employer's fiscal year and the end of my lease). She called me back to inform me that I would have to shuttle my belongings to my final destination. As it happens, I moved to a corner of CA where there is a CHP advisory against long tractor-trailers. (My friend, who used a conventional mover, was not informed of this, which caused a long delay in her move and additional charges for the shuttle.) Leah Koester at BE did the billing for my move and I requested that she send me my receipt by email on the day of my move -- the last day of my employer's fiscal year --- so that I could process my reimbursement. As promised, the receipt was in my inbox that morning.

Jay Willis, my driver, was friendly and helpful. I hired him to help me load and unload. He also lended me a wrench -- I had packed my tools before disassembling my table! It took ~45 min to load and 30 min to unload into my shuttle truck (with the help of his teenage son who was riding with him for the summer). We communicated several times on the road to coordinate our meeting at the shuttle destination where I loaded my belongings into a rented truck. Be aware of this possibility if you are moving to a remote destination.

All in all, the best thing about my move was that it was uneventful. I received good, friendly service. Moving is stressful enough; no need to muck it up with unpleasant movers.

Note: I posted this review in response to a request from Diane Moore from Diane got my email from Leah Koester at BE and I decided to post a review here, since this site was useful for me when I was choosing a mover. I received the review request from Diane after I sent Tammy Culler at BE a positive review of my moving experience. Therefore, there is the possibility of biased sampling in the reviews here. Regardless, I had an excellent experience with BE and recommend them.

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Re: 219 reviews of Broadway Express (210 good / 7 neutral)

Postby Sandy (#219) » Thu Jul 20, 2006 11:59 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 6/06
Move: NYC to San Francisco
Cost: $2680 for 10 feet
Driver: Mike S.
Shipped a car: no

I used BE for a move from NY to San Francisco. It cost me $2680 all together which was a great deal when compared to other moving companies. They were very helpful and professional and gave me all the info I needed. Moving cross country was new to me and I had a ton of questions, and Diana was a great help.

Mike Smith was my driver and he did a good job getting my stuff in one piece to SF. I used the full space of 10ft and it was just enough for a 1 bedroom apt. My stuff arrived safely and I was very pleased with everything.

They are the only company I would ever use...they don't rip you off and you can rest assured that they won't try to scam you like other moving companies. I thank them for making a very scary and stressful situation so much easier to deal with. They deserve an A++++++ all the way.

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Re: Great Broadway Express experience!!!

Postby Valencia (#220) » Fri Jul 21, 2006 2:36 am

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 6/06
Move: San Diego to Portland, OR
Cost: $1100 for 10 feet
Driver: Nolan C.
Shipped a car: no

I had already put down a $1400 deposit with Nationwide Relocation Services when I found this website. Needless to say, I FREAKED OUT! A few weeks, a couple of sleepless nights, some tears, many very angry phone calls and a whole lotta very helpful advice from the volunteers on this message board later, I got my deposit back. I checked this site, and everyone seemed happy with Broadway Express, so I called them. They were so friendly, the move was about $1000 cheaper than the quote from Nationwide, and for the first time in a few weeks I had peace of mind.

A month passed packing and dreaming of a new life. A couple days prior to my move, Nolan Colvert (my mover) called and discussed the details of the move with me. He stressed that he was in a VERY large truck, and that I had to make sure that there was ample room at both the location I was moving from, and the destination. I was moving my stuff into storage, so I assumed they would have truck access. He arrived a bit late cuz his truck broke down on the way, but he called me every 2-4 hours the day of the move just to let me know how things were going with the repairs. I was never wondering "where's my mover?". The communication was excellent. Oh, and Nolan has a beautiful dog named Buster that lives in the cab. Ask to meet him if Nolan is your driver.

Every day on my way up to Portland, Nolan would call me and let me know where he was and give me a more precise ETA for the truck. Oh, and I called the storage space I reserved, which was U Haul, and for the 2nd time, they had no record of my credit card reservation (but that's a whole 'nother review on another thread ). I got another storage space, and here is the important part : ALMOST NO STORAGE SPACES CAN ACCOMMODATE A GIGOUNDOUS BROADWAY EXPRESS TRUCK!!! That was my dumb fault for not checking out in the first place.

I ended up having to get a Uhaul truck to shuttle my stuff from a truck stop, where we offloaded Nolan's truck, and drive it in the Uhaul to the storage space. But again, that was my dumb fault for not calling around in advance to find a storage that could accommodate a big rig. The Uhaul shuttle thing was a bit of extra work and money, but honestly, the peace of mind I had working with Nolan and Broadway Express, and considering the amount I saved over any other moving company I talked to, it was well worth it. I am so happy I went with them, and so glad I stumbled onto this website. Thanks, guys!!! ... 5861#65861

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Re: 221 reviews of Broadway Express (212 good / 7 neutral)

Postby Bill K. (#221) » Sun Jul 23, 2006 12:01 am

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 6/06
Move: New Hampshire to Phoenix, AZ
Cost: About $1950 for 10 feet
Driver: Tim R.
Shipped a car: no

My move was from NH to Phoenix, we had 10 feet which was about 75% utilized. We had tried to eliminate almost all furniture & all goods were mostly in boxes except for a few small items. In retrospect we could have taken more goods, 10 feet is really more space than we imagined when packed efficiently. The transportation cost was about $1950 with the fuel added.

We were satisfied with the move. All our goods arrived safely & without damage, which is what we had wished for. The driver, Tim Rhoades, was very cooperative & helpful. He kept us informed about his schedule.

There were a couple of surprises & that was the short notice on changes to the pick up & delivery dates. Our load was first on & last off. The pickup was a day early & we were not able to reschedule our loading help as it was the last week of the month. This is a very busy time in the Northeast. Fortunately, we had all our goods already packed so we were ready to go. The problem was solved by Tim who did most of the loading with some help from me. This worked out in the end although the load time was extended to almost 4 hours. He asked for $30/hr which I felt was reasonable.

Part of the delay was caused by the distance from the house to the truck. He could not turn into our driveway so the truck had to be parked on the street about 150' away. We used dollies (one of Tim's and one of mine) to get the things from the house to the truck.

The delivery was also a day early but turned out to be a non problem because of the initiative of Tim who arranged to get a helper to unload without my involvement. He found the helper at the truck stop in Phoenix where he spent the night. The unload took only 1.5 hours & allowed us to meet appointments that we had committed to for that day.

Michele (#222)

Re: 222 reviews of Broadway Express (213 good / 7 neutral)

Postby Michele (#222) » Mon Jul 31, 2006 1:37 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 6/06
Move: Georgia to Freeport, IL
Cost: $1853 for 12 feet
Driver: Bob O.
Shipped a car: no

As requested by Diane, I am writing to share my experience with BE. I first learned about this sort of self-service move through this forum. Originally it was my intention to use a competitor, but they were unable to deliver to our new rural address. As the reviews promised, I found the BE staff courteous and professional. Our driver (Bob Ostrowski) arrived promptly on the appointed morning for loading. He was very knowledgeable, and found the most efficient way to move and load several large pieces of furniture. Our items where then delivered 6 days later. Not one item was missing or broken.

Here are the positives to consider:
1. Driver was knowledgeable, courteous and helpful.
2. Driver arrived on time for pick up.
3. We actually had more space on the truck than requested.
4. Not one item was scratched, broken or missing.
5. The final price for the actual move was exactly as quoted online.

Here are the not-so-positives:
1. Towards the end of the load, (we took 4 hours to load a 5 bedroom house), we were rushed to finish. Driver kept mentioning deadlines he had to meet.
2. The driver arrived at the destination ahead of schedule, and ahead of us, so we once again felt quite pressured. En route, we had to arrange for a local friend to oversee the drop-off, and pay the driver on our behalf.
3. The driver did not have a set price for his personal services. "Just pay me what you think is fair," left us feeling a bit pressured to overpay. We paid $300 for 5 hours total help.

All in all, positives far outweighed any negatives, and we would definitely use BE again.

MB ... 6937#66937

[Editor's note by Diane: the reviews show that although some of the drivers ask customers to pay what they think is fair, the average amount asked for has been around $30/hour over the past few years. Customers should not feel that they have to pay more than this unless the service has gone "above and beyond" in some way. Judging from the reviews, the drivers who are rather quiet and shy tend to be the ones who don't ask for a set amount, like this one.]

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Re: 223 reviews of Broadway Express (213 good / 8 neutral)

Postby Jaynee » Wed Aug 02, 2006 1:59 pm

[Editor's note by Diane: I can't insert the number but this is #223.]

Recommended: :?: ; BE sales rep underestimated the space needed so there was an overflow; driver's loading methods caused some damage to goods
Date: 7/06
Move: Northern NJ to South Carolina
Cost: $2800 for 19 feet
Driver: Don G.
Shipped a car: no

My experience with Broadway Express was a mix of good and bad, thus the neutral recommendation.

I scheduled my move with Margaret, who was very nice and helpful, but also forgetful when it came to the details. I told her that I had a very heavily-filled 1900 sq ft house and she said that 19 feet would be enough. I told her a couple times that I was concerned that 19 feet would not be enough, due to the large amount of storage space in our basement. She still assured me that 19 feet was fine, and quoted me $2800.

My driver was Don Garrard and I was pleased to read the many fine reviews here of his service level. Two days before we were scheduled to move (Friday), Don called to let me know he would be in town a day early and could load up the stuff in my storage unit. We agreed to meet at the storage place at noon. At 11:15 a.m. on Saturday he called to tell me he was there, and I told him I couldn't get there until noon because I was waiting for my husband to come home to look after the kids. At 11:30 a.m. I got a frantic call from the owner of the storage unit place, telling me she was going to call the cops on Don because his truck was blocking traffic in and out of her facility. Moments after hanging up with her I got a call from Don complaining about the rude storage owner.

As soon as my husband arrived home I drove to the storage unit and calmed down the storage unit owner and spoke with Don at length about the situation. In the end, we determined that his truck was just too large to load my boxes from storage. So I had to rent a UHaul truck that afternoon to transport the entire contents of the storage unit back to my house. Don agreed to meet me the following morning, as originally planned, to load the entire contents of the house.

On Sunday, the following morning, Don arrived on time at 7:30 a.m. and within a couple hours he said that there was no way all of our stuff would fit in the alloted 19 feet. It looked as though he had done a great job packing our things onto his truck - every nook and cranny got filled with something. I asked him if he had any extra space on his truck and he said that he did not. We packed our things until noon, at which point we ran out of space. Easily 25-30% of my belongins were not on his truck. He recommended I get at LEAST 8 feet on another truck to pick up the rest of our stuff. He left at 12:30 p.m. and told us he would be at our location in SC in three days.

As promised, three days later (Wednesday) Don arrived with our things and met my husband at the storage unit, where 50% of the truck contents would be dropped off. We had a local mover meet us with a truck to unload Don's truck and transport the other 50% of our things so that Don did not have to make two stops. As the truck was offloaded my husband found several crushed boxes which fortunately did not have anything of true value inside. However, we did find one box of vintage collectible dishware completely crushed to pieces. We also noticed that a lot of our furniture (including some antiques) were scratched during transit - mostly likely as things jostled a bit during the drive from NJ to SC. Our freezer also sustained a healthy dent in the door from a piece of furniture that Don stacked on top of it.

Regardless of the damage to some furniture and crushed boxes, we did pay Don about $25/hr for his help during our move because he was very quick and answered all our questions with patience and humor.

In the end, BE could not get a second truck for me for Thursday (we needed to be out of our house by that Friday), so I went with ABF to pick up the remainder of our things in NoNJ. That review will follow along shortly on that thread.

Would I recommend BE? For customer service arranging the appropriate space needed and the degree of damage incurred - I guess so, but not really. For the driver's professionalism, quick loading, prompt arrival time and pricing - ABSOLUTELY. I guess if you don't have things of real incidental value they would be worth it. I've learned my lesson and for my next move I'll pay the big bucks for a well-researched full-service mover that might cause less damage. I've realized during this move that I HATE packing and will from now on hire only full-service movers to do EVERYthing while I sip a margarita and tell them where everything is supposed to go.

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Re: 224 reviews of Broadway Express (214 good / 8 neutral)

Postby BaBoki (#224) » Wed Aug 02, 2006 8:24 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 7/06
Move: Atlanta to Vancouver, BC (Canada)
Cost: $4219 for 16 feet
Driver: Mike S.
Shipped a car: no

We successfully, with a few minor glitches managed to move the contents of a 3 bedroom house, 3 people and 3 animals from Atlanta Ga to Vancouver BC (in Canada).

We originally requested quotes from the 3 international movers suggested here. One never contacted us (3 requests for information), Ranier quoted us $10K, and Stevens a whopping $19K. After posting here for some help, Diane suggested we try them. This was the route we decided to take.

Broadway Express quoted us $4219 for an estimated 16 linear feet. Broadway Express staff was easy to contact by phone and email and returned calls the same day when needed. They did seem to have little experience bringing goods into Canada, and we were a bit unsure of the paperwork needed. We were told that the truck 'cab' would be exchanged for one that was legal (??) in Canada at the border and would be driven by a different company (TC trans) into Canada.

We recieved contact information for our driver (Mike Smith) several days before the scheduled pick up and we confirmed that we should hire movers for 8am the day of the move. We used Emove (Atlanta) Judy's movers to load the truck. Day before the move he contacted us again for specific directions and any problems he might have with the truck in our neighbourhood (none).

Day of the move, Mike showed up half an hour early, took a quick look at our stuff and told us *no problem* about getting it into our alloted space. (I had been fretting a bout that). Our movers showed up shortly after and less than two hours later we were done. Mike supervised the loading, although it seemed our movers were pretty good on their own. Packed everything into 14.5 feet.

Our one worry all along was that we were also driving across the country, but with a young child and pets, so we were fretting that we might be several days behind our stuff. This was infact true. Mike called us from near by the border while we were still in Colorado.

However, 4 days later, we were also near the border. We let Mike know we would be crossing the border the next morning at 8am (we had to import our car). He then said we had to make arrangements to meet up with the other driver. Although, confused about this, we did so, also telling them we would be at the border at 8am.

Short night later with little sleep, call our new driver at 6:30 to confirm he will meet us at the border. He agrees, and asks for Mike's number (broadway) to meet up to exchange the tractor. An hour later we get a call back. Mike is in fact NOT near the border but 5 hours away.

We decide to proceed anyhow, import our car, deal with Canadian immigration and talk to them about what will need to be done when our stuff arrives. 5 Hours later (2pm) we drive back to the border to meet up with the TC trans driver and arrange for delivery the next morning. We used local e-move movers (ACE movers) here in Vancouver and were not impressed, but all our stuff arrived in the right country.

A few things were scratched, (poor blanket wrapping?) but the biggest problem seemed to be that the truck had a bit of a leak. Several of our things were quite wet and the "bins" had standing water on them. One upholstered desk chair is stained, and our raw pine dining table has a water mark on one end.

All in all, I'd use Broadway express again, as long as you have the time to shrug and say "It will all work out" and not fret too much over the details, it's fine. If you are a control freak, this is not a move option for you.
Prior thread:-

[Editor's note by Diane: This person moving to Canada had quotes of $19,000 (from Stevens) and $12,000 (from Rainier) but paid only $4,219 to Broadway Express plus the cost of loading and unloading help from eMove companies. "Fred0844" estimated in the second thread above that a domestic moving company might have charged about $9000 for the move.]

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Re: 225 reviews of Broadway Express (215 good / 8 neutral)

Postby arizonagirl (#225) » Fri Aug 04, 2006 10:50 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 7/06
Move: Maine to Phoenix
Cost: $2898 for 15 feet
Driver: Eddy R.
Shipped a car: no

We just used Broadway Express for a move from Maine to Arizona and I would HIGHLY recommend them. I spoke several times with a very helpful person, Margaret Lustig, who answered all my questions and helped us estimate how many feet on the truck we would need. We had plenty of room on the truck and without her help we never would've been able to estimate how much space we needed.

Our driver, Eddy Rupe, was so friendly and helpful. He showed up an hour early on a Saturday morning and helped us pack the truck. We explained to him that we needed to find a place to live in Phoenix before he dropped our load off in Phoenix. So he dropped off all his other loads first so we would have time to find a place. He called us a few days before he would arrive in Phoenix and we told him we had a place and he actually came on a Sunday so we could unload sooner.

The price was extremely reasonable. We did have some minor damage, but only to a couple of things. Overall, the experience was very positive and I would definitely use them again.

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Re: 226 reviews of Broadway Express (216 good / 8 neutral)

Postby Lei (#226) » Thu Aug 10, 2006 12:13 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 7/06-8/06
Move: CA to MA (Boston area)
Cost: $2350 for 10 feet
Driver: Dan P.
Shipped a car: no

Diane, thank you so much for all the detailed info. It helped us TREMENDOUSLY during our recent move from CA to MA. We used Broadway Express. The service was superb. The driver, Dan Putz, was very helpful and responsible. Their customer service representative, Diana, was very patient and considerate. I would definitely use Broadway Express for all of our future moves.

I also have to thank everyone in the online community for the reviews.

Great board,

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Re: 227 reviews of Broadway Express (217 good / 8 neutral)

Postby MusicMom » Sun Aug 13, 2006 8:16 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 8/06
Move: Alexandria, VA, to central NY State
Cost: $1566 for 10 feet (used 8 feet), including an upright piano
Driver: Dion W.
Shipped a car: no

Well, I have just completed my own move with Broadway Express, and can trumpet their well-deserved praises myself.

I used 8 linear feet of a straight truck driven by Dion Wise, who is polite, efficient, strong, and punctual (more on that later). Leah Koester at BE kept me informed of every step along the way.

I really wanted to save money and see what exactly an individual could do to best control the move. I had a complicated move, in that most of our possessions had been in storage for the past three years while we lived in a furnished house. I did have to do the "dreaded inventory list" at BE's website, but I knew this was a rough estimate and could change. I knew the cost of extra feet should I miss something. It spit back an estimate of 8 linear feet at a cost of $1566 to go from Alexandria VA to central NY state. A few days later, after trying out ABF, and rental vans as other option, I confirmed the move with Leah.

To complicate matters, a colleague of mine offered us a free upright piano, if we could only get it from her house in Waldorf MD to Alexandria. I hired Potter Piano Movers of Fairfax Station, at a cost of $195.

We rented a UHaul cargo van (the only vehicle I would consider from them since they are newer) and loaded everything from storage. We left the van loaded overnight in the driveway. Everything in the house was taken to the garage the night before for quick loading. The manager at Self-Storage Plus on Eisenhower Ave lent us a hand truck, to use along with Dion's.

Pickup was scheduled for Tuesday the 9th at 9 am, and delivery on Wed the 10th (we were the second load on the truck, and he would go on to the other's house immediately afterwards). All would have gone smoothly, but I was a dufus and forgot to update Potter's on the loading times. After some pleading on my part, they hauled ass to pickup and deliver our piano first. Kudos to Potter Piano Movers!

Dion showed up a half-hour early at 8:30, bright and ready to work. We hired him for assitance in loading. We had a friend coming to help out with loading, and by the time he arrived promptly at 9 as requested, Dion, my husband, and my father had the entire garage cleaned out, and about half of the cargo van (which was just backed up to the ramp and boxes only had to be moved about 10 feet). In all, loading took just under an hour. Then we had to wait for the piano, which was scheduled for 12:30.

I repeatedly offered Dion amenities: water, gatorade, air conditioned couch with TV, restroom, all of which he very politely refused. He sat in the truck to wait. We cleaned up the house, packed a couple boxes to take in our cars, and took showers. There was still plenty of time, so we went to return the cargo van. While in line to pay, my mother called and said the piano had arrived 45 minutes early. Dion put the ramps right onto their truck, they rolled it across, and it was strapped in. All of 10 minutes from the time Potter pulled up. Mom paid them and gave them hefty tips for their hustling, on our behalf. I unfortunately never got to thank them in person for their rearranging of their schedule because of my own forgetfullness. I doubt they read this board, but if anyone needs a piano moved in the DC metro area, I would recommend them.

We all drove up right afterwards. 8 hours later, we stopped for gas on the NY Thruway, and I glanced over and saw Dion's truck parked with the other big rigs. He had beat us there!

Dion beat me to the house Wed morning as well, even though I had arrived an hour before delivery was supposed to take place. He says he like to leave a lot of time in case of getting lost and problems with access to houses. Delivery was simplified by hiring unloaders from Clinton Moving and Packaging, agents for Global Van Lines. We had contracted for two guys, $95 per hour, 4 hour minimum, but since they needed to go to another job right afterwards, the sales person changed it to three guys, two hour minimum, for $130 per hour. No problem for me!

These three guys were funny, polite, and super-fast! The entire unloading took just over a half hour, with not a speck of dirt or damage. They rolled the piano down the ramp, with a few moments of short lifting at the bottom, over a step and a curb, and the edge of the carpet. They good-naturedly ribbed us about the amount of books my academic husband has (and the StarWars memorabilia :oops: ), and my own fascination with ShrinkWrap. They were on their way to the next job by 8:45. I had water and Gatorade for them but they didn't drink it. I hate Gatorade. Someone please take it off my hands!

Note to others with children: Find someone to watch them, in a different location, until the entire move is over. Bribe someone to take them to Chuck E Cheese's, if necessary (hopefully someone who loves you very much :wink: )

All in all, this was a MUCH more enjoyable move than my last one with National Moving Network and AY Transport. I will heartily reccommend all three of the companies who helped me out, Broadway Express, Potter Piano Movers, and Clinton Moving & Packaging.
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Re: 228 reviews of Broadway Express (218 good / 8 neutral)

Postby mercury76 (#228) » Tue Aug 22, 2006 4:52 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 6/06 (posting delayed)
Move: Baton Rouge, LA, to Seattle area, WA
Cost: $2384 for 10 feet
Driver: Dennis N.
Shipped a car: no

I moved from the Baton Rouge area to the Seattle area in June. My driver was Dennis Nelson. I had originally intended to use a different service, but found that they did not cover the small town that I was located in. I found Broadway Express through the posts on this board and I was, for the most part, happy with my experience.

I hired Labor Ready to do the loading and unloading for me. I had a two man team at each location and paid $36 per hour for both with a 4 hour minimum + a tip, which was very reasonable. The driver did not assist in the loading and unloading.

The price to use Broadway Express ended up being not that much more than a U-Haul would have been, including gas, insurance & the equipment to tow my car. I used 10 feet of space and had it packed to the gills. Nothing arrived scratched or damaged.

I would suggest being very careful to make sure the large semi truck has room to park at both locations. I had checked with one of my neighbors and he told me he thought it would be fine, because regular moving trucks are in and out of the neighborhood all the time. The driver said there was no way it would work so he had to park quite a ways down the street and around the corner. He seemed very angry about that, and I felt bad and of course had to tip the guys doing the moving work very well for hauling all that stuff.

The driver was a little short with me a couple of times, which I found frustrating, but that probably went both ways. I had been given an original destination estimate of Wednesday and he tried calling a few times late Sunday to say he would be arriving on Monday. When I called him back, he was irritated that he had gotten my voice mail, but I explained that I was out of cell range since I was driving my own car across country. I had to scramble to get movers arranged for Monday morning, but Labor Ready was wonderful about that.

If I had it to do over again I would definitely use Broadway Express again, but be more careful to make sure there was clearance for such a large truck. I would also probably call the driver along the route more often to check his status, instead of waiting to hear from him.


1. Great price
2. Office staff were very nice and helpful. They were very accomodating, letting me pick my loading date.
3. Smooth ride, everything arrived in good shape. ... 8954#68954

Dave P. (#229)

Re: 229 reviews of Broadway Express (219 good / 8 neutral)

Postby Dave P. (#229) » Wed Aug 23, 2006 4:01 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 7/06
Move: Los Angeles to TX
Cost: $2342 for 12 feet
Driver: Dion W.
Shipped a car: no

I moved 12 linear feet from LA to Texas. Our driver was Dion Wise and he was an incredible help and an extremely kind man. He was on time, in communication when necessary, and demonstrated great care in handling and packing our furniture and other goods. Without his help we would not have been able to get our stuff into the space I had reserved. Next time I will get another foot or two - it was tight!

[Editor's note by Diane: this is Dion.]


Everything went very smoothly, and it was a fraction of the price of other quotes we received. I could not have been happier with the move, and will definitely be using Broadway Express again next time we move.

Mary C. (#230)

Re: 230 reviews of Broadway Express (220 good / 8 neutral)

Postby Mary C. (#230) » Fri Aug 25, 2006 3:15 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 7/06
Move: Michigan to Redding, CA
Cost: $2368 for 12 feet
Driver: David C.
Shipped a car: no

My Broadway Express move went very well! David Coleman was our driver and he was excellent in every way -- professional, helpful, going beyond expectations and most pleasant to deal with. The BE office staff was terrific and helpful, quick to respond and work with flexing needs. The move was unique and challenging, but if all of the Broadway Express drivers are as kind, skilled and good as David... they are the best moving option out there.


Frank B. (#231)

Re: 231 reviews of Broadway Express (221 good / 8 neutral)

Postby Frank B. (#231) » Tue Sep 05, 2006 1:04 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 8/06
Move: Denver to San Diego
Cost: $4108 for 30 feet
Driver: James R.
Shipped a car: no

Broadway Express (BE) was outstanding. They did everything they said they would do. No surprises.

Customer Service Representative, Margaret, gave great service and advice.

Our driver, Royse (nickname for James Royse), did a great job loading and advising me along the way. He taught me and my crew a lot of good proper moving techniques. Nobody got hurt and nothing was damaged!

We moved from Denver, CO to San Diego, CA. Paid for and used 30 linear feet $4108. According to Royse, we probably could have squeezed it all into 26 feet.

From what I saw, this company is just about perfect.

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