Moving from Durham, North Carolina, NC

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Re: Moving from Durham, North Carolina, NC

Postby swapan007 » Thu Jul 20, 2006 10:40 am

Hey Michael,

Thanks. Some clarifications:

705 is the mileage. Tarrif: TMC - Inter. TMC=Truckin' Moving Co. I have no idea what the tariff means, it is probably their own code.

Truckin' is not sending a whole crew all the way. That is TROSA and that's why they quoted $5400. Truckin' said they will send 4 guys to pack and load and 2 to unload at the destination.

Truckin' will pack my stuff into 2 containers, put a steel band around them and ship them with UPS freight to Champaign, IL. On the 15th, Federal (Allied agent) will deliver it to my home.

I hear you, I am concerned about the deposit too. Also, waht worries me is that there are no prices quoted on the page that I sign.

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Re: Moving from Durham, North Carolina, NC

Postby Diane » Thu Jul 20, 2006 12:04 pm


If you multiply out the quoted rate per hundred pounds by the estimated weight of 2880, and then if you add on another possible 500 pounds, it comes close to the estimated price, or actually under. I don't really see anything to be alarmed about there. HOWEVER, why don't you just ask them to put that language about maximum cost on the page you sign?

As long as you have seen good reviews of the company, I wouldn't worry too much about giving them a deposit.

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Re: Moving from Durham, North Carolina, NC

Postby swapan007 » Mon Aug 28, 2006 3:59 pm

I decided to go with Truckin' Movers ( The owner Doug Carlton is a very nice guy. Also, it is a socially and ecologically responsible business. They use biodiesel in their truck.
I had a sereious time constraint. I wanted my stuff delivered on a specific day and time, morning of Aug 15th. Doug suggested a $200/day penalty for late delivery, i.e., if the stuff comes on 17th instead of the 15th, I get a $400 discount. It was in the contract. This meant that he was sure he will make the deadline.
The packing crew was nice and polite. However, only two of them were experienced, the other three were rookies. The crew leader was a retired surfer-type from Hawaii with just 2 weeks experience in the moving business. He is the owner's friend from school. The packing and loading went fast. The only guy who really knew how to pack was working on the kitchen stuff. So, I had to pack my collectibles myself because the others were not doing a good enough job. However, they did everything I asked them to (to the best of their abilities).
They packed everything into two large containers and fastened those with a steel belt. Then those were weighed and taken to UPS. UPS delivered my stuff to the local delivery company on the 14th. The local company was Federal O'Byrne Moving & Storage (401 W Kenyon Rd, Champaign, IL 61820 - 2116, 217-446-0713), an Allied Van Lines agent. I had heard some complaints from my new colleagues but the delivery crew was really nice and fast. They came at 8am on the 15th and were done within 2 hours.
My final bill was less than $3000.
So, overall it went very smoothly. I recommend that you try Truckin. They may not be 100% efficient but they will never cheat you. Just make sure your breakable stuff is packed well. And I really like the UPS idea. Your stuff will arrive on time.
Thanks Michael and Diane for all your help.

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