Full Pack vs. Custom Pack & TPG vs. 400-N Tariff

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Full Pack vs. Custom Pack & TPG vs. 400-N Tariff

Postby tpafla » Fri Sep 01, 2006 4:53 pm

I'm moving from NJ to GA in a few weeks and am trying to choose between Allied/Simonik Moving & Storage and Atlas/Crofutt & Smith, but the quotes use different tariffs and different packing types - very confusing!

Allied/Simonik: Based on Tariff TPG - Estimates 15,344 lbs. and gives a Total Guaranteed Price of $9,628.04 with a "Custom Pack" (includes full value coverage with a $250 deductible). Paragraph below TGP states in part: "Guaranteed Rate Reduction: If actual weight is less ..... the GPP price will be reduced by $28.09 per cwt for the difference between actual and estimated weights. Actual packing charges to be based on guaranteed container and packing rates subject to a maximum packing charge of $2746.20 for the number and type of boxes outlined above...." In addition, Simonik rep said he would bring me free used boxes so I could pack a few things myself if I chose to.

Crofutt/Atlas: Based on 400-N Tariff - Estimates 15,061 lbs. and gives a Non-Binding Estimated Cost of $9,012.44 with a "Full Pack". In addition - they say that Atlas offers a program where AAA Auto members get the first $75,000 of full value coverage with a -0- deductible free. When I asked them about free boxes - was told that it would be more trouble than it was worth to pack my own boxes since the quote was based on a "Full Pack". She said something about $0.18/lb to pack and $0.42/lb to move.

Can anyone offer any thoughts on how to compare these two quotes and/or any opinions on these particular movers, and has anyone else heard about the AAA Auto insurance discount?

Thanks so much!

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Re: Full Pack vs. Custom Pack & TPG vs. 400-N Tariff

Postby PMueller » Fri Sep 01, 2006 9:17 pm

The Allied estimate is guaranteed with a rate reduction, which equates to a not to exceed estimate. The packing is guaranteed not to exceed also.

The Atlas estimate is non binding. This does not offer you any guarantee that your cost will not exceed the estimated amounts.

The full pack option on the 400-N tariff caps the packing cost by a cost per hundred weight of the shipment. The charges however is based upon the zipcode of origin and varies from market to market. Either way, the packing charges between the 2 estimates are not far apart, less than $100.00.

Atlas does have a program with AAA to offer the auto club members valuation, I do not work for Atlas so I do not know the details of this offer and actually had not heard much about it lately and thought perhaps this marketing plan had expired, apparently it has not as your rep has mentioned it to you.

I work for Allied (in Florida), and personally the way the 2 estimates sit at this time I would recommend the TPG (Total Price Guarantee) with the GRR (Guaranteed Rate Reduction) offer over the non-binding estimate. With a non binding estimate you have to be prepared for charges to fluctuate both ways - up or down! If your weight ends up being 15,500 pounds your transporation charges will increase and your full pack charges will increase with the non bound estimate. If your weight ends up being 15,500 pounds with the TPG/GRR estimate you do not pay anything additional!

Lets compare total cost with the same valuation and deductibles:

If you were to add full value $75,000 zero ded. the total charge with Allied would be $9778.04 GUARANTEED! (If you are happy with the $250 deductible that is fine, but I encourage the zero deductible for only $150.00 more.)

Your Atlas estimate with full value $75,000 zero ded. total charge is $9012.44 NOT GUARANTEED!

If the Atlas rep is willing to make the estimate a not to exceed estimate then decide between the 2. I personally believe an agent should provide a consumer the best protection without them having to ask for it. If they will not make it a not to exceed I suggest Allied.

I will also log into the Allied system and look at the quality scores for this agent and share them with you. This will be in another post from me shortly.

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Re: Full Pack vs. Custom Pack & TPG vs. 400-N Tariff

Postby PMueller » Fri Sep 01, 2006 9:32 pm

The quality scores for Simonik is listed below for your review. I don't know which Simonik office you are working with, they have an office in Bound Brook, NJ and Mt Laurel, NJ. Both offices perform well and they both service a great number of clients in the area. They have good size hauling fleet also which is good as it increases the chance of them being able to self haul your shipment, which is something you should inquire about with each of the van lines you are considering.

The combined average score of both offices quality is currently reported by Allied at a 4.36. The Allied grading scale is as follows:

1.00-4.04 Needs Improvement
4.05-4.29 Meets Standards
4.30-4.39 Very Good
4.40-5.00 Excellent

Perhaps someone else will be along shortly to give you some additional insights. Whatever you decide, please come back and let us know how the move went and who you chose.

What part of GA are you moving to?

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Re: *Full Pack vs. Custom Pack & TPG vs. 400-N Tariff

Postby Diane » Sat Sep 02, 2006 11:28 pm

I agree with what Pam has said.
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