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Trish in Spokane (#232)

232 reviews of Broadway Express (222 good / 8 neutral)

Postby Trish in Spokane (#232) » Tue Sep 05, 2006 11:22 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 6/06 (posting delayed)
Move: Melbourne, FL, to Spokane, WA
Cost: $3913 for 17 feet
Driver: Larry H.
Shipped a car: no

Sorry it's taken so long to post this, but we've been very busy since the move. First, I would like to take the time to send a heartfelt thanks to Diana at Broadway Express, who so graciously guided us through the move. My original estimate was off and we needed an extra 5 feet (a total of 17 feet) which they were able to accommodate even at the last minute.

The driver, named Larry Hall was the best. An incredible gent with a long history of being in this business and knowing what to do. He arrived early for the pick up and arrived just as planned at our final destination.. The move was from Melbourne, Fl to Spokane, WA. June 28, 2006. Larry had more than enough equipment for what we needed to get the job done. I only wish I could say the same for the loaders I had hired in Melbourne. They had to be reminded several times by Larry on the proper techniques for making the most of the space and our items.

A few things were damaged, but that was due in part on the loaders, no doubt. They put some boxes clearly marked fragile on the bottom , with heavy boxes on top, thus causing breakage.

Asked if I would use Broadway Express again, absolutely and I would most certainly ask for the driver named Larry.

Please feel free to contact me at should you need any other information. Once again it was a plasure doing business with BE!


MominTexas (#233)

Re: 233 reviews of Broadway Express (223 good / 8 neutral)

Postby MominTexas (#233) » Thu Sep 07, 2006 12:04 am

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 8/06
Move: El Paso, TX to Springfield area, IL
Cost: $3659 for 22 feet [this would be about 9900 pounds at the rate of 450 pounds per foot]
Driver: Marie E.
Shipped a car: no

Post #1 - 7/22/06

Hi, we are moving from Texas to Illinois . . . The local "moving company" is Empire Moving and Storage in El Paso, Texas . . . they advertised on the radio that they are a Bekins affiliate. They showed up to do an estimate & tell me they are with Wheaton and/or North American Van Lines. The estimate they provided was on North American Van Lines letterhead. . . .

The closing for our buyer in Texas is for Aug 7th. Our closing in Illinois is for Aug 18th--we had to extend so that the seller could get moved. . . . Looks like we will be forced to store our things for several days and stay in a hotel or something, plus board our animals. . . .

Anyway, the estimate from North American Van Lines says we have 10,000 pounds of stuff and they will have to store it "for about 10 days." They estimated a cost of $9,800. . . .

Being former military for 20 years, we went through a lot of moves. Always with Uncle Sam footing the bill, and never having anything terrible happening--broken items here and there . . . This we are paying for and just don't want to get robbed. ... 6072#66072

Post #2 - 8/5/06

We packed out today with BE!! I have some photos--will download later today. Awesome job by my emovers and my driver & my friends/family. Have some adventures to share later. . . .

Our driver is Marie Enochs. She and her little dog Cherokee . . . My emovers were 3 gentlemen from :D L&M Movers in El Paso. So far, so good. I have photos I took on the truck and of the truck. Going out to eat now, but will post them a bit later. I hired Marie as the "Loadmaster." Paid $40 for 2.5 hours of loading.

Post #3 - 8/10/06

Marie, our mover, was very impressed by the local helpers I hired through emove. She said she hasn't had such great help in a very long time. They worked together as a team. After doing all the researching from the site, I had packed everything myself, so it was an "easy move" according to the guys I hired to just load the pre-packed & wrapped goods--they were amazed. I read all of the tips for moving--even bought a few of my own moving pads and "moving man" huge rubber bands to hold them in place. I purchased boxes from both the online store endorsed by the site and the local UPS store. It was an intense experience to pack it all virtually alone, but it gave me some peace of mind and a sense of control, plus saving a lot of money.

I offered Marie $60 for her help, but she refused more than $40.00. I paid each mover a $20 tip & spent $75 per hr for the 3 of them, plus $30 for transportation (flat fee). They worked for 3.5 hours loading and did a great job. Our friend/helpers brought pastries & donuts for the movers to enjoy, & my spouse purchased fresh Mexican breakfast burritos. The frig was open to all with soda pop and ice water.

We used a little less than the 22 feet that I had booked on the truck, but it was worth it.

Marie, our driver, & crew from L&M in El Paso: Shawn, Chris, and Major (FYI--old tee shirts on chairs--just one of my ideas for trying to reduce scratches & "recycle" the clothes).

Here's the BE truck in front of our house--just to give an idea of the length.

Post #4 - 8/24/06

Hi, all--We are finally getting settled in our new home. The closing dates of the two homes made it difficult. Our goods arrived in Illinois 6 days after the pick up in Texas and within the window of delivery. My emovers assisted on arrival as we placed the items in temporary storage while waiting for our new home to become available (I have more photos & will share with Diane to post them). The first two emovers were nice guys, but the company owner was a jerk to deal with, so when we were ready to move into the house 8 days later, I selected another emove company with superior service--again just 2 guys.

I can't overlook the friends and family who were instrumental in helping make the move successful on both ends. On the arrival end, my 80 yr old Dad & 15 year old son helped Marie (our mover) and myself get the ramps on & start offloading until the moving helpers arrived (late). On move-in day, my brother & dad arrived in Dad's pick-up; my spouse used his pick-up and my son helped load up at the storage place while I helped unload at home. The whole process took 4 hours.

Hey, I have to thank you for the packing advice. Can you believe that nothing was lost--and only one thing was broken. The glass that I removed from my dining room hutch has 5 sections (the 3 front doors and the two side pieces). I and my son carefully used flat boxes, bubble wrap, and other sturdy cardboard covered with lots of shrink wrap to pad them. All was fine until the very last day. My son heard a crack when a box was placed on top of this item (marked VERY FRAGILE). Just one small top corner of one "side piece" was broken and I was able to still assemble it and mend it with tape for the moment.

(Heavy sigh). It has been A LOT of work.

Post #5 - 8/28/06

Here are some more photos of my move with Broadway Express.

Myself and Marie Enochs, the driver.

Marie's dog Cherokee.

A view of Marie's truck after we unloaded our stuff in Illinois. This dinosaur family was travelling from a Nashville museum to an exhibit in Nebraska.

Too bad that I rated my first Illinois company from, Mr. Sims (4 stars), before I spoke with him that last time by phone. I had even tipped the guys since I thought I'd be using them again the next week. I noticed yesterday that he's had some other lukewarm reviews lately--what goes around comes around. Here's the post where I described my bad experience with him -
[Moderator's note: one of the owners of the Mr. Sims company gave his side of the story in this 7/09 post, and it made sense - ... 928#124928]

The second emover in Illinois that I used has 5 stars all the way across, but didn't catch my eye the first time, since it wasn't available on the day of my move. Its name is :D "Moving Solutions and Boxes." It's based in Litchfield, Illinois and services anywhere from Springfield, IL to St. Louis, Mo. That company was very good . . . the owner explained that the emove reviews are essential to doing business for Mr. Sims--that's his only method of attracting business, whereas "Moving Solutions and Boxes" is well-established and doesn't really care, since the emove website take 15% right off the top of the job. That's the reason Mr. Sims wanted me to book the job directly through him, AND wanted me to only book his guys for two hours---so he could recognize a greater profit.

[Editor's note by Diane: In a Private Message to me, "MominTexas" summarized her expenses for the move at my request. Her list below, totalling about $5000, can be compared with the initial estimate of $9,800 by the full-service mover Empire Moving in El Paso. Some of the expense for packing/moving supplies should probably be eliminated since she would have had a similar expense if she had moved with Empire. And the final cost with Empire would probably have been closer to $9000 than to $9,800 since she probably didn't have as much as 10,000 pounds. However, in general this comparison is in line with the usual finding that Broadway Express ends up costing at least 30-40% less than using a full-service mover, even after figuring in the cost of workers to load and unload. Of course, she contributed a lot of her own labor and planning.]

Broadway Express $3,659
emove helpers El Paso (L&M) $230.00
L&M tip $60.00
emove helpers Springfield (Sims) $180.00
Sims tip $20.00
emove Springfield (Moving Solutions) $229.00
Moving Solutions tip $40.00
Broadway Express driver (at both ends) $90.00
Total storage for goods $115.00
Packing/moving supplies (multiple sources) $476.45
ebay moving blankets (3) $43.15

Total cost with BE = $5,142.60
Estimate from full-service mover = $9,800

Kim (#234)

Re: 234 reviews of Broadway Express (224 good / 8 neutral)

Postby Kim (#234) » Thu Sep 07, 2006 11:44 am

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 7/06
Move: Bronx, NY to Seattle, WA
Cost: $5867 for 22 feet [initially reserved 10 feet]
Driver: Woody K.
Shipped a car: no

Everything went well and our driver, Woody Kuhne, was fabulous! The only glitch was that we needed more than twice the space estimated with the online calculator, despite further discussion to confirm the online estimates with the people at Broadway Express. This of course made the move cost about double what we estimated.

Still Broadway express worked it out so our whole load could go and everything got there in one piece--on time!! Plus, every person I talked with associated with Broadway express was professional and courteous. I can't really ask for much more!!


[Editor's note by Diane: In this case the customer was lucky because BE was able to send another truck and driver to pick up the last shipment scheduled for the trailer (a shipment that there was no longer room for), but it doesn't always happen that way. Sometimes they have to limit the customer to the space previously reserved because they don't have another truck and driver available.]

Julie666 (#235)

Re: 235 reviews of Broadway Express (225 good / 8 neutral)

Postby Julie666 (#235) » Thu Sep 07, 2006 5:31 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 6/06 (posting delayed)
Move: Sun City, CA, to Tampa area, FL
Cost: $4721 for 25 feet
Driver: Dan P.
Shipped a car: no

broadway express is the greatest. Go with them and you will not be disappointed.

If you get to deal with Margaret at Broadway express you are lucky because she is the best. She deserves a big raise! The driver (Dan Putz) was right on time on pickup and delivery and he was awesome. He was so nice and helpful.

They are very cost conscious and their quotes are extremely reasonable. I will always use them if I ever have to move again. Top notch company!!!!!!!!!!!

Nancy B. (#236)

Re: 236 reviews of Broadway Express (226 good / 8 neutral)

Postby Nancy B. (#236) » Sun Sep 17, 2006 5:56 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 7/06
Move: Bartlett, IL, to San Diego
Cost: $2368 for 12 feet
Driver: Ron F.
Shipped a car: no

I moved from Bartlett, IL to San Diego, CA on 7/11/2006. When deciding what to do about the move, I found alot of helpful reviews on Broadway Express on the internet. After getting several quotes, I decided that Broadway Express was the best fit for me and my family.

The driver, Ron Fulmer, arrived a couple of hours late but was in touch the whole way, so I was prepared to have my moving helpers arrive later. Chicago-area traffic in the summer is quite unpredictable so this wasn't too much of a problem. I had a group of helpers hired who packed up the truck - I ordered 10 feet but ended up using 12 (llots of stuff that I didn't calculate correctly...) which was okay because I was the last one onto the truck. I was able to contact BE and let them know about the extra space usage, and the charge was about $300 more - still quite a bargain compared to other carriers!

Ron and his dog Jax were very helpful, I did not hire him to help move stuff on the loading end, but he did help nevertheless. On the unloading end, he helped even more which was a relief during the hot San DIego summer.

I flew to San Diego and Ron had said the delivery date would be 7/14 which turned out right on the mark. I had, again, hired helpers to unload and they were done quickly in under 2 hours.

Overall, I was extremely happy with BE because i had never made such a huge move and it went relatively smoothly considering all the details.


Jason (#237)

Re: 237 reviews of Broadway Express (227 good / 8 neutral)

Postby Jason (#237) » Sun Sep 17, 2006 9:03 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 7/06
Move: CA to Maine
Cost: $2350 for 10 feet
Driver: Woody K.
Shipped a car: no

Overall I was happy with Broadway Express. My driver, Woody Kuhne, was courteous and efficient. He and his assistant loaded the van on their own for $50/hr.

My load occurred a day later than the scheduled date - but fortunately this was not a disaster in my case. For 10 linear feet from California to Maine, the charge was $2350.

Hope this helps.

Crystal I. (#238)

Re: 238 reviews of Broadway Express (228 good / 8 neutral)

Postby Crystal I. (#238) » Fri Sep 22, 2006 12:22 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 8/06
Move: Los Angeles area to Portland, OR
Cost: $1817 for 16 feet
Driver: Randy V.
Shipped a car: no

I chose BE because of the reviews on MovingScam. Randy Vinson was our driver, we paid him to pack the van. His price was a little higher than what others have quoted, but he did a wonderful job. He was a whiz in packing that truck, not to mention driving it. I can hardly maneuver our mini-van with the precision he moves that truck!

We reserved what we thought was enough space - 16 feet - but wound up with our mini van packed to the gills and several donations to the dumpster. Oh well. :)

Our move was from LA to Portland, OR, and we wound up needing to hurry up to make sure we beat Randy up there. He's no slacker! He's one of the hardest working people I've ever met, and a real sweetheart to boot.

We've had two corporate moves with big moving companies, and both times things were lost and broken, and their reimbursement processes are such a pain that we never were compensated. If we ever do a corporate move again, I will INSIST on BE. From what little we have unpacked, our stuff all arrived, and all in excellent condition. Never, ever, ever will I again go with a big mover, no matter who is picking up the tab.

It takes a little more logistical work to do a move with BE, but it's well worth it in peace of mind, and now with the website, it really isn't that much harder to just hire your own labor.

On the LA end, we chose :D Richard Witherspoon and Son off, and he is the BEST, with years of experience in the moving industry. He and his son got right to work, and loaded 16 feet in just under 3 hours, and refused all the food I had for them (making someone do the hot sweaty work in mid August in LA is just awful) although they did drink lots of the water I'd bought to keep them hydrated. Next time we need loading help, I'll definitely use emove, the reviews make it really easy to choose excellent help.

One note, since I wasn't sure of timing for delivery, I used labor ready on the Portland end because we needed to hire help at the last minute. Unlike emove, you get who comes. We had two young men who were plenty strong, but didn't perhaps have the best work ethic, and certainly weren't experienced on moves. Randy was great in guiding them though. He was fantastic.


lindihight (#239)

Re: 239 reviews of Broadway Express (229 good / 8 neutral)

Postby lindihight (#239) » Sat Sep 30, 2006 1:23 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 8/06
Move: Upstate NY to Colorado
Cost: $2437 for 13 feet
Driver: Caroline G.
Shipped a car: no

After careful, stressful research, I selected Broadway Express for our move from Upstate New York to Colorado. I hadn't heard of Broadway Express at all until I stumbled accross this website. Thanks!

First, I want to state that no matter how hard you plan and prepare, big moves will have surprises... just something that you have to deal with.

I chose Broadway Express because it was personal. I was calling the direct company. It's always nice to deal with the same person/people when coordinating a big move.

I chose Broadway Express because they would come and go quickly, rather than leave their trailer around for a day or two like other moving companies. I had neighbors close-by and didn't want to inconvenience them any longer than necessary with a big trailer in the parking lot. With Broadway Express, they give you a certain amount of time to load the trailer based on the number of linear feet you reserve. We reserved 13 ft and had about 6 hours to load, plenty of time. We had an army of our friends (10 men) and they had the trailer loaded in less than three hours. Just for comparison sake, we were moving a two bedroom apartment. Looking back on it, we could have reserved just 10 ft and would have probably been just fine since we had extra space once we were loaded.

The price is comparable to other moving companies out there. We payed $2437.00 for our move with Broadway Express.

The day before we moved, my driver, Caroline Grant, called me and let me know what her cell was. She told me where she was and when she anticipated arrival at our place. We planned to have her at our place by 9AM the next morning. Caroline arrived early, around 8:15. She left the trailer in our lot and went out to do some shopping while we started loading. We had alerted those planning to help to be flexible on the time... so my husband called a few people who could come over a little earlier to get stared.

It was a sweltering hot, humid day, so I went and got bottled water and doughnuts for those who helped. This was a very good thing. They went fast.

By 12 noon everything was loaded and ready to go. Caroline discussed with us our anticipated move-in date in CO. Soon after, Caroline hitched up the trailer and left. We drove out of our parking lot for the last time about an hour later after making some final checks on our apartment.

During our drive to Colorado, we contacted Caroline only a couple of times before we arrived in CO. We left on a Wednesday and arrived in CO on a Monday (about 5-6 days, depending on how you look at it). On Monday, we contacted Caroline to let her know where we were and that we planned on unloading the following day. We set the time for 9AM. Caroline was making good time and would make it before we would. We had two small children moving with us...

Just 20 miles outside our new hometown, our car overheated and had to be towed, and so we arrived much later than we had hoped... without a car. We were grateful for a nice lady who gave us a ride to the Holiday Inn.

The next Morning, Tuesday, my husband went (walked) to our new house and tried to give Caroline directions to get to it. It was hard since he didn't have a car to drive the roads so that he could know if it would be easy for a big tractor-trailer to get through. Caroline was a bit of a nervous personality, which was hard at this point since we didn't know the area well enough to help her when she said she didn't think that she could make a turn to get to our street. So, my husband directed her to come via another street (which, remember, he hadn't driven). It ended up being a very rough dirt road (oops!). When Caroline made the turn into our cul-de-sac, the trailer broke a branch on a neighbor's shade tree that was hanging out over the road. He was pretty upset about that (we were making friends already!). Caroline gave him $40 bucks and apologized profusely.

Our moving help showed up (Mormons from the church we would be attending there) and they had the trailer unloaded in 2 and half hours... or less. That was it.

About a month after we were settled, Broadway Express sent a nice Thank you package that had a bunch of handy little things in it with Broadway Express logos and phone number on them. That was a bonus!

If I could do it again:
*I would not have allowed our car to break down... but I don't know how it could have been avoided!

*I would have had someone who knew the area direct Caroline to our place.

All in all, I would definitely recommend Broadway Express. I don't know of a move that goes 100% smooth, even with all the planning in the world. It was just such a comfort to know where my things were while we moved and to have the phone number of the person transporting them in my possession. ... 2191#72191

Reno-vated (#240)

Re: 240 reviews of Broadway Express (230 good / 8 neutral)

Postby Reno-vated (#240) » Thu Oct 05, 2006 10:17 am

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 7/06
Move: Elkton, MD, to Reno, NV
Cost: $4,700 for 27 feet
Driver: Alan H.
Shipped a car: no

I used Broadway Express in July, 2006 to move my furnishings. Their charge was $4,700 (for 27 feet truck space) from Elkton to Reno. The driver was Alan Hirschenhofer. BE's drivers charge a hefty $35/hr in addition to help in the move, but they're expert at it and probably worth it.

My loaders in Elkton were excellent. They knew what they were doing and were very fast. I got them through :D David Racine (302-598-2259). Elkton is in the Chesapeake Bay area and practically on the border of Delaware. I got my unloaders in Reno through :evil: Labor Ready and they stank. Worst couple of losers I ever saw. Plus I had to appeal to my credit card company for help because Labor Ready/Reno way, way overcharged me. To deal with the credit card company and start an investigation cost me time and sanity. Am I making myself clear? I don't like Labor Ready one bit.

Hope this note is of some help.

betsyj (#241)

Re: 241 reviews of Broadway Express (231 good / 8 neutral)

Postby betsyj (#241) » Thu Oct 05, 2006 10:25 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 9/06
Move: NJ to FL
Cost: $1601 for 10 feet
Driver: Dion W.
Shipped a car: no

Broadway express was AWESOME!!!! I was EXTREMELY nervous about moving and all the scams that i have heard about, so when i found this site i was researching like crazy! BE looked like the best option to me, so we decided to use them.

Turns out it was a GREAT decision. Margaret was amazing from the very beginning, as we had to change our date a few times due to our house not being ready for us to close. Once we finally got a date, they had to move it up one day which was no problem at the long run it was probably better for us anyway.

Then Dion Wise, our driver, came over and worked with my husband and some friends to pack up the truck. He was SOOOO hardworking, and what a GENUINELY nice guy!!! I would highly recommend him, and use him again. (he was even willing to take his shoes on and off so they didn't get our brand new carpets in the new house dirty). Now THAT is something!!!!

The only thing we can say, is your driver should definitely take a quick look at the inventory of what is going on the truck...turns out quite a bit of ours didn't fit on the truck, and maybe more could've gotten on there if we had packed differently from the beginning.

And it said 10 ft of space would be enough for a 1 bedroom condo, but we definitely DID NOT have enough room. Thank God we didn't sell our 2nd jeep, so we could fill that to the brim with the rest of our stuff.

When he got to Florida, he helped us unload everything and basically taught the labor ready guy how to lift things, and get them where they needed to be. I probably wouldn't use labor ready again (expensive and not that great), but i will HIGHLY recommend BE. Not one thing was damaged!

If you have any questions, definitely email me at betsyjohnson5 at

Thanks so much for this website, and Dion and Margaret thank you for EXCELLENT customer service!!!!!!! BE Rocks!!!!

Betsy Johnson

Rock (#242)

Re: 242 reviews of Broadway Express (232 good / 8 neutral)

Postby Rock (#242) » Wed Oct 11, 2006 9:58 am

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 9/06
Move: MI to AZ
Cost: $1827 for 10 feet
Driver: Bob O.
Shipped a car: no

In September I used Broadway Express to move my daughter from Michigan to Arizona. They did a good job and the driver, Bob Ostrowski, helped load and unload. He didn't even ask for money but we tipped him at both ends.

We got several quotes and BE was the lowest. CAUTION: If you get a quote from Movex, do NOT tell BE. The BE rep told me that Movex was a broker for them and they could not work directly with anyone who had received a quote from Movex. I had gotten a quote from Movex (a higher price). But, fortunately, I kept my mouth shut.

When I started asking for quotes, I didn't know who was a real mover and who was just a broker. As I did more research online, I learned that BE and ABF are movers. Just about everyone else I found was a broker. From what I've read online, brokers just add cost and often provide poor customer service if things go wrong.

We also considered renting a truck. Our best quote was from Ryder. But when we figured in the cost of gas for a truck at 10 mpg, the total cost would have been higher than BE.

My only complaint was the minimum size. My daughter could have moved in 5 linear feet. But it was still considered summer and and the BE minimum during this high season is 10 feet. We were told that the minimum drops to 5 feet in the winter months. ... 2920#72920

Gary (#243)

Re: 243 reviews of Broadway Express (233 good / 8 neutral)

Postby Gary (#243) » Wed Oct 11, 2006 2:03 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 9/06
Move: NY State to Leesburg, FL
Cost: $1653 for 10 feet
Driver: Bob O.
Shipped a car: no

I am writing to say what a great experience we had with Broadway Express and our recent move from Cheektowaga, New York to Leesburg, Florida.

I researched a number of moving companies prior to deciding on Broadway Express. The information that is on their website and flyer explains everything that they have to offer. What I really liked was the fact that the rate included furniture pads and the dolly. There were no additional fees.

The reservation was made without any problem. The driver, Bob Ostrowski, was great to work with. He called when I was told he would, he arrived on time, his expertise allowed us to load quickly and use only the space that we reserved. Our belongings arrived on the day as promised. And I was able to hire Bob to help unload the truck.

It was a pleasure using Broadway Express and I certainly would recommend this company in the future. ... 2934#72934

Lisa K. (#244)

Re: 244 reviews of Broadway Express (234 good / 8 neutral)

Postby Lisa K. (#244) » Thu Oct 12, 2006 10:28 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 9/06
Move: San Francisco to Charlotte, NC
Cost: $2700 for 10 feet (including an extra stop)
Driver: Alan B.
Shipped a car: no

We moved from San Francisco, CA to Charlotte, NC on August 28th, 2006. We used 10 lineal feet of space and the cost was only $2700.....this even included a stop in Phoenix, AZ to pick up a couple chairs at my sister's! I was shocked at how much we were able to fit in that space....98 cartons of different sizes, a couple chairs, dining room set, queen mattresses and baby crib!

Our driver Alan Boyd was excellent! He was very courteous and friendly. He helped us load and it was TOTALLY worth the extra bucks....he is a master packer!!! We were able to be in touch with him for the whole move....he kept us up to date all the way cross country. Every one of our items made it with no breakage!!!!!

I can't say enough good things about BE, I originally read about it on and started asking people about how they moved....luckily 2 of them had cross country moves with BE and were very satisfied with everything. The lowest quote I got from a full service mover was $4100 (Allied and Mayflower) I am thrilled with the way things worked out and will definitely recommend BE to anyone moving anywhere as I've had lots of friends fall for the scam!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to!

evanssd (#245)

Re: 245 reviews of Broadway Express (235 good / 8 neutral)

Postby evanssd (#245) » Mon Oct 16, 2006 11:55 am

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 6/06 (posting delayed)
Move: Nashville, TN, to Ontario, Canada
Cost: $5034 for 32 feet (would be 14,400 pounds at 450 pounds per linear foot)
Driver: Woody K.
Shipped a car: no

I'd recommend Broadway Express as an decent alternative to the other high-priced options. Our cross-border move this past summer from Nashville, Tennessee to Waterloo, Ontario CANADA was not without difficulties, but for the most part it was positive.

We were moving a 3 bedroom house and had quotes from several of the full-service companies. We decided to look for options that would be closer to the moving allowance provided by my new employer. The quote that resulted from the online moving cost estimate on the BE website suggested we could save quite a bit with BE. This estimate turned out to be off the mark, which leads to my one major complaint with BE.

Using the online estimator, we ended up severely underestimating our space needs. I'll admit that I was partly to blame for not erring on the high end, but no matter how I plugged our household goods into the calculator, it led me to believe that 18 ft would do it. Not until we were packing the truck, did we realize that we were not going to make it. Luckily, there was some more space available and our helpful driver, Woody Kuhne, was willing to help us make it work. He opened up some extra space and even helped us load stuff on to the outer deck. It was also fortunate that I had hired a loader who really knew how to pack it in.

In the end, we got it all on the truck and our goods made it to our destination with no trouble. The bad news is, it cost us nearly three thousand dollars MORE than our original estimate due to the miscalculation of space needs. The actual cost was not too different that it would have been with a full service company after accounting for packing supplies and the cost of loaders and unloaders. It also caused my family a great deal of stress as we considered having to rent an additional truck to get our goods to Canada.

The lesson here for people moving with BE: Make very sure that you have requested enough space for your move!

Things we liked about BE:
-Woody, our driver. Just a really good guy who wanted to help as much as he could.
-Slightly lower cost

Things we did not like:
-Hard to calculate space needs. In our case, this was a big and costly problem.
-Apparently, not much experience with cross-border moves. Neither Woody nor the BE office new much about what documentation was needed. At one point, Woody told us that his truck might be too big for Canadian roads (turned out not to be true).
-Our delivery was delayed two days because of a problem delivering the other goods on the truck. Shared space saves a little money, but also creates scheduling problems.

Our suggestions to folks considering a move with BE:
-Double- and triple-check your space needs.
-Calculate all of your costs to make sure your savings are worth the extra work (packing materials, packing and loading help, driver tips, etc).
-Be flexible with your dates (true with any company)
-If you are moving to Canada, do your homework to make sure you have the required documentation and that you understand the border crossing process. ... 3231#73231

Liam D. (#246)

Re: 246 reviews of Broadway Express (236 good / 8 neutral)

Postby Liam D. (#246) » Thu Oct 26, 2006 12:39 pm

Recommended: yes :D
Date: 9/06
Move: Philadelphia area to SW Florida
Cost: About $1700 for 10 feet
Driver: Dion W.
Shipped a car: no

I want to share my experience with Broadway Express.

I had a small move (10 linear feet) from the Philadelphia area to
Southwest Florida. Diana, my agent, gave me a low price (under $1700)
and was very professional. No complaints with her.

But nothing prepared me for the good fortune of securing Dion Wise, my
driver. He was early on the day of my move because I had told him I had
a train to catch later in the day. He offered to assist at no cost, (of
course we tipped him), which was a great help because I have some
issues with my back. We were able to pack everything into the truck in
two hours without problem and Dion took the brunt of it using his own
dolley. He even made sure that we packed the furniture with the proper

He gave me two days notice for when he was coming to Florida, like I
had asked. He did the same process for unloading as loading and again
was extremely helpful. I've been told by everyone that moving your
stuff was going to be the biggest headache out of your entire move, but
thanks to Diana and Dion it was by far the easiest.

I have no hesitation in recommending Broadway Express to anyone I'd
meet for a move. For my next move I'll be sure to use them.

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