Bad Exp w/ United Van Lines/Crown SF to Phx

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Bad Exp w/ United Van Lines/Crown SF to Phx

Postby Guest » Mon Sep 11, 2006 5:00 pm

Beware of using United Van Lines affiliated with Crown in the Bay Area!!!

Had a horrible driver - Bob Moore - on our first load. They didn't tell us they weren't going to take all our stuff until they shut the doors of the truck (we were sharing a truck and the loaders said there was more room on the other end of the truck adn that everything would fit - don't worry! - which was a lie). Our load was correctly estimated but the other load was under estimated by more than 10000 pounds! Packed dish paks, mirror boxes, and items marked fragile or high-value haphazardly (different ways then the arrows pointed). When I requested they pack things the way the printed arrows were on the boxes we bought from them, the driver said he could pack things any way he wanted. They also put boxes labeled heavy/books on top of boxes labeled fragile/glass.

We sustained a lot of damage to our furniture by this first driver (almost nothing was damaged in boxes (despite the boxes being battered, crushed, with holes in them) b/c we packed so carefully. WE are still having our claim processed. The only compensation I was offered was $50 on a $6000+ move. Customer service said if I took it, I couldn't ask for any more. I wrote a letter with our claim and photos to show how our goods were treated. They didn't give us anything - not even the originally offered $50!! Some of our furniture is unrepairable.

Other problems:
They said we would be called and told a window when the movers were coming. We were set to move Monday. As you can imagine, we were very busy on the Friday before the move. At 4:30 pm, I realized they never called to tell us a time. I had to call them. And when I did, our coordinator acted like I was bothering her and said the she would have gotten around to calling me (yet previously when I called at that time to verify she had received our contract, I was told she had left already).

When the first driver said he wasn't taking anymore of our stuff (with it strewn on the street between the shuttle van and his truck in an industrial area with homeless people about), he also said and I don't know when I am delivering it. He said he wanted to go to Colorado first and dump the other load. He had our plants on his trunk and it was winter. We also had benen promised a date of delivery. Now I wonder if he was just yanking my chain.

The remaining team cleaned out our storage unit while talking on their cell phones and bumping our goods into walls/doorways with the one hand they were using to carry things. They took an unbelievably long time to do the work. We later found out that the crew that went with the driver was paid per job, whereas these guys got an amount out of the move total based on an hourly rate!

This isn't very organized and more happened but I wanted to get something out there so people knew about this driver!

People I would not deal with again:
CeCe - coordinator
Cynthia Allen - CeCe's boss
Bob Moore - United driver

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Re: Bad Exp w/ United Van Lines/Crown SF to Phx

Postby shastasother » Mon Sep 11, 2006 5:02 pm

Didn't realize I wasn't logged in.

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Re: Bad Exp w/ United Van Lines/Crown SF to Phx

Postby BigLeeCalif » Mon Sep 11, 2006 5:44 pm

A couple of questions, since I worked for Chipman in the Bay Area, and Crown was one of our competitors.

Was Bob Moore a Crown driver, or United driver?
Did you call Crown to complain when the driver said he'd pack like he wanted to?

While the crew said there was room for your shipment, never assume the information they give you is correct. 99% of the time they do not work for or with the driver on a daily basis, and the fact that there is space on a truck doesn't mean it is space that can be used. The most inviting situation for a claim of missing items arising is to split a shipment into more than one location on a truck.

When you saw the driver obviously not putting care into the packing of your items, I would have called Crown on the spot and asked to speak to someone in management or operations, and explain that something was not going to your complete satisfaction.

I can't address the $50 offered for the claim. What type of valuation did you purchase? Did you file your claim through Crown or with United directly?

I don't know CeCe, and certainly she should have responded to your concerns about pickup time. But that responsibility normally falls on the driver himself, and the dispatch department. Normal United procedure is for the driver to contact you 24 hours before he is scheduled to load. And they should have told you of the satellite tracking system on the United website, where you enter your order number, and it tells you when you are to be loaded (if the shipment has not loaded). It also lists the driver and the agent the driver works for, so you can contact them directly if the driver doesn't call you.

And during the summer there are leaveovers. It is an unfortunate, but normal situation when the peak season is in progress. However, the agent is supposed to send someone out in a timely manner to load the overflow and remove it to their warehouse pending another truck loading it to deliver to you.

I'm sorry this happened to you, but if you have occasion to move again, please contact the booking agent DURING the time the driver is loading if you see things that are not going right, or if the driver has a haphazard attitude towards your belongings.

Remember you have 9 months to file your complete claim, so please note all your damage, and document everything before you sign any release to receive any payment. Try to do it all together, as it is unlikely additional claims will be considered after the first is settled.
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Re: Bad Exp w/ United Van Lines/Crown SF to Phx

Postby Diane » Mon Sep 11, 2006 7:29 pm

The poster said that it was winter so all this must have happened some time ago, and it seems a little unusual that there was an overflow in the winter. Also, plants were being moved on the van to Colorado, which I didn't think United would allow. So I guess this raises some questions in my mind. What's clear is that there was bad chemistry between the customer and both the driver and the move coordinator. We do want to be careful how we interpret this. Crown in San Leandro already has one complaint here -

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