Positive local NYC move with All Star!

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Glad to Help

Re: Positive local NYC move with All Star!

Postby Glad to Help » Fri Sep 01, 2006 10:28 am

15-20 % standard?

Im from NYC too and a few people might tip that high ,but it is in no way standard.

The point is that Tipping is not solicited by legitimate companies. If the customer feels they recieved a great service and chooses to give the movers a tip that is all fine and good. However, movers should not pressure the customer to tip.

Just helping
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Re: Positive local NYC move with All Star!

Postby Just helping » Fri Sep 01, 2006 1:13 pm

I think that you are wrong, I don't know where you work but we do most of our businesses in Manhattan and we get at least 15%, in most cases it is even a little bit more then 20% my guys don't ask for tips they just work fast, when customers see a group of guys working fast (even when we charge by the hour) with one goal in mind finishing the move under the estimate with no damages they tip well without being asked to do so.

A lot of movers in the city work slow damage furniture and complain a lot. if you do your job the right way then you'll see better tips...


Re: Positive local NYC move with All Star!

Postby Guest » Fri Sep 01, 2006 2:23 pm

Just helping wrote:I think that you are wrong, I don't know where you work but we do most of our businesses in Manhattan and we get at least 15%, in most cases it is even a little bit more then 20% my guys don't ask for tips they just work fast, when customers see a group of guys working fast (even when we charge by the hour) with one goal in mind finishing the move under the estimate with no damages they tip well without being asked to do so.

A lot of movers in the city work slow damage furniture and complain a lot. if you do your job the right way then you'll see better tips...

That's great that your guys work fast and get great tips, but that was not the issue.

The issue was that All Star was "asking" the customer for a 15% tip and the customer felt pressured and uneasy about this. The customer felt that this was inappropriate and I do as well.

I don't know what company you work for either,but I can tell you one thing this All Star company(according to information posted on this board if accurate)h is charging by the hour on an interstate move to Philadelphia. A move from move from Poughkeepsie, NY, to Philadelphia, PA. is 175 miles ,outside of the NYC cmmercial zone and should have been charged by weight and mile under tariff 400 n. I would be interested to see All Star's bill of lading on this move. Does All Star even have the authority to perform interstate moves? It seems suspect to me that they would use an hourly rate on this move.

JPS (#27)

Re: Positive local NYC move with All Star!

Postby JPS (#27) » Thu Sep 14, 2006 5:47 pm

I just completed a GREAT move with All Star.

I moved from SF to NYC using Bekins, and they were just ok. PITA on claims to say the least. I used Moishe's in the past and was thrilled, but read on here that there are A teams & B teams. I didn't want to risk a B team.

I had quotes and was ready to pull the trigger on either Moishe's or FlatRate for my NYC-NYC move. I hopped on here to check things out and decided to call All Star. This was 10 days before my move date, maybe 9.

Rich came that day for the estimate, and I confirmed with him the next day. He was great and spent time with me explaining how they look at business, etc.

On move day, they were on time TO THE SECOND. It was a little freaky. They foreman was nice, polite, and clearly was ready to take care of me and my stuff. From the start I felt at ease. They brought 3 guys, and all came to introduce themselves, and even made sure my pregnant wife had pillows through the packing for comfort.

They came back the next day for the move, again TO THE SECOND. Same crew, and they said they brought 6 guys instead of 4 because it was supposed to rain that day. They said it wouldn't change the price, just the rate per hour.

They were GREAT. I fed them, but they worked right through lunch. They were nice to my new super, unpacked our clothes, put together all furniture, all boxes are in about the right place, and they even had an unpacking service had we been more organized and knew where we wanted stuff.

At all times I felt they were businessmen who were concerned over my experience of their company and seemed to share my concern for my belongings. It was a little freaky, as you usually feel a little violated during a move.

In short, I can only echo the tons of excellent comments on these guys. They were AMAZING and I can't recommend them enough. Hands down, call them. Make it happen.


Re: Positive local NYC move with All Star!

Postby JPS » Thu Sep 14, 2006 5:48 pm

Oh, and I tipped 18%. I felt they made me feel so safe about my stuff it was worth it.

NYCMove (#28)

Re: Positive local NYC move with All Star!

Postby NYCMove (#28) » Mon Oct 02, 2006 11:49 am

Based on all the positive reviews here I went with All Star for my move from Manhattan to Brooklyn and despite some small reservations overall I had a positive experience.

During the shopping phase, I liked the way they repeatedly answered the phone in one ring and were very forthcoming about how they would handle the move and what were the rates ($150/hr for 4 men) and any extra charges.

They are not cheap and also refused to negotiate with me on price. Wouldn't even throw in any free boxes. Given the preponderance of moving scam companies I actually found this reassuring. Would rather pay more upfront and have a firm price from honest people than have my goods held hostage by bait-and-switch crooks.

On the day of the move they were an hour late due to traffic issues, but called me to let me know. The guys were rough on the edges in appearance and a bit sullen in demeanor, but I suppose thus is the nature of movers. They were polite and respectful of my stuff, which is what counts.

The foreman was very experienced and knew how to move large items effortlessly. He also was very respectful at my new place and asked me where and how everything should be set down. Nice.

My biggest "complaint" is that two of the four guys were newbies. They carried 1 or 2 boxes per trip versus 3 or 4 by the two experienced guys. I was disappointed by this as I was paying a premium price, I wanted all the guys delivering at a top level of efficiency.

The level of "hustle" of all the guys was good but not outstanding. Overall they just didn't move as fast as I would have liked. For example, I pitched in and actively helped with the move myself, sweating up a storm and lugging boxes, and noticed I had noticably more hustle than they did. Maybe my expectations of hourly workers are too high.

The foreman told me All Star pays more than the other companies and treats their movers well - also a good sign in my book. I bought all the guys drinks and snacks, which they enjoyed. Not sure why moving guys don't bring their own but only the foreman was thinking ahead enough to bring his own jug of water.

They seemed to be missing a few critical items such as a simple doorstop (!) and padding to protect floors. Fortunately I had planned ahead myself and purchased carpet padding to lay down on the floors of my new place so their dollies wouldn't chew them up. Their truck was ancient and beat up, which was a bit disconcerting, but it did the job.

They did not nickel and dime me for tape or a couple of extra boxes I needed which was very classy and atypical of movers. The accounting for time was accurate. After coming up with the grand total the foreman gently asked me if I was OK with it I said yes. I really appreciated his respectful attitude about making sure I was comfortable with the bill's accuracy.

I provided a 15% tip but the foreman seemed a bit disapponted by this and when I asked why he said he wanted to give the new guys a 20% tip to give them encouragement. I didn't see why I should pay more for that, especially given that these newbies had cost me more already, but I did want to recognize the overall good job his team did so I split the difference with him and give him more to make a 17.5% tip.

Overall I'm very satisfied with All Star, would go with them again, and recommend them to others. None of my stuff was damaged and they did a solid, respectable, dependable, honest job - which is what really matters during such a stressful time as moving homes.

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Re: Positive local NYC move with All Star!

Postby Diane » Mon Oct 02, 2006 12:13 pm

Thanks so much for this very balanced review.

I guess I'm still somewhat shocked that someone would turn up his nose at a 15% tip and ask for 20% instead, but on the other hand here is what someone told me recently about her apartment-size crosstown move in NYC with the highly dubious company Ben Hur.

The (Israeli) movers worked in slo-mo so that the move took two days, did balloon packing using excessive filler around the items, and overwrapped everything, including going around boxes 5 times with tape. She said that the tape was also very expensive - $5 a roll - and the rolls had almost nothing on them to start with so they were used up almost immediately. 50 such "rolls" were used up during the move.

When it came time to pay at the end of the first day, she said that the foreman calculated the amount of the tip as a percentage including not only the hours but the packing material, so it came to something like $250 in tips alone. When she objected, he basically blackmailed her, saying, "We're going to have to park the truck overnight in a bad area . . . you don't want us to forget to lock it, do you?" Compared with an experience like that, negotiating a 17.5% tip sounds positively angelic.


Re: Positive local NYC move with All Star!

Postby NYCMove » Mon Oct 02, 2006 12:34 pm

My thoughts exactly. I'll pay a higher price to avoid a Ben Hur experience any day.

By the way, my friend had a very similar Ben Hur experience where they refused to unpack unless he paid an arbitrary and excessive "tip" in cash. His goods were held hostage for many days until he finally paid. He sued them in court and eventually won, but obviously at enormous cost in time, energy, money.

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Re: Positive local NYC move with All Star!

Postby Diane » Thu Dec 21, 2006 3:19 pm

Re-posting a generally good review of All Star that raises some issues:
owen wrote: 11/19/06 - We moved a one bedroom apartment from New york to Boston. We used All-Star, after recommendations from this website. The following were my thoughts about the move.

-The estimate stated that insurance was available at $7.50 for each $1000 of coverage with a $500 deductible. To me, this sounds like regardless of whether you purchase $1000 or $10,000 of coverage, your deductible will only be $500 and the rest will be covered. I was not told otherwise by Nick during the estimate. When the foreman signed me up for insurance, I was told that it was actually a $500 deductible on each $1000 of coverage. Thus, if covered for $10,000 worth of damage, I would have a $5000 deductible. This lack of transparency becoming apparent as soon as All-star showed up was somewhat disappointing.
-My estimate indicated that All-star would show up with 4 men. They were short staffed apparently, and only showed up with 3. It worked out fine, but took a bit longer and I would have appreciated a simple call the day before to let me know what to expect. This just seemed unprofessional to show up with as many men as you can pull together without regard to what I expected.
-Given how much stuff we had to move up, I had discussed with the foreman a revised plan to bring 3 men to Boston rather than 2. He agreed to this, but when they showed up the next day, it was just two of them. As a result they were rushed and overworked (one guy moving a piece of furniture that 2 should have been), and dropped a heavy filing cabinet gouging the hardwood floors.
-Up in Boston at one point All-star was trying to reach the two man crew, but they weren't picking up their cell phones, so All-star had to call me to ask the guys to call in. This too seemed unprofessional.
-We spoke via cell phone and we were told they were about an hour away. After standing outside holding a parking spot for 2 hrs and 25 min, they pulled up.
-During the estimate portion, I was told that we would be charged 10 hours flat for travel. It turns out travel up (i.e., half-way) took 7.5 hrs. Instead of eating the 2.5 hrs, these were recalculated as "work" hours in the final calculation. While that may be normal in terms of how doing estimates work, that is not what charging 10 hours 'flat' for travel means to me.
-to their credit, they didn't brake a single thing of ours, although they gashed the floor (by dropping a filing cabinet on its corner) and banged the ceilings and doorways a bit moving us in.
-also to their credit, they came in under the GNE estimate by $50.
-they told us that 20% tip was normal and that 25% was expected for good work. That sounds rather high to me and a bit of an unfair pressure tactic.
-they did their job very well, and when specifically requested to do things outside of strictly moving us in (e.g., help move some furniture around once it had been moved in), obliged. However, I did not feel like they went out of their way to be helpful. (E.g. I had wrapped some furniture in my own blankets. One self-wrapped bookshelf was moved in my All-star and it was pointed out to me that it was still wrapped. I said "Let's unwrap it" and proceeded to start. The All-star guys saw I was having trouble, and helped to snip the tape, but then walked away as I continued to struggle to remove the blanket from above, behind and underneath a 6.5 ft tall bookshelf) (Another e.g. While the foreman calculated the bill, the driver sat and watched me and my wife breaking down boxes and condensing used packing materials with out a word or offer of help.) - http://www.movingscam.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8805

I promised to follow up with the owner (Rich Barrale) and I was finally able to speak with him today. Previously I spoke with All Star's office manager, Chris. He said that he had contacted Owen by Private Message and was looking into the question he raised about how the travel time was figured.

With regard to the deductible, Chris assured me that when a person buys valuation coverage from All Star for $7.50 per $1000, there is a $500 deductible that remains $500 regardless of how much valuation the customer buys. For example, for $10,000 worth of coverage there would be a $500 deductible, not $5000. There seems to have been a misunderstanding between the All Star foreman and the customer, but the situation is as I have stated here.

With regard to the crew being one man short, Chris said that on the first day, one person simply failed to show up, and the next day another person arrived late after the crew and truck had already left for Boston. It was unfortunate but these things happen.

Both Chris and the owner said that the 2.5 extra hours for travel to Boston should not have been added to the work hours. Rich is going to try to locate the record of the move to look into this, and also to find out whether the customer was compensated for the gash in the floor. (If there was a $500 deductible, I would guess that he probably wasn't.)

Regarding the tip amount, Rich said that an All Star person who books a move routinely advises customers that a gratuity is not included in the estimate. When customers then ask what is the normal tip, which he said 99% of them do, that person answers that 15% is normal (10-15% for out-of-state moves). Rich said that the crews are instructed not to ask for tips and that anybody who does will be fired. Again, he is looking into this incident.

I am sending a Private Message to "owen" to ask him to comment if he wishes.

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Re: Positive local NYC move with All Star!

Postby Diane » Sun Dec 31, 2006 7:21 pm

Re-posting a generally excellent report on All Star for a move from NYC to the DC area:
deliotb wrote:12/31/06 - Excellent job on a move from NYC to DC, marred only by the driver's attempt to impolitely extract a 15% tip, appropriate for a local move in New York, but not a move where most of the cost was travel time (we gave about 10%, which was generous IMHO). A mover can hardly expect the same tip for driving on 95 as for carry boxes up a walkup! But they did do a very good job with the move, everything arrived safe, they were otherwise polite, mostly on time (one mover showed up an hour late), and came in $400 below the GNTE estimate. They just need to chill on always demanding 15%. Also, they didn't take any kind of inventory, so I definitely would not recommend them for a very large interstate move, where you can't keep track of your goods, or for a move that involves storage. - http://www.movingscam.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10855


Re: Positive local NYC move with All Star!

Postby deliotb2 » Tue Jan 02, 2007 4:27 pm

One more thing: I had the same experience as a prior use in the crew not having with them stuff to protect the carpet. Fortunately, it was all pavement from the street to my house, and it wasn't raining. But I'd suggest that if you use All Star you either ascertain that they'll have this stuff with them, or better yet get and put it down yourself.

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Re: Positive local NYC move with All Star!

Postby Caltd » Wed Apr 02, 2008 11:48 am

Good afternoon!

Just wanted to pay back the community here a little bit by adding my review. This site helped me choose a moving company and I really appreciate the time you all have put in to make this site a great resource.

My move was long distance from Atlanta, GA to Manhattan, NY. I rented a Penske truck, packed & drove it myself, and arranged for help through All Star after a friend's recommendation to get help on the Manhattan end.

My, my, my! Am I glad to have hired All Star!

Before leaving Atlanta, I left a message on Saturday or Sunday after business hours and received a call back the next day from Rich. Incidentally, that's how he introduced himself - not as the owner - I only found out later that he was the head honcho. He was very helpful, offering lots of tips on getting in to the city and best arrival times. He provided me with an estimate and was very thorough in explaining the process. After receiving the estimate, I declined to book at that time and he was very friendly in concluding our conversation.

I then proceeded to finish packing, load the truck, and drive from 11pm to about 6am. Got a room and crashed. Called Rich back as soon as I woke up and told him I had reconsidered as I was extremely tired and would really appreciate help if he still had availability. He made some calls and then called me back to let me know that he'd have two guys and a support truck meet me the next day.

After making great time in to Manhattan, I parked my truck (right next to the service entrance - can you believe that!?) and called Rich back to let him know I was early and would appreciate being able to move my appointment up if his guys were available. They showed up an hour early for me.

All in all, the rest of the details are not important as the guys were good and took care of my stuff in just over the estimated time, but didn't charge me for the additional ten minutes. Paid in cash with a healthy tip. No damages, no problems. All Star was great.

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Re: Positive local NYC move with All Star!

Postby JMillerFL » Wed Apr 02, 2008 1:50 pm

Quick question, if the movers gashed the floor during the move that should not apply under the valuation coverage. That is property damage not damage to the itmes being moved. The customer should not have to pay a $500 deductible for damage to their dwelling.

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Re: Positive local NYC move with All Star!

Postby farrah7031 » Wed Apr 02, 2008 3:13 pm

JMiller, I think you're responding to a post that's more than a year old.

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Re: Positive local NYC move with All Star!

Postby Diane » Sun Apr 06, 2008 11:38 am


Thanks so much for the review and I'm glad you had a good experience with All Star. Rich is a hands-on owner and as you found out, that makes all the difference in terms of responsiveness, nimbleness in making necessary adjustments, and high-quality service. MovingScam doesn't endorse any company unless we have met the owners/management people personally or talked EXTENSIVELY with them on the phone over a long period of time.
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