University Van Lines reviews (Rahway, NJ)

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Re: V. Santini / University Van Lines (Atlas)

Postby Diane » Mon Jan 23, 2006 9:00 pm

Reposting a very good report by "stellarenergy" on a shipment from to NJ to Sydney, Australia where University Van Lines was the estimator and packer and Rainier was the freight forwarder:
stellarenergy wrote:1/23/06 - In mid-2005, my wife and I decided to leave northern New Jersey, and move to Sydney, Australia, aiming for departure in the last quarter of 2005. We planned on moving the contents of our 1-bedroom home, and our idea was to obtain a sea-going container and ship it all. I estimated that we could do this for somewhere between USD $3000 and $6000.

I began by measuring our furniture and other belongings, putting it all in a spreadsheet, and calculating the volume of the goods. I came up with a figure of 900 cubic feet, which seemed reasonable since we lived in a small home.

Like so many other people who have to move, I started out Googling to find out how I might do this – to identify companies who would take care of the packing, moving and shipping; also perhaps I could purchase a container, pack it myself and ship it myself too…

I discovered that the ‘do-it-yourself’ approach wasn’t really feasible. I could easily buy a container, but the drop-off and pick-up would be very problematic. They don’t seem to have side-loading container trucks in NJ/NY, so the container would have to have been slid on & off a truck bed (crushing the contents), or I would also have to purchase/hire a trailer, leaving the container 4 feet of the ground. I gave up on that idea.

Google showed me probably hundreds of companies who would do the packing & shipping. I sent e-mail enquiries to about 20, giving them my cubic foot estimate and asking for a quote. Plenty came back under $2000, which I was suspicious of, and ignored. The ones who came back with reasonable estimates, I called and chatted with. I liked a company in California) and one in New York. I asked them both to send an estimator to assess our goods and give a firm quote.

The NY company sent an estimator who left a brochure in my letterbox, but didn’t actually do any assessment, so I crossed them off. The California company sent an assessor from a NY moving company who did not leave us with a confident feeling. I felt suspicious about him and the company.

It was then that I started Googling the company, and discovered the website. The reviews of this company weren’t great, and so I read the “sticky” in the International Moves message board titled “Reviews of international movers (June 2004 to present)”. It was excellent! I took the advice in the sticky, called all four of the companies listed, explained my situation, and asked each of them for a quote.

They all responded quickly, and it was Rainier who supplied the lowest quote (about $6000). I asked Doug Wiviott who the moving company would be, and his first recommendation was the company who I was suspicious about. I asked him for an alternate moving company. He suggested University Van Lines in NJ, I did a quick check on, they sounded great, and so we organized for them to come out and assess.

Their assessor, Mr. Quigley, was excellent – punctual, friendly and thorough. They came back with a great quote, and we set a date for the move. Because of the short notice we had given, the pack was split over a Friday and the following Monday. There was a team of 3 movers on Friday, and 4 on Monday, and they were again, excellent. They wrapped ALL furniture and large items in bubble wrap, used paper to pad out all boxes, and did not even take a lunch break! We were delighted, and they took great care with our belongings. We were given an itemized list of contents (144 items). They packed their truck and took everything back to their depot to pack the 20’ container.

The container itself departed Port Newark a little over a week later, and we were faxed the bill of lading by Doug at Rainier. It was due to arrive in Sydney in late December.

It did arrive at the end of December, I engaged a Customs Agent in Sydney to deal with transportation, clearance and quarantine. We inspected the contents ourselves last week, and every item was intact and in good condition. We were, again delighted by the conscientious job done by University Van Lines!

I heartily recommend University Van Lines (The Quigley Brothers and team), and Rainier Overseas Moving (Doug Wiviott and team).

Thank You to all the generous people at for sharing their stories, giving us the benefit of their experience, and running the website as a service to the rest of us.

I’m happy to discuss in a greater level of detail if anybody desires. Feel free to e-mail.

Michael & Jennifer

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Re: V. Santini / University Van Lines (Atlas)

Postby Diane » Mon Feb 13, 2006 3:31 pm

Reposting an excellent review by "ashear" of a move with University from NJ to San Francisco:
ashear wrote:2/12/06 - University was excellent. The team that came to do the packing, we did a partial pack, breakables, big framed stuff, TV, some large appliances, was great. Quick, efficient, friendly, and understanding when we were not totally organized.

The driver was from an agent out in Long Island, I don't recall the name. He used to guys from University, one of whom had been with us the day before for the packing. They were all excellent. The driver told us when he expected to get to SF and gave us his cellphone number. We stayed in touch and his estimate was right on. He used two guys from another Atlas agent, I think it was Macy? Again, they were great, careful, laid down paper, called out the numbers so that I could make sure we had everything (they had done an excellent job of numbering and listing the boxes and items at the other end, I kept a fairly close eye on it). Other than some scratches on very heavy treadmill that they had some trouble getting out of our basement there was no damage

We cold not be happier.

Oh, and the initial weight came in high, which was no harm to me since i had a GNTE. But both the driver and the University agent though it was high due to snow so they reweighed in SF and it came in lower, below the estimate, so I saved a few hundred. -

She later clarified that they reweighed the truck in San Francisco because they thought the scale might have malfunctioned due to snow. I don't think they were required to do this, but it saved her some money.

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Re: V. Santini / University Van Lines (Atlas)

Postby Diane » Thu Feb 23, 2006 1:08 pm

Re-posting a recent preliminary review by "shrano" of a move from Brooklyn to Los Angeles last November:
shrano wrote:2/22/06 - I have yet to post my review about my move (new job has taken over my life in recent months) from November.

But I wanted to at least give my 2 cents . . . that I have nothing but wonderful things to say about University Van Lines!!! My move was much lower than the estimate (maybe I was lucky) and all my stuff arrived safe and intact - they did all the packing. Not one box or item missing.

I will get to posting the details and the names of those that did right by me. My company paid for the move and I insisted on using University instead of who they wanted me to go with. I'm certain I made the right choice.

Scott Micalizzi did my initial estimate and he was always available to answer questions in the days leading up to the pack/move. Jim, the owner, was also available.

-sharon - ... 2895#52895

Sharon can add to her review later if she wants but I thought I should post this to get something on the record.

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Re: V. Santini / University Van Lines (Atlas)

Postby Diane » Wed Mar 15, 2006 2:04 am

Re-posting a very good review by "alex870" of a move from NJ to TX (University hauled the shipment using one of its own trucks and drivers):
alex870 wrote:3/13/06 - After looking at this site, I went with University Van Lines in Rahway NJ (Atlas) and didn't regret it. Everyone involved were great and there were no surprises - everything went exactly as they said it would.

Our things are in Dallas now, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone. We moved about 13,500 lbs (~1900 cu ft).

Count me as another satisfied customer! -

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Re: V. Santini / University Van Lines (Atlas)

Postby Diane » Wed Mar 22, 2006 12:21 am

Re-posting another good review of a self-hauled move by University Van Lines, this one from NYC into mini-storage in Raleigh, NC:
NYCgirltoNC wrote:3/21/06 - I moved the end of Feb. from NYC to Raleigh, NC and used University Van Lines whose carrier is Atlas. My BNTE estimate was $2135 [for 2300 pounds]. My stuff ended up weighing in at 1680 and my final bill was $1771.55. I paid $90 for insurance which was probably unnecessary. I spent about $600 on packing supplies and shipping some valuables myself- that was my choice- but even including that cost I still saved $1000 by packing myself. (I also got several binding full service estimates [including packing] and the lowest was $3300.)

The University employees were polite and competent on both ends, though I felt the 2 in NYC moved pretty slowly. All of my belongings were handled with care and not one thing was broken, which I partly attribute to myself - I packed the breakables meticulously.

I also used a local company in Raleigh to move out of storage last week. The company is TROSA - I believe they are an organization that helps people who are rehabilitating get back into the work force. Totally competent and a great price - I'd use them again for a move in a minute. . . .

The truck said both University and Atlas, I believe it was a University truck, the drivers were from University in NYC; I'm not completely sure about them in NC - different people. -

This is yet another example of how University's GNTE quotes are high but most people end up paying less.

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Re: V. Santini / University Van Lines (Atlas)

Postby Diane » Fri Mar 31, 2006 3:06 am

Re-posting a very good review of a move from NJ to Colorado with University as the booking/origin agent:
dsteak wrote:3/30/06 - I just wanted to post an update on my move using University (Atlas) out of Rahway. My move was from Hoboken, NJ to Boulder, CO.

On the New Jersey end, the movers showed up on time and were very hard working and pleasant. They were very careful with all of my stuff. Two men were sent primarily to pack my plasma tv in the crate that they built. Two others brought the rest of my stuff down to the truck. The driver, Steve Colvin, basically supervised and did inventory.

I left New Jersey the same day, Friday, as the truck did. I made it to Colorado on Sunday. The driver told me that he would like to deliver on Monday/Tuesday since I was the first stop, but since my closing was on Tuesday, I couldn't move in until Wednesday. He said no worries so on Tuesday, I spoke to the driver who was in Colorado and we set up delivery for Wednesday morning.

Wednesday morning, the driver pulled up with two helpers, who again were curteous and hard working. They moved my stuff in and put everything where it needed it to be. The driver and I checked inventory during the unload.

The plasma TV made it just fine. The crew unloaded it and hung it on the wall where I had already secured the mount. Note : the TV worked fine, but the altitude does have an effect, like the manufacturer said it would. It's a bit louder than at sea level (Boulder is at 5,500 ft.) so the TV is working harder at the higher altitude. But it does work and they packed it and handled it just fine.

Everything made it, not one thing was lost. The only damage was the glass in one of my pictures shattered, but it was already cracked a tiny bit before the move.

The estimate for my move was 6,500 pounds, and it actually came to over 7,000, but they gave me a binding estimate.

Overall, i would highly recommend University. All of the people I worked with and spoke to were very professional. The set up guy, Bill Quigley answered my quesitons in a timely manner, and brought by some extra boxes that I needed before the move. The driver, Steve Colvin, did a great job. - ... 5620#55620

There are around 25 reviews of University Van Lines posted here so far, and all of them are very positive except for three where the van line (not University) basically screwed up. These are the reviews by "kyuss1," "rwreynard," and "ufgrad98" (see above). None of them had anywhere near a disaster but all experienced minor damage, delay, and/or some other problem. Unfortunately, there's just no way for University as the booking/origin agent to prevent this type of thing. No matter how good a van line agent is, once the shipment goes into the van line system and is loaded onto a van line truck the agent loses almost all control of it. Still, a track record of 22/25 nearly perfect moves isn't too shabby.

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Re: V. Santini / University Van Lines (Atlas)

Postby Diane » Tue May 09, 2006 11:23 pm

Re-posting yet another excellent report on a move where University Van lines was the origin agent, this one from NJ to Oregon. University crated a stained glass window and a painting for her and Mike Carolan quoted her at 2800 lbs for $3526, binding not to exceed (APP quote). She had gotten estimates from Allstate in Linden (Paul Arpin), Reliable Van & Storage in Elizabeth (Allied), and All Seasons Movers in Kearny (Atlas) as well:
dtoregon wrote:5/9/06 - I'm in Oregon and the move went great. University Van Lines (Atlas Van Lines) was terrific to work with. Mike Carolan came within approximately 50 lbs of my weight. I was under his estimate and they even credited my credit card for that!!! The driver (Leland Alley) was the best. He and his crew were complete professionals and really nice guys. Both ends of the move went smoothly. I thought I was missing something and called him and he was the soul of politeness and helpful. When I found the box he was equally nice. I did the packing for the majority of the move and nothing was broken. Atlas took care of my painting and stained glass window and they arrived in perfect condition. The other items that they had to pack arrived in good condition. I couldn't have been happier. - ... 8658#58658
This is approximately review #26.

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Re: V. Santini / University Van Lines (Atlas)

Postby Diane » Mon May 15, 2006 7:00 pm

Re-posting an update by "JohnSel" on his move to Wisconsin with University Van Lines back in January 2006. His landlord had tried to get him to pay $210 alleging that University's movers had damaged a door hold-back during the move. However, there was no proof whatsoever of this and University denied responsibility. This was John's final report on the situation:
JohnSel wrote:5/12/06 - We sent the landlord an email saying we were officially disputing the bill unless and until she could provide proof that University Van Lines did the damage. She replied back to us with insults. Needless to say, she apparently has no evidence that University Van Lines did the damage. It looks like University Van Lines didn't do the damage and the landlord was only trying to get additional money from us. Anyway, I take back any negative things I said about University Van Lines. They charged us less then their estimate and delivered our stuff on time. I would recommend them to anyone. - ... 8873#58873
This is review #27.

Jonathan M (#28)

Re: V. Santini / University Van Lines (Atlas)

Postby Jonathan M (#28) » Wed May 17, 2006 7:27 am

Hi there,

Got a great deal of info from this site, and although it scared me to do it, I went with the full service movers. Logistically, I just couldn't do the move-it-yourself outfits. So, I decided to go with University, since there were so many good reviews on this site. I wasn't concerned too much about University, but my move was to Austin, TX., and I was worried about what happened once it went into Atlas Van Lines proper.

I - very roughly - estimated that I didn't have more than 2,000 lbs., and I was figuring close to a $1 a lb. When the University guy showed up (Scott Micalizzi), he gave a very professional walkthrough of my place, answered all my questions, and came out with an estimate of 3,200 lbs. I figured that was high, and I wasn't happy because the $3,400 final estimate was a bit more than I expected, but the company was paying, and my choices were limited, so I figured I would go with them.

Movers showed up on time (two brothers, who are retiring to do local moves), and everything got moved quickly and easily. Lucky for me I guess, 2 of the three guys that were moving the stuff - one was the driver - were going to show up in Austin. Same truck, same guys. That made me very happy about things. After they picked up my stuff, it was a little touch and go getting to them by phone, but I got through, and got the delivery date - about 9 days later, within original time frame estimate. They showed up on time, everything emerged in decent shape. A few banged up boxes, but nothing broken or scratched! I was very happy.

The best part was that when I finally got the actual weight, it came to a bit under 2,000 lbs, and the total cost of the move was $2290. Not only that, but about 3 weeks after the move I get a $105 refund to my card from Atlas. No idea why, but I'm not complaining! I have no idea why the estimate was so much - I left some books behind, but nothing like 1,000 lbs... Anyway, everything went very well, and I was very happy both with the info on and also with University.

A few tips (metioned other places, but bears repeating):

- print out labels with your new address, and labels with large numbers on them, and tape to every box. Also mark the numbers in pen on the box. Keep a thorough list of everything that goes on the truck - don't rely on the movers to do this! They have a system, but their system got screwed up, and if I hadn't been so anal retentive, I would have been worried that I didn't have everything. I had a list, I checked everything off on my list, and I was happy. The numbers on the boxes helps make sure I had all the boxes, and they were all mine.

- check your renter's/homeowners insurance for moving coverage. I paid the insurance (company paid, but still) and I was covered by renter's insurance. Could have saved some money... oh well...

- buy bottled water for the movers, and have some $20s on hand if they do a good job. If you tip well, they remember. (if these are the same mover guys - think I got lucky with that)

- buy new boxes if you can, and don't scrimp on packing materials. I probably spent close to $220 on boxes, bubblewrap, tape and peanuts, and it was so worth it. I know that some of my stuff would have been damaged if I hadn't been generous with the peanuts and bubblewrap. This is probably better insurance than anything else. I had about 4 - 5 boxes (out of 30) that were damaged on the outside, but nothing was damaged on the inside. Boxes are going to get messed up on long distance moves - just the way it works.

Hope all this helps, and good luck with your move!

[Editor's note by Diane: Thanks so much for this review, Jonathan. Just a couple of explanatory comments to help other people:
1. Your APP quote was high because University frequently does that to protect itself in case people move more than they think they will. However, the reviews show that many people end up paying less than the quote, as you did. One nice thing is that University charges people's cards AFTER the truck is weighed rather than charging the amount of the quote and then making them wait for a credit on their card.
2. Your renter's insurance actually would not have protected you against dents, dings, and scratches, any more than it would if such things had happened in your own home. It would have protected you against theft and catastrophes like fire and flood (which are already covered by the mover's cargo insurance, incidentally). So it wasn't a waste of money for you to buy the valuation coverage.]

Irene (#29)

Re: V. Santini / University Van Lines (Atlas)

Postby Irene (#29) » Thu Jun 01, 2006 9:05 am


Just wanted to say that we did finally pick a mover for our move from NYC to Switzerland and guess is Rainier Overseas, with UVL [University Van Lines] packing locally. They have been the most responsive to my questions, were efficient, and offered -though not the cheapest - but still a competitive flat rate. We are set to move in mid June, and I will keep you posted.

Interesting to me was the widely different approach of the people who came to do the on site survey (Bolliger, Crown Relocations, Rainier/UVL, International Sea and Air. While one took 10 minutes tops, another one took more than one hour and looked in every single closet or drawer... You could almost draw a psychological profile of the moving company from that! It did influence which company we picked in the end.

While Crown had the glossiest brochures and toys for the kids plus promised specially designed boxes for the kids (a nice feature, I must say, and very tempting), they were slow with their estimate and by far the most expensive ($4000 more than the lowest bid we got). They seemed professional.

I liked Bolligers survey, the price was o.k. but not great. I did not like their response to and handling of my licensing questions, which eventually made us decide against them.

International Sea and Air was a bit to much New York: the survey was done in no time, and we felt that there could potentially be some unmentioned hidden costs in the end.

Rainier sent UVL to do the survey and it was done very professionnally. Also UVL alsways answeed my questions efficiently and dropped me some boxes for the kids to pack.

So... that's it for now.

Irene ... 0161#60161 (re-posted from the International Moves forum)

Derek (#30)

Re: V. Santini / University Van Lines (Atlas)

Postby Derek (#30) » Sat Jun 03, 2006 1:05 pm

I had University in [for a move to Los Angeles] who quoted me $4k w/o storage and Molloy Bros. who quoted about $3k for moving plus an aditional $600-$800 for storage at their warehouse in NY. I decided that all my stuff really isn't worth that much, so I've started selling all my furniture on Craigslist and it seems to be going pretty quickly. I'll be UPSing my clothes and other stuff home for a fraction of the cost of the move. . . .

I felt really bad because I told Scott from University to draw up all the paper work and then I cancelled later that day. But let me just say that he was super nice and super helpful, and that I would highly recommend anyone who is moving out of NY to go with them. He gave me a ton of tips for packing my stuff that is going to save more than a few bucks.

Derek (re-posted)

RogerCNYC (#31)

Re: V. Santini / University Van Lines (Atlas)

Postby RogerCNYC (#31) » Mon Jul 17, 2006 8:43 pm

Last month I helped a friend organize a studio apartment move from New York City to Chicago. She used University Van Lines, Scott and Jim, for this move and was highly satisfied. They came to her apartment to make an estimate, picked up on time, deliverd within schedule, took no money until delivery, and damaged nothing. A perfect moving experience! (re-posted)

Storesstores (#32)

Re: V. Santini / University Van Lines (Atlas)

Postby Storesstores (#32) » Fri Jul 28, 2006 9:50 pm

University Van lines completed / delivered my stuff to my Florida address a few days ago.

They were absolutely great to work with.

The workers worked VERY hard including the driver.

I would DEFINETELY recommend this company to anyone who needs a moving company. They disclosed everything from the beginning and they kept their word 100%

They never made any promises or representations that they couldn't keep... ... 6815#66815 (re-posted)

NYC to CO (#33)

Re: V. Santini / University Van Lines (Atlas)

Postby NYC to CO (#33) » Tue Aug 08, 2006 2:48 am

First, I want to say that this site was invaluable to me when I was planning our move from NYC (Manhattan) to the Boulder, CO area. Because of this site we were able to avoid all the traditional moving pitfalls and scams. Thank you guys so much!!!

I want to report on my move now that it's complete, to add to the reviews and to give credit where credit is definately due. In NYC we got 3 estimates: from Liffey Van Lines/Allied, Dahill/Mayflower, and University/Atlas. All were similar weight, about 5200 lbs and similar price (though different estimate types). We liked the Dahill (Chris Blank) and University (Scott Micalizzi) estimators best because they spent the most time with us discussing every detail, giving us helpful packing tips etc. I would have been happy with either company and we ended up going with University because they gave us a binding not-to-exceed estimate that could potentially go down. (Dahill offered us either a non-binding or a binding that could not go down.)

Scott Micalizzi was available and responsive pre-move: I e-mailed him a few times with questions and he was gracious and helpful each time. Moving day was set for July 18th. University called us the day before the move, gave us a time frame when the movers would come and the next day they were right on time. The driver Bo (I wish I remembered his last name) was fantastic, professional, polite, and organized. He and his crew of 3 worked carefully, quickly, and tirelessly, a real feat given that it was literally 100 degrees and 96% humidity in NYC that day. We actually felt pretty good seeing these guys drive off with our stuff. Then next day University called with the weight estimate and final charge - about 1000 dollars less than our estimate. Needless to say we were pleased. (We did get rid of a significant amount of stuff between the estimate and moving day so I don't think the estimates were as off as they seem.)

Then we went to Colorado to wait for our stuff. About halfway through our delivery spread we got a call from Al Percy, our Atlas driver, to say he though he would arrive on Monday (this was on the previous Thursday). Monday moning he called to say he was at the Atlas agent in Denver and that he would be at our house as soon as he got his labor, around 11 am. At about 10 am (one hour early) the Atlas 18-wheeler pulled up in front of our house. Mr. Percy and his crew were also friendly, polite, utterly professional, and extremely competent. They had our entire load unloaded in under and hour and a half. Everything was there, nothing was damaged. We were thrilled. However, later that day we went to put together a table with a metal frame and discovered that the 2 center bars (packed seperately) were missing. We called Al Percy on his cell phone and he said he'd look for the bars and call us back. We were not optimistic but several hours later Mr. Percy was on the phone: he had the bars and would be happy to have us meet him and pick them up. Within half an hour we had the bars back and not one single complaint about the whole move.

Again, I want to thank everyone at this site for working so hard and providing this service to the rest of us. I hope this post helps someone else. (re-posted)

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Re: Reviews of University Van Lines (Atlas) in NJ

Postby Diane » Sun Oct 22, 2006 11:30 am

I am re-posting a series of posts by "gerriberri66" and myself where she reports on her move to Las Vegas - a move that was unfortunately badly botched on the delivery end, where things were out of University Van Lines' control. This is review #34. I'll update it when Gerri posts what happened with her claim:
gerriberri66 wrote:9/26/06 - I used University . . . for a move from New York to Las Vegas. My move ended up being $2000.00 less then quoted BUT: for some reason my stuff was transfered from a shuttle to an Atlas Van line, and was then transfered ( or so I was told) to (get this) a flatbed truck( in North Las Vegas,) (ok. why? if they were in Las Vegas already, would they need to transfer my stuff for a third time???) with my stuff in wooden crates!! (my move cost me $6700.00 FOR WOODEN CRATES!!! I was mortified!!) EVERYTHING CAME IN DAMAGED!

University also never gave me the final numbers, which I just received after emailing them a couple of times, and noticed I was overcharged for some boxes that were never used. Yes, they claimed to be horrified at the truck my stuff came in, ( I took pictures of everything from the crates to the first and last damaged piece of furniture), but did nothing in the way of offering me any financial relief.
So far Atlas themselves have been very good in responding ...and their claims adjuster out here has been fine to deal with, but believe me.. my claims are far from over. Its been a very stressful situation! This was probably the worst move I have ever had in my life. And I used University because of all the infomation I gathered from this website.

I will let you know the outcome of everything.. but I would beware of using Atlas... I intend on writing a full report when all my claims are finished with Atlas.

Diane wrote:9/27/06 - I'm very sorry about this. I'll call University at some point and try to find out what happened - this sounds highly unusual.

It's not just University that has this problem. Virtually every company that's affiliated with a van line loses almost all control of the move once the shipment goes into the van line system. The only way that consumers can protect themselves is to move their own goods with a rental truck or a freight company or else use a company like Moovers or Delancey that self-hauls all shipments using its own trucks and drivers.

gerriberri66 wrote:9/27/06 - Hi Diane,

Thank you for being empathetic.. I went with University because of the good reputation they had on this website. I liked Scott Micalizzi the most out of all the sales reps that I met with. So having my move end up this way was a total shock.

Jim Quigley had no idea why my furniture was moved a third time into these wooden crates. He was very apologetic, but that really didnt resolve anything for me. Both he and Atlas couldn't believe the pictures I sent them. Like I said, so far, Atlas has handled everything the way I feel they should have, but lots more to go. At least the claims adjuster they use here in Las Vegas has been wonderfully responsive. I just want to get everything finished with and move on ( or shall I say.. not move anywhere.. just start enjoying life out here!) lol

I understand that they have no control when the furniture leaves the destination, but someone should be responsible for watching over everything, shouldnt that have been University?


Diane wrote:9/27/06 - Gerri,

Someone SHOULD be responsible for watching over everything, but unfortunately that's not the way the van line-agent relationship is structured. It is based on a series of handoffs of responsibility. Once the shipment leaves the agent's warehouse on a van line truck (i.e. a truck driven by a driver leased to some other agent company affiliated with the van line), responsibility for the goods passes to that truck driver and the van line. The origin agent (University Van Lines in this case) has nothing more to do with it, normally. Very occasionally, an origin agent will get involved in trying to help the customer by trying to reason with the van line driver, intervening with the van line's claims department, etc., but the origin agent doesn't have to do that, and most don't. They just throw up their hands and say, "Well, I did MY part of the job . . . the things were OK when they left MY warehouse." It's not that they are heartless, but the system isn't structured in a way that makes it easy for them to intervene. People may disagree with me, but from what I've seen here over the past three years, I don't think that anyone is "responsible for watching over everything" once the shipment goes into the van line system. Someone at the van line just tries to make up for the damage or whatever after it occurs.

With regard to your particular situation, as weird and unfortunate as your experience was, I think you'll be surprised at how well the van line's repairers can restore your furniture if all that's involved is dents and scratches. Several people posting here have said this.

gerriberri66 wrote:9/27/06 - Hi Diane,

I wish it were only dents and scratches we were talking about.. This was really bad.. from a desk being broken and just about to break in half.. to my ultrasuede couches having dent marks in the fabric, as well as the sides being smashed in from the bands around the blankets. I wont go into all the gory details, but I dont think there was one item that went unscathed.. My mattress and boxspring were destroyed and Atlas immediately issued an approval to replace them. I'm not over exaggerating when I say there's damage to every piece of furniture I own.

I realize that there is no one to oversee the entire moving process, but needless to say its horrible to have to go through this kind of move. Thats why theres ! I know I did all I could to research the movers I choose.. after that ......

Hope you have a great night!

Diane wrote:9/30/06 - I'm really sorry to hear that your damage was apparently worse than I thought.

Obviously when Scott booked your shipment he had no idea that somebody way down the line in Las Vegas would make a bad decision that would make the move go sour. I sometimes ask myself whether I should just advise everybody to move themselves or use a company that will promise to self-haul the shipment. If I did that, a lot of people posting here would probably be mad at me, but I would be protecting consumers like you better than I am now.

gerriberri66 wrote:9/30/06 - lol.. I certainly wouldnt be bitching and moaning for just a few scratches and dents...

I think all the people, like yourself, who take the time to answer all our comments are wonderful!

This website has been a tremendous resource for people like me. Who knows what would have happened had I used one of the original 3 movers I interviewed before I found this website!!! ( I shutter to think!!!)

All we can do, is do the best we can do.. and hopefully most people who move won't have the experience I did!

Have a great night!

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