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Re: Auto Transport Reviews (see p. 31 for companies we endorse)

Postby busybee11 » Tue Dec 12, 2006 1:15 pm

I contacted Harold @ Golden Key for a quote to move my SUV from TX to NC after C2C said they don't do that route. I need my car picked up Dec 21st and because of the holiday Golden Key was not able to do the move. I knew that I would be hard-pressed to find someone to move it on such a short notice.

However, Harold went out of his way to give me the contact names and information for three recommended alternatives that do this route. He took the time to tell me what to look for in a car transporter (same info on this site, but helpful nonetheless). If he provides this level of service for non-customers, I'd imagine his actual customers are treated well.

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Re: Auto Transport Reviews (see p. 31 for companies we endorse)

Postby MusicMom » Tue Dec 12, 2006 2:11 pm

Please let us know what comes of those three recommendations, and who they are.


Re: Unsatisfied with Countrywide Auto transport

Postby Guest » Fri Dec 22, 2006 2:41 pm

Well here's one more bad review of Countrywide Auto transport. I decided to go with Countrywide Auto transport because they were the cheapest and I was in no rush to get my car. The first problem is that the pickup date that you select when you create an order on the web site ( might as well come from the "Tooth Fairy". It doesn’t appear that they make any honest attempt to actually make the pick-up date. The second problem has to do with the sincerity of their customer support people (Al was his name 877-717-AUTO). After they failed to make the pick-up date, I called to find out when the driver would arrive. I was told "I'll call dispatch and find out when the driver will be there then I'll call you right back"...well the problem is that the support person never calls back and to make matters worse this happened everyday for the next four days after missing the pick-up date. The last time I called I was told that the driver was thirty minutes away. The problem is I was told the same thing the day before that. I suspect at least one of three things is going on here:
1) These guys really have no idea about where their drivers are.
2) This company's support people are void of any standards of business conduct (Either they LIE or are not allowed to tell the truth).
3) There’s a black hole somewhere on Interstate 10 that prevents their drivers from ever being less than 30 minutes from their pick-up location…day-after-day.

Well today was the last day. I’ve lost confidence in there ability to deliver the service promised. After speaking to the support person I’m now questioning the legitimacy of the business in general. A company that values their business would have better support people.

I am sending this letter to Countrywide Auto transport to cancel my order (#####). I request that any related charges be refunded to my credit card.

One Unsatisfied Customer

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Re: Auto Transport Reviews (see p. 31 for companies we endorse)

Postby Diane » Fri Dec 22, 2006 2:48 pm

I see that you're posting from Sacramento. Call Harold White at Golden Key Express at 559-299-7288 in Fresno (see rave reviews on the preceding page) and he'll give you a truthful answer about when he or his drivers could pick up and deliver your car. He is a straight shooter.


Re: Auto Transport Reviews (see p. 31 for companies we endorse)

Postby xs10shl » Sat Dec 23, 2006 2:21 pm

I have had a bad experience with DAS Autoshippers that I thought I'd share. I dropped my car off in Reno, NV on 11/28/06 to be shipped to Baltimore. I was told that the car would arrive at the destination terminal sometime between 12/11 and 12/14. It finally arrived on Dec 19th. When I picked it up, the rear license plate had been stolen and the original Bill of Lading had been lost (supposedly). When I got the car home I realized that someone had driven it 183 miles while it was in DAS' possession (I wrote the mileage down before dropping the car off and I still had the original Bill of Lading with the mileage written on it). I contacted DAS, told them the story, faxed them the original Bill of Lading and all they did for me was refund $50 and claim that they would start an investigation.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what else I should do?

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Re: Auto Transport Reviews (see p. 31 for companies we endorse)

Postby MusicMom » Sat Dec 23, 2006 3:30 pm

You should report the stolen license plate to the police, in case someone should try to use it to commit a crime you don't want it coming back to you. It's possible someone took it when it was parked at the terminal or somewhere else.

As for the added mileage, I think that should be reported to the DOT and BBB, even if it was not one of their employees that did it, their internal investigation should be put into overdrive. If there is some way that someone is accessing cars on thier lot, they should beef up the security. Their charges are not for joyriding.

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Re: Auto Transport Reviews (see p. 31 for companies we endorse)

Postby Diane » Sat Dec 23, 2006 3:57 pm


Just for our information, what kind of car did you ship with DAS and what did they charge you to ship it?

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Re: Auto Transport Reviews (see p. 31 for companies we endorse)

Postby Diane » Tue Dec 26, 2006 12:13 pm

Re-posting an exchange from another messageboard (Jalopy Journal) to illustrate what can happen if you ship your car with a broker (it was DAS in this case). The person posting as Brent seems to work for a moving company because he talks about "in-house transportation."
BRENT in 10-uh-C wrote: 08-23-2005 - I also have had so much problems with brokered transporters. I had a customer's vehicle on a transporter for 5 weeks and 5 different carriers had it. He was livid and I also wound up charging him for about 6 hours of telephone time. First off, I told the customer that we do not offer in-house transportation on distances of 500 miles or more because it is not profitable for us.

I had given the customer the name of the transportation company that I use but he felt their price was too high so he chose DAS (Dependable Auto Shippers). Because he lived in a gated community, they sent a roll-back to pick up the inoperable vehicle. Same scenario you guys listed as the car was picked up a day or two early and my customer was out of town.

Long story short, the carriers kept giving the run-around telling him and I where the vehicle was but then it would be in another state within a few hours. Finally he issued a stolen vehicle report on the vehicle and it was amazing how people started jumping through hoops. He is a man with strong financial means and lacking in extra time to pursue it so he did not press charges, but I would have liked to see just how far they would have gone before they settled out of court.

I am also more amazed at how these companies that broker these loads even get their payment to the ones that actually haul the vehicles. Here is the way that I understand how these broker boards work. DAS quoted the move at $1299.00 from LA to eastern Tennessee. Because it was overheight and not a good candidate for their "stack & pack" type rigs, they brokered it out on a load board offering like $1100.00 for a company to pick it up at their terminal in LA.

Company "B" looks on the internet at this board and see's it is going to Tennessee so he goes by and gets the vehicle. On the way from LA to Phoenix he gathers a couple more cars but when he gets to Phoenix he decides that he needs to go to Chicago instead. He leaves the car at a terminal in Phoenix and puts the vehicle on the load board again for $900 to go from Phoenix to TN.

A few days later some fool is heading to Dallas and because he has an empty slot he goes by and loads the car. Once he gets to Dallas he puts the vehicle offat a terminal there and again the vehicle makes the load board. With the available balance to take the car from Dallas to TN only at $500.00, the vehicle sets and waits until someone decides to take it. Problem is that no one wants to take it at 50 cents a mile so it sets another week until the originating shipper can track it down and find someone to load it.

Usually what happens is the originating broker finds a hauler and says I have one car that needs to go to eastern TN and then they need that hauler to go on to someplace like Charlotte to pick up two cars heading to Detroit. About one time of a customer putting up with this nonsense, they choose a small one or two car carrier.

I am paying $1.10 a mile for up to 500 miles and about $1.00 a mile for trip over that. My carrier gets about $2200.00 to ship from Tennessee to LA but it is almost on a direct path door to door. My customer never batted an eye for the return trip expense!! Wonder why??

bill_trucker wrote: 08-23-2005 - Brent, you got it down pat ,when the rate gets down too low from the load being brokered out too many times no one wants to take the end delivery. Then the car may set in some out of the way drop lot until they find someone desperate for a load headed home. ... 67650.html

For a car to be transferred this many times is very unusual, but it CAN happen. And every time a car has to be taken off a car carrier and reloaded, the potential for damage increases. It's even worse if the car is stored in a drop lot somewhere, as Bill describes. This is why we on endorse only companies that have their own car carriers and drivers that move cars directly from point A to point B.

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Re: Auto Transport Reviews (see p. 31 for companies we endorse)

Postby Diane » Wed Dec 27, 2006 3:14 pm

This post brings together reviews of an enclosed auto transporter called DeMoise Trk-ing [correct spelling] in Greer, SC. I first heard about DeMoise in June 2004 from a friend of mine, Jeff Allen, who used to own an auto transport company in Los Angeles. He spoke favorably of Intercity Lines in MA at (which has very good reviews all over the Internet) but also mentioned DeMoise. This is the post that I made at that time:
Diane wrote: 6/2/04 - My friend makes another suggestion. He knows of a company (he has no financial interest in it and nothing to gain from recommending it) that you might want to get a quote from. This is DeMoise Trucking in Greer, SC, phone 864-609-9390. It has its own trucks. The owner is Bob DeMoise. He spoke not with Bob but with a mutual acquaintance who said that Bob would charge about the same as Intercity and would give excellent service and was a "straight shooter" with regard to giving you honest information about the timetable for delivery and such. My friend says that the company (MC #324544) has been in business since 1997. You might give Bob a call and just see what you think. -

Since then, I have been collecting reviews of DeMoise, thinking that should know about good companies for enclosed as well as open transport of autos. Its reviews are very strong and most of them are by people shipping expensive autos, a good sign. Note that judging from the reviews, a ballpark cost for shipping an auto coast-to-coast with DeMoise would be about $1500 - understandably, somewhat more than shipping on an open carrier. DeMoise has a website at and checks out fine on under MC #324544. I was unable to find a BBB listing for DeMoise but that is not unusual because the BBB would not normally list a company unless there had been a complaint or inquiry about it.

I recently spoke with Bill DeMoise, who is the one who answers the phone when you call the 864-609-9390 number in the reviews. He answered a few questions for me. First of all, he is the youngest of four brothers who run the company. The oldest three all drive for DeMoise. Bob, the oldest, lives in CT and Larry and Don, the next oldest, live next door to each other in AZ. Bill lives in Greer, SC. Their father was a long-distance truck driver as well, but for a company that transported refrigerated meat. There are only the four brothers - no sisters.

I asked Bill about the unusual spelling of the company name, DeMoise Trk-ing, and he said that when the brothers started the company in 1997, they decided to spell it that way "to be different." DeMoise has 4 of its own trucks (driven by the three oldest brothers and Mike Mulvaney - mentioned in review #12 below). It also controls 5 other trucks that are driven by owner-operators leased to DeMoise. Bill is very pleasant to speak with and I think it would be well worth getting a quote from him if people have cars that they want to ship in an enclosed carrier. Although we have no reviews of the company posted on as yet, the comments posted elsewhere on the Internet are impressive, as shown below.

1. Kent Lewis wrote: 1/30/03 - Jim, the company I would recommend is:

DeMoise Trk-ing
110 Cliffwood Court
Greer, SC 29650
(864)609-5476 fax

They picked up my car in Northern Indiana, and delivered it to the new owner in Los Angeles, CA. The company is actually owned and operated by a couple of brothers. The enclosed trailer has hydraulic lifts, and the cars are secured with nylon straps over the tires. The driver will fill out an inspection report on the car, noting any scratches, chips, dents, blemishes, etc. You sign it, and are given a copy. I remember being very impressed by the driver, named "Larry". We got to talking as he was loading up my car, and he told me that some times he has to shuffle the cars around in the trailer to unload them, based on their destination. He told me that you have to be careful where you decide to park and unload the trailer, don't want to do it in a "bad neighborhood". Anyway, you asked for a recommendation, I would highly recommend this company.

Good Luck with your move,

Kent -

2. Anonymous wrote:Review of Demoise Trucking . . .

Date Received 5/8/03
Auto Transport Used Demoise Trucking
Transaction Number 2003-04-29
Origin MS
Destination NJ

Comments Mid-April 2003: I found it almost impossible to get my vehicle moved because of 'snowbird' traffic tying up the open carriers. Researching, I found and contracted with DeMoise to haul the vehicle in one of their fully enclosed carriers. Bob DeMoise gave me pickup and delivery date ranges and met/exceeded them; the vehicle arrived without a scratch! DeMoise Trk'ing is a no-nonsense, reputable and professional auto transporter and I can recommend them HIGHLY without reservation. I checked them out using the BBB and before considering them. They are a premium auto transporter and are priced as such, but, they are WORTH IT!! GRADE: A+++

3. ShadyJC wrote: 1/21/05 - The covered transport company that moved my Lexus and Saab when I moved from NJ to CA last year was DeMoise Trk-Ing, 864-609-9390. My driver was RICH in truck #101. He did a fantastic job and was very careful. If I remember right it was about 10 days from coast to coast. As I think I mentioned in a previous post, he already had a number of high-value cars in his truck when he loaded up mine. Depending on who is making transportation arrangements, why don't you call your dealer and ask if they have any recommendations.

Having sent a total of 4 cars from east coast to west coast (don't ask) if I remember, open transport ran ~$600-800 and covered was ~$1400-1600.

1/22/05 - . . . for us, it was arranged thru my moving company (arranged thru my corporate re-location service) so it was pretty much on-time. I forget exactly but something like we told them we were moving/flying on Friday, and they had to get the cars on Wednesday or Thursday... with Rich we met him in a parking lot (his truck was too big to go down residential streets) and he drove our cars on his truck and away he went. Other times they have come to our home and flatbedded an individual car to a holding center where I believe it is as you describe they wait until they get a certain number of cars to go. -

He also posted at

4. Mr. Incredible wrote: 6/15/05 - I have hauled my 57' Chevy all over the US as I move with my company and they are awesome. I just shipped my '57 last Friday to my new location and it turns out that BMW contracts him to move their show cars from event to event. This is obviously an enclosed carrier. Their contact info is as follows:

DeMoise Trucking
110 Cliffwood Court
Greer, SC 29650

One other suggestion I might offer is that when talking with these carriers (and only if you are not in a hurry) that you tell them to use your car as a "filler" car, i.e., when they are trying to complete a load, they can use your car to maximize their haul. It is my experience that they will give you a better rate if you are flexible.

If you call the DeMoise brothers; tell them that Tony from Caterpillar sent you!

T.D. -

5. 4woody wrote: 8/24/05 - I just had a good experience I'll relate here. I needed a car moved from Maine to the Bay Area and BenD couldn't get there anytime soon, so I used an outfit recommended by a buddy that worked out great.

Demoise Trucking out of South Carolina (864) 609-9390 shipped enclosed for a price significantly better than the "Bigs". Good communication and on-time pickup and delivery. -

3/27/06 - I used DeMoise Trk-ing enclosed service on recommendation of a friend. Was very happy with both the price and the service. (864)609-9390 -

6. GForce wrote: 2/15/06 - I was going to buy from a dealer before and [he] swore this guy is real fussey he trans all there Bentleys and high end cars. . . ..His name is Bill, Demoise transport, The dealer that swore he the best is Bentley of long island NY. -

7. kkim wrote: 6/16/06 - Highly recommend Demoise Trking. Family owned business, using enclosed transport. Lower than all of the other quotes with better customer service to boot. Excellent communication during the entire transaction. PA to CA was $1500 a few months ago. -

8. carrera 97701 wrote: 7/27/06 - Try DeMoise Trucking out of Greer S.C, ph. 864-609-9390 fax 864 609 5476 - It is also possible to do an internet quote @ I am a Porsche, Audi, BMW Dealer in Oregon and use them frequently for cross country moves.

and RJT wrote:7/27/06 - Jim... That's it!!!! DeMoise is the one I couldn't think of that Tony (airkuul993) used and he was very VERY Happy. They had quick pick up and delivery too and I know that is what you are looking for. Maybe they are not as busy as the other guys. Thanks Carrera97701!!! [EDITOR'S NOTE by Diane: see Tony's own post below in #9.]

and jcnesq wrote: 7/27/ 06 - Thanks all. I just hired DeMoise - price is a $247 less than Intercity, very friendly people (Bill DeMoise) and they can pick it up pretty quick (8/5-7). So keeping my fingers crossed that she gets here safe and quick! - Jim [EDITOR'S NOTE by Diane: see Jim's followup post below in #10.]

and RJT wrote: 7/27/06 - Cool!!!! So all the carriers arel still within about $200.00 bucks of each other. At the rate the DeMoise Family business's reputation for fast pick up and great service is growing, the big time car transportation companies better watch out..... or at least buy more trucks so that their lead times aren't so long........ - ... p?t=288653

9. Air Kuul TT wrote: 7/30/06 - I also used DeMoise Truck-ing... Very Highly recommended. I shipped from LAX to DFW enclosed for $1,250.00... Perfect! -
Tony - ... p?t=289272

10. jcnesq wrote: 8/21/06 - Demoise just brought my new 356 from Florida to L.A., very good service and very quick, and would highly recommend them. – Jim

and RJT wrote: 8/21/06 - We always use Intercity because we feel that they are the best (Plus they are a Rennlist Sponsor). However, they usually have a long lead time. . . .
I know a lot of guys 993 guys have been using Demoise Auto Transport and they are raving about how quick they are and that they take great car of the cars. -
JoAnne - ... d&t=293912

11. Jenn wrote: 6/29/06 –

Reviewed: DeMoise Trk-ing
Subject: Excellent from start to finish!

Review: We had two vehicles to move - a 1987 Jeep Cherokee and a 2003 MINI Cooper. We chose open transport for the Jeep and closed for the MINI. A2B moved the Jeep while DeMoise Trk-ing moved the MINI. What a contrast in organization and service!


The Jeep move cost about 2/3rds that of the MINI (Jeep $970 for open transport; MINI $1500 for closed). From the start A2B was disorganized, misinformative, and generally not helpful. They said they would be there, then they didn't know who was picking up the vehicle, then we got a call from the actual driver (not from A2B we found out) and communication was all over the place. (We didn't find out until it was too late to change carriers that A2B is only a broker, not the people who actually move your vehicle.) One person would tell us one thing, then another would tell us something else, then a third couldn't find any information at all!

As it ended up, they arrived to pick up the Jeep at the last possible moment, when our movers were loading our stuff and we were just about gone. They picked it up using a temporary trailer and later moved it to a long-haul carrier. We pre-paid since we were having a friend take delivery at the other end. (We were taking our time crossing the country and wouldn't be there before the Jeep arrived.)

While we were still a few days out from our arrival, our friend taking delivery called us. He said that the Jeep was going to be delivered that day or the next, but the driver needed a cashier's check for the balance before he would unload the truck! We started frantically making phone calls to try and get the problem cleared up. We had pre-paid the pick-up person specifically so that our friend wouldn't have to deal with any of this (nor would we). After several phone calls back and forth over the course of a few hours, the problem was finally resolved and our friend took delivery. I guess in the end it all worked out, but the hassles along the way, especially when we ourselves were moving, were really unnecessary and very stressful!

DeMoise Trk-ing

Now for the contrast: DeMoise Trk-ing moving the MINI Cooper. From beginning to end they were on-the-ball, personable, and very easy to work with. The MINI is our baby so we wanted her taken care of right. I had emailed them initially with a price request for both vehicles, and they replied right away that they only did closed transport but would be willing to cut us a deal for both. We declined on the Jeep as it was still quite a bit more than we wanted to pay.

A little later in the process, I emailed my requested pick-up and delivery dates, which were about 12 days apart. Within an hour Bill DeMoise called me on my cell to personally tell me that they are a small company and don't have a storage facility, and they usually deliver within 7 days. It would be difficult for them to arrange a longer time period, etc. (and that I wouldn't really want to leave my car in a storage facility if I cared about it - a VERY good point!) He apologized and said that if I went with another carrier he'd understand. He also made some suggestions like having someone else take delivery (no way - I wanted to make sure all was okay at delivery) or have someone else send it off. It hadn't occured to me to have someone else send it off, but I immediately thought of several friends whom I trusted to do that. I thanked Bill and said I'd get back to him. I arranged for a friend to keep the car for a few days and send it off, take pictures of loading, etc.

The only glitch in the whole process was that we thought pick-up was going to be in the middle of the week. It turned out to be on the weekend, and my friend was away in New Orleans! Fortunately his wife had stayed home and she oversaw the loading. Their daughter even took the pictures! I got a call from the driver, Don, whom I later found out was Bill's brother, that he had picked up my car and was on his way.

Delivery came right on schedule, and she arrived in pristine condition. I was VERY happy with the service from DeMoise and told Don so. I also emailed Bill to thank him, too. I HIGHLY recommend DeMoise Trk-ing if you are moving a vehicle you care about!

Quote or Order ID: 9442
Quote or Order Cost: $1500
Origin: California
Pickup: Early
Time from first available date the vehicle was picked up: 3 day(s)
Destination: Virginia
Delivery: On Time
Total Time from pickup to delivery of vehicle: 11 day(s)
Truck/Carrier Type: Enclosed
Dirty: No
Items Stolen: No
Damaged: No

12. Kent Sullivan wrote: After the show in Forest Grove [Oregon, in July 2006], we parked the cars on a quiet back street for loading. The shipper we used was Demoise Trk-ing of Greer, SC. Demoise specializes in premium car transport and they delivered as advertised. The rig was amazing! It is 80' long and the custom trailer can carry eight cars total.
Michael Mulvaney was our driver for the trip East and he did a superb job. It was great that his schedule permitted him to hang with us during the Forest Grove show. - (has photos of trailer)

13. Monteman wrote: 9/9/06 - I just transported my F Car from Colorado to the East Coast and used Demoise Trucking 864-609-9390 (ask for Bill Demoise). Bill is located on the East Coast but his brother, Larry, drives one of the trucks out of Phoenix.

I had never heard of them before and was a little concerned until I talked to them on the phone and they showed up. My jaw dropped when I saw what they were carrying in their rig. Actually, my Ferrari was one of the cheaper cars on the trailer and Larry DeMoise really took his time and knew exactly what he was doing.

The trailer was immaculate, prices very reasonable and the car was delivered on time (5 days later) and in perfect condition. I would highly recommend them since they do a lot of private transport for several collectors.

Hope this helps. -

14. Mike H wrote: 9/20/06 –

Reviewed: DeMoise Trk-ing
Subject: Great service


At first I chose a low bid from Cosmos Trucking, but after I saw bad reviews from them and experienced little or no communication from them I cancelled the order and went with a higher bid with DeMoise - through Hilton Broker. Experience was great. Driver stayed in touch all the way and car arrived in great condition

Dealt with Nicole at Hilton and Leo at DeMoise.

Quote or Order ID: Brokered by Hilton Auto Transport
Quote or Order Cost: $1050

Origin: California
Pickup: On Time
Destination: Indiana
Delivery: Early
Total Time from pickup to delivery of vehicle: 7 day(s)
Truck/Carrier Type: Enclosed
Dirty: No
Items Stolen: No
Damaged: No

15. jrgordonsr wrote:9/28/06 –

Subject: RE: Transport suggestions?

I know 3 separate friends who have all used Demoise Trucking with great success. They claim his rates are better than the bigger carriers, and all were happy with the service. No damages, always on time. Bill DeMoise (864) 609-9390 or -

16. Marcus95 wrote: 11/7/06 - DeMoise Trucking is the best and will have the best price. I use them exclusively. A couple of months ago coast to coast cost $ 1,600. I have never, I mean never an issue with them at all and I'm one of the worst a-hole perfectionists I know. -

17. XR7Steve wrote: 11/11/06 - Another Transport Option

I just wanted to throw out a recommendation for another Car Transporter.

After I called about a hundred different carriers, most of them turned out to be brokers, I found DeMoise Trucking. They only ship enclosed, they own their own trucks, and when you call you talk to Bill DeMoise the owner.

Their quoted price was WAY better than all of the other enclosed shippers, and very close to some of the open carrier prices. This first worried me, but after the professional and friendly attitude, I thought I would give them a shot, as I was running out of time to move my car. The time frame that he quotes is VERY conservative. The driver and Bill call often before and during the transport.

After the Army moved me to Arizona from North Carolina I had been searching for a way to move my car, usually I just reant a car trailer and haul it. But I wouldn't be able to do that this time. I had even thought about renting a truck and trailer to bring it out. It would have cost me more than getting it shipped through DeMoise.

I just wanted to give another option and endorsment for anybody needing to get a car moved.

11/12/06 - If you really want to be impressed call a few other places first. I wasn't kidding when I said their price was comparable to other places open-carrier price. Price wasn't my first concern, more like 3rd down my list. I can't say enough nice things about them.

Steve -

18. joe95710 wrote: 12/26/06 (in eBay listing for MGB GT auto, item #220063120400) – NEED TRANSPORT RECOMMENDATIONS? . . . De Moise Trk-ing (spelling is correct), highly recommended, Greer, South Carolina … Office: 864-609-9390 Cell: 602-549-2032, contact person, Larry DeMoise,


Re: Auto Transport Reviews (see p. 31 for companies we endorse)

Postby xs10shl » Sun Jan 07, 2007 11:28 pm

Hi Diane,

Sorry for the delayed response. I shipped a VW Golf and the terminal to terminal cost (Reno, NV to Baltimore MD) was $768. As for my problems with DAS, I am in the process of filing with reports with any and all involved.

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Re: Auto Transport Reviews (see p. 31 for companies we endorse)

Postby Diane » Fri Feb 09, 2007 12:05 pm

Re-posting an exchange between "cpc25" and me about shipping a car from FL to CA. I am re-posting it because it gives good information about what various companies quoted for this move (showing tremendous variation, by the way) and it discusses issues such as whether BBB membership is important.
cpc25 wrote: 2/3/07 - Well, I've been researching options for transporting my car, and I am thoroughly undecided. Since I'm moving from FL to CA, I guess Coast to Coast will not work. I called Golden Key and they will not have a truck available until March. I need my car in CA by the end of Feb. I know it is not very much notice, but this is just my circumstance, given my new job out there. Here are the quotes I've gathered:

Bravo: $860 Door to Door
DeMoise Trk-ing: $1575 Door to Door
Ron Bailey: $1600 Door to Door
DAS: $888 Terminal to Terminal, $1266 Door to Door
Intercity Lines: $1872: Door to Door
Tn'T: $1400 Terminal to Terminal, $1760 Door to Door

I was surprised that DeMoise is not in the BBB and both Intercity and Ron Bailey are not BBB members. I have also read threads on the companies above. DAS seems spotty. TnT not as much so leaning towards them. But frankly everything else is really priced above my budget. I had budgeted about $1000 for auto transport, but maybe this is unrealistic. So I am willing to pay $1400 with TnT or even up to the $1600 if it is much more realistic and well worth it (with a highly reputable company).

I also checked 3 highest rated from for online quotes (All Door to Door: Specialty Mobile Systems $1195, Angels Moving Autos $900, Hilton Transport $1075) and their BBB reports were satisfactory (although they also seem to be relatively new brokers). And reading some of the threads here about that website seems to indicate that I should not trust it.

I am still waiting for a quote from a HHG mover (Armstrong/United Van Lines). He is supposed to get back to me on Monday. In the meantime, I am racking my brain and feeling really nervous about the whole thing, since I have never transported my car before. Please help! Thank you!

Diane wrote: 2/3/07 - Hi - thanks so much for posting these prices, which will help others to see differences. I'll transfer your post to our Auto Transporters thread.

You know, probably, that two of your companies listed are offering enclosed transport: DeMoise and Intercity. That's why their quotes are higher than the others.

Harold White at Golden Key recommended a broker in CA called ProStar with website and here is the post where I talk about it: ... 6108#76108 I would suggest calling them since GK can't accommodate you, because Harold told me that they know the carriers they use and that in my opinion gives them an advantage over Tn'T or DAS.

If your Bravo is Bravo Transport in Placentia, CA with MC #503506, I advise you not to use them. They are a broker and brokers take a fee of at least $150-$200 for their services. That leaves only about $700 for the actual carrier that will transport your car cross-country--too low for good service, in my opinion.

Many good companies are not listed by the BBB. The BBB lists companies that come to its attention for one reason or another--for example, when someone submits a formal request for a report on them, or when there is a complaint. As for being members of the BBB, MANY MANY excellent companies decide not to join. The BBB is a rather dubious enterprise in my opinion. We have many examples of their "going easy" on members that pay them an annual fee, regardless of the quality of the members.

cpc25 wrote: 2/3/07 - Thank you so much Diane. You're post was very helpful. I requested a quote from Prostar online. I think they are closed on the weekends, so hopefully I should have an estimate on Monday. If it is lower than DeMoise ($1575) then I will probably go with Prostar. If not, then I think I will go with DeMoise (at least I will know that paying that much has a good reason, i.e., with the enclosed carrer). . . .

2/6/07 - Hi. The quote from Prostar is $1250 (door to door). Better than DeMoise and TnT. I read the threads on Prostar and I think I will go with them. I will post again after delivery to note how they did. Thanks again for all the advice.

Diane wrote: 2/6/07 - Please do post, and it might be good to let ProStar (Tiffany) know that you are going to post here, and that Harold White of Golden Key Express specifically recommended her brokerage. I think the price is fair because your car is moving a long distance. If you can find out the name of the company that actually moves you, I would be interested.

cpc25 wrote: 2/24/07 - Wanted to post my experience with Prostar. Highly recommend them. Customer service was really excellent. They are a broker but the truck (I'm Pulling For You) they hired for me worked out very well. The truck owners/drivers were a very nice couple, Gloria and Leon. They picked up my car on 2/15 in Miami, FL and delivered to Pasadena, CA on 2/20 (a day early from scheduled delivery). I was not personally there to receive the delivery, but luckily my relatives were. Everything with the car looked as it did when it left Florida. The couple was very friendly and it really was hassle/worry free experience. -

[After I posted to "cpc25" about Golden Key recommending ProStar, Coast to Coast Auto also told me that they think very highly of ProStar (Tiffany Parker) as a broker. Our advice on MovingScam is always to try to book with an actual carrier such as Golden Key or Coast to Coast if possible, but if it isn't possible, go with a broker that comes highly recommended for knowing its carriers and treating them fairly. ProStar at seems to be in this category.]

Here is a followup post on the same thread describing what happened to someone who booked with Bravo Transport, showing how any company that quotes that low will have trouble finding a carrier to haul the car:
d_sherry wrote: 6/22/07 - Recently I contacted by Bravo Transport for shipping my car.. they said they would pick the up in 1 to 7 days but even after a week they were saying they haven't found the carrier. I was asking the representative about the procedure to cancel the order he canceled it and charged my card 100$. and after that said they can't do anything because the cancellation is already processed. this company is a big Scam. I should have checked this website earlier.If possible Please add this Bravo Transport in the black list so no one will suffer in the future.
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Re: Auto Transport Reviews (see p. 31 for companies we endorse)

Postby Jkanownik » Mon Feb 19, 2007 3:20 pm

I'd like to add a negative review of DAS. There was obvious damage to my car when I went to pick it up and it was bad enough that they should have already known about it and pointed it out to me. I'll update further after I deal with the adjuster and get a final resolution. I'm hoping there's no frame damage or this could get ugly.

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Re: Auto Transport Reviews (see p. 31 for companies we endorse)

Postby lh845 » Mon Mar 26, 2007 7:21 pm

I just wanted to report my experience with Coast to Coast Auto Transporters. I was transporting my car from Westchester Co, NY to Casper WY (actually with a drop-off in Denver). They were a dream to deal with from start to finish. Courteous, dependable drivers and staff. The experience overall couldn't have been better.

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Re: Auto Transport Reviews (see p. 31 for companies we endorse)

Postby Diane » Mon Mar 26, 2007 7:28 pm

Thanks so much for posting this, and I'll re-post it in the Coast to Coast review section. If you want to post what you paid and how long it took you to get your car, I'll add those details to your review.

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Re: Auto Transport Reviews (see p. 31 for companies we endorse)

Postby veveya » Tue Mar 27, 2007 12:58 am

anyone has experience with main line auto transport?[]
I want to ship two cars from MA to CA, one is civic , another is pilot. I got very impressive quote from them, 875+875=1750 fot two cars. goldenkeyexpress's quote is 2150.
the Coordinator named JP in main line autotransport promised me the deliver date and arrive time over the phone, he said it only take 5 days for transport my cars, and I can set any time for pick up(exactly 8am or 9am on certain day). I was very happy when I heard that, and paid deposite. After review the posts in this forum, I 'm worried, it sounds to good to be true. I did research on bbb, and found they received 27 complains last year. the company was starting business in Feb, 2006.
anyone has any idea. maybe it is a scam?[/url]

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