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Re: now what.....

Postby sandy » Fri Mar 26, 2004 5:37 pm

Hi Josh, It was my error, Mayflower's weight is 8483 and Bekins is 8200.If you dont mind I will still like to fax both of them to you for your review, I'm so new at this I would appreciate a pair of "experienced" eyes.

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Re: now what.....

Postby Josh » Fri Mar 26, 2004 9:44 pm


Here is my evaluation (and that is not insurance either):

Bekins estimate:

First thing I noticed is in the remarks section on the right hand side of the estimate: "Includes $50,000 Full Replacement Insurance with a $250-deductible."
This is very misleading to you Sandy. Valuation is what he/she means (hopefully), if you look to the left side of your estimate now, it states there that it is a tariff level of carrier liablity --- It is not insurance!

The way the charges are listed are very shady. You have no idea what you are paying for packing labor, packing supplies, your piano, the pick up charge, the warehouse handling, the 3 crates, the valuation, the fuel surcharge and the discount level... There is a lot you don't know and I suggest you have them itemize every charge for you. It is very hard to tell what is included and what isn't. Here is the format of their estimate for the other pro's here:

Transportation Charge: $3412.47
Origin Charge: $2841.73
Destination Charge: $64.21
Valuation Charge: $0.00
Insurance Surcharge: $122.40
Total Cost (Not To Exceed): $6440.81

Keep in mind, this is a partial pack (about 35 containers), going into storage for about a month. (Meant for other professionals that will know what I am saying, other feedback is appreciated)

So my conclusion on this estimate: The valuation/insurance incident scares me. I would question your sales rep about it and ask for an itemized list of charges. The way this is priced makes no sense to me!

With Bekins, you will also pay for long carries, stair carries, and some other extras that most movers got rid of when they swithced tariffs to the new 400N.

Glen Ellyn Mayflower Estimate:

The pricing is all itemized like it should be. The cube sheet has an estimated weight of 8483#, but the estimate is based on 8000#. They might have done this to get the business, but worth questioning them about it.

They have a 64% discount on your interstate move. I believe they have very similar pricing restrictions as we do (my van line is owned by the same company their van line is) this summer. The maximum discounts that were just published are no where near the 64% level anytime this summer. I believe your sales rep did not quote this right, and unfortunately will have to redo it or suffer paying the difference himself.

I would ask him to provide you with his pricing matrix for this summer. You will then be able to see for yourself the maximum discounts that will be allowed this summer.

The 68% discount they have on your SIT (Storage in Transit) charges is 100% their control. That will not change because that is all their revenue anyway.

My suggestion: Ask for the pricing matrix so you can see the discount levels and ask about the weight difference (although not to uncommon).

Let me know if you have any other questions!



Re: now what.....

Postby sandy » Fri Mar 26, 2004 11:29 pm

Josh, Thanks so much for reviewing my quotes. The agent for Mayflower had asked me to give him a 2nd chance if anyone else beat his quote, I think after reading your suggestions I will call him and ask about the things you pointed out and see what his response is. I will let you know.
Once again thank you for taking the time to educate me, it is greatly appreciated.

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Re: now what.....

Postby twalker » Fri Mar 26, 2004 11:45 pm


I guess I'd be curious as to why the Mayflower agent was unable to give you an honest quote to begin with. If he can make you a better deal, then why didn't he do that the first time he worked with you? On second thought, if he gives you a better deal then I have to wonder if he's low-balling you to get your business.

In other words, this guy wasn't dealing with you honestly from the beginning. I'd look somewhere else for a competing in-home estimate.

Just my two cents.

Tim Walker


Re: now what.....

Postby sandy » Sat Mar 27, 2004 4:07 pm

Tim, Mayflower was the very first agent that came in, I told him at that time that I intended to get 3 other estimates regardless that's when he asked that he'd be given a 2nd chance if someone beat his quote. I agree with you that he should have given me the best price to start out but I'm in sales myself and I've been guilty of doing the same thing. After Josh reviewed the quotes I guess I feel a little more comfortable with Mayflower, they are also 10 minutes from my house so it's an easy vist to their warehouse. Also look for my donation in the near future, this forum has been a great help! Sandy

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Re: now what.....

Postby Josh » Sat Mar 27, 2004 8:53 pm


No problem at all. You might feel comfortable with the quote now, but I have a feeling after you see his pricing matrix, he is gonna have to redo his estimate for you. There is not a 64% discount allowed anyhwere this entire summer.

Any MF reps out there that have access to your pricing restrictions that you would like to share? (I am almost certain they are an image of ours)


The thing about giving him a second chance. I (like Sandy in sales) have used this method myself. Although I am not as blatant as that, I have my own way of saying pretty much the same thing. I don't consider it a second chance, I just tell customers that if they really want to use me, then we might be able to negotiate!

Anyways, keeo us posted Sandy!

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Re: now what.....

Postby Michael » Sun Mar 28, 2004 12:18 am

Josh and Tim,

Josh, if Sandy signs before May 15 and moves with 60 days of that signing then her pricing structure and rates will remain the same. Example for Sandy. I am moving a young lady from NY to NC. She is not moving til June 30. Well for my discount today I can give her 63%. But if I were to wait until after May 15 to have her sign the Order for Service, then I believe the max for that load date was 51%. But I had her pre date the Order for Service as of 5/10 and as long as she moves within 60 days of that signed date, her rates will apply as is on the order for service.

Tim, one reason to ask for a second chance, especially if your the first one, is that by the time Sandy got to number three things may have changed. So I can understand for that reasoning. But I am in the mind thought of you. I give my best price up front. I mean I cant jiggle the discount (in most cases unless its a self haul), so I have to jiggle the weight. And if I do that, do I mention protest, addendums and such that the driver can make. And more importantly do I jepordize my own integrity to just get the business by low balling the weight? Not me.

Now in Joshs case where is sells a totally different solution for the most part, commodities, its a different ball game in my mind.

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Re: now what..... UPDATE

Postby Guest » Tue Nov 16, 2004 8:53 pm

Boyer-Rosene is a very well respected mover. They are the largest Bekins agent and have been in business for over 40 years. Their authority is in good standing despite the comments here.
Diane wrote:Sandy -

This company, if its MC (motor carrier) license number is 049544, has a license that has been revoked. The FMCSA website at says that it was a voluntary revocation, which probably means that it is now using Bekins' authority to perform moves, but you should ask about it. The company IS a Bekins agent. I am unable to find any other possible red flags on this company, but I'm hoping that someone more knowledgeable than I am will jump in here to confirm this. According to its website at, it is a well known company.

sandy wrote:he did say that if the weight was 12,000 lbs.or more then he would have to come back to me with a new cost.

I'm confused by this--I thought it was a GNTE (?).

Just a side note that this is the fourth time in a couple of months that Allied has reportedly come in with a significantly higher weight estimate than other majors.

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