Thanks for your help - Positive moving experience

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Thanks for your help - Positive moving experience

Postby uptownblonde » Fri Apr 06, 2007 7:49 pm

First, thanks to I read this site a lot when I knew I would be looking to move, and when I suddenly found an apartment, read it again and again to get some ideas on who I should NOT call. After a few recomendations from people I know, and reading your website, I made a few calls, and settled with Shea moving in NYC. I moved about 2 miles from Nothern Manhattan to Riverdale in the Bronx, and it was the best move I have ever had. Moved from a two bedroom, with only one person's belongings to a one bedroom. Shea showed up on time, had the nicest people (Brian Shea was in charge, I can't remember the names of the other 3 guys, but they were all great). Bottom line, they came in almost $200 less than the quote I got, which was better than the other 2 quotes I got, loaded my belongings onto the truck in less than 2 hours, and unloaded in one hour and 45 minutes. I'm a single gal, and they were nice enough to take the large heavy things out of the boxes (large microwave, computer) and put them on the microwave cart and desk, saving me the trouble of trying to do it myself or getting a guy-friend to help. They brought up a clear plastic "bed bag" in a sealed package to put my mattress & boxspring in, keeping them clean. I have never experienced such profesional movers. I was very nervous the day of the move, and had had only 4-5 hours sleep, but Brian made me feel comfortable about the whole thing as soon as he got there, and it went so smoothly and quickly, it was over before I knew it.

I can and should say terrible things about my last moving experience with Noah's Ark Moving (NY, NY), they were terrible, and 6 hours late, hence finishing my move at midnight.

I know this site does not endorce any moving companies, but I had a great moving experience with these guys, and just had to let you all know.

Thanks for this site, it really made a difference in my move!

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Re: Thanks for your help - Positive moving experience

Postby MusicMom » Fri Apr 06, 2007 7:53 pm

You're welcome! Glad it went well!

Did you ask any questions the first time around, or did you just read and glean the info yourself?

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