Moving from NJ to Oregon

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Re: Moving from NJ to Oregon

Postby Diane » Mon Apr 05, 2004 11:33 pm

DAS is also the highest-rated auto transporter with more than 25 reviews on In fact I think it has more than 50 reviews.

Repeating what I said about DAS to Ewa, another person inquiring here:

The list of auto transporters on is at and Dependable Auto Shippers is the fourth one on the list.

You can also see the discussion by "penaddict" if you do a search on this website under her name as author. She saved money with DAS by using a discount coupon, her own insurance, and the terminal-to-terminal option.

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Re: Moving from NJ to Oregon

Postby Kr_s9 » Tue Apr 06, 2004 3:52 pm

I just found that DAS requires payment Before shipping! I found that in someone else's posting in this website also. And I cannot trust a company that asks for payment in agreement with some of the others here. So am back to square one with respect to the car.
McCollister cannot do a 65% on any weight <2100lbs, only 52% and that is more expensive than a 2100lbs shipment!
So I am leaning towards Wheaton agent All Brunswick van lines for now.

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Re: Moving from NJ to Oregon

Postby Josh » Tue Apr 06, 2004 4:04 pm


I think 2100# with a 65% will put you around $1800. I would feel more comfortable going with 2100# anyway, that way you know for sure your bill will not be more. That isn't much more than the 1300# quote you have.

What if your weight is 1600#, how much will the Wheaton bill be then?

It is up to you, I don't think you will be scammed by either company.

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Re: Moving from NJ to Oregon

Postby Kr_s9 » Tue Apr 06, 2004 4:11 pm

The quote I received from McCollister for 2100lbs was 2113$ without insurance, which is about 250$. The quote for 1500lbs is higer with only a 52% discount!! The Wheaton agent gave me 1759$ for 1500lbs with another 100$ insurance.
But I am looking to ship my car with United/McCollister...

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Re: Moving from NJ to Oregon

Postby Nancy » Wed Apr 07, 2004 1:02 pm

It is standard to prepay the estimate amount when paying by credit card. Does DAS offer that option?

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Re: Moving from NJ to Oregon

Postby Kr_s9 » Wed May 05, 2004 7:47 pm

Hi All
I finally completed my move.

Household Goods:
I used Wheaton for my stuff, which got here within 2 days of ETA but with a very little damage (to a wicker hamper and a box).
They charged the credit card only on arrival, before unloading.

I used Mccolisters (United/mayflower agent) for my car and the ETA was April 25 and my car is STILL NOT HERE! Now they say it is the 10th of May. I shipped on 12th of April!!
I shall keep you all posted on when the car gets here.

Nancy, yes DAS charges the credit card prior to loading the shipment. But most companies offer cash on delivery option (COD). DAS did not.


Re: Moving from NJ to Oregon

Postby » Fri Jun 03, 2005 7:11 am


Knowing a few people in the moving industry & moving many times over the years, I can only tell you that they all have complaints & they all steal & lie about weights no matter what they tell you/or show you (weight tickets) etc. They all have their own little ways of robbing us & they do. the worst thing is when they take something that has much sentimental value that can NEVER be replaced such as our experience.
About missing items..........
My suggestion is (& don't feel ashamed that the driver might be offended that you do not trust him), Either have yourself or someone that you can trust, ( I had a friend who did'nt care much & was busy blabbering with the workers so I suggest a family member to STAND AT THE BASE of the truck & make sure that each & every box & item have a sticker on it, (NO MATTER HOW FAST THE MOVER TRIES TO PLACE YOUR ITEMS INTO THE TRUCK)/ (They like to make you feel like you are holding them up). SCREW THEM!!!! Make sure everything has a sticker as it is lifted into the truck.
When the truck arrives at your new destination, have someone at the doorway(not at truck as it is being offloaded, because items that are checked off, can simply be placed back on/under the truck for them to keep), ONLY CHECK THE ITEMS with inventory stickers AS THEY ARE COMING THROUGH YOUR DOOR INTO THE HOUSE).
There is no FOOLPROOF way of preventing them from robbing you but this should help a bit. DO NOT SIGN ANY WAIVERS after delivery, until you are sure you have all your goods or your rights will be waived.

GOOD LUCK, I know from many expr. , others expr. & from movers themselves that this is the scummiest industry in the world. ( I am most certainly not making this claim because of a few bad expeirences, ITS A FACT).

GOOD LUCK ............. R.S


Re: Moving from NJ to Oregon

Postby Guest » Mon Mar 20, 2006 8:01 pm

I am owner/op auto transporter fixing to get back into the business. Who do work for and would you recommend them for employment?

Any advice or comments would be appreciated

thank you

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