*Boston area to NJ

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*Boston area to NJ

Postby fredct » Fri Jul 13, 2007 8:45 am

I've gotten quotes from 3 different movers, all of which I've done the movingscam.com process on (the lookup of all the licenses, BBB info, etc) and found no issues with.

They are Gentle Giant (www.gentlegiant.com), Rainbow (www.rainbowmovers.com), and Gallo (www.gallomoving.com).

Gentle Giant says they typically come in higher because they do it themselves instead of a van line, and boy did they. Via email they gave me a binding offer of $3600 for 3500 lb.

Rainbow moving came out and gave me a GTNE estimate of 3000 lb for ~$2250, which includes shuttle service on both ends. Its 'regional' service so he said it should be basically a given, but he included on the 'remarks' section that the one listing for a shuttle includes both origin and destination.

Gallo came out yesterday and I received only a non-binding number thus far of $1750 (via email). They'll be getting back to me soon with the GNTE (she was doing it from home at the end of the day yesterday and apparently had to be in the office to confirm that GNTE price). They have a minimum weight of 3500 lb.

While I appreciate the way Gentle Giant does business, there's simply no way I'm paying well over $1K more, when I've heard pretty darn good things about Rainbow on here all told.

My question is though, does anyone have any experience with Gallo? I do not see them listed on here and a search by name turned up nothing - I think they're a newer company, although their website says they bought up the assets of an older company. I got their name from the same local mover who referred me to Rainbow as well. They seemed professional and the woman who came out to do the estimate used to work for Rainbow (the Rainbow guy actually told me that).

If the GNTE estimate comes in cheaper (I realized I may not get it until Monday and she said she wouldn't be working today), as it seems it may, I would like to give them the job if they've earned it. I plan on calling or emailing and asking for references, but what else should be done to cover all my bases to really be comfortable with this mover?... since that Gallo doesn't show up on MovingScam it seems.



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Re: Boston area to NJ

Postby farrah7031 » Fri Jul 13, 2007 10:18 am

Gallo is a United agent:

Gallo Moving & Storage LLC
120 Quarry Drive
Milford, MA 01757
Toll Free 800-777-4712
Telephone: 508-422-4400

Fred, you'd do well with either Rainbow or Gallo. Please post both estimates after you receive them and the pros will help you compare both.

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