move from IL to FL in October

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move from IL to FL in October

Postby ChicagoGator » Sun Sep 09, 2007 11:27 am

I will be moving from Illinois to South Florida in the middle of October and have received three binding quotes from the following companies that all came to the house to do their estimate. I am trying to understand if the difference in weight estimates is normal and the relative quality of the three companies.

1) Orig Agent: Hollander Storage & Moving Comany (United Van Lines)
1801 Pratt Boulevard
Elk Grove Village, Il 60007
(847) 439-2140

Carrier United Van Lines
1 United Drive
Fenton Mo 63026
(636) 326-3100
MC-677234 DOT-077949

Total Weight 9,000 lbs
Discount 66%
Quote for move $ 4782
Quote for pack $ 1694
Total Not-to-exceed Cost $ 6869

2) Olsen Brothers, Inc (MayFlower)
3650 Industrial Ave, Unit C
Rolling Meadows, Il 60008
ILL CC 113843

Total Weight 10,400 lbs
Discount 69%
Quote for move $ 4943
Quote for Pack $2369
Total Not-to exceed Cost $ 7312

3) Noffs Atlantic Relocation Systems
1735 E. Davis
Arington Heights, IL 60005

Atlas Van Lines
1212 St. George Rd
Po Box 509
Evansville, IN 47703
US DOT No. 12550

Total Weight 11200 lbs
Discount 65%
Quote for move $5958
Quote for Pack $2200
Total Binding Charges 8158

Thanks for any help

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Re: move from IL to FL in October

Postby farrah7031 » Sun Sep 09, 2007 3:18 pm

Make sure you have a Guaranteed Not To Exceed (GNTE) quote from all 3 companies, then you can compare apples to oranges. WIth Mayflower and United, that's an Option C quote. I think with Atlas it's a TPG-GRR quote.

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Re: move from IL to FL in October

Postby BBATCO1 » Sun Sep 09, 2007 7:25 pm

olsen bros. is a family owned and run buisness that has been around along time. They will treat you right.

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Re: move from IL to FL in October

Postby Diane » Sun Sep 09, 2007 7:28 pm

With Atlas, it's actually an APP (Assured Price Protection) quote that's the equivalent of a GNTE.

This is the entry for Chicago-area moving companies on the Superlist linked to below my name - ... 7599#57599 If you read through the reviews and comments there, you'll see that Hollander and Noffs may be less quality-driven than some other companies like Planes (United). If any company will self-haul your shipment to FL using its own truck and driver, that is a plus, although having a van line driver pick up your shipment at your residence and deliver it to your FL residence is also good. Sometimes the latter is not possible, however.

Thanks, Bob, for the positive remarks about Olsen Brothers. I'll add them to the Superlist.
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