*advice on small intra-state CA move

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*advice on small intra-state CA move

Postby smallCAmoves » Thu Sep 13, 2007 8:28 pm


First a report out. I did a June 2006 move with Saagan Moving from San Francisco to Los Angeles. I would not recommend them due to a series of small mistakes. 1 day late delivery due to over-night truck flat tire, lost 2 small boxes, damaged an art item, were dismissive re damages and made it a hassle to reclaim. Overall though estimator and driver were good.

I'm now moving back to Oakland and seek to move 9/22 or 9/23.

1) I'm confused by different ways of estimating with 2500 or 5000 lb minimums, and "agent" services. What seems to be the right way to go for a small-med move like mine?
2) If I use "agents" for an intrastate 7 hr move like mine, do I need to worry about any people besides Andy's or Golden Eagle's folks being involved...or do I work with one firm and truck on both ends?
3) Also, can anyone chime in with additional info/reviews beyond what's on the site now for Golden Eagle or Andy's Moving specifically for small/med intrastate moves?
4) I'm sensitive to the dates, since the new lease began. I seek to move 9/22 or 9/23 for delivery during the following week. Is it typical that movers all only specify delivery windows (unless you shell out premiums?).

Details below re current estimates. I welcome any feedback.

The last move was $1400 with weight/all charges and I believe 2300 lbs(with a NTE of $1700 and estimated 2680 lbs from an in-home estimate.) This time its almost the same move, definitely sub 3000lbs. Have 3 quotes this time after reading all your CA reviews, all A few hundred above my paid price last time. Should be about the same weight and definitely sub 3000lb. Apples to apples:

-Northstar (cheapest.)
-Golden Eagle likely $1600 based on weight of 3000 lb. 2500 lb minimum. Appreciate their patience and energy.
-Andy's Moving: estimate of $1630 due to extras on both ends. Jim (estimator) and Janet in office both very helpful.

(FYI, called Delancey several times. Set up an estimate about a month ago but they unfortunately came a day later than scheduled, thereby not providing me with an estimate. They book up fast and are unavailable now. Unfortunate for an otherwise great firm.)

Thanks! Love this site. Appreciate any advice.
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Re: advice on small intrastate CA move 9/22: Golden Eagle v Andy's?

Postby BigLeeCalif » Thu Sep 13, 2007 9:10 pm

Based on dealing with Golden Eagle practically daily, I would say that they are a good company to consider.

Normally a move of that distance would be packed and loaded one day, and delivered the following day if agreed upon.

Most companies for your weight would have a 3 - 5 day delivery spread.

I wouldn't expect them to load and deliver the same day, if nothing more than the fact that the driver would be violating the hours of service rule, and since Oakland is more than 100 miles, also that would be a log violation as well.
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Re: advice on small intrastate CA move 9/22: Golden Eagle v Andy's?

Postby Diane » Thu Sep 13, 2007 9:18 pm

Hi - I'm almost positive that both Golden Eagle and Andy's would self-haul your shipment using their own truck and driver, so yes, they would be the only companies you would be dealing with. Both have excellent reviews here.

Sorry about Delancey screwing up the estimate day. They have good hearts but they are sometimes not the smoothest operators during the pre-move phase. You might also give Moovers Inc. a call to see whether they would have availability, although it's getting pretty late for that.

And thanks for the review of Saagan, which I'll add to the Superlist linked to below my name.
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Re: advice on small intrastate CA move 9/22: Golden Eagle v Andy's?

Postby a4adam » Fri Sep 14, 2007 6:48 pm

I used Golden Eagle twice for an Intrastate move in CA. From the Bay Area to San Diego and then back a few years later. I was charged by the pound and had a very good experience, I would recommend them. I had different drivers for the trip up/back but they were both good.

Good luck!

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