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Re: Auto Transporters (Coast to Coast Auto, Golden Key are good)

Postby Diane » Sun Dec 03, 2006 11:58 am

I am going to devote this page strictly to formal reviews of auto transporters with good comments here, leaving plenty of space for me to add future reviews. The reason is that it has become too difficult for people to sort through all 30 pages of this thread looking for good companies. Back in July 2006, I posted that at some point I was going to put together a list of auto transporters that have consistently performed well for people. I said that if all of us work together to share information, we can fight our way through the hype and come up with names of some no-nonsense companies that people can count on to do a good job.

A customer (Ryan) posted that he agreed with me:
7/12/06 - Diane, when I began this research I kept googling "top 10 auto movers" and the like. Its laughable now knowing there is no such info out there, but I can tell you that you would be doing an invaluable service not only to the throngs of people in desperate need of quality auto transportation but also for the auto transportation industry itself. I feel like the most proactive thing that can be done moving forward is to initially seperate the bad apples from the good ones. Because the industry wont properly regulate itself, feedback from pubilc opinion is what consumers must use to inform decisions and mitigate risk.

A list of upstanding auto tranporation co.'s gives the consumer an honest starting point to begin there research and an honest opportunity to make informed decisions, which I think is a different vantage point than most of us who are on this site initially experienced. . . . Your feedback and ideas moving forward (ie 'the list) are powerful and right on the money so I encourage you to get to the business of producing this list, it'll be a huge help ontop of all the good you do here on this site. - ... 4660#64660
I answered him as follows:
The only trouble is that as of now, that list is going to be very, very short (basically consisting of Ben Deere and the companies he has recommended to people) and I'm a little afraid of overwhelming these small companies with requests. Someone posted that Golden Key is already booked up through mid-August, for example.

But I'll do it if Tim gives the OK, and let's see how it goes. I agree with you that even the most basic information about auto transporters is very hard to ferret out. For example, most people have no idea how much money brokers get out of each booking (around $150-$200, according to Ben Deere). Insurance coverage is another morass that I fear to enter. But then, the whole moving industry is very far from transparent.
So here, finally, is the beginning of "the list." Right now there are only two companies on it: Coast to Coast Auto Transport in Idaho and Golden Key Express in California. I've talked at length with the owners of both companies and have posted some information about them at the bottom of the preceding page. All I ask is that people don't try to haggle with them or play them against each other as far as pricing goes. This shouldn't even come up because their routes don't overlap very much. The reviews show that their pricing is usually $100-$200 below what a broker would charge, and if you use them you will be dealing with the people that are actually moving the car, a big plus in terms of improved communication and peace of mind. They are not cut-rate companies and customers willing to take a chance on quality in return for low cost may want to contact a broker like DAS or Tn'T instead.


Re: Auto Transporters (Coast to Coast Auto, Golden Key are good)

Postby Reviews-CoasttoCoastAuto » Sun Dec 03, 2006 12:12 pm

Coast to Coast Auto Transport has a website at It is located at 2440 N. Locust Grove Rd., Kuna, Idaho 83634 and its phone number is 208-922-9297 or (toll free) 800-794-9009.

I did my first report on Coast to Coast on this Auto Transporters thread in August 2005 after reading a positive review of it by "Bob Scott" (see below) and calling the owner, Ben Deere - ... 2064#42064 Near the bottom of the page preceding this one (page 30) I have posted an update to that report summarizing a conversation I had in late November 2006 with Ben Deere - ... 6141#76141

:arrow: People need to give Coast to Coast (and Golden Key) as much advance notice as possible. In the winter season - now - they need to give Coast to Coast at least 1-2 weeks' notice. In the summer season - beginning in April - they need to give Coast to Coast at least 2-3 weeks' notice. People can't call and expect to have their car moved the following week, but if given enough lead time, Coast to Coast will build a load around that car.

That said, Coast to Coast does currently have a few openings for autos going from the Northwestern U.S. to the East Coast in December 2006. (Ben told me that more people move cars East to West than West to East - hence it's easier to get a booking and rapid delivery on the West to East route than on the East to West route. Reviews posted on this website indicate that this is true of all auto transport companies.)

NOTE: Coast to Coast does not service California, Nevada, or Arizona.

Review #1 of Coast to Coast is for a move booked by Auto Driveaway (a broker) in Boston in January 2005. Coast to Coast was the hauler and it transported the car cross-country to Seattle.
2/4/05 - Auto Driveaway was very nice and very professional. I dropped off the car at the terminal (since it was only a mile from my house), the day before the cross-country truck was supposed to leave. Our car was delivered in 13 days, which was faster than they told me it would be.

One word of warning - we arranged the delivery of the car in the Southcenter Mall parking lot, because we were doing shopping there that day anyway. It turns out that the mall had a policy preventing this. Security said that they charge a $350 fine to both the driver and the owner, but that they would "be nice" and let us off with a warning. I question whether they could legally charge that high a fine, but since they didn't actually try to collect it, I didn't worry about it too much. Still, it's better to do the delivery in an area that's not owned by a private third party.

2/7/05 - . . . the name of the company is Auto Driveaway, but they do both carrier transport and driving your car themselves. Our car was transported by carrier (they brokered it to Coast to Coast). Cost was $1250, including insurance. -
Review #2 is also for a move from Boston to Seattle booked by Auto Driveaway and brokered out to Coast to Coast in 8/05. Notice below that the poster was frustrated by poor communication with Auto Driveaway before he was able to get in touch with Coast to Coast, which he describes as "a fine company":
8/16/05 - Now on to Auto-Driveaway. At first I was hopeful based on the good reviews I saw here. [But] they never call me to let me know what's going on. Every time I call them they tell me "we don't even know what driver has your car, so we'll have to investigate it and call you back". Then they call back and tell me "5-7 days". They've done this twice now. Meanwhile, I'm racking up rental car charges like there's no tomorrow. At this rate, I could have SAVED money using the expedited service. . . .

Anyway... I'll finish up this little tale once I know where my car is.

8/17/05 - Another update before the car finally shows up and I can finalize this tale. Got a call from "Coast to Coast Auto Transport" this morning telling me they'd be delivering the car this Friday and that I would hear from the driver that day.

This says to me that the aforementioned "Auto-Driveaway" is actually a broker - ie they don't actually have their own trucks. It may be that their other service (where they match up drivers and cars for a cheaper mode of travel) is their actual business and providing trucking service is something they added on later.

More after the car shows up Friday. . . .

8/18/05 -

BBB says 5 complaints in last 36 months. 2 closed as resolved and 3 were closed when "company addressed the disputed issues".

US DOT #802343.

We'll see how the car looks tomorrow when it shows up. I'm already liking these guys more than Auto-Driveaway - they've called me twice…
I answered him as follows.
8/18/05 - That isn't a bad number of complaints for an auto transporter. They also look OK on Their website is refreshingly honest-sounding although the huge long list of things they won't be responsible for is a bit scary. If they do OK for you, maybe people should contract with them directly. How much did you pay Auto Driveaway? It would be interesting to compare that with the prices listed on the Coast to Coast website.
8/23/05 - I paid Auto-Driveaway 1325 for door-to-door service - normal truck, non-expedited service. Coast-to-Coast estimate is 1100 - it's not quite door-to-door, but might be closer than terminal to terminal (according to their FAQ).

Once my car got to Seattle, Coast-to-Coast was a fine company - I got 2 calls from them and the guy showed up early and there weren't any real problems with the car. -
“josh_carpenter" posted in 2/06 that his car was going to be moved by Coast to Coast from Louisiana to Oregon for $1300 in only 5 days, but he never came back to report - ... 2167#52167

Review #3 of Coast to Coast (of a move from IL to the West Coast in early 2006) is excellent, as follows:
4/15/06 - I wanted to write a review of my experience using Coast to Coast Auto Transporters. (I used their service a few months ago, so this review is a little belated.)

Overall, I think they were excellent!

They were very professional on the phone (I spoke to 2 or 3 people, including, I think, Kenda).

I called to check the status of my transport and they told me where the driver was and a timeline.

I had my vehicle transported from Illinois to the west coast. I can't remember how long the transport took, but it was very reasonable.

The driver called me 24 - 48 hours ahead of time to arrange a meeting place. He called when he was delayed. He was also very professional on the phone.

They also had one of the best fees of the many companies I called.

My vehicle made it in great shape.

I would definitely recommend them. - p=56738#56738
Review #4 is by "seacookie" who moved a car cross-country with Coast to Coast in 1/06. She didn't post on the main board but told me in a PM that it went OK: "Coast to coast was $1300 from Brooklyn to Seattle. The car is supposed to meet us the day after we arrive, Thursday, Feb. 2nd, 2006. Will post on the board if you would like this for statistics. [A Bekins agent] told us they would charge $1000 to take the car in the truck, although they just had a windshield damaged." She told me later that the car actually arrived in Seattle on Monday February 6, i.e. 4 days after it was scheduled. I think it was picked up in Brooklyn on January 27 but am not sure. (The flatbed truck owner that Coast to Coast uses in Seattle doesn’t deliver on weekends, and I think that’s why the car was delayed.)

Review #5 of Coast to Coast is a rave review for a move from North Carolina to Oregon in 4/06:
5/11/06 - We also used Coast to Coast to move our pick-up across the country. They were fabulous! We paid less than what we would have if we had used Tn’T or DAS, and the staff and driver were very helpful. It got here without a scratch! -
We also have a partial review by a person ("J") who was set to move a car with Coast to Coast from Rhode Island to St. Louis in 5/06.
5/3/06 - Diane, I am going with your recommendation of Coast to Coast to move my SUV from Providence, RI to St. Louis, Mo in June. My quote was very reasonable....$850.00 and my delivery time was 4-6 days. I liked that the driver meets me in a parking lot near my home, there is a dispacher that knows where all the trucks are, supposedly they run this route weekly and they suggest you look at their BBB ratings! Anyway, in an earlier post you warned of carriers accepting only cash. This carrier accepts only cash or cashiers check upon delivery of the vehicle. What do you think?
J - ... 8220#58220
[I explained that as long as a company is trustworthy, it's fine if they ask to be paid by cash or cashier's check. Like everyone else, the auto transport companies have to protect themselves against bad checks or the occasional fake money orders.]

Michael at Transport Executives (a broker in CA) posted positive remarks about Coast to Coast in 5/06:
Coast to Coast Auto Transport has transported a vehicle for Transport Executives. They did a good job and I'm happy to see that others have found them to be a quality carrier as well. - ... 88#p=59288
“Guest25” moved a car with Coast to Coat from Ithaca, NY to Idaho in 7/06 but never came back to report - ... 6838#56838

Review #6 is a rave review by "MRB" of a shipment of two cars from the DC area to Portland, OR, with Coast to Coast in 11/06:
11/21/06 - I have only rave reviews for Coast to Coast Auto Transport. When I originally inquired on the site about a reputable car transport company we were just shipping one auto. From the beginning, all of the folks at Coast to Coast were extremely professional, friendly and reliable. They told us the driver would be in our area sometime between Monday and Wednesday to meet us at a location TBD to pick up the car. The driver promptly called on Sunday to let us know he'd be there in the morning. He called again the morning to arrange a meeting point and was flexible with me when I asked if we could delay a couple hours because Hilldrup [the household goods mover] was arriving at the same time to pack our house. No problem.

When we met up with the driver, he was again very friendly and professional. Any time I called to check in the car the folks at the office were very responsive. They told me the car would be delivered on Wednesday or Thursday in Portland. Sure enough, on Wednesday we got a call and arranged a time to meet the driver. He showed up on time at our meeting point and delivered the car w/o a scratch.

Meanwhile, after we had already scheduled the transport for our Acura, at the last minute before we departed DC we decided to keep our second car (we were originally going to sell it). We called Coast to Coast to try and have it put on the same truck as our Acura, but there was not room on that truck. So, tthey arranged to have it put on next week's truck. However, because we would already be gone from DC at that point, we needed to have the car picked up and held in a lot until it could be loaded on the truck. Coast to Coast arranged for all of this.

With this car, we also needed door delivery to our house in Portland because my husband would be working and I was not able to go meet the driver and pick up the car by myself. So, they also arranged for holding and delivery on the Portland end. This whole process also went extremely smoothly and took just over a week. Again, the car was delivered right to our front door exactly when they said it would be w/o a scratch.

So, in sum, a household by Hilldrup and two cars by Coast to Coast were all moved on time and w/o incident. I can't say enough good things about them both, especially Coast to Coast. If you are shipping a car and are in the line of pickup and delivery for Coast to Coast, I can't imagine needing to choose anyone else based on my experience. Yes, they are a little more expensive than a DAS, but in my mind, the quality of service and peace of mind they bring is no comparison. -
[She posted previously that DAS quoted about $1100 for the first car, terminal to terminal, and the Coast to Coast quote was about $200 higher. She said she had heard mixed reports about DAS (typical of a broker, because the quality of the actual haulers varies).]

Review #7 is a rave review of car transport by Coast to Coast from Westchester County, NY, to Colorado and Wyoming:
3/26/07 - I just wanted to report my experience with Coast to Coast Auto Transporters. I was transporting my car from Westchester Co, NY to Casper WY (actually with a drop-off in Denver). They were a dream to deal with from start to finish. Courteous, dependable drivers and staff. The experience overall couldn't have been better. - ... 4776#84776
We also have a partial review of a car move from Cincinnati to Denver in 7/07. The customer ("GilbertD") was upset that he was asked to pay a late fee because he delivered his car to the local terminal at 8:30 pm. In his view, Coast to Coast changed the price after the fact. However, the events are sufficiently muddy that probably people should read about them rather than my trying to summarize them here. This is the thread on the main messageboard - The customer never came back to give a final report on the delivery of the car.

Review #8 is a rave review of a car move with Coast to Coast from Rhode Island (actually the pickup was in MA) to Fort Collins, CO. The quotes the customer got were as follows: Golden Key - $1025; Coast to Coast - $1050; ProStar Auto (a broker) - $1500 ($200 more than delivery to Denver); Conlon (a United agent) - $1500.
7/14/07 - I cannot say enough good things about coast to coast. I do not remember the name of the guy who moved our car. I think it may have been Art. But he was phenomenal. We didn't know if we would be in Rhode Island or in Massachusetts when the guy would come to pick up the car. We were given a window of time in which he would pick up the car and we were moving out of our house during that time period so we didn't know if we would still be in the house or at my mom's in MA. Coast to Coast was very accommodating. The driver called us when he got to Worcester the evening that the movers came and took our stuff away. So we were on our way to massachusetts. He arranged to pick up the car from my husband at a midway point in MA that he had used before. He knew the area and he was able to accurately estimate when he would be there because he seemed very experienced. His communication was excellent and so was his professionalism.

I didnt go with my husband to drop off the car because I had to go home and put my daughter to bed. But my mom and husband did go. And they said they had never seen a guy so on point. He was professional, he knew what he was doing. He did a total once over of the car to document all the scratches and dings and had all the appropriate paperwork on him. They were extremely impressed. He said he would arrive with the car the same day we were arriving in colorado ( we were flying to colorado that coming saturday). He also said he would call us when he got close to get a mutually agreed upon place to meet. But he was afraid he would get there before us, so we gave him my sister in law's phone number so they could get the car if it came in before we landed.

It ended up being that he did get there before we arrived. We were able to talk to him during our layover in chicago and we arranged for him to meet my brother in law to pick up the car. They were going to meet in a pull off area on the side of a highway near in pierce Co, not far from where my sister and brother in law live. (they live about 40 miles north of fort collins in the middle of the plains). I guess the driver parked his truck and for some reason he agreed to drive the car out to my brother and sister in law's house and have them drive him back to his truck. I guess his truck wouldn't drive on the dirt roads that go to their house. Anyway, we all thought it was extremely accommodating for him to do this. It was an unusual level of customer service. And as far as we can tell (knock on wood) the car is in perfect condition. - ... 3091#93091
Review #9 is an excellent report on both Coast to Coast and the broker (ProStar) that booked the move:
8/12/07 - I just used ProStar] to move a vehicle from Tacoma, WA to Marietta, GA. The carrier that they used was Coast to Coast (also endorsed by Everything was great. It took exactly the amount of time and money that they had predicted: $1300 and a week in time. My car was in good shape when I picked it up. Both ProStar and Coast to Coast were very communicative with me throughout the process. - ... 5405#95405
Review #10 is a very good report on Coast to Coast transporting a car from OR to MA:
8/21/08 - Coast to Coast was very nice, they did door-to-door. My quote was $1500 (would have been $1400 if I locked in the week before :p). Their flatbed truck subcontractor picked up right when they said they would, did a very thorough inspection of the car, and loaded it up. . . .
We drove across the country (with the 4 kids, that's a whole 'nother story to tell) and got there on the other end 8 days later. The Coast to Coast people were right on time on Monday and we arranged a place that was mutually agreeable (which was tricky because we were in 3 different places that day, so it was all about timing; we ended up at a KMart parking lot). There was a little rock chip scratch to one bumper, but that was about it. -
Review #11 is for a car move from Philadelphia to Seattle in the summer of 2007:
8/21/08 - I used Coast to Coast Auto to ship my car. Had a great experience... -


Re: Auto Transporters (Coast to Coast Auto, Golden Key are good)

Postby Reviews-CoasttoCoastAuto » Sun Dec 03, 2006 12:12 pm

[Leaving space for future reviews of this company.]


Re: Auto Transporters (Coast to Coast Auto, Golden Key are good)

Postby Reviews-CoasttoCoastAuto » Sun Dec 03, 2006 12:13 pm

[Leaving space for future reviews of this company.]


Re: Auto Transporters (Coast to Coast Auto, Golden Key are good)

Postby Reviews-GoldenKeyExpress » Sun Dec 03, 2006 1:44 pm

Golden Key Express has a website at It is located at 7234 N. Traverse, Clovis, CA 93619 and its phone number is 559-299-7288 or 559-647-6250 or (toll free) 800-796-9345.

One of the MovingScam moderators first became aware of Golden Key when a customer posted that Coast to Coast Auto Transport had recommended it for a shipment going to CA, since Coast to Coast doesn't service CA (see Review #1 below). In late November 2006 she called Harold White, the owner of Golden Key, to get some background about his company. The information he gave her is summarized in the last post on page 30 of this thread - ... 6175#76175

:arrow: People need to give Golden Key (and Coast to Coast) as much advance notice as possible. In the winter season - now - they need to give Golden Key at least 2-3 weeks' notice. In the summer season - beginning in April - they need to give Golden Key at least 4-6 weeks' notice. People can't call and expect to have their car moved the following week, but if given enough lead time, Golden Key will build a load around that car.

NOTE: Golden Key does not service northern Nevada or the Northwestern states (Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah), except for cars going south from the Northwestern states to CA.

Review #1 of Golden Key Express is an excellent report posted by someone who was referred to them by Coast to Coast Auto Transport:
6/12/06 - I'm looking to ship my car from Atlanta to San Diego. I was going to use American Auto Pride and then I discovered that they are scams. Which led me to this board. This board has been so helpful. I got a decent quote from DAS but after reading the comments here, I'm not sure I want to use them. I called Tn'T and even though they sounded good, they were too expensive.

I called Coast to Coast and they referred me to Golden Key Express. Has anyone used this company before? Apparently they operate the routes C2C doesn't and vice versa. The owner sounded nice and answered my questions but it sounded like a small business. The BBB gave them a satisfactory rating but I can't find much info otherwise. - ... 1267#61267
6/12/06 - Hi - I did a quick check on Golden Key Express on This is some of their info:
Legal name: White Marketing, Inc.
Phone: 559-299-7288
Mailing Address: 7234 N. Traverse, Clovis, CA 93611
USDOT Number: 966726
MC Number: 240695
They are showing 3 trucks and Contract Authority for a number of years, which is good. [NOTE: As of 11/06 Golden Key has 6 trucks, one of which is an enclosed carrier that runs only north-south on the West Coast.] They do not have broker's authority so should not be brokering out your move but transporting your auto on their own car carrier. Ask them about this. Also ask how they would handle a damage claim. Some people have reduced their regular comprehensive coverage to zero deductible for the duration of the move.

All I can say is that when I spoke with Ben Deere at Coast to Coast I asked whether he could recommend any company servicing CA and he was reluctant to do so at that time, saying that he couldn't guarantee quality. If he is now willing to recommend this company, I would say that you could trust his recommendation.
6/12/06 – Thanks Diane, I got the recommendation from a woman [NOTE: it was probably Kenda Deere] at C2C. I later called back and asked to speak with Ben directly - just in case the girl was shady. Ben gave me the same recommendation - so I think that's who I'll use. I might be able to have my car picked up on the 22nd and he said it could be delivered by the 30th. Harold, the owner, sounded pleasant enough and answered my questions. But from his responses, you could tell it was a smaller operation. He also drives some of the trucks.

Hopefully, all goes well, and I'll be back to post my experience, regardless of which company I use. - ... 1316#61316
6/30/06 - I got my car today. I used Golden Key Express. When I called to make the reservation, they gave me a pickup window of Jun 22-24. I was lucky because one of their drivers, Al, was on the East Coast. Al picked up my car on Jun 22 from Atlanta, GA. I received my car today although it came in late last night. I wasn't able to pick up my car yesterday because I felt it was too late - it was 9.30 and dark - and because of the small streets, I would have had to meet the driver somewhere.

So, he stayed in San Diego with no fuss and this morning, picked me up to shuttle me to my car, delivered the keys, and a checklist, I paid and that was it. Al was a very pleasant person and my car was exactly as I left it - I got it on time and everything was just wonderful.

So, anyone needing to move from or to CA - check out Golden Key Express, they were recommended by the owner of Coast-to-Coast. - ... 3457#63457
We have a partial review for a move of two cars from Massachusetts to Arizona:
6/14/06 - I just gave them a call for a quote MA- AZ in July. . . . He did seem really nice and professional. He is going to drive the truck with my cars. Was honest about price going up if gas goes up another $0.25. - ... te&p=61576
We have another partial review for moving a car from VA to TX:
6/19/06 - I called Golden Key Express this afternoon. Their estimate was pretty reasonable and the owner sounded very knowledgable and friendly. They're definitely in the running. I'll let you all know who I choose, and how it goes. [He didn’t.] - ... te&p=62075
Still another partial review. (I am including these partial reviews because they show the impression that potential customers had of the owner, Harold White, when they talked to him on the phone.)
7/12/06 – I’m moving my Range Rover from Miami to Oakland in the Aug 9-13 window, and although I was sorry to hear Coast to Coast doesn't service these routes, I was encouraged to hear that A Florida Direct and Golden Key Express comes recommended by them. I called both and essentially got the same quote ($1,250, includes everything, no hidden charges), but more importantly, I got the voices of two stand-up individ's, Charlene @ Florida, and Harold (owner) @ Golden, which goes along way to allay the fears/reservations that come with navigating this territory. - ... 4652#64652
Review #2 (our second complete review of Golden Key Express) is a rave review.
8/30/06 - Hi all. I just completed my car's move (good car, $50K value) from Long Island, NY to southern California. I used Golden Key Express and I could not have been any happier, with the people, the service and the timing. It was with an open carrier.

The cost was $1200 plus I did pay $175 for a local flatbed to take the car from Long island to take it to NJ. That's where the carrier picked it up from. The local transfer was also arranged by GKE.

I had no problems getting in touch during the transport with the people at GKE, a small family business. Everyone I spoke to was extremely pleasant and polite.

The entire thing took 9 days, but the actual cross-country trip took 5 days or something like that. My car sat in Nj for a couple of days before it was picked up by GKE. Arrived in great shape in CA, a bit dirty, but a car wash took care of that.

TIPS: Not sure if tips were expected and I am not sure what the "right" amount would be, but I gave $20 to the local flatbed guy and $50 to the carrier guy at delivery.

I am not using anyone else in the future! I had a great experience with Golden Key Express. I highly recommend them! -

Review #3 is also a rave review of Golden Key Express for a move from MD to CA:
10/4/06 - Never thought transporting an auto would be worry-free -- but it was for me, using Golden Key Express (800-796-9345). Owner Harold White couldn't be nicer and more straight forward. I did lots of research before I chose Golden Key and I'm so glad I chose that company. To transport my car in July, 2006 from Maryland to Nevada, the charge was $1,300. That included picking up my vehicle in Elkton, MD and transporting it to Northern CA. I had a family member drive my car from there to Reno (Golden Key doesn't service Nevada). -
Review #4 is a brief but excellent review of Golden Key Express for an auto move from metro NYC to western Colorado (included in ABF review #90). Incidentally, this shows that Golden Key isn’t limited to moves beginning or ending in California:
11/9/06 - As for my little old auto, I hired Golden Key Express and found them to be equally excellent. It's been a pleasure to share these thoughts. - ... 4748#74748
We have a partial review by someone looking to move a car from AZ to NYC. This person hasn’t yet come back to report. I’m including the full post because it contains interesting comparative pricing information.
11/15/06 - Hello - Looking to move my ‘97 Pontiac from Phoenix to NYC/NJ. It’s a great little car with under 50,000 miles on it. Searched through the forum – so great to have these responses – but still confused about who to go with.

In particular am wondering about Countrywide Auto in Ladero Ranch, CA (which has a different address than Countrywide LLC which has gotten bad reviews here) They have the best rate $720 door to door. And they say they can transport the cars within 4-10 days. On, they have one bad review and one good review, but other than that, haven’t been able to find much which is weird given their website says they are “America’s #1 mover.”

I’m leaning towards Golden Key because of their good reviews and also their good energy when I called. But they are more expensive.

Golden Key: 975 (door to door)
And some other rates:
DAS: 695 (terminal to terminal)
AUTOLOG $798 Terminal to Terminal

Any advice, feedback, similar experiences would be really appreciated.
11/15/06 - Hi - obviously anyone can post that they are America's #1 mover. One bad review and one good review on Epinions suggests to me immediately that Countrywide is a broker (even without looking them up).

If I were you I would pay the extra $255 and go with Golden Key (which is NOT a broker) for peace of mind and almost certainly better service. -
Another partial review by someone moving a car from Los Angeles to Missouri who has not yet come back to report.
11/20/06 - What about Hilton Auto Transport? Have you guys head of it? They quote me for $759 and DAS $920, or $541 for Terminal-to-Terminal, but they dont let me choose the open-trailer option online, I dont exactly know why. and TnT quote me for $1043 with Terminal-to-terminal . . .

I called Golden Key Express, talked with Harold White, he quoted me a price of $975, quite reasonable because they own their trucks and he personally drive one of them too.

He is a nice guy I think i will go with Golden Key. He asked me when I got the phone number from, I believed they dont really do alot of online advertising as other brokers/carrier do. -
Another partial review by a person moving a car from CA to FL who has not yet come back to report.
11/20/06 - Hi, I am trying to find a reliable auto shipping company from San Francisco, CA to Miami, Florida. I have a 2005 Saab 9-3 sedan (not convertible). I called Dependable Auto Shippers and TnT since they've both been recommended, but their quotes came in much MUCH higher than the other companies who are quoting me around $1000 (give or take $100). DAS quoted me $1500 terminal to terminal! TnT quoted me $1404 terminal to terminal. That's a lot of money.

When asked, DAS told me it was so expensive because they can't ship the car in an open carrier because it doesn't have "4 points of contact" so chaining it to an open carrier might ruin the suspension. What do you guys think? I really wasn't expecting to spend so much on shipping my car. (Also, it's leased -- should I just take the risk and go with a cheaper, outdoor carrier)?
11/20/06 -Call [Golden Key Express and Coast to Coast Auto] and they will be able to tell you the true situation. Harold at Golden Key would be best since Coast to Coast doesn't cover California. He also doesn't ship enclosed to FL but he may know someone who does.
11/20/06 - Hi, I just spoke to Harold at Golden Key. The price was reasonable. He's so straightforward and real. Very refreshing to talk to someone honest. Thank you for the recommendation! I'll have to ship it earlier than I prefer to and then store it, but it may be worth it for the peace of mind. . . .

11/21/06 - . . . Harold said that (1) DAS was mistaken since GM had taken over Saab a few years back and that the newer models have points of contact to tie down to (?) ; and that (2) even if that wasn't the case, it's possible to just use straps instead of chains if the carrier was concerned about the car. I'm sure I'm getting the details wrong, but the bottom line is that it does NOT have to travel enclosed.

I like Harold and want to work with him to transport my car. Is there any paperwork or background checking that I should do to make sure I'm making a responsible decision and not one solely based on my gut? I checked out the safersys site and things seem good (I think I saw that he's not bonded, but not sure if that's important, and not sure if that's so-- don't want to slander his good name on this posting). Thanks for your suggestions and help. They've been right on so far.
11/21/06 - Hi - for at least a year I have been looking for good auto transporters that I could recommend to people. I really believe that Harold at Golden Key Express is one such transporter. He would need a broker's bond only if he were brokering out his extra freight. He told me that he had considered doing this at one time but decided against it. (The fact that his broker's authority is now inactive fits with this.) Of course, I don't know him personally and I don't know anything about his company's financial stability. However, there are several points in his favor:

1. Recommended (brought to my attention, actually) by a company that I know to be good: Coast to Coast Auto Transport in Idaho.

2. No BBB complaints over the past 36 months.

3. Several good reviews here.

This is the Carrier Details page from - maybe people could look at it and give their opinions: ... ath=LIVIEW

In my experience, with most companies there will be something that doesn't look quite right on - a brief license revocation or whatever - but that doesn't mean that the company is bad. I personally would feel confident moving my own car with Golden Key Express. The big plus is that this is a company that has its own car carriers and its own drivers, most of whom have been with the company for more than 15 years (highly unusual in the auto transport industry).
11/22/06 - Thanks Diane, I've already reserved a spot. Just wanted to cover my bases. So happy to have this resolved. -
Review #5 is an excellent review of transporting two autos from Los Angeles to North Carolina in 11/06:
12/13/06 - I called Golden Key and spoke with Harold (owner) and was a little taken aback by how straight forward he was, meaning although he was very friendly and answered all of my questions, he also didnt seem to be very pushy, like he would appreciate my business but wouldnt beg for it. I called him several times with questions over a two week period and he was very helpful every time. I also got quotes from DAS and TNT. DAS was very pushy in trying to get me to sign up with them whereas tnt didnt seem to care one way or the other.

I am SOOOOO glad I chose Golden Key. My driver was Al. We booked it on Friday. We made arangements for Al to come the following Saturday and picked up at a mall near our old home. We had both cars detailed and Al thoroughly checked them out at the pick up location. I used a video camera while he checked them over and Al wasnt offended at all. The two cars were an acura mdx and a acura rl. They were the last two cars on the truck. The original estimate for delivery was about a week and the dollar figure was $975 and $1050. Now this is the cool part, I got a call on Wednesday from Al saying he was here and we met at my new home. There was ZERO damage but the cars were dirty because he had gone thru some rain. Would HIGHLY recommend Golden Key. The end.

12/14/06 - . . . if I were to ever do it again, I would probably ONLY call Golden Key. -
Review #6 is again a rave review of a last-minute move of a car from NJ to CA in 12/06:
1/4/07 - I ended up using Golden Key to ship my car to Ontario, CA. The woman who sets up the appointments, Misty, was very nice and helpful especially considering how last minute my plans were. I originally was going to drive out, but about 2 wks before decided to fly. So they set up a window of time to pick-up the car, between 12/18-12/21, and told me they would call as it got closer to the exact date. It was one driver who came out to my house to pick up the car. He was very friendly and did an inspection of the car before putting it on the truck. [Editor's note by Diane: Tori later posted that the driver was the owner of the company, Harold White.]

The car arrived on 1/3 in exactly the same condition it was loaded except with a lot of dust from the road and the snowstorms. The payment was exactly as quoted- $1000 COD. I was very pleased with their fast and friendly service. Misty even e-mailed me to let me know the driver was stuck in the snowstorm in NM and might be a day late but the car arrived right on the date originally promised. I would definitely recommend Golden Key and would use them again. - ... 8113#78113
Review #7 is another excellent report on a move from Raleigh, NC, to Sunnyvale, CA:
1/22/07 - My move is finally over and I am happy to say that it went very smoothly -- thanks to Thanks to moderator Diane for her recommendations which saved me time, money and headache. I used the following vendors for my move.

UPACK : I used 2 relocubes for moving and storing my household items for 2 months. It is a good deal compared to other options out there. I had packed my items well and luckily nothing was damaged. Rating:5/5

Emove: I used them to find companies to load and unload my household items. They are not the cheapest option but the rating system helped me to hire more reliable, polite and careful workers. They came on time on both occasions which was very important to me since I had several things scheduled one after another. Rating:5/5

Golden Key Express: I used them for transporting my 2004 Honda Accord. They did a great job and the driver gave me a ride back home when I came alone to drop off my car. Cost wise they are a good deal as well and they delivered my car in 5-6 days. The only negative thing was pickup and drop off date and time was uncertain till the last moment. Rating:5/5

Hope my review helps all those who are planning to move. Best of luck! -
Review #8 is an excellent review of a car move from Dallas to San Francisco in 11/06:
2/12/07 - After reading a couple of reviews on we decided to call Golden Key Express. The owner Harold White answered the phone every time I called. I knew after our first conversation that our car would be safe in their care. I didn’t even bother calling any other companies.

We ended up shipping our 2002 Honda Accord from Dallas TX to San Francisco CA. The total cost was $800. They were very good about working with our pick-up date. We were planning to drive our car from Atlanta to Dallas and Harold worked with us to ensure that the car would be picked up the day we arrived in Dallas. The pick up process was very smooth. The driver (Al) met us in a nearby Home Depot parking lot.

It took five days for our car to arrive in San Francisco. My husband met the driver at a nearby large parking lot. There was no damage on the car and after a car wash looked exactly as we left it in Dallas. -
Review #9 describes an excellent move from CA to MA:
4/5/07 - I moved from San Francisco to Western Massachusetts about two and a half weeks ago and I used Golden Key Express to move my car out here. I talked to Misty on the phone and she was great to deal with. The price was good and the service was excellent. Bob Selby was the driver and he did an exceptional job of getting the car here on time with no damage. There was a huge snow storm in the area, but he made it through anyway. Of course it was slow going at the end because of the storm, but he checked in regularly to let me know where he was. I'm glad to have my car again and I would definitely use these guys again.

Mars - ... 5429#85429
Review #10 is of a basically good move from CA to the NYC area, the only real hitch being that the car was delivered one day beyond the spread:
4/25/07 - On 2/27 I booked [Golden Key] for Pasadena to Old Greenwich, CT (we were really not sure where we'd end up). Pickup window was 3/29-4/4 and delivery was 4/8-4/18. I emailed Misty on 3/28 to ask about bottles of motor oil and transmission fluid in the car. Misty asked for the latest possible date for pickup, but I had a flight on 4/5 so I couldn't push it. On 4/2, I learned that their new truck was running late, and this pushed everything back. Misty called and arranged for Blueline Carriers to pick up my car. On 4/3 (?) Misty assured me that this would not change the delivery window.

Hector (of Blueline) left me a voicemail the evening of 4/3 but I couldn't get in touch with them until 8 am on 4/4. I arranged to meet them in Pasadena and I called again when I got there. Mike, the driver at Blueline Carriers, was pretty good.

Fast forward to 4/12, when I emailed Misty about a potential delivery date. They were running late due to difficulty scheduling other pickups/dropoffs, and gave me a new window of 4/22-4/23 and offered $25 off (0.25% of $1075) as we didn't need a rental during this extra time. Greg, the driver, called on 4/20 to arrange a location. Another woman was picking up in Greenwich so he wanted to know if I could meet at a place off the 95. Problem was, "where" was still up in the air. Plus, we didn't have a car. On 4/21, my husband called Greg and suggested New Rochelle as a possible place. On 4/23, Misty called me and wanted to know why we wanted a new delivery place and explained that just because the moving van was able to stop on US1, it didn't mean that their truck could, too, due to code & potential of causing scratches to the cars-- which I understand. I told her I could go anywhere that the commuter train stopped at and we left it at that. The driver called the next morning 4/24 and arranged for me to get picked up by the other car owner. We met him at a rest stop off the 95, and I got my car.

I felt that the pickup arrangements could have been smoother. Since I'd already moved out of my apartment and was staying on the other side of LA, it was stressful to finally get in touch with Blueline at 8 am the morning of pickup. In retrospect, I should have asked for their number instead of just waiting with just a day left to make arrangements.

As for delivery, I was more bothered by not being notified that they were running late until I contacted Misty on 4/12 than by the actual lateness. The delivery date was 1 day later than planned. The car was picked up on 4/4 and delivered on 4/24. The other driver's car was picked up much later, so I hope my case is unusual.

I am pleased that they did get my car across country in great condition. They also did check to see if we'd need a rental in the interim. . . .

I tipped the car driver from Blueline $15 and Golden Key Express $50. They were awesome. -
Review #11 is a rave review of a two-car shipment from Detroit to San Francisco:
6/7/07 - We had a great experience with transporting our two cars via Golden Key Express. We transported a Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla for $1,050 apiece. Jack Webb [husband of Misty Webb, the GK dispatcher] was great. He was friendly, courteous, and he picked up and delivered the cars intact and on time. He also informed us of his progress as the delivery date approached.

The delivery from Detroit to San Francisco took 13 days, as promised. We met Jack at AT&T ballpark in SF, where the parking is ample, to pick up our cars.

Thanks, Jack and :D -
Review #12 is an excellent report on a car move from the Bronx to Oakland in 9/07:
11/1/07 - . . . for the car, I wound up going with Golden Key Express, and they were great. The owner -- my scheduled driver -- got sick, and they worked with me to rearrange things and reduced the price to help with the inconvenience. I was very happy with their service and would definitely use them again. - ... 9500#99500
In a PM she added the following details:
I was leaving NYC on Sep 7, and the car was scheduled to be picked up Sep 4, but then they gave me a choice of earlier or later, working around their sick owner (spinal meningitis!). I chose earlier. GKE's drop points were all too far away and inconvenient for me, so Palisades Towing came to my work place . . . and picked up my car on Aug 30. . . . The GKE driver delivered my car in Oakland on Sep 11, and he was great, parking his rig illegally so he could be as close to my place as possible. Car arrived with some new chips and scratches, but nothing serious and no worse than if I'd driven it cross-country, I'm sure. GKE fee was $1200, then they knocked off $100. Palisades add-on was $150. . . . The GKE driver was Danny, and he was super. And Misty was a pleasure to work with.
Review #13 is of a two-car move from CA to VA in 11/07:
12/4/07 - Good Review for GOLDEN KEY EXPRESS.

I started my research for moving my vehicles from CA to VA and moving scam was of great help. I very much picked up the referred service providers like ABF U-PACK for moving service and Golden Key express for Vehicle service.

"Misty" from GOLDEN KEY EXPRESS was great to work with always prompt in response and great with scheduling.
Drivers "Greg" and "Jack" were very good and felt comfortable for giving away my car keys. They gave me enough advance notice for pickup. Infact Jack called me from Arizona on Sunday providing me with a pickup time of 3pm on Wednesday and was actually available for pickup at 3:05pm on Wednesday. I don't think anyone would have been so careful with their scheduling.

Prompt response, scheduling and care for the cars while in transport are something which they are good at.
They helped me move 2 cars

SUV and MiniVan : 1150$ each (CA TO VA).
Delivered in 10 days. Delivered exactly on the day suggested while pickup.

For one of my cars I was unavailable for pickup since the driver was reaching earlier than initially estimated and they left my car in safe hand with one of the towing companies in VA and the car was in great conditions (could not have been better). Both my cars were delivered in great condition with NO visible damages / scratches (after been driven on a open truck for 3000 miles). I could not have been more satisfied and will gladly recommend them especially if you care for the total value of your car and not for 200-300 $ savings (maybe) with other service providers. - ... 602#100602
Review #14 is an excellent report on a car move from Arkansas to CA in 6/07:
6/12/07 - Golden key gave me an excellent quote ($1,100), while Armstrong's was twice as high ($2,000). I will go with Golden Key! . . .
2/25/08 - OK, here are the results from my move to CA: . . .
Golden Key was great: A+ - ... c&start=45
Review #15 says that Golden Key did a very good job on moving a car from CA to GA:
3/14/08 - My car has been successfully delivered. Driver Bob called me on Friday telling me he would come to pick up on either Sat [March 1] or Monday. Eventually we met at the back of local walmart on Monday 3/3. We did the inspection onsite (I washed my car as requested by pre-agreement and driver was very careful in marking any tiny scratch)and I signed the docs. Called him on Friday to check on where the car is and I was told it would be most likely Sunday 3/9/. My wife finally picked up the car at the destination around 11pm on Sunday.

Car is in good condition, she checked the mileage, apparently it was as promised that one truck one driver. Driver is pretty professional and nice. The car was delievered in 7 days as promised (Wow...). I didn't pay at the departure side and my wife paid cashier check on delivery side. Today I received a "thank you for using our services" email from Golden Key. I have to say that we are satisfied customer. Will use Golden Key again in the future. - ... 164#105164
Review #16 is an excellent report on a two-car move from PA to CA:
3/30/08 - We needed to move our 2 BR condo and 2 cars from PA to CA. After much trepidation from everything I'd read, I decided to use Moovers Inc. for the move and Golden Key Express for the cars. Both companies did a terrific job.

From the beginning to the end, both companies did a great job. Both were very responsive to phone calls and emails. Both tried to accomodate a very hectic and tight schedule. Both delivered what I expected without incident. . . .

Our cars were shipped by Golden Key Express. As with Moovers Inc., they were very helpful in accomodating our schedule. And, when their schedule for one truck was behind, they got us on another without delay. The cars were delivered in 7 days. The driver was a great guy and did a fantastic job keeping in touch with us. Finally, on delivery, because of bank changes and the packing of my checkbook, I was able to speak to Harold at Golden Key Express to handle our payment.

I was concerned about the risks involved with moving from the outset. And, while I'm sure accidents/incidents will inevitably happen with a move (we had absolutely NONE), you can feel comfortable that you will have no reason to be concerned about these two companies. They both did a professional, courteous and customer-focused job. It was a relief and pleasure. I feel fortunate to have found both. Highly recommended!

Thank You!
- john - ... 155#106155
Review #17 describes a very good auto move from CA to NY:
4/26/08 - Just had a soft top Jeep wrangler dropped off from Golden Key Express - 1200 (+30 for storage in california) from CA to NY. Came in really dirty, but that's to be expected, especially since it had to sit in a tow yard in a really dusty area for over a week waiting for the next truck.

As far as I can tell on a short inspection, all went well and even with the delay on the pickup end (not their fault, we got stuck in the same snow!!) the jeep arrived very quickly and undamaged and the driver was very accommodating as to time/location of dropoff . There were other people picking up cars at the same truck stop from golden key which I found amusing.

So I give them thumbs up also! - ... 907#107907
Review #18 is an excellent report on a car move from CA to DC:
7/1/08 - For follow up, my friend received my car in DC area today without scratch ( I am still staying CA for a while). My friend said the driver (Danny) from Golden Key Express was great! [Very funny and nice guy.] Since the destination point was not accessible by the big truck, the driver and my friend decided to meet in half way. The driver did the research about the street situation before leaving CA and had some ideas of where to drop off my car. It seems usual, but many moving companies do not do their homeworks.
From the beginning, I had no worries whatsoever about this company.
My car transport:
From California, ontario city to DC area
The estimate $1,300 and actual price was same.
Pick up 06/26
Arrival 07/01 -
Review #19 is another excellent report on car transport from CA to IN:
7/20/08 - I wanted to add to the chorus of people who have had good experiences with Golden Key Express. They moved our car from Fresno, CA to Muncie, IN and they were great. We had a horrible experience five years ago moving the car from MI to CA ("horrible" as in we were talking to lawyers). It took us weeks to get it all straightened out, leaving us on the hook for a rental car the whole time.

Golden Key Express couldn't have been more professional or competitive. We paid $1250 - competitive with less than reputable brokers and much better than companies offering comparable service. Everyone from sales to dispatch to the driver was prompt, reliable and friendly. They came when they said they would, kept in contact with us along the way and got it to us in half the time it took on our previous move. In the exhausting, depressing, frustrating hassle that our move has been (as surely anyone's move would be), GKE was a breath of fresh air and a great choice for our transport needs. Highly recommended. - ... 406#114406
Review #20 is still another excellent review of a car move from NYC to CA:
9/24/08 - Five minutes ago, I received my 2001 MB 240C, shipped from NYC to Los Angeles, CA, by the folks at Golden Key Express. It could not have been a smoother, more pleasant experience. Everything went like clockwork! The local NYC pick up company called to let us know the day and time of their pick up, exactly as we were told they would. The car did not sit for very long in NYC, because the car was delivered exactly NINE days after the pick up!

It has been one of the most trouble-free experiences of my life! I recommend this company whole-heartedly for your auto transport needs. I did a lot of research, and found Golden Key Express to be competitively priced and in good standing with the BBB. Save yourself time and effort and use Golden Key Express!!! -


Re: Auto Transporters (Coast to Coast Auto, Golden Key are good)

Postby Reviews-GoldenKeyExpress » Sun Dec 03, 2006 5:37 pm

[Leaving space for future reviews of this company.]


Re: Auto Transporters (Coast to Coast Auto, Golden Key are good)

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[Leaving space for future reviews of this company.]

Reviews-Auto Transporters

Re: Auto Transporters (Coast to Coast Auto, Golden Key are good)

Postby Reviews-Auto Transporters » Sun Dec 03, 2006 5:38 pm

This post refers to ProStar Auto Transport, the only auto broker endorsed by MovingScam, which has the website and the phone number 800-993-7447.

For a long time I have been looking for an auto transport broker that we at could feel comfortable recommending to consumers. Here is what I posted about the issue last December:
12/1/06 - [Harold White of Golden Key] recommended a broker called ProStar Enterprises, Inc. (MC #262926) in Murrieta, CA, doing business as ProStar Auto Transport. I checked the company out on both and and it looks OK. It is properly licensed as a broker, is rated "A" by the Los Angeles area BBB, and has had no BBB complaints over the past 36 months. This is its BBB report: ... 014760&sm=
Harold said that the owner of the company, Tiffany Parker, is very professional and pleasant to deal with. ProStar's website is and its phone number is 800-993-7447. does not normally recommend using brokers but in the case of auto transport it may sometimes be necessary. The reason is that the good brokers know many good carriers and their preferred routes. While we at MovingScam are learning the business, so to speak, a broker like ProStar may be able to help consumers locate a good carrier if the auto transporters we know about don't service a particular route or have no space available. I'm sure that there are other good brokers besides ProStar and we will mention them as we become aware of them. Meanwhile, my personal recommendation for anyone looking for an auto transporter would be to try one of the companies with good reviews here first [Golden Key Express or Coast to Coast Auto for open transport; DeMoise for enclosed transport of high-value cars] and then call a broker second if necessary.

What you don't want is a broker that will shop your move to the lowest bidder on some bulletin-board type website and then, if something goes wrong, wash its hands of you and disclaim all responsibility for late delivery, for example. If a broker has more than a few BBB complaints - even if they were supposedly resolved - that is definitely a red flag. ProStar apparently has mechanisms in place to compensate customers if delivery takes more than 14 days (see its website for details). People considering using ProStar should read its contract carefully -

Again, in my opinion it's always best to book directly with the actual carrier if possible - the company that owns the trucks and employs the drivers that will be transporting your car. The most important factor in a successful auto move is the quality of the driver. When you use a broker you are putting an additional layer between yourself and that individual.

I stand by the above comments about brokers. However, recently I talked with Ben and Kenda Deere of Coast to Coast Auto and they told me that they share Harold White's high opinion of ProStar and its owner, Tiffany Parker. Like Harold, they said that Tiffany is a "good" broker who knows her carriers well and compensates them fairly.

Last week I called Tiffany to learn more about her and her company. She said that she began with ProStar more than 10 years ago as a bookkeeper and bought the company in 2003 from John O'Shaughnessy when he decided to leave the auto transport business. She has two employees, Sandy and Diana, both of whom were very pleasant to talk with on the phone. The company occupies 1000 square feet in a courtyard building in Murrieta, CA, which is north of San Diego.

Tiffany answered all my questions with a refreshing directness. I was impressed with her thorough knowledge of the auto transport business, acquired over a period of many years. She told me that she keeps close tabs on her carriers and will not use any auto hauler that does not perform well for her on a consistent basis. She confirmed that if for some reason a carrier is not able to satisfy a customer - for example, if a delivery is seriously late or if there is a dispute about compensation for damage - ProStar will step in and try its best to make the customer whole. It will not just wash its hands of the customer and push all responsibility over to the carrier, as some unscrupulous brokers do.

ProStar uses about 40 carriers total (some much more than others) and has accounts with major van lines and well-known international freight forwarders, a very good sign. Golden Key Express, Coast to Coast Auto, and DeMoise are among her carriers. My understanding is that she charges a broker's fee of about $150-$200 per domestic move. For that relatively modest fee, the customer has the peace of mind of knowing that the carrier is tried and true and that ProStar will remain on top of the move at all times.

My favorable personal impression of Tiffany and her company is supported by the following:

1. As noted above, ProStar has no BBB complaints over the past 36 months - something that is extremely difficult to achieve by brokers since they handle so many moves and deal with so many different carriers.

2. There are no complaints about ProStar posted on the Internet. (The few comments - positive and negative - that seem to be about ProStar on are actually about another company called Platinum due to a posting mixup.)

3. We have a good review of ProStar right here on this website:
2/24/07 - Hi. Wanted to post my experience with Prostar. Highly recommend them. Customer service was really excellent. They are a broker but the truck (I'm Pulling For You) they hired for me worked out very well. The truck owners/drivers were a very nice couple, Gloria and Leon. They picked up my car on 2/15 in Miami, FL and delivered to Pasadena, CA on 2/20 (a day early from scheduled delivery). I was not personally there to receive the delivery, but luckily my relatives were. Everything with the car looked as it did when it left Florida. The couple was very friendly and it really was hassle/worry free experience. - ... 3133#83133
For all of these reasons, I personally feel comfortable recommending ProStar at with phone number 800-993-7447. Having looked at many companies, I have identified ProStar as an auto transport broker that has my confidence.

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Re: Auto Transporters (Coast to Coast Auto, Golden Key are good)

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Editor's note by Diane:

I am re-posting below a comment about Tiffany Parker, owner of ProStar Auto Transport, made by a senior employee of one of North American Van Lines' most respected agents. I can't reveal his name but he is well known in the industry. He also posted that he had just booked his own friend's car with ProStar.
7/12/07 - tiffany . . . is who we use [for our third-party auto shipments] and i polled all 4 of our cust serv reps and to a person they said she is great. - ... 2889#92889
Review #2 is a very good report on ProStar for a car shipped from Albuquerque, NM, to the San Francisco Bay Area:
8/1/07 - ProStar was professional and everything went down extremely smoothly with no problems at all. Another recommendation here for Pro Star! - ... 4593#94593
Review #3 is a very good report on ProStar itself for its customer service but a just "satisfactory" report on the actual carrier (Pioneer Auto Express) by a person who moved two cars from CA to CT:
8/7/07 - 2006 Dodge Magnum
1999 Toyota Rav 4

Van Nuys, CA to Greenwich, CT

Cars picked up on July 19 - delivered on July 30

Great customer service - prompt response to questions or requests. There was a bit of confusion with the pick up date for the cars. We were told that they would be picked up on the 20th - but we got a call on the 16th from the actual shipping company - to pick the car up then. So we compromised and they picked it up a day early on the 19th. Inconvenient - but no big deal.

The cars arrived earlier than we expected which was nice. My only complaint - they parked the Magnum on the lower level closest to the cab. And the driver had a heck of a time getting it out. Magnum's are wide - and front heavy - and I was holding my breath as he tried to floor the gas to back it over the hump right behind it - the car fishtailed - almost hit the metal railing - OY - I thought my husband was going to pass out. Smelling burning rubber - also not a good sign. but he managed to get it out with each of us standing behind the rig and guiding him.

The cost $2700
Right before our move - I asked if we were supposed to tip the driver - and I was told no - but it sure seemed like he was expecting a tip. You know - the old pause and stand there for a moment...I probably would have been more inclined to give a tip anyway - had he not almost wrecked our car.

Ironically - the day after we got the cars - the Magnum ended up in the shop for a leak in the transmission seal. Coincidence? Who knows - but it's pretty darned ironic.

I'm neutral on this one - I don't know if I'd recommend them or not. -
Review #4 is an excellent report on both ProStar and the carrier they used (Coast to Coast Auto):
8/12/07 - I just used ProStar to move a vehicle from Tacoma, WA to Marietta, GA. The carrier that they used was Coast to Coast (also endorsed by Everything was great. It took exactly the amount of time and money that they had predicted: $1300 and a week in time. My car was in good shape when I picked it up. Both ProStar and Coast to Coast were very communicative with me throughout the process. - ... 5405#95405
Review #5 is a very good report on ProStar and the carrier they used (Pioneer Auto Express) to ship two cars from Northern California to Northern Virginia:
11/17/07 - I decided on ProStar, open carrier, for:

F150 Supercrew (no add-ons) $1550
Audi TT $1350

Sandy at ProStar was very helpful in trying to accommodate my move dates. . . .

11/23/07 - , I just received confirmation for the auto move pickup. I was given a window of 11/26-11/28 by ProStar Auto. I just received a call from the carrier today, Pioneer Auto Express, that they will be here Monday morning at 8am to load my F150 and my Audi TT.

I am told that both vehicles will be picked up and transported to LA for loading onto an 18 wheeler. Dispatch name for NorCal to LA is Harry and the driver is Mr. O. . . .

11/26/07 - Pioneer Auto Express came today to pick up the F150 and the Audi TT. Andy Oh was the driver and he showed up at ~ 7:30am for the scheduled 8am pickup.

We both inspected the cars, taking pictures. I had also taken digital and 35mm (the ProStar contract states 35mm film only, so i picked up a disposable 35mm camera) pictures the day before.

Together we noted any paint chips, scratches, etc. and documented them on the bill of lading. He loaded them onto a 3 car carrier. The Bill of Lading did have an incorrect phone number at the destination that i had to correct. Address was correct and the backup number was correct. . . .

12/11/07 - As for my cars, they showed up at 10pm on Sunday night in the rain. I was prepared with a flashlight, digital camera and 35mm disposable camera (ProStar's contract says 35mm only for claims). The cars arrived in good shape, no scratchers or any visible damage. The only complaint, aside from the dropoff in the dark and rain, was that the steering wheel on my F150 was absolutely 'caked' in grease. It look as if someone had been working on an engine and then spent the next 2 hours wiping their hands off on the steering wheel.

In reality, the driver probably had to load and unload the truck several times, as it was loaded on the back of the trailor. In doing so, each time the grease on his hands rubbed off on my steering wheel. In all, it took a half a role of paper towls and 25minutes to clean it, but its fine now. The Audi arrived in great shape.

I will say this, that Pioneer called me several times to keep in touch and always answered the phone when i called to check on my car. They provided satisfactory service. If i had to, i would be ok going with them as a carrier again. -
Review #6 is a rave report about the owner of ProStar, Tiffany Parker:
1/22/08 - I would like to post about our experience. it was going really badly (with Phoenix Auto Transport) until we found out about Prostar. Tiffany helped us A LOT (even tho' we didn't actually hire her) and we got the vehicles moved safely. Tiffany was amazing and so very helpful. Wish we had known about Prostar from the start! She was able to explain what was happening, what we needed to do to get the vehicles moved, and also looked up info about the hauler who was assigned to us. Thank You TIFFANY and Prostar! - ... 962#102962

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