Review: My in-town Atlanta, GA move with Mark the Mover

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Review: My in-town Atlanta, GA move with Mark the Mover

Postby Alw1977 » Mon Oct 02, 2006 8:08 am

After doing much research, I used Mark the Mover for our metro Atlanta move this weekend. Our move was a fairly easy job as we were in a 10X15 storage unit and had a few other assorted items at my mother's house to pick up before going to our new house.

The move was great, and I would highly recommend Mark the Mover to anyone looking for a reliable, responsible moving company. We had a three man crew at $138/hr. Our crew consisted of Nebraska, Xavier and Jordascher. These guys were prompt (9:00 am on the dot) and very friendly. The load-up was fast (about 1.5 hours) and the extra stop at my mom's to pick up extra stuff went smoothly (.5 hours). Once at our house, it took the guys about two hours to unload. All in all, we paid under $600 for a great move. We were moving into a new house, and there was not ONE ding on the walls and no damage to our furniture.

On a related note, our storage unit facility was packed out on our moving day. For some reason, four or five people were all moving out that day. The desk staff said they'd never seen it so busy. Other moving companies (two men and a truck, etc) were there too, but they were late in arriving (I spoke with the people who had hired them as our storage units were beside one another). This meant they got a less than prime spot for their truck - so a further distance to walk, etc.

A note about moving: this was the first time we'd hired movers. We were a bit nervous, but felt confident we'd chosen a good company. However, I'd like to advise people that no matter how good the company, you, as the client, need to do certain things to ensure your move goes smoothly, especially if you are paying by the hour. First, if you are paying by the hour and want your move done quickly, PACK UP YOUR STUFF TIGHTLY IN MOVING BOXES. Do not have a million little boxes and bags overflowing. The two men and a truck crew next door to our guys had three large units to load, and the units were a mess. Our guys took a look at their job and shook their heads - they said the person who'd hired the crew did a terrible job in preparing for their move and their lack of packing means the job would take twice as long.

Second, if you are paying by the hour and you can help the movers, DO IT. My husband and I helped carry stuff. The fact that we hustled kept the movers hustling. These guys didn't take breaks (other than what you'd expect of a normal human - getting a quick drink, etc)... but neither did we. I think our willingness to get our hands dirty sped the process up. One, because there was another pair of hands helping, and two, because we were always around, overseeing what was going on.

All in all, great move and I'll recommend them highly to anyone who is looking for a mover. I do think that, as a consumer, you can make your move better by being as prepared as possible (i.e., well-packed) and helping the movers (if this is possible - I know it isn't for everyone). Thanks to this site for helping me find Mark the Mover.

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Re: Review: My in-town Atlanta, GA move with Mark the Mover

Postby Diane » Mon Oct 02, 2006 8:29 am

Thanks for this review and I'll add it to my Superlist linked to below. You've given some good advice, as well. For those interested in the runup to your move, here is the thread -
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