Move from NC to CA (Mccollisters)

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Move from NC to CA (Mccollisters)

Postby iknownoone » Fri Oct 13, 2006 1:36 am

I moved from Raleigh in North Carolina to Sunnyvale in California about a month back. I used Mccollisters (Office on Airport Blvd in Morrisville, NC) as my movers and I had a great experience with them overall.

I thought I'd provide the details of my move:

My stuff was mostly packed up in boxes (I packed them myself) - had about 12 big boxes and a little bit of bedroom stuff and a dining table set and very minimal living room furniture. All of this summed up to be less than the minimum (2100 pound) weight. I had gone through this site when I was researching movers and I must tell u that this was the BEST resource for me to get pointers as to whom to pick. I'd read very few reviews about the Mccollister's office in North Carolina, but since it was affiliated to United Vanlines, I decided that it should be reliable enough.

I had to relocate to California before I could load my stuff on the truck. So, I had a friend of mine help me out in the move and it could not have been smoother (from what he told me). They were very professional in loading up the stuff onto the truck.

I had gotten an agent from Mccollisters do a survey of my stuff and give me an estimate (a binding not-to-exceed estimate). The lady had mentioned that an 18-wheeler would be able to have access to the apartment. However, on the day of the move, she called and mentioned that it was not possible for the truck to pull up in front of the apartment and that I'd need to get a shuttle service which'd cost $107. I was not too happy about that, especially after the fact that the agent had assessed it personally. However, after speaking with her, she said that she'd split the cost with me.

Following that, my stuff arrived about 2 days before the expected date and I was pretty excited about that. While so many other companies have scams of charging extra for every flight of stairs, I was not charged anything extra even though my stuff had to be moved to the third floor. Everything was *exactly* the way I'd packed (I did give some credit to my packing skills as well ;-) ). I thought that it was a very good experience I had overall with them and I even recommended it to another friend who used them to move his stuff from Raleigh to California.

Thanks for all the people who have left behind their comments and experiences. I felt that even I must contribute to the forums from where I got so much information :-)

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Re: *Move from NC to CA (Mccollisters)

Postby Diane » Fri Oct 13, 2006 3:06 pm

Thanks so much for this good review and I'll add it to my Superlist linked to below. If you would like to name the helpful sales rep I'll put her name into the review. It's always the driver's call as to whether a shuttle is needed so she probably shouldn't be blamed for that glitch, and the cost of the shuttle was very reasonable.

FYI, van lines that use the 400N tariff, which is practically all of them except Bekins, are not allowed to charge for stairs.
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