Paxton/Atlas - Bethesda, MD to San Diego

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Paxton/Atlas - Bethesda, MD to San Diego

Postby Guest » Sat Dec 02, 2006 7:13 pm

Hey All,

Have been reading this for some time in preparation for our move. Based on the recommendations of quite a few of you, we went with Paxton/Atlas in Springfield, VA to handle our move from Maryland to San Diego. COULD NOT HAVE BEEN HAPPIER.

John, the estimator, gave us a very detailed and comprehensive house survey. The estimate was in the ballpark of others we received (Olympic in Boston and JK in Virginia), although the actual weight turned out to be less than we thought. Paxton did a full pack service on Monday 13 November and loaded the truck on 14 November.


Four folks showed up Monday the 13th (EJ, Monica, Heidi and Bobby) and got to work immediately, each one taking one of the rooms. They showed up at 8:30, right when Barbara at Paxton (our move coordinator) told us they would. They had the entire house - a three bedroom, two and a half bath townhouse with lots of clothes, china and books - packed up by 3:00. Every box was labelled precisely and each item was packed carefully. We bought them lunch (pizza and soda); I think they took a 30 minute break for lunch and a couple of other 15 minute breaks. They were super nice, friendly, and asked questions when they weren't sure about whether something needed to be packed. They also left us a box for our comforter/pillows so we could sleep on our own bed that night.


Although Mr. Brown (our driver) couldn't make it to our house, the four movers who showed up were awesome. These guys were ANIMALS when it came to moving, but as friendly as could be. They showed up at 8:15 on the 14th, again, right when we were told they would. All 297 items from our inventory were loaded onto the truck by 2:00. We again bought them lunch, and they sure deserved it.


We weren't sure how Thanksgiving would impact our move, and it turned out not to really have much of an impact. EJ, the crew leader, told us that they had two more loads to pack over the next two days, but that ours would be off loaded first. Mr. Brown called us later in the week and told us he would be at our house on Friday the 24th at 8:00. Turns out he is from the SD area and was spending Thanksgiving with his family. He actually got to SD on the evening of Wednesday the 22d.

Friday the 24th at 7:45 I hear the truck outside. Mr. Brown and three guys got to work immediately. They placed the furniture and boxes exactly where we wanted them, and again were friendly and courteous but extremely hard working. When I asked Mr. Brown what he and his crew wanted for lunch, he said that wouldn't be necessary since they would be done by 11, and he was correct.

The true test of a move, I suppose, is how much of your stuff gets broken. NOTHING. Not even a light bulb. I couldn't believe it. Things went exponentially better than I had ever expected. I can't say enough good things about the experience I had with this company - they delivered every single promise they made. Would recommend them without hesitation and with great satisfaction.

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Re: Paxton/Atlas - Bethesda, MD to San Diego

Postby Diane » Sat Dec 02, 2006 10:36 pm

Thanks for this rave review of Paxton, which I added to my Superlist linked to below. If you see this, was this a company-paid move? How many pounds did you have and how much did you pay? Thanks.
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Re: Paxton/Atlas - Bethesda, MD to San Diego

Postby Guest » Sun Dec 03, 2006 1:38 am

Total weight was 8150 pounds. With full pack service and enhanced insurance the total was $9175. That amount also included special handling for our plasma tv, which was handled by a third-party (Alliant, I think) and cost just over $600 to crate and uncrate.

This was a government-funded move, but I did not use a government contract to schedule it.

I should add that there was no particular reason we didn't pick Olympic or JK (although JK is independent and we weren't quite sure who would do the unpacking service on this end).

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