* DC to NYC- positive experience with Shea Moving Corp.

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* DC to NYC- positive experience with Shea Moving Corp.

Postby TimNYC » Sat Dec 09, 2006 5:42 pm

This past fall I moved from Washington DC to New York City. I based my entire move planning on the information I found at movingscam.com. I ended up had a very good moving experience and post the following report:

I only contacted companies that appeared prominently in the movingscam.com state-by-state summary of companies with good reviews. I contacted the following companies in the Washington DC area:
Hilldrup, Security, Von Paris, McCollisters and Victory Van Lines.

My move was relatively small. The companies that bid on the job estimated it to be between 2100 and 3200 pounds. Von Paris suggested using a different company due to their 5000 pound minimum.

Security offered a NOT TO EXCEED cost of $2519.87 + $355.00 to crate a glass table. The overall price would be reduced if shuttle service at either end of the move was not needed. Security could not tell me ahead of time if they would use the shuttle. However, I lived and was moving to the downtown area of both cities, making the need for the service very likely.

Mcollisters NOT TO EXCEED cost was $2702.82 + $140 to crate the glass table

Hilldrup provided a cost that was in the same neighborhood as the previous two.

Victory noted over the telephone that their cost would not be any lower.

Everyone I dealt with at each of these companies was friendly and professional. The three companies that bid came to my apartment to prepare the estimate.

Because the estimates seemed high for the amount of belongings I was moving, I decided to try a different direction. I contacted three NY based companies to get estimates for them to come and get me in DC. Again, I contacted companies mentioned favorably in the state-by-state reviews. In lieu of an in home visit, I sent them photos via email of my mostly packed apartment. Also, at this point, I decided to pack the glass table myself in layers of heavy cardboard.

Delancey declined to bid and suggested I use a local DC based company.
All Star provided a NOT TO EXCEED cost of $2435.
Shea Moving Corp provided a NOT TO EXCEED cost of $1500.

Shea was the low bidder by a large amount. Based on what I read at Movingscam.com, using a small local company for an interstate move was not a good idea. However, Shea had very positive reviews, so I decided to take a chance. Two men came to DC in a rented truck (All of Shea's trucks were booked the day of my move. This was discussed ahead of time.) and loaded by belongings quickly and efficiently. The next morning, 5 men, including owner Brian Shea delivered everything to my new apartment in Manhattan and unloaded in a little over an hour. I sat in the truck to minimize the chance of getting a parking ticket, as there was no loading area at my new building.

I would characterize the whole experience as relatively uneventful. Everything went smoothly and nothing was broken. (The glass table made it in one piece.) Brian Shea was friendly and easy to work with. I paid him $1500 as agreed. I would highly recommend Shea Moving Corp.

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Re: DC to NYC- positive experience with Shea Moving Corp.

Postby MusicMom » Sat Dec 09, 2006 7:27 pm

Thank you for the report!

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Re: DC to NYC- positive experience with Shea Moving Corp.

Postby Diane » Sat Dec 09, 2006 7:35 pm

This is quite amazing (I never thought that Shea would send guys to DC to pick up a load), but I'm glad to read it. It's hard to see how they could have made any money on the move. HOWEVER, I'll certainly keep them in mind for people in similar situations. Brian Shea moved my own son locally in Brooklyn, so I know he is good. Shea Moving got its interstate moving license not too long ago, and it's an advantage dealing with a company like that for a city move because they use smaller trucks, making a shuttle unnecessary.

Heather L
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Re: DC to NYC- positive experience with Shea Moving Corp.

Postby Heather L » Sat Mar 17, 2007 3:20 pm

I used Shea Moving this past February for a move from one apartment in Queens to another based on these reviews. I can't say enought great things about the company. I got estimates from three moving companies, Dahill, All Star and Shea. Shea's wasn't the lowest quote (Dahill's was the highest, very high as a matter of fact) but when I checked with the DOT they had zero complaints while All Star had one. Apparently 90% of moving companies have one or less compalints against them in a 12 month period ,according to the DOT, but I decided to go with Shea. I liked the fact that it is a family owned, mom run company, and when you call them you actually speak with a Shea.

The decision to move was very sudden and I had a little over a month to find a company, get quotes, pack, etc. This was also my first time using a moving company so I was very nervous about the whole thing but Shea really went out of their way to make me comfortable. Julie Shea arranged to have boxes sent over so I could get my packing done as quickly as possible and she answered all my questions about the best way to pack. We also chatted about our black cats as my cat looks exactly like the one on their website. She was just a really easy going person to deal with.

The day of the move Eamonn Shea, brother of the owner, came about ten minutes early to take a look at the place. It was him and two other moving guys, Dave and Leroy. Originally I was a little nervous as Leroy expressed doubts about getting my large computer desk out of the apartment in one piece. But Eamonn and Dave seemed confident they could get it out without taking it apart or having to take a door off the hinges. Imagine my relief when they got it out with a dolly and little fine manuevering. They were also able to get it into my office in the new apartment and that had a narrower entrance! The entire move took less than three hours and NOTHING was damaged at all. No items were broken, no walls or floors scratched, nada! Dave handled all the paper work and everything was done very smoothly there as well. It cost me less than expected but was well worth every cent spent. I highly recommend Shea Moving for local moves and am quite confident that they would be great for regional moves as well.


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Re: DC to NYC- positive experience with Shea Moving Corp.

Postby MusicMom » Sat Mar 17, 2007 3:24 pm

Thank you, Heather. I'm sure Diane in particular will like to read this, as she has personal experience with them as well. I'm glad it went great.

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