Stay away from Southern Winds!

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Stay away from Southern Winds!

Postby Guest » Wed Jan 17, 2007 6:58 am

I chose Southern Winds for an international shipment of personal goods; they were recommeded on this site.

Based on my own experience I can only call them incompetent and dishonest.
While I paid for a CRATED door2door service they sent my selfpacked boxes individually, overseas, as LOOSE cargo.
They subsequently lost 4 of my 89 boxes entirely, other boxes were torn and mangled beyond recognition.
The movers even went through my belongings in my absence, cut and reshaped boxes to make them 'fit', ie thy reduced the (paid for!) shipping volume. In some cases all address/number labels were removed that way! During that process they removed and damaged many items.
In the end I was handed loose articles (even my own tax documents) right out of the moving truck at the destination!

I could settle with Southern Winds for a refund of 10% (i.e. $450), the losses, damage and agony is mine to keep. Among the items I am missing today is an entire collection of rare 78rpm shellac records from the 1920s.

I feel betrayed and cheated by Southern Winds, they breeched the contract by shipping outside of paid for containers and endangered my (knowingly uninsured) items that way.

Especially their description of the entire process turned out to be a lie.

If you want to see evidence and pictures of boxes before/after, contact me.
If you know how to further publish this experience (online, media), contact me as well. I want to ensure that no one else can be treated this way again!

To read the entire shipping story, check out the thread
'HELP: 320cft (4000lbs) from CO to Germany - what to expect?' in the international forum.




Re: Stay away from Southern Winds!

Postby Desmond » Mon Jan 22, 2007 5:56 pm

Hi Michael,

was just wondering what Southern Wind's reasoning was as to your experience. Did they tell you what happened to your shipment and why the items were sent individually ?

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