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Boston Quality Movers

Postby tofufingers » Fri Jan 26, 2007 7:57 pm

Boston Quality Movers totally ripped me off when i made a local move from Cambridge, MA to Brookline, MA 2 years ago. For starters, they are headquartered in Allston which is only a 10 minute drive to Cambridge and Brookline. Like most movers, they start their charge time from the time they leave their home base office. They charged me 1 hour driving time to Cambridge, and 1 hour driving time from my new house in Brookline back to their base in Allston, which is just ridiculous. They charged by the hour, and spent needless amounts of time wrapping up items in my house that didn't need to be wrapped up (i.e. box spring and mattress), without even asking me. They took it upon themselves to wind tape around and around and around to keep these items wrapped up in cloth. I ended up getting all sorts of extra charges for TAPE on my bill! No one ever told me i was going to be charged for this, and they didn't even ask me if i wanted these items wrapped up. I just assumed it was standard practice and stood back and let them do what they had to. They then took about 45 minutes to move my loveseat sofa up the stairs of my new apartment claiming it was "Stuck" and hard to fit through the doorway. There were 3 men, none of whom could barely speak a word of english. It was very difficult communicating with them. After a long amount of time, they got the sofa up the stairs, which tacked on an additional hour to my bill. The three of them then sat around my apartment for upwards to another half hour to 45 minutes while supposedly doing a credit card transaction over the phone! It was ridiculous, and then charged me for this additional time, and then the head mover guy told me I had to pay them a tip for getting the sofa up the stairs. I was totally caught off guard and asked him to repeat himself. Mind you, the 2 other movers were all standing there right in front of me as he said this. He said "we got your sofa up, you need to give them a tip." As i was doing this whole process for the first time, again i just assumed maybe this was standard practice. But then he actually told me "you have to give them $100 each!" .... In short, Boston Quality Movers is the absolute worst!!! When i called the office to complain i got the runaround and never did get compensated for anything. Incidentally, i used different movers on my next move, and it took them all but 5 seconds to get the sofa down the stairs and through the doorway.

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Re: Boston Quality Movers

Postby MusicMom » Fri Jan 26, 2007 8:59 pm

I was about to say this seemed like just another bad move but not a rip off, until I got to that part about the tip! Yikes! Methinks the other two guys were not getting paid anything by the movers, and you were supplying their wages?

I am sorry that you had such bad service. Did you contact any other agencies, like the BBB?

And I think you DID want your mattress wrapped up. Imagine sleeping on a surface that was touching the floor of a moving van, which is stepped on by work boots walking through road-salted MA parking lots, puddles, mud, other people's dirty carpets containing pet hair and many other unspeakable things that fall from people to the ground. I think a mattress cover is quite a neccessity.


Re: Boston Quality Movers

Postby gold3 » Fri Jan 26, 2007 9:25 pm

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