Report on move from Chicago to Austin

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Report on move from Chicago to Austin

Postby JaimeS » Mon Jan 29, 2007 9:49 am

I'm a first-time poster and I understand that recommendations are not to be made. However, I found this site so valuable when planning my move that I'd like to "give back." For a number of reasons, my move was rather disorganized and I didn't start looking into movers until 4 weeks out. Stupidly, I started by requesting info/quotes via one of those Web site lead generators and got a bunch of calls (some aggressive) from companies and brokers who I later found out had horrible reputations.

Then I found the Moving Scam site. I was intrigued by comments about "self move" companies like Broadway Express but decided against because (long story) my husband was rehabbing our Chicago 2-flat until the last minute and simply didn't have time or energy to do all that work. I also liked the idea of using a "pod" system, contacted Smart Move, but decided against for same reason, plus lack of good feedback here and a few other uncertainties. Also, the price was NOT less than quotes from "regular" movers.

Spoke to a number of movers, got quotes, etc. Was torn between two United Van Lines agents -- Blackhawk and Planes -- but because Blackhawk's weight estimate seemed way too high (and it was), decided on Planes. I expected at least a few headaches, but honestly, everything went off without a hitch. Sales rep was efficient, very straightforward and helpful. The two-man moving crew was great, efficient, etc. They took our possessions all the way from Chicago to Austin, TX, no hand-off. We arrived Sunday night, and they arrived Monday morning, as promised, just 5 days after leaving Chicago. Nothing broken or missing. Our weight ended up being a bit less than the estimate, and we received our refund within a month, as promised. I'm still pinching myself at our good luck.

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Re: Report on move from Chicago to Austin

Postby MusicMom » Mon Jan 29, 2007 12:09 pm

This is a review of your move, and now you can reccommend them all you want because you have first-hand knowledge of the company. It sounds like you have a pretty good one, too! What we don't like is when someone shows up out of the blue touting a company for a move they did from point A to point B, but are coincidentally posting from Point A, where the company itself is located. You see how that looks.

Did they put your stuff into a single box truck, or were you the lat load onto a consolidated full-size trailer? Seems like they made good time for you.

Can you remember any names of the people you dealt with, so future customers can say "I read about your great service"?

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Re: Report on move from Chicago to Austin

Postby Diane » Mon Jan 29, 2007 9:31 pm


Thanks so much for this great review of Planes-Chicago, which I'll add to our Superlist linked to below.
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Re: Report on move from Chicago to Austin

Postby JaimeS » Tue Jan 30, 2007 12:22 pm

They loaded our stuff into a full-size trailer with other deliveries, so I guess that's why there was no hand-off. Our sales rep was Scott Johnson; he's director of sales. Struck me as very honest, pointing out pros and cons (not oily, all good news, omitting the negatives, like some reps elsewhere). The only mild negative I'd note is that our "move coordinator" (Virginia) wasn't particularly responsive. But I really didn't need her help, and when I did have a question about some paperwork Scott answered it, so it was no problem. I wish I could remember the names of the 2 guys who did the loading and driving. They were great, hardworking, personable but lowkey, did not get rattled at our nervous nosy terriers (who we removed from the scene, of course). They also notified us the day before pickup and day before dropoff so we'd know exactly when to expect them.

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