Positive Move from Atlanta to San Francisco in 11/06 - Home & Auto Move

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Positive Move from Atlanta to San Francisco in 11/06 - Home & Auto Move

Postby vandytex » Mon Feb 12, 2007 8:19 pm

I found movingscam.com when I started researching my move from Atlanta, GA to San Francisco, CA scheduled for November 2006. The reviews and information I read here were invaluable so I would like to return the favor and provide a little insight into my move.

After reading about the companies to avoid in Atlanta, my husband and I decided to get quotes from three of the large moving companies in the area:

1. Berger Atlanta Inc (agent for Allied)
2. Suddath Relocation Systems of Atlanta, Inc (agent for United)
3. Atlantic Relocation Systems (agent for Atlas)

All three companies sent someone to our one bedroom condo and gave us a Binding Not-To-Exceed estimate. Each representative that came was professional and helpful. In the end we decided to go with the lowest estimate we received which was Suddath. Their estimate was around $2800 (I don’t have the estimates from the other two companies anymore). This included the following:
· Estimated weight 3283 lbs
· A shuttle at our pickup location since the van could not fit at our condo building
· All origin/destination fees, and surcharges.

We did not opt for any additional insurance which may not have been the wisest choice but ended up being fine since nothing was damaged.

They offered us as many free used boxes as we needed including wrapping paper and tape. Every time I called the company with a question, our move coordinator called me back in a timely manner.

The day of the move, two movers showed up well within the time frame they gave us. They were very professional and moved our stuff quickly. The only negative thing that happened was that they nicked our newly painted wall which slightly damaged our nightstand. We decided not to call the main office since the nick was easily repaired with some touch up paint.

We were told that our items would take 11-14 days to arrive in SF. It took exactly 11 days. On the receiving end of our move, things went smoothly. The driver arrived 30 minutes before the arranged time. He had another person helping him unload the truck. They padded our entryway and covered our hardwoods to prevent any damage. The only item that had any damage was the TV stand and it was VERY slight. Not enough to even make a claim.

My only frustration was that Suddath was not very helpful in determining the zoning rules for a moving truck in our new neighborhood. Granted this may not be their responsibility, but I had assumed that they would be able to find the information from another local office easier than I could. In the end, we found out that we were supposed to get a permit but were too late to apply. The day of the move, the driver double-parked the truck in front of our building. It didn’t seem to be a problem and I guess in the end we saved money by not paying for the permit.

Over all, I was very impressed with Suddath-Atlas. After reading so many other people’s horror stories I had no idea what to expect in a cross-country move. Every aspect of our move went smoothly and I use Suddath again if moving out of Atlanta.

We also had our car shipped. After reading a couple of reviews on movingscam.com we decided to call Golden Key Express. The owner Harold White answered the phone every time I called. I knew after our first conversation that our car would be safe in their care. I didn’t even bother calling any other companies. We ended up shipping our 2002 Honda Accord from Dallas TX to San Francisco CA. The total cost was $800. They were very good about working with our pick-up date. We were planning to drive our car from Atlanta to Dallas and Harold worked with us to ensure that the car would be picked up the day we arrived in Dallas. The pick up process was very smooth. The driver met us in a nearby Home Depot parking lot. It took five days for our car to arrive in San Francisco. My husband met the driver at a nearby large parking lot. There was no damage on the car and after a car wash looked exactly as we left it in Dallas.

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Re: Positive Move from Atlanta to San Francisco - Nov 2006 - Home & Aut

Postby MusicMom » Mon Feb 12, 2007 8:23 pm

Thank you for the review!

We had a car shipped in 2002 (no, I do not remember who I used; I really wish I could, I liked them. I do know it was a Russian family business with two trucks). It was much easier to meet the truck in a large parking lot than to try to have them deliver to our house.

Something to consider for others shipping autos.

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Re: Positive Move from Atlanta to San Francisco - Nov 2006 - Home & Aut

Postby vandytex » Tue Feb 13, 2007 12:01 pm

Since we had to have a shuttle pick up our stuff in Atlanta, I'm not sure who the driver was on the origin side for Suddath. The driver who delivered our goods was named Dwayne. I'm pretty sure he was the one who did the pick up in Atlanta.

Al was the name of our driver with Golden Key. He picked up our car and delivered it.

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Re: Positive Move from Atlanta to San Francisco - Nov 2006 - Home & Aut

Postby Diane » Tue Feb 13, 2007 12:11 pm

Thanks - I always like to recognize the drivers for good service and I'll include their names when I repost your reviews. Glad it went so well for you.

I agree with you about Golden Key Express--it's very reassuring to always get the owner (Harold White) when you call. I asked him whether he turns his phone off at night and he said no. I said, but people could be calling you from California at 8 pm not realizing that you are driving one of the car carriers and you could be in Florida or something and it could be 11 pm there and you would be trying to sleep, and he said he always answers anyway (!).

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