Bay Area to Seattle Move with Rossiter Relocation - United

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Bay Area to Seattle Move with Rossiter Relocation - United

Postby Prospective Mover » Mon Apr 12, 2004 10:58 pm


I wanted to chip-in with my pre-move experience so far. My fiance and I are moving from the Bay Area to the Seattle area next week and used the comments on this site and a few other resources to help us figure out what we should look for and what questions to ask in selecting a mover. I'll follow up with the post-move review, for good or bad, after the move in late April (people have a tendency to post reviews only if something goes wrong, but I will follow up with a full review either way :) ).

We are doing the bulk of the packing ourselves and were tempted to do the actual loading ourselves and either rent a truck or have someone drive it up for us. However the weight of some particularly large items made hiring a moving company to load and drive become preferable to the self-load and/or self-drive option.

We're using Rossiter Relocation, an agent for United located in the Bay Area. After reading up on the notes and advice found on this site and, I solicited binding not-to-exceed estimates from four different agents. One of the agents had their authority revoked based on the data I found at, so they were crossed off quickly. The others were all fairly similar in services and price, but ultimately I selected Rossiter since they seemed to be the most trustworthy, had the smallest number of BBB complaints, and other reviews on epinions had United rated higher than the other majors. Another bonus was their weight estimate of 8100 came in between the other estimates of 7000 and 8800. Other pros included that their sales agent was one of two out of the four reps to show up exactly on time and the only one to call with an appointment confirmation the day before.

I've been particularly impressed with Rick Hosea -- Rossiter's general manager at their Menlo Park location. Before I chose Rossiter, I stopped by their facilities and Rick was more than happy to give me a tour and answer any questions I had about the moving process. Also, there was some question whether or not the move would need a shuttle at the origin -- the sales agent wasn't quite sure if one was required but since Rick had driving experience, he stopped by my townhouse complex to look over the road layout and confirmed that an origin shuttle wouldn't be required (which was great since the additional shuttle cost plus the destination shuttling would have made the you-load we-move option more appealing). Also, as a goodwill gesture he brought some free packing material that we'll be using for some of our pictures. He also seemed very up front about the moving process and encouraged me to attend the weighing of my moving goods.

Other services Rossiter has provided have included a check by the destination agent, City Moving Systems, to see if a shuttle would be required at destination (it was) and enough free used boxes to suit my packing needs (I picked up the boxes at their warehouse).

So, overall, things have gone relatively smoothly. Of course, the critical part is the actual move and hopefully, that will go just as well. I'll keep everyone posted and update my comments soon...


Re: Bay Area to Seattle Move with Rossiter Relocation - Unit

Postby Guest » Sun Oct 02, 2005 7:58 pm

Rossiter scammed me out of $1200 and tricked me into signing a waiver of the insurance I bought... They broke about half of what they moved.

I'm glad it worked out for you, and this site seems to like Rossiter, but they are the Devil incarnate to me...

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