Gentle Giant Moving in Hawthorne, CA SUCKS!!!

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Gentle Giant Moving in Hawthorne, CA SUCKS!!!

Postby gentlegiantSUCKS » Wed Mar 28, 2007 8:06 pm

Don't use these guys, they are rude and evil.

Here's my experience, it may be much less than what others went through but i hate being scammed, no matter what.

This was a local move from Los Angeles, CA to Irvine, CA on 03/24/07

By California law movers are supposed to charge double time for their drive. This company charged me triple time and said sorry that was the amount of time spent on the road. Before the move I was quoted 1:15 for the drive time and I asked point blank if there is a lot of traffic on the road am I responsible for paying additional time, they said no, that the max cap was 1:15, doubled it would be 2:30. I said ok. So this is how the actual move day rate was $156/hr so I expected a high quality, trust worthy service and every minute adds up at $2.60/min.
8am - Move company arrives, starts loading
10am - 15min break, without telling us they are taking a break (I have nothing with breaks, just tell us)
11:15am - Loading done, they leave for our new home
1:30pm - Finally at the house 2:15 hours later (supposedly took a 30min lunch)
3:30pm - Done with unloading

The actual total move time was 5hrs + 2.5hrs (the double drive time quoted at 1:15) = 7.5hrs.

Somehow they end up with 8.5hrs total time charged, 9hrs-30min (supposed time they took break.) Instead of the quoted 1:15, they charged 1:30 for drive time and charged me for total day (which was 2:15 drive time on top of the 5hr move, with supposed half hour lunch, which I think was more like an hour lunch.) Our drive time was 45min, theirs should have been at max an hour.

My total charges were $1326 when it should have been $1170.

I know I'm disputing an hour here but I'm peeved about being quoted one thing then being charged another. They also damaged the brand new painted doors and door jam while moving our washer and dryer which we should recoup cost for. Another sore point is no one told us of the damage, we had to find it ourselves. We are missing boxes as well, not sure how this is possible since it's a same day move, I get the feeling they didn't unload the whole truck. We have yet to discover what else might be missing or broken or damaged since we're not done unpacking. Somehow I don't think we will recoup any of it. Since my experience with them on the phone after the matter was less than enlightening. I spoke with the owner of gentle giant, Patrick Griffin, and he was rude and patronizing and wouldn't let me finish one sentence, maybe it was because I was female and he thought he could bully me. I was nothing but courteous because I believe that people should be cordial and issues can be resolved without having to be rude. I had even referred them before I moved to someone else. They were charged a total of $1600 for a 15hr move from LA to San Diego so I thought my move would be reasonable.

Sigh, just don't use them.

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Re: Gentle Giant Moving in Hawthorne, CA SUCKS!!!

Postby moverjim » Wed Mar 28, 2007 8:43 pm

Did you get a written estimate?
Written estimates in California are "Not to Exceed". So you should not have paid more than the estimated amount.
As far as the property damage to your door. It should be covered by Gentle Giants' PL & PD policy regardless if you purchased Additional Valuation.
You need to file a claim for the damaged door and also request a refund of the amount paid over the Not to Exceed estimate. If you get no results, file a complaint with the PUC, Public Utilities Commission to get a refund and your door fixed.

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Re: Gentle Giant Moving in Hawthorne, CA SUCKS!!!

Postby MusicMom » Thu Mar 29, 2007 7:17 am

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Re: Gentle Giant Moving in Hawthorne, CA SUCKS!!!

Postby Michael » Thu Mar 29, 2007 11:19 am


In Cali, even local estimates are considered not to exceed??? Just curious.

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Re: Gentle Giant Moving in Hawthorne, CA SUCKS!!!

Postby Nancy » Thu Mar 29, 2007 11:21 am

By law, you would have had a GNTE price on your Bill of Lading, this is law in California. If they exceeded this amount, you are due a refund.

However, you are required to pay WHATEVER drive time it actually takes, then double it. It's not the mover's fault there was traffic. There is no limit on drive time either.

Sounds like you were given bad information from the office.

Double drive time is whatever time driven while your goods are on the truck, movers are not allowed to charge for driving when the truck is empty.

As I add up your hours, 8.5 is correct.

8 to 10:15 = 2.25 hours
10:30 to 11:15 = .75 Hrs
11:15 to 1:30 = 2.25 hrs, less .5 hr lunch = 1.75 Hrs.
1.75 Hrs x 2 = 3.5 Hrs
1:30 to 3:30 = 2 Hrs

So, 2.25 + .75 + 3.5 + 2 = 8.5 Hours

Plus overtime is normally charge after 8 hours. I hate to tell you this, but I don't think you were scammed in the calcuation of hours. They also deducted the 15 minute and 30 minute breaks.

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