Planes Moving/United Van Lines, Chicago, IL

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Planes Moving/United Van Lines, Chicago, IL

Postby sebo13 » Thu Mar 29, 2007 5:06 pm

THis is my first post on this forum and I am not sure if I am suppose to start a new subject for my comments, so admins, please feel free to move my message if needed.
Ok, this is a long story I am going to try to make as short as I can without forgetting the important details.
Due to family reason, I had to move from Chicago to Atlanta. I travel a lot for my job and I was on the road when I had to try to find a mover with less than 2 weeks notice. I must also note that I was paying for the move myself!
I used a few websites that send my request to several movers and within hours I received many email asking me more info or even giving me quotes for my moves. After looking at everything and talking on the phone to several companies, I was pretty sure of my choice, and I even had a Plan B.
So with one week to go before the move I am sitting in my hotel room in North Dakota and I am ready to sign the contract for my move, but I figure I do one more search about the company before faxing everything back, and I must say THANK GOD I FOUND THIS WEBSITE!
Both the companies on my list were BLACKLISTED On here, after reading more and more thread I realized that the individuals were using the exact same speech wiht everyone and they were not a good company to deal with ( they are not even worth mentionning on this tread), so here I am, with one week to go, i have no movers.
I found on this site that most of the larger companies are more realiable, so I decided to call United, Allied, North American, Mayflower, etc!!
I received quotes from 3 of them I believe and based on my estimate of 3000 pounds for a one bedroom appartment most of the quote were pretty similar!
In order to save money, I was also going to pack most of my belongings myslef, which was going to make for a fun weekend!
Scott Johnson from Planes was very friendly on the phone and he spend time explaining to me exactly the charges, asked me details about my furnitures, etc
He also warned me that since they were not able to do a home inspection,, everything was subject to change, which of course I understood.
The next day, I signed the paperwork and we planned the move for 6 days later ( very short notice).
One detail that Scott was very helpful with, was my glass top dining room table, he recommended a crate but after further research we found out that the price of the crate was the same as the table, so he said we could use miror packs instead to save money.
Once the contract was signed, Scott transfer my file to Virginia.
Virginia called me several times before the move to see if I had any questions and to let me know when the movers will show up and such.
The day of the move, the movers were schedule to be there between 8 and 11 am, and they showed up at 8:45 am. I felt bad for them as they had to park the truck a little far away and he even snowed a little during the move.
Jay and Eric (If I remember right) were the two movers, they were dress very professionnaly with a Planes Moving Sweater and they came in to look at my appartment. Everything was pack except for some dishses that I wanted pack by them. That was done in no time and they started moving boxes and furniture.
All the furnitures were pack with blankets and they were very careful not to hit the walls or to damage anything.
It took them about two hours to put everything in the truck.
I must mention that Virginia called around 9 am to make sure that the movers were there and to see if I had any questions.
Before they left, i had to sign many papers and Eric made sure to explain to me in details what I was signing, he also asked me when I was getting to Atlanta since I was driving there myself. Eric and Jay were driving the truck to Atlanta themselve and they would do the unloading, which was great, that way my boxes and furnitures were not getting transfer to another company or pass to anyone else.
The move took place on a Tuesday and he said he will call me on Sunday and they will probably be there MOnday.
About one hour after they left, Virginia called again to tell me that the load was actually less than 3000 pounds and I will be getting a refund on my credit card!
I must say that was very unexpected and I am sure many none so honest movers would have never told me about it!!
I drove to Atlanta, and like promised on SUnday, Eric called and got specific directions to my new place.
ON MOnday morning, they were here about 10:00 am, and started unloading the truck
They asked me where each boxes were going and put all the furnitures back together.
They were done in a little over two hours. Once again, Virginia called to make sure everything was fine while they were unloading and explained the claim process to me in case anything was broken.
I have not yet unpack everything, but so far, I did not find any damage at all.
Sorry this was so long, but I must say in conclusion, that I was VERY VERY IMPRESSED with Planes moving
They were professional from day one, very courteous and make my move very very easy, I would recommend them to anyone at anytimes.
With the numbers of scam artists and "black listed" moving companies on the market, it is always nice to find a great, honest company!!
Thank you to Scott, Virginia, Eric and Jay, they made my move enjoyable!!

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Re: *Planes Moving/United Van Lines, Chicago, IL

Postby MusicMom » Fri Mar 30, 2007 7:48 am

Excellent! And I'm VERY glad that we were able to steer you away from the bad guys. I assume you had paid no deposit yet?

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Re: Planes Moving/United Van Lines, Chicago, IL

Postby Diane » Fri Mar 30, 2007 8:45 am

Thank you, and I will add your review to the Superlist linked to below. This is definitely what we like to hear!
Check out domestic companies on this thread. Click here for a detailed, authoritative article on international moving.

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Re: *Planes Moving/United Van Lines, Chicago, IL

Postby sebo13 » Fri Mar 30, 2007 12:03 pm

MusicMom wrote:Excellent! And I'm VERY glad that we were able to steer you away from the bad guys. I assume you had paid no deposit yet?

I was lucky and did not send any deposit yet when I found your website!!
I am sure I would have had a very hard time getting it back!
Once again, thank you for this site, you saved me a lot of headaches and troubles!!

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