NMS vs. Andy's Transfer

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NMS vs. Andy's Transfer

Postby TrojanGrad » Tue Apr 24, 2007 2:04 am

Okay, I've done my homework and got 4 quotes. The two best reviewed companies were NMS/Atlas and Andy's Transfer & Storage (North American). Here is my delimma, they both gave very different quotes but in the end the dollars are virtually identical.

Here is what I have (after filtering through the smoke and mirrors):

Weight: NMS - 7,427 lbs ; Andys - 9,300 lbs
Transport Cost: NMS - $2,982 ; Andys - $2,995

Okay - 1,800 lbs difference comes to $13!! It looks like they just both bid $3k and then bumped it down a bit. If so, why did I have to waste 3 hours of my time with the NMS estimator (yes, literally 3-hours to get a quote -- like pulling teeth!)

Every other fee is almost the same when you factor in the discounts (62% for NMS, 68% for Andy's) but the end price is completely different. Totals come out to $11,745 for NMS and $8,107 for Andy's. I have to assume that NMS doesn't apply the discount to all the line items that Andy's does. NMS did not itemize their discount but rather puts it as a single line item whereas Andy's specifies exactly which line item gets discounted.

Finally, NMS spent a ton of time "reassuring" me that his estimates are always high, they do this all the time and there the most my move cost will go up is $100 or so. I asked for a NTE quote but it has the following clause (paraphrased):

"...this estimate is based on the articles and services listed. This quote is binding on Atlas, unless additional articles and/or services are added..."

In short, we don't guarantee our estimate or even that we input all the articles in you home into the inventory list. I am required to check both the weight and the itemized list for accuracy. Does this seem right?

Andy's on the other hand says a simple "The shipment will be weighed and the charges will be the lesser of the quote or the cost based on actual shipped weight." Am I missing the weasel clause somewhere else?

These are two of the more recommended services (at least that service my area - Northridge, CA). I'm not even mentioning the long list of bogus fees and charges plus the poor customer service and attitude I got from the NMS guys or the low-ball bids (I can move by the cubic foot for $3,000!)

Can anyone talk me down off the ledge and tell me one, am I overreacting, and two which of these providers is going to give me a dollar figure that I can count on. I need a solid number to get reimbursed by my company -- I will be negotiating to get them to chip-in for moving and I can't go back after the fact and say I need more money.

Thanks everyone,

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Re: NMS vs. Andy's Transfer

Postby ArchieWhite » Tue Apr 24, 2007 8:15 am

Well, you can pick the one you liked best, since their quotes are identical, or you can call 2-3 more and start over, and hope not to get more confused in the process. Atlas and North American are both good companies, and on any given day, will give you a smooth, professional move and you will not get scammed. The govt has a lot of new laws in place to prevent scamming by honest legitimate movers, it won't happen, and any tiny worry about it would be solved by a call to the agency owner, should problems develop. But if you pick one of those internet brokers/scammers, all bets are off, good luck.

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Re: NMS vs. Andy's Transfer

Postby farrah7031 » Tue Apr 24, 2007 8:22 am

Personally, I would go with Andy's based on their GTNE estimate and the fact that your experience with the NMS estimator wasn't overly pleasant. Andy's has many many great reviews here.

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Re: NMS vs. Andy's Transfer

Postby Diane » Tue Apr 24, 2007 10:44 am

It's not even a contest. Go with Andy's, if only because you felt more comfortable with the sales rep. Frankly I'm surprised that the NMS rep acted so lame. I'll make a note of it in the Superlist.

To set the record straight, though, NMS and Andy's were probably giving you the same kinds of estimates. If a customer adds items (a lot of items; not just a few boxes) to the inventory list, it can void the GNTE price for any van line. The contract from Andy's just uses much more consumer-friendly language.
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