3 Reviews NYC to LA move

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3 Reviews NYC to LA move

Postby Veronykah » Thu May 03, 2007 3:05 pm

I just completed my move from NYC [Long Island City, Queens to be specific] to LA [Long Beach]. I thought since this website was SO helpful I would post my reviews of the movers, not to mention the wonderful experience I had.
Shea Movers
I packed all my things myself and after a recommendation from this site I chose Shea Movers in Queens. I had Connor come by my apt for an estimate. He gave me an estimate of $500 [approx...] and 3 guys 3 hours.
When moving day came Connor arrived on time along with 2 other men. I signed some papers and Connor left. The 2 guys that packed my cube were amazing, like some previous reviews, they picked up boxes 3 at a time with straps. With only 2 men [the third didn't show] they managed to have my cube packed SOLID in about an hour. The final charge ended up being about $230. They were amazing at packing a lot more stuff than ANY of us expected to fit in the cube.
I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Shea to anyone. After watching them load my things, I would never even bother loading myself again!

ABF Relo-Cube
Since I had a small move [about a 1 bedroom apt] I decided that a full service mover would be too expensive and I couldn't drive a truck myself. So I decided to go with the ABF Relo-Cube and storage at the ABF terminal.
The cube arrived within the scheduled window that it was to arrive. Living in NYC there are a few things that are unique and slightly annoying about the Relo-Cube process. The cube cannot be left ANYWHERE, whether you have a driveway or parking. There is a 4 hour LIVE LOAD rule in NYC, meaning you must pack the cube in 4 hours while the driver waits for you. The other thing is the Brooklyn ABF terminal only does drop offs of cubes in the afternoon on weekdays. In my opinion, in most areas of NYC this is the WORST possible time. Not sure why a moving company like ABF can't offer weekend service.
The cube did seem a bit small. I was not sure if all my things would fit. I recommend if you have a 1 bedroom with furniture in every room, you probably will need 2 cubes. I fortunately did not have any bedroom furniture but with a LOT of boxes, a couch, entertainment center, desk, coffee table, kitchen table and 2 chairs, living room chair it was a tight squeeze.
They took my cube as soon as it was packed and it made it to California within 5 days. It was then put into storage at the Compton facility.

When I signed my lease, I called ABF on Friday afternoon to get my cube dropped off on Monday. The rep I talked to said they would be at my new place monday between 10am-2pm.
When 2 pm started to get near on Monday there was no sign of ABF, I calle d them and the rep said there was NO record of my calling or them being scheduled to bring my cube. After sitting around waiting all morning I was a little peeved and asked them if they could bring it ASAP. She spoke to a driver and told me they could bring it that evening between 4:30-5:30.
Again, when 5:30 rolled around I called. They said the truck was leaving and it should be at my house in about 30 minutes. At about 6:30, I heard the sound of the forklift driving down my street. The driver dropped the cube in the place I had for it and even assisted me in opening the cube so all my things didn't fall out onto me.
When they say things shift in the cube, THEY MEAN IT. A lot of the things on the top had moved and fallen against the doors which was the reason for the driver help in opening the cube.
After 2 previous cross country moves, I learned the virtue of packing TIGHTLY. If you use a cube and want your things to arrive in one piece, pack well. I had 4 mirrors, a tv, printer, various furniture and even a torcher lamp with the light bulb accidentally left in it and NOTHING broke.
I credit my packing and Shea's movers for this.
I would definitely recommend ABF's Relo-Cube to anyone with a small move, less than 3000 pounds. The storage upon arrival is great too.
For the move and the storage I ended up paying $1827.00 [Long Island City NY ---> Long Beach CA]

Friendly Student Movers
After unpacking most of the cube with my mother, we decided to get someone to move the couch into my place as well as all the HEAVY boxes.
I estimated it to be about a 1/2 hour job. Searched on Craigslist and found Friendly Student movers...www.friendlystudentmovers.com
I called and spoke with Zach who said he and another guy could do it the following day for $49 for the unload and about $10 for the gas to get from Hollywood to my apt.
They arrived and unloaded my things in about 20 minutes. Zach even had a desk chair in his truck he wanted to get rid of and gave it to me free. They were quick, nice, on time and CHEAP. The next cheapest movers I could find were $115. Most in LA wouldn't even come to Long Beach.
I hope this gets these guys some business, they were exactly what you look for in a mover. I WILL call them again for my next move and recommend them to anyone I know who moves. Great job!

Thanks everyone who gave me advice and thanks for this site!
I've recommended it to quite a few people already.

Long Beach, CA

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Re: 3 Reviews NYC to LA move

Postby MusicMom » Thu May 03, 2007 3:16 pm


Thanks for the review.

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Re: 3 Reviews NYC to LA move

Postby Diane » Thu May 03, 2007 3:29 pm


Thanks so much for these incredibly detailed reviews. They are really helpful. I have a few comments and questions.

1. I assume that you or Shea padded the items within the cube with old bedding, cardboard, or whatever to prevent scratches and rubs (?). Usually it isn't enough to just wedge things in, at least in the case of furniture. Good point about making sure the things don't fall out when the door is opened ("mover's avalanche").

2. ABF U-Pack is limited by the contracts that its Teamsters drivers have negotiated. I believe that is one reason that they don't normally deliver or pick up on weekends. Also, for the most part the drivers are tied up with local deliveries of commercial freight in the morning. That's why they usually drop off and pick up the cubes or trailers in the afternoon.

3. With regard to the people who helped you unload in Long Beach, Friendly Student Movers LLC (not LCC as in the website www.friendlystudentmovers.com ) doesn't seem to have a valid license or insurance - http://www.cpuc.ca.gov/tmis/det_MTR0190353.htm As such, it is similar to most of the eMove companies. I'll put the company in the Superlist with your rave review since it seems to have performed well for you. Its rate was also incredibly cheap - most such companies have a two-hour, two-worker minimum. However, people considering it should go into the move with their eyes open, knowing that it has no liability insurance, worker's comp, or valid license to move people despite what its website says. (By "licensed," many of these small companies mean only that they have a city business license.)
Check out domestic companies on this thread. Click here for a detailed, authoritative article on international moving.

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Re: 3 Reviews NYC to LA move

Postby Veronykah » Thu May 03, 2007 5:49 pm

Shea actually didn't pad anything in the cube, as per my request. Most of my furniture has made this move before so I didn't feel it was necessary. It did arrive mostly in the same condition as when it left though..a few rub marks etc nothing major though.
I want to mention that I was told they would pack my tv for me...I was not aware I would have to provide the materials for it. The tv went in the cube wrapped in a moving blanket, it made it just fine too...

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