Move Experience: SF to Denver

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Move Experience: SF to Denver

Postby sftoden » Tue May 22, 2007 1:11 pm

Recent experience moving SF, CA to Denver, CO

Because I found this service helpful when planning for my recent move, I wanted to post my experience using movers to transport the contents of our home from San Francisco to Denver.

After reading the reviews on this site, I wanted to only use Moovers. In fact, the thought of using another company scared me. I called them up and gave them some basic information about our home furnishings, and I was provided an email estimate of $2852.26 to move 4500 pounds from our old to our new home. I told them the specific date we needed to move out, and I was told they had a truck going at that very time. I was told that we might have to wait 7-10 days for our furnishings on the other side, which was fine for us. Being very pleased with everything we were told, we made an appointment for an in-house estimate. The next available appointment was 10 days later, but we were told that this would not pose a problem for our timeline.

After making the appointment, we also heard feedback from friends who had moved from Berkeley to Boulder the year before. They had used Moovers, Inc. and were satisfied with the service. The combination of reviews from this site, the wonderful experience during our initial conversations, and feedback from our friends made me even more convinced that I didn’t want to trust our belongings to anyone else. We didn’t even make other in-house estimate appointments.

When the day came for the in-house estimate, we were ready to get the formalities over with and go to the next stage of planning. However, the estimator (different from the gentleman on the phone) made a few mentions of not being able to move us during our home visit. Yet he collected the information and said he would send it on that afternoon, which he did. We received a second quote to move 4200 pounds for $3498.94 (55% discounting and $440 for a shuttle at origin). When I called to inquire about the difference in discounting between the two quotes, we were told that the real problem was that they didn’t have a truck for our stuff during the window that we needed. So even though the dates hadn’t changed, and the amount of furnishings was less than the phone estimate, they were unable to move us during the time that we were originally told on the phone would work just fine.

At this point it was late Saturday afternoon two weeks before we were scheduled to move. I was a bit panicked to have waited and sort of counted on it working out with Moovers and even more so because the late Saturday hour meant that I couldn’t make any calls to other moving companies until the next Monday. I still am a bit baffled as to why Moovers still sent someone out to give an in-house estimate for a move they couldn’t perform; as they seem to be quite busy I am guessing there was a better use for their staff’s time.

That next Monday I made calls to local offices of national moving companies. Bekins and NorCal were two of those we called who were able to come out in the same week I called and assured us they would be able to move our home 2 weeks hence. Both quotes came in at less than the second Moovers quote, though they were for approximately the same weight and included a shuttle at origin.

We ultimately decided to go with NorCal movers. On the day of the move, the shuttle crew showed up in the window that was specified, disassembled our furniture, and cleared our apartment. Though it did take them 4 hours to move our 1BR apartment, they were courteous and kind to us and our items. A few days later, we received notice that the transfer had occurred and our items were on route and would be to us in 7-10 days after pick up(perfect since we were making a road trip of the move). On the 7th day, we received a call that our items would be at our home for delivery on the next day first thing in the morning.

The two men that arrived at our home at 7:30am that Tuesday were incredibly efficient, careful, and pleasant. They had our items unloaded and the furniture assembled in the space of a couple of hours. Not a thing was broken. Our total weight was 4500 lbs, but NorCal stood by their GTNE quote of 4200 pounds. The total cost including shuttle and supplemental insurance was $3197 (note that this is less than the 2nd quote from Moovers, which did not include supplemental insurance). Altogether, the experience was professional, and I would call NorCal again in a heartbeat if I need to move.

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Re: Move Experience: SF to Denver

Postby MusicMom » Tue May 22, 2007 1:14 pm

Thank you for the wonderful review of NorCal!

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