Mayflower/United Move Texas to Colorado

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Mayflower/United Move Texas to Colorado

Postby txtoco » Mon May 28, 2007 7:18 pm

This was a corporate move.

We got three estimates and went with the local Mayflower agent out of College Station, which was the middle estimate in terms of cost.

Good communication in terms of setting up the move, except that we were told to expect the truck at 9:30 and waited over an hour after that, 45 minutes of which we were looking at our moving truck (United) sitting in a convenience store parking lot and didn't know it. We were expecting a Mayflower marked truck.

The driver and his crew stopped in for breakfast. Whether they were told or not that we would be waiting at our storage unit an hour before that is unclear.

Once they got started, it took 7 hours to load to storage units onto the truck. Mayflower had not communicated the correct number of mattress boxes. In terms of packing, they wrapped everything very well and we didn't have a single thing damaged in the move.

Nice guys, very polite and thorough, so the bumpy start/delay seemed more like a communication problem on Mayflower's end.

The other major problem we had was the repeated promises by Mayflower that our driver would be able to tell us the day of arrival when he called the night before the load. He could not. Our load was on Monday and we were told it could be anywhere from Friday to Tuesday.

If we'd not be promised a date to plan on, this wouldn't have been an issue.

The Mayflower calls weren't particularly helpful in terms of explaining why we were told about a firm unloading date before the move and then backed off to "well your contract says up to 7 days!"

Happily, our driver called Friday to tell us to expect them between 11:00 and 12:00 Sunday and they arrived at 11:30. They had everything in place and were ready to leave at 5:30. Again, totally polite and professional.

Overall, top ratings for United's driver Kelly Wynn out of Florida (Lakeland, I think) and his right hand man Terry.

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Re: **Mayflower/United Move Texas to Colorado

Postby farrah7031 » Mon May 28, 2007 8:56 pm

Can you tell us the name of the Mayflower agent in College Station?

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Re: **Mayflower/United Move Texas to Colorado

Postby Diane » Mon May 28, 2007 9:14 pm

Hi - is this the Mayflower agent that booked your move?

BRYAN, TX 77803
Telephone: (979) 779-1341

Just checking to be sure to give proper credit.

Your (mainly good) experience shows a couple of things.

First, people booking with Mayflower may get a United driver and vice versa. Both companies are owned by UniGroup, and in my view it's a very good thing that they can share resources. But sometimes sales reps neglect to tell customers that this can happen.

Second, always, always make a point of getting the driver's cell phone number and impressing on him/her that you need to know when he will deliver. It isn't like people think - there isn't some Van Line Moving Wizard in the sky who is coordinating your move and Knows All and Will Tell You. If people contact the van line either by phone or on line once the shipment is en route, they *may* get good information, but they may also get an answer like you got: "We have 7 days to deliver, so don't sweat it." The sales reps sell the move and then in very many cases they are no longer directly involved. It isn't just the van lines - also with Broadway Express I always tell people to remain in close contact with the driver who actually has their things on his/her truck. He is usually just as anxious as you are to deliver, because otherwise he might have to wait around for you or even take the goods to storage, which is a nightmare for everybody.

This is the unofficial line, but from reading what people have posted here over the past four years, I think it's the real truth. Maybe Michael Moore's next movie after health care should be about the moving industry. :wink:
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Re: **Mayflower/United Move Texas to Colorado

Postby txtoco » Mon May 28, 2007 9:45 pm

Yes, that is the correct agent.

We did get his cell phone number but it seemed that things kepy changing constantly. He knew he had to be in San Antonio, then Dallas, and expected to head for Colorado after that but along the way picked up another job in Arkansas before going to CO. And that would have been fine, if we hadn't been led to believe we'd be told exactly which day to take off work, etc.

We were pleased overall, especially with a 5 day delivery and nothing damaged!

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Re: **Mayflower/United Move Texas to Colorado

Postby PMueller » Tue May 29, 2007 7:10 am

txtoco wrote:Overall, top ratings for United's driver Kelly Wynn out of Florida (Lakeland, I think) and his right hand man Terry.

Kelly Wynn drives for Browning Moving & Storage/United which has offices in Lakeland and Tallahassee. Kelly Wynn is actually a driver from the Tallahassee office but gets down to Lakeland fairly often and may originally be from the Lakeland area, unsure on that.

Typically what the sales rep should be indicating to customers is the following, the driver may have a better "idea" as to when the delivery will be at time of loading, but we never have a definate date until the day before delivery, at which time you should be getting a call from your coordinator and driver appropriately to advise on the arrival times. There are too many variables in order to guarantee a specific date, unless the load is large enough to warrant a 2 day option delivery spread.

I'm glad UniGroup (Mayflower/United) served you well. It sounds as though you had a great driver. I will pass the news on to the Browning office here in Lakeland and keep him in mind if our office ever needs service in North Florida when we can't get there!!
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Re: **Mayflower/United Move Texas to Colorado

Postby ArchieWhite » Tue May 29, 2007 9:38 am

Yes, staying DIRECTLY in touch with the driver is cuts out a layer of middle people, as the coordinator still has to call the driver, so why not do it yourself, and go directly to the source. That said, sometimes even the DRIVER cannot pin down his exact schedule, things change, loads cancel or go over, his dispatcher can change his delivery schedule ( if some other customer is yelling louder for quicker delivery) and weather, and his FMSCA legal hours of service, etc.
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Re: **Mayflower/United Move Texas to Colorado

Postby BigLeeCalif » Wed May 30, 2007 12:04 am

Pam and Archie are correct. Working in the operations department, I can tell you that drivers dispatch changes sometimes several times daily. A shipment can go over, and the driver doesn't have enough room for the next shipment, and it has to be re-dispatched. Or a shipment is added, and the dates might change once a shipment is aboard.

Anyone moving that has any king of internet access while travelling (laptop or internet cafe) can monitor their shipment. All you need is your order for service number, which is always found in the upper right hand corner of your shipping document (Mayflower/United Van Lines) Log into either or and click on the track your shipment button.

As you have been advised, the best source of information is the driver, who will always have the latest information. Always make sure the driver has your number as well. If the driver has a change in schedule, or needs to contact you to see if you can accept your shipment early, easy communication on both sides is essential for a flawless delivery.
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Re: **Mayflower/United Move Texas to Colorado

Postby Diane » Sat Jun 02, 2007 12:11 pm


Thanks so much for posting this review, which I've transferred to the Superlist under both the TX booking agent and the FL agent where the driver came from. (It also stimulated a very useful discussion.)

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